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How goes it? Just a Nintendo gamer....also play every other system from time to time to keep myself honest. But my heart always lies with Nintendo. Grew up with Ninty, will die with Ninty.

Fri 16th September, 2011

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Spartacus3765 commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

My thoughts exactly. I swear, if they "focused" on this title and ended up pulling the plug on the Yarn Yoshi, someone needs to be fired. Nintendo clearly needed to step in on this one in a big way.



Spartacus3765 commented on This Is What The Box Art For Mario Golf: World...:

Wow, people are being a little harsh I think. If you ask me, this box art beats the hell out of a bunch of other titles out there. It's clear that NIntendo pours a lot of charm into things like these - in other words, no, I don't find this to be generic whatsoever. It's stylish, clean, and doesn't go overboard with putting every character in the game on the box.

Although I might be a little bias towards this title as it does sort of excite me. Toadstool Tour was the last golf title featuring Nintendo characters and I thought it was awesome, and cuz I've done a fair amount of golfing in my lifetime.

Mario's front foot is holding the golfer stance. The back foot always pivots while the front should stay planted even after the swing.



Spartacus3765 commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:

That was fantastic. It also bums me out that I had missed the opportunity way back when when Nintendo had released the DKC titles on VC only later on to pull them off. Now I can only try and find their physical carts and find an SNES (or I guess emulate them - meh).

I just ordered DKC Returns yesterday, though, so hopefully I'll have that same youthful feeling when I boot it up as well.

I have to say, Dave, your life sounds very familiar to my own. And I recently embraced the same values after "settling down" with my wife. I think there's a big difference between people thinking you have to "grow up" some day vs. keeping something close to your heart that doesn't just mean childhood, but as you had said, is something you are passionate about.



Spartacus3765 commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

On a sort of separate note, I'm wanting to check out Retro's Donkey Kong Country Returns on either Wii or 3DS. Anyone have a preference as to which version they liked more? I'm sorta leaning towards the 3DS version and wanted to play it before eventually jumping into Tropical Freeze.



Spartacus3765 commented on Iwata And Miyamoto Both Take Pay Cuts In Respo...:

I'm for the most part with you on all that. I want to also add that to me, it's a frustrating lack of communication between the consumers/fans and this company. And I'm talking marketing, advertising, announcements, anything to do with their products - what they are, why we don't hear about this or that, everything.

I know they like to unveil things dramatically to keep the shock & awe, but sometimes we're kept so much in the dark, it's hard to even care. For example, it was I think about a year ago when they announced the Wii U's virtual console capabilities coming to the eshop stating that GBA and N64 will be available platforms. My excitement has turned to a disbelief that we'll actually receive said platforms. And why? We haven't heard a darn thing about it! Same goes for the reasoning behind the NA not getting Super Mario Bros. 3 and A Link to the Past. What's the reason behind this? If it's not good, then still tell us. Instead, we're left with no reason and how I've taken it is that they aren't willing to care to support the service. Maybe it's a wrong view, but since we don't have any COMMUNICATION on it, no one can tell me otherwise.

It's very admirable to see Iwata and Miyamoto do this for this company, but I still think we're missing a huge piece of what's happening. Based on the recent financial backlash and fan outcries, if tomorrow's releases don't include something of substance for NA (Super Mario Bros. 3, A Link to the Past, etc.) virtual console wise or anything for that matter - I won't be pleased at all. And here's the thing, I'm not a huge fan of either of those games in particular (ok maybe A Link to the Past a little) but we'll actually finally see something that resembles "listening" to their fans.



Spartacus3765 commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

This upset me back in October 2012 or whenever it was when they first announced their "reasoning" for local only and now for it to come up again with this lame excuse just re-lit the fire in me again. Ok, like @Bass_X0 said, it's completely hypocritical to offer online for those games and sit back and say "we wanted to offer the NES experience for 3D World". And yes, I get it, it's a different class in it's own as a Mario platforming title. But if the times aren't an indicator to push the envelope a bit, I don't know what the hell is.

You're a struggling developer, Nintendo - there's certainly no hiding it now. Take a risk, try new things, see what happens. What do they do? Nintendo just goes by the book of what they know. And when I constantly see things pointing in the direction of the company of not listening to their fans, more and more I'm seeing it as a big middle finger to us all as to say "no, you'll enjoy what we put out, and be happy about it." I love Nintendo, but the messages they send out sometimes really makes me wonder where their priorities are.

As to agree with others here, just be honest with us, if it took too much resource or money, or simply wasn't working, I'd be fine with hearing that. Not this crap of "you'll play it this way, so deal with it".

To end the rant, I've been thinking lately, I sorta feel bad for the game developers themselves, because they're doing a phenomenal job. It's the PR, advertising and heads of the company saying, "don't include online there, don't allow for voice chat, only advertise this much", etc. and they seem to be the ones pissing us all off, and thus dragging the developers down with them. Anybody else kinda have that sense?



Spartacus3765 commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

This is...odd...but as a player in North America, and all my friends who I'd play this with live here, this isn't that big a deal to me. However, I can see how this can frustrate you all over there in EU.

It's just too bad things like this have to be petitioned for. What is going on at Nintendo? No marketing for their newest home console, severe lack of online infrastructure for their own games (always use the "local multiplayer is superior" copout), and a virtual console service that is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to this poor machine. It's like they don't seem to care anymore - aside from the brilliant software they tend to pop out every once in a while anyways.



Spartacus3765 commented on Video: This Japanese Super Mario 3D World Trai...:


I could not agree with you more. @0:41 - "Move to the side....forward...and all around in a three dimensional world." Is that supposed excite people? This isn't 1997.

This is a HUGE problem I think more than the games themselves as far as I'm concerned with Nintendo. Their advertising is atrocious. How in the world are they shocked with low sales when they have things like this? Honestly, it's embarrassing seeing how incapable they are at promoting their own product! This game looks SPECTACULAR. Why in the world is it only known to the public if you look on online gaming publications? This should be put on commercials right now to get people thinking about the Wii U and the games it has for the holidays. I just don't get it.



Spartacus3765 commented on Video: This Japanese Super Mario 3D World Trai...:

Disregard my comment, just watched the video (US version) - looks like online multiplayer is missed again. :-(

And also saw what controllers it supports. I sure hope that nunchuk support is added - I have a pro controller, but I know if I have friends over to play this, they're not going be cool with using just the Wiimote. This game begs for a joystick, not a D-pad. C'mon Nintendo...



Spartacus3765 commented on Video: This Japanese Super Mario 3D World Trai...:

I'm super intrigued by this game, and I'll admit, when it was first announced, it didn't do much for me. However, being that we're now just a month away from it dropping, other than getting these trailers, what's the deal with this game exactly? And no, I'm not meaning spoilers. Obviously we know it's 4-player, but is it online? What controllers does it require? Maybe we'll find out in the next few weeks I guess.



Spartacus3765 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

How bout try 1/3 of that price for NES games. Here, I'll do the math for you - $5. That's how much it costs for NES games on virtual console. In fact, some games were 0.30 during the famicom anniversary. So get your facts straight. Coming from someone who has the NES controller on their avatar, you'd think they'd know that.

And Wind Waker IS a classic. I'd be surprised if you even played it saying trash like that. And you're on here disrespecting it? Really?



Spartacus3765 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

As of now, the pro controller is out there to have the "feel" of similar controllers this generation has to offer. I've got one, but I honestly haven't given it much use. The classic pro controller I've used more as well for Wii ware and virtual console. The pro controllers will be necessary for smash I'm sure though.

And yes, that is indeed MVPosey ;-)



Spartacus3765 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

Off-screen play alone makes the gamepad definitely an awesome device. But that's just my opinion. Honestly, the pro controllers will have a bigger impact down the road with Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, and the like. As far as Nintendo games go so far, they haven't really showcased a game yet where that controller is completely necessary (only multiplayer on Pikmin 3 comes to mind).



Spartacus3765 commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

That philosophy will probably be much more prevalent come next generation. Being that, myself, ever since I've been able to save up enough for a console on my own (since N64 specifically), I always get the system on launch, save for their handhelds. It's just really hard for some to hold back from. But, now that we're getting older, it's time we get taught the whole "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" thing.

So in other words, Nintendo shouldn't be shocked to see their next newest console sell extremely well at launch.



Spartacus3765 commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

As a footnote, what I believe they should have done with this announcement was talk about how they were going to bundle the Wind Waker with the system but mention anything about the price. Honestly, before this announcement, people were more curious about the bundle specifically - not so much about a system price cut. Then, when September rolls around for the bundle release, bam you throw the price cut on there. If people we're already aware of the bundle and patiently waited for it, they get the good price and have nothing but good things to say about Nintendo.

Unfortunately, now that they've "shown their cards" prematurely, they'll lose potential sales on people who are aware of this. It may not be "a huge population", but the fact that there is any population of it, I consider it to be losses to profit. But, then again, I don't work or am involved with Nintendo in these decision makings and have little knowledge in the matter. But what I do know is that it doesn't seem normal/logical from a business standpoint.



Spartacus3765 commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

I have to agree with you. Like, I get the price cut. That's fine and to be expected. Announcing it this early is baffling. Although this is the case, it's something I'm also not too surprised with coming from Nintendo as of late in the marketing department. Something seems very flawed with their marketing team. I keep trying to put a finger on it, but I still lack the understanding.

Maybe they're holding back major advertising for this fall/winter for a "second chance" and view it as the initial launch never happened? @Cherkov mentioned earlier how the Ambassador games for 3DS are still not available for the rest of the 3DS owners - I'm one of those that got "rewarded" for the Ambassador program, but in no way do I feel it's right to hold these games back to the rest of the owners. See, and that's logic I don't understand right now with Nintendo. What can possibly be the reason behind it from releasing those games? For the sake of rarity that I can claim I'm one of those only entitled to those games? How ridiculous. Put the games out for all to enjoy! You did it before - do it again! How can this be that hard to do? And guess what Nintendo, you'll probably make money in the process!

After all is said and done with this "circus", I keep coming back to one thing about this company - they're not very communicative of how they handle things. Sure, they've been getting better - but as far as I'm concerned (along with you I'm sure), from this news announcement, now I have more questions that probably won't get answered. They did "answer" the potential Wii U Ambassador program, however, being that they didn't hold to their initial price cut claims, what can you trust from their press releases anymore?

With this recent announcement to lower the price in 3 weeks, if you're not a follower of tech like most of us here, and families buy the system within this time frame and later find out it drops $50, it is going to be a huge backlash in trust with those customers. I know damn well if I bought the system on September 19th and found out I could have saved $50 waiting a day, I'd march right down to the retailer and demand a price adjustment. Hopefully, the system sales from now to September 20th will flat-line and those at Nintendo HQ responsible for the loss of sales will get taught (yet another) lesson in how they screwed up.



Spartacus3765 commented on Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut...:

Yeah, I wouldn't get too serious on counting on a similar "ambassador" program, people. Would it be nice? Of course. Will it happen? Who knows. But to get upset over it, I don't quite think it's well warranted. I mean, if anything, I'm advertising to other friends of mine what great deal they can get considering the base price of Wind Waker HD of $49.99 (physical) and how $350 was the original Wii U Deluxe price. If you've never played Wind Waker, are interested in the title, and have have the funds - that's a match made in heaven IMO.



Spartacus3765 commented on Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut...:

How interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about today's news. Yeah, it might be for the better in terms of Nintendo's future, but as a Wii U launch adopter, gotta say I feel a little let down. To be fair though, even though the system isn't selling and that the $50 price cut may help some, the system is great. Other than the lack of software for the most part, I have not felt "regretful" of my purchase back in November 2012. If the Zelda Wind Waker bundle for $300 is true, that sounds like an amazing deal. Almost feel Nintendo will knock 50% off the game for an ambassador program or something similar. Not sure how that'll work if I want the physical copy though...

Overall, very strange day for Nintendo.



Spartacus3765 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th July (North America):

When are the N64 games coming to virtual console? Really wish they'd get some of those on the Wii U since we were promised them and all...

Perhaps after releasing Earthbound, Nintendo feels they're 'good' for another month. :-/



Spartacus3765 commented on Review: Pikmin 3 (Wii U):

I saw another review where the game had been "docked" for being over too soon. Does anyone know if this is about on par with how long Pikmin 2 was? Pikmin 2 seemed decent in length when you took into consideration collecting all the items from caves and what not. Are we talking the same kind of depth here, or less?

I saw that they may be talking DLC, but I don't want to take that into consideration just yet.



Spartacus3765 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Reportedly Hints at Pikmin 3 DLC:

If you haven't played the other 2, I definitely recommend it. Back in '01 when the original came out, I was extremely skeptical of the game. Having given it a shot, I haven't looked back. They're extremely clever, fun, and if Pikmin 3 is anything like Pikmin 2, we're in for a real treat.



Spartacus3765 commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

I dunno. I get the fact that Nintendo holds the market in showing that local multiplayer is better than online, but to say that not adding the option of online would make it worse... :-/

Seems like a cop-out to me. Obviously they don't feel that way about the Mario Kart series dating back to the Mario Kart DS game. So why is it limited (for the most part anyway) to that series? Seems hypocritical to acknowledge it for some titles, but completely ignore it for others.

And no. People aren't going to stop playing local multiplayer if/when online becomes an option. When I play Halo with a buddy of mine, we probably play more locally/online than online only, so to me that excuse is invalid.



Spartacus3765 commented on Talking Point: New Super Luigi U Opens The Doo...:

I'm interested in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (never played any of the games before), but I tried the demo and was completely lost. lol. The cross-play to 3DS is also intriguing. But so far, I'm on the fence since I wasn't blown away by the demo. Does it have a learning curve, or do I have to be familiar with the series to get into it?

I agree about what you said about Mario Kart. I really miss the Royal Raceway from the N64 version.



Spartacus3765 commented on Talking Point: New Super Luigi U Opens The Doo...:

Another thing, I am not, NOT an avid COD supporter/veteran. So I don't want you to take it as me just being biased towards the series, cuz I'm not in any way. I do just wanna throw it your way that it is a quality title for the system. My one complaint so far, if you play with 3/4 players locally multiplayer, for whatever reason, the person using the gamepad has to do splitscreen on the tv - which I find a little strange. So instead of the 2/3 player tv splitscreen and 1 person using the gamepad, everyone is splitscreen.



Spartacus3765 commented on Talking Point: New Super Luigi U Opens The Doo...:

That's the thing with Nintendo, they're really hard on themselves for shipping 'incomplete' games. I'm really eager to see the review of this one since it's an initial step for them in regards to DLC. If it's successful, I don't see any reason as to doing something similar to this in the future.

And I agree completely with your sentiment about Mario Kart. I used to feel that DLC characters were important, but you're right, newer tracks should be on a higher priority list as far as DLC goes. Also, timing with DLC is important I feel as well. When developers release DLC 2-3 months after the initial release, it really makes you wonder...

But as far as this goes in terms of DLC, I think it's fair enough to say, this DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U was more an after thought of its initial release - which is how it should be.



Spartacus3765 commented on Reggie: This Holiday Season Is Going To Be Ext...:

@BossBattles - post #40

That is fantastic and hits the nail on the head for what this generation of gaming has turned into unfortunately. I really miss the generation around the N64/Gamecube/PS1/Dreamcast/PS2 era where each platform was equally respected and everybody seemed to like each company. Now it's all about "this company doesn't know jack about the video game industry", as if everybody on these forums is some professional in the business.

We tend to forget, but unlike back then, games and their respective developers today are constantly under the microscope and perceived to have 'expectations' now instead of simply surprising us. That magic seems to be intangible as it constantly seemed to be back in those days. A lot of times, I think we expect too much from Nintendo, as it's very clear right now that they are going like crazy with the amount of software that will be available within the next year. Seriously, have you all taken a look at how many titles are in the works? It's staggering if you compare it to other first party developers.

Anyways, bottom line here, I wish there were more people out there like you in the gaming world, BossBattles. I've been an owner for all the consoles this last gen (PS3, Wii, 360) and there's quality in each platform. It'll likely be the same story this go around - Xbox One being the exception with their DRM deal. Although they may have stellar titles, people may be detracted by all the hoopla you have to do in order to play (especially used games).



Spartacus3765 commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip W...:


The real question may come down to this...Can Nintendo hold their own without third party support? Obviously, Nintendo has as much characters and properties as the likes of Disney - of which Playstation and Microsoft would only dream of having. It just sorta sucks that it's created this division between developers and Nintendo. It's all about where the money is - and Nintendo isn't it right now for these third party developers.

I kind of expected a little more on the end from Nintendo from this e3 on what to expect by the end of this year. Sure, 2014 is going to be stellar. But this coming holiday was extremely important to have consumers believe in a reason to get the system around then. Not for it to sit there until titles arrive in 2014. Pikmin 3 looks great, but it's not a system seller. Same goes for Wonderful 101 and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. It looks as though they're leaning on Super Mario 3D World to do the trick and I'm not all that convinced.

The Mario Kart 8 title, now that would have moved systems this holiday with it bundled. I would gladly swap the release dates for these two titles as it makes more sense for Nintendo this holiday season (in my eyes at least). I only say this because it seems that these particular platformers (I know it's not from the 'New Super Mario Bros.' series) are becoming increasingly unpopular in terms of players simply being "burnt out". However, I'll be glad if I'm wrong and the Wii U sells like crazy cuz of all the titles being listed this year.



Spartacus3765 commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip W...:

I think what annoys me about these developer drop-outs the most is the 'elitist' attitude they come off as towards Nintendo. Third party support for Nintendo for the most part I guess has been like this forever, but for the Wii U it seems like an all time low.

Honestly, I don't really get it. On paper, it makes a lot more sense if third party supported this console than the last one (Wii) since the disparity in horsepower/visuals/etc. isn't nearly as great for the Wii U compared to these 'yet to be released' systems. But they bought into the casual hype thinking people who bought the Wii would go for their games. Of course, that never panned out too well for the various reasons like: shotty ports, graphical capabilities, online, etc.

Nintendo hurt themselves bad with the Wii. Sure it was amazingly innovative, but for who it catered to and how sour a taste it left in mouths of the many has been too hard to overcome for some third party developers.

The Wii U is an amazing system which far surpasses the Wii in tremendous amount of ways. I know, of course it should, but it appears that developers and the video game community are simply failing at giving it a chance. Seriously, how much different is watch dogs going to play/look on PS4 vs. Wii U? If you say 'greatly', you're kidding yourself. However, if you had said that last gen about the same game out for PS3 vs. Wii, then I would completely understand.