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umegames commented on Video: Wreak Havoc as Ganon In Hyrule Warriors...:

after 180 hours of gaming, i had to force my self to put it to the side so i could go through some backlog, but I'm 1000% happy with hyrule warriors, has been my most enjoyable wii-u game, and that's saying alot considering all the other gems.



umegames commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

exactly! for all the awesomeness that nintendo is doing with their software across 3ds and wii-u, they want us to be excited for amiibos and enjoy "extra benefits" in their games, but we can't get the amiibos...for a game like smash bros, captain toad, kirby rainbow and the upcoming STEAM and xenoblade, Nintendo is over promising and under-delivering on features of their games. Amiibo is the only slight i have with Nintendo this year....that and not talking more about smt x fire emblem.



umegames commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

Nintendo has been spot on for me this generation with 3ds and wii-u, quite possibly my favorite handheld/console combo, but amiibos has Pi**ed me off!
I work at best buy, and friday I had to hand out tickets for people waiting in line to get them, and of course people wanted more than 1, but it was a no go. Obvious re-sellers, some dudes looked at the age that they didn't even own a nintendo system, meanwhile I actually want them for game purpose and can't get one...frustrating.



umegames commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

everything transfered except smash mad right now. was super excited to use the amiibos, and i've lost all that data......crushed

and of course, it wont let me re-download smash bros either, or any of my games for that matter.

tempted to return this and just call it quits on the 3ds...



umegames commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

Again, I find great value in Amiibo in how it contributes to my gaming experience for games I'm going to play anyway, but I'm 100% disappointed in the commitment by nintendo to get them in the hands of people, scalpers aren't entirely the problem as I've seen from working in best buy warehouse that stores are simply not being sent any. my store literally got 1 diddy kong, 1 little mac and 1 pit. never got wii-fit, marth or villager...what kind of garbage is that?



umegames commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:

@JaxonH you hit the nail on the head. Obviously we have revolutionary classics of all mascots across the generations, but you're right, not single nintendo game so far has felt like a let down for me, except for kirby triple deluxe & maybe new yoshis island, though it was exceptionally better imo than yoshi DS. I have no reason to believe Nintendos' titles for 2015 will be disappointment.



umegames commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

@CosmoXY That's semi true, but then you look at the over abundance of sky landers and disney infinity figures that are sitting in every retailer and you can't help but wonder. At my best buy, we've NEVER been sold out of any figures for skylands or infinity, yet have never had a quantity of more than 10 in stock for any amiibo (i work in inventory). The way i know this is nintendo being the core of the problem vs retail, the same thing has happened with gamecube controllers and adapters.