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Mon 29th April, 2013

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umegames commented on Nintendo's Italian Twitter Feed Shows off a Su...:

DLC confirmed if there's any savings of $5 or more on this. Nintendo is willing to take a small revenue hit for the sake of selling more software, and they have faith that DLC will eclipse that loss and then some. Business smarts 101



umegames commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

mmmhh, a new IP from "Intelligent Systems" is great, I really like their work, but man i REALLY wanted a new advance wars from them.

If you liked Fire emblem and any of the advance wars games you SHOULD be excited for this.



umegames commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

Yup, i have more digital than physical. and going forward i plan to equally have more, along with all the eshop indie games, gba VC, mario kart, smash bros, etc. last retail game i bought were clearance games like W101 and tekken tag 2.