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Mon 29th April, 2013

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umegames commented on Koei Tecmo Says Hyrule Warriors Has Breathed N...:

Hyrule warriors is possibly my favorite wii-u, I've certainly put the most hours into, with smash being a distant 2nd, and that's saying alot, but I'm not 100% sold on buying another DW game unless it does have some cross-over appeal.
Like others, I'd jump at a Fire Emblem Warriors game.



umegames commented on Video: Wreak Havoc as Ganon In Hyrule Warriors...:

after 180 hours of gaming, i had to force my self to put it to the side so i could go through some backlog, but I'm 1000% happy with hyrule warriors, has been my most enjoyable wii-u game, and that's saying alot considering all the other gems.



umegames commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

exactly! for all the awesomeness that nintendo is doing with their software across 3ds and wii-u, they want us to be excited for amiibos and enjoy "extra benefits" in their games, but we can't get the amiibos...for a game like smash bros, captain toad, kirby rainbow and the upcoming STEAM and xenoblade, Nintendo is over promising and under-delivering on features of their games. Amiibo is the only slight i have with Nintendo this year....that and not talking more about smt x fire emblem.



umegames commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

Nintendo has been spot on for me this generation with 3ds and wii-u, quite possibly my favorite handheld/console combo, but amiibos has Pi**ed me off!
I work at best buy, and friday I had to hand out tickets for people waiting in line to get them, and of course people wanted more than 1, but it was a no go. Obvious re-sellers, some dudes looked at the age that they didn't even own a nintendo system, meanwhile I actually want them for game purpose and can't get one...frustrating.



umegames commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

everything transfered except smash mad right now. was super excited to use the amiibos, and i've lost all that data......crushed

and of course, it wont let me re-download smash bros either, or any of my games for that matter.

tempted to return this and just call it quits on the 3ds...