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Obsessed w/ Video games and Anime.

Male, 20, United States

I GOTTA DO THIS DESCRIPTION BULL ON EVERY DARN SITE! "Just do it man!" ....fine. Yeah, i'm a psycho Otaku, Geek, Mario Fan and Sonic Fan. "DUDE, SAY MORE." ... NO WAY. "AT LEAST 1 MORE SENTENCE!" Fine. ... ... ...I like to break the fourth wall more than Pinkie and UmJammer Lammy.

Sun 17th Nov 2013

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KarateKid1234 commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

@allav866 Then you've took the food. The one who requests PPG is Wesley. He's a common troll. Like, who would only post about only wanting a character and not antything else? Hmm...Croi. Yes, all Croi does is ask Sakurai for Goemon. Ok, I've gotten carried to World 8, haven't I? Let's say usually people with Stupid Request are Trolls, but there is some peeps (mmmm peeps) that are for real.



KarateKid1234 commented on Video: Watch Us Hungrily Unbox The McDonald's ...:

I couldn't live a living fridge on what anyone says about me; I will eat this.
If this was YouTube, there would be arrogant people calling me fat. Except I have a high/fast metabolism, so I'm skinny. I also kinda have the case of anorexia nervosa.

...SHOOT. This is in the U.K.? I'm in the U.S.! I might as well get a sandwich bag and put my small mario figure in it. It's really small. As small as my pinkie.



KarateKid1234 commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

No, I refuse to boycott Video Game Characters. It's just like that degrading, feminist campaign "Ban bossy". I think we should all boycoot today's society and it's very often naivety.
I mean, COME ON! Usually i'm a lazy, normal internet fr00b, and I usually don't read long articles, but if you're going to be against a simple game, a simple piece of plastic, either you are kidding, trying to take away a simple inanimate object or just that.......well, maybe I'm getting carried away, but come on! If you think this is degrading women, that's stupid. Sometimes, they degrade themselves. Same goes for FEMINISTS. They are probably the level of the Pineapple. A lot of Feminists are hated for reasons, and it's because they can be very stupid. Anyone can be stupid, but i'm just pointing out they are. in the end, everyone today has been dumbed down to the level of a kidnegardener. Honestly, as you can tell, Senran Kagura is like an Anime-based game. In anime, Girls (and boys, in all honesty) are dumbed down. Honestly, I thought it was a bad thing, but when we ended up to today, I just feel it's as equal as it is.
Look, I am a raging nugget here, yes I am. I am a raging little fanboy. I am, whatever insult you call me. Yes. Except you guys need to wake the (Super Nintendo, now 40% off! -1993) up and realize, that it's a game! The way it objectifies a certain gender is fine. You can have whatever opinions on it. I just feel people need to stop being nitpicky pansies about the game. Everything I am saying is arguable. This is just my point of view. I'm not sure if I read this article right, but from the looks of the poll, and the Chris-Chan Ken Penders God-like (sarcasm) comments, I'm sure i'm right

...jesus tapdancing christ, my jimmies are rustled! >;( no, really. i've never been so mad in my life. i'm just this kind of guy.



KarateKid1234 commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Taking a Couple...:

@xj0462 You haven't made any games. AT ALL. So what makes you think you can jump to conclusions and say "finishing touches" take less than a month? Personally, I have lots of games in the works, but not for publish on Consoles, maybe on PC and Steam. I say, personally, it probably takes a very long time. I mean, films such as Monsters University took about 7 months to polish. I have not finished ANY of my games, bu, please do not jump a conclusion before knowing so.
P.S. all of these games are on a very long hiatus and will be made all over from scratch since the pc i made them on doesnt work anymore.



KarateKid1234 commented on Video: Experience The Acute Embarrassment Of O...:

Are Nintendo the ones who approve Box Art on their console(s)?
If so, why are you guys at Nintendo so silly? Why? Making a cover with a scroll in a girl' like creating a cover with ice cream on a male's genital and naming it "Tatakai Sekai Blast".



KarateKid1234 commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

Otaku Erection, coming through!
I LOVE Senran Kagura, and when I say I LOVE IT, I don't mean just for the Game Play, the Plot...I like it for..The PLOT. If you know what I mean....
Also, the thumbnail is a screenshot from the Anime. I like the scene(s) in the Anime where they slide through the Pipe like the Ghostbusters.



KarateKid1234 commented on Console Wars Book Paves The Way For Movie Writ...:

@GumbyX84 I love you. You are my childhood.
On the right side,
1. I'm looking forward to this film, and an interesting read of a book.
2. I was born in the year of 1995, and I started gaming when I was two. I did not know much about the war against Nintendo and SEGA, but this'll patch up my childhood.
3. Ironically produced by Sony.



KarateKid1234 commented on Weirdness: There's a Metroid in my Spelunky:

Everyone being irrational and biased about him not knowing what it's called. Since I'm a Minecraft fan, and I forgot the name of Mooshrooms, would that make me stupid? No. Not at all. Forgetting the game, or not knowing the name at all, doesn't make you stupid. Who cares if he doesn't know the name? It's a darn video game enemy for god's sakes. A VIDEO GAME, ENEMY. I don't see the big deal. "OMG HE DOESN'T KNOW THE NAME OF GOOMBA U SHULD DIE!!!". Sometimes, you guys get mad over the most stupid things. But not as much as TSSZ News comments.

Besides, not everyone plays or likes what you do. I don't like the Metroid series, (fanboys in 3....2....1..) doesn't mean I have to. I didn't know Samus was a girl until SSBB. Doesn't mean I have to know. I didn't know the enemies were called Metroids until SSBB, also. DOESN'T MEAN I HAVE TO KNOW!!!! Seriously, are nerds bullying because they keep getting bullied? But, i'm a nerd...more of a geek.