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Human achievement: Mario games

Male, 17, Spain

I love videogames in general, but Nintendo has something special. The designers of Mario and Zelda are amazing. The New Mario series is starting to be repetitive although I liked the first two. The 3D Marios by Koizumi's team... masterpieces. And Aonuma... please don't leave Zelda! Sakurai is God.

Thu 31st October, 2013

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kuribo4 commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

@LetsGoRetro I think I know what you mean...and I'm 17. I think 3D World just wasn't that type of game. It had small levels floating in mid air, very abstract stuff. For that mystique you are talking about, we'd need a slightly more normal world. Suddenly it's more Zelda-esque. I like both types of game though. :)



kuribo4 commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

@Yoshis_VGM In fact it is the 11th or 12th made by the Mario team. I don't think the fact the the Nintendo COMPANY makes many Mario games, should have any effect on how you judge the MARIO DEVELOPMENT TEAM.
I swear it's so sad this isn't celebrated news. The internet is o horrible.



kuribo4 commented on Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda's Master Sword ...:

@Legromancer Nintendo's games are by far some of the best doggiepoopiepoodlepoople to come out nowadays, not just in gaming, but in general.
Zelda is one of THE gaming franchises, of course they reference it, doesn't mean Nintendo's other stuff isn't good.
And why are Nintendo's games toys and inFAMOUS, an action game with a cheesy story isn't?
I don't know what you mean by secondary console but the Wii U has already some of the best games this gen.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



kuribo4 commented on Extended Nintendo Network Maintenance on Wii U...:

Well if Yoshi's coming out it's pretty much confirmed, even if it is a minor Direct. Who says we can't see Hyrule Warriors or something else too? That game is coming out in summer in Japan.
And on Friday's Pic of the Day-Yoshi back!!!

BTW, does anybody know if Nintendo will do something on the GDC on March 17? I mean in the past they've shown Zelda trailers and stuff there. This Zelda will be presented at E3, but they could show something else.



kuribo4 commented on Super Mario 3D World Director Koichi Hayashida...:

@Lance168 3D World has surpassed Knack already.

And it's not just about using the hardware, Knack is a failure compared to 3D World. The GamePad can't interfere with the Mario experience either.
EAD Tokyo is working on a new project (will probably be revealed at E3) that I'm positive will use the GamePad in good ways.



kuribo4 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

@JaxonH Yeah, but wasn't the 2 hours the story mission? And then there are more.
Well, I understand what you say.
But I'm kind of sorry for Kojima. I'm sure te guy was just excited to show part of the game, because the rest will take like two years more.