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Tue 17th May, 2011

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FriedSquid commented on Gallery: Phoenix Wright, Axel From Streets of ...:

Yes, this is awesome! This one should be even better than the first. I really wanted Phoenix/Maya to be added, and I'm glad X is back. But where's Zero?

@Artwark: No, this game really isn't anything like FE. In between turns it's similar to FE but the combat is more like a fighter. I recommend checking out the demo on eShop if it's still there.

@DarthNocturnal @EmmatheBest: I think when they made the first one, they only wanted to use more humanoid characters, so no Sonic, Tails, Klonoa, Pac-Man, etc. We got Mega Man X, but no classic Mega Man, so that could draw the line at how "humanoid" they wanted them to be. Opa Opa was the only non-humanoid but that was just a cameo.



FriedSquid commented on Gallery: These Project X Zone 2 Screens Give a...:

To everyone requesting Sonic, Pac-Man or etc: They said that they wanted to use humanoid characters only.

I'm glad to see that Dante has Vergil as a partner now, but I'm hoping that Demitri didn't completely get the boot. Maybe they'll pair him up with Morrigan and Chun-Li will have a new partner, maybe Cammy!

And I'm glad that Yuri is back, but I'm disappointed that they cut Estelle in favor of Flynn. :(



FriedSquid commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

I've got nothing against sexy women in video games (or sexy men, but they are never sexualized the same way women are) but there's a difference between "being sexy" and "only there to be sexy".

DoA just uses needlessly bouncy women to appeal to young male gamers and give them an object of sexual fantasy. No "cultural barrier" involved, just that Hayashi can't admit that his games prey on sexually confused men.



FriedSquid commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I definitely don't like PewDiePie, or agree with him 100% but he's actually making a good decision with this.

The point is that Nintendo videos now give him significantly less money in ad revenue (of which is part of his living, all cash he already has aside), so of course those games would be at the bottom of his list to play. You have no place to judge the people or the quality of the content in this issue — fact is that people like him, watch his videos, and he gets money from ads. The content does not matter, simply the fact of its monetization. People do make livings on this type of thing, and just because they need the money doesn't mean they don't care about the games. (of course this is not true of every LPer, but it's an unfair assumption)

Nintendo's program is very harmful to YouTubers who want to show anything of theirs. They should drop this program quickly as they clearly just don't know how to deal with the issue.



FriedSquid commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

@Chrizzel28 He said that they were stereotypical and uncomfortable to see, and that Nintendo is better than that. No implication of wrongdoing there, only that he thinks it was unnecessary to use stereotypes.

At no point did I ever get the impression "he took offense", or is "clearly" attempting to accuse Nintendo of being racist. You're jumping to conclusions.

You're also overreacting when you say, "this is how the word racist is losing its meaning." when the word was never used at all.



FriedSquid commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

OK, so once again, the guy in the original video not once used the words "offended"or "racist". The accusations most of you are making about the guy are really out of line. No a need to mock him and call him an idiot or hypocrite just because he said it was "weird".

And I agree with you on that last part, @Damo. My first thought and main issue was how odd it was to make Mario's skin darker. Just felt totally unneeded , like if someone cosplays a character but painted their skin darker to be recognizable. Changing the skin tone as if it's part of the costume feels just slightly insulting.



FriedSquid commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

@Damo I just don't get it. In a very short period of the whole video, he expresses his discomfort with the game, and says, "Come on Nintendo. You're better than this." and you deem it worthy of an article.

I appreciate that you're trying to point out the differences in what's been accepted in gaming over time — honestly, I really do and I'm not being sarcastic. I also think some of the commenters are overreacting... But if you care about the issue, then why not just make your own soapbox article on the issue instead of using some of his own words? Maybe you could talk about other examples, like Punch Out. Was it really necessary to give that little part of the video its own article?

I'm sorry but the fact he tipped you off makes it look more like clickbait and a way for him to get more views on his video, when the majority of it doesn't even focus on the issue at hand.

And for the record guys, in the video he didn't even say, "I'm offended." or "It's offensive." Nothing like that. So quit trying to act all smart cause you think someone is too sensitive — not that any of you haven't overreacted, by the way.