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Sat 25th May, 2013

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May_Nyan commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

I don't have a wii u yet but the Mario Kart DLC looks great and the price is very good if you consider that the content of each dlc pack is a quarter of the main games content.

As for Smash Bros, I don't really like what they are doing with the costumes, they are relatively very overpriced.
I want to get lots of new characters for smash though (and the Ice Climbers)



May_Nyan commented on Former Rare Devs Playtonic Want Donkey Kong Co...:

I like Dixie Kong... I wonder if she has a chance... she was my favourite character in the Donkey Kong Country games...
I'm know if they would make two DK characters as DLC and everyone seems to be giving K Rool attention.
I'd be happy to see K Rool too, but both would be good.



May_Nyan commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Well, I voted for Professor Layton.
From this list I think that Wolf will already be coming, and that if Ice Climbers are going to return it will happen regardless of the result of this vote.
Because of this, I'll choose Snake on this list because it seems like a realistic choice out of the remaining ones because I'm not sure that it will happen
I think Splatoon and Rayman have a chance of becoming fighters.



May_Nyan commented on Review: KAMI (3DS eShop):

I've played this on both Steam and Android and personally rate it 9/10
From the trailer it looks like there are at least some new puzzles in this version (the flag puzzles for example were in neither the PC or Android release)
It also has some puzzles which were in the Steam release, but weren't available in the Android version.



May_Nyan commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

Fire Emblem alone made it an amazing direct for me.
I feel overwhelmed by the amount of amiibo that exist though especially because supplies are limited and Code Name Steam Makes me want to have all of the Fire Emblem ones.



May_Nyan commented on Science Tries To Ruin Our Fun As Zelda's Hooks...:

I think of the Mario World as its own planet rather than Earth. Also Mario and others can jump quite well in a way that isn't possible on real world Earth... which might mean less gravity?

I don't think those planets would explode because of gravity in reality because there would be no reason for them to have so much gravity to begin with... it doesn't matter because Mario isn't based on reality.