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Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive on the System After Other Platforms

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Ubisoft screws the pooch

There have been plenty of rumours and counter-rumours around Watch_Dogs in recent weeks, yet now we have some solid news from the company itself; it's not pleasing from a Wii U perspective.

In its financial results today, and the investor call that followed, Ubisoft confirmed that the title would arrive on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in Q2, or April to June. The Wii U version isn't cancelled, but delayed to a later point. The company's CEO Yves Guillemot said the following:

We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team's resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft.

It's clear that this development project has been a difficult one for the company, perhaps due to the ambitious scale of the title and its multi-platform targets. While this decision may make sense from a business perspective, with the Wii U version likely to be the lowest selling, the arrival of the title after all other platforms greatly hinders its chance of success. Aside from Wii U-only owners, why would anyone wait for the Nintendo system's version?

This is clearly disappointing news, but let us know what you think in the comments below.


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JonnyN said:

Basically they are saying that they are pulling people from the Wii U team and making sure all other versions are complete and as good as they can be in time for release.



FritzFrapp said:

The only reasons people would wait for the Wi U version would be exclusive features or a lower price point. Sensible move by Ubi, but as long as it does eventually get released on Wii U... Beggars can't be choosers.



RainbowGazelle said:

I bet it ends up being cancelled on Wii U. It's official: Sega is the only 3rd party Nintendo has left. Nintendo could have done more to make other companies and people care about the Wii U, but as it stands, we barely get a damn thing.



JonnyN said:

You're right NL who is gonna buy the game on Wii U apart from Wii U only owners now. Maybe they would have if they have a 360 or ps3 as well and wanted to get it on Wii U because of better graphics and/or exclusive features but now they won't be prepared to wait. They are just hindering the chances of the Wii U version selling well. This might have actually sold well on Wii U because it is quite well-known. Sad.



URAmk2 said:

the same thing was said about aliens CM... then what happened. Lol! now its flopping on wii u for sure if it does get released.



rjejr said:

They delayed it on ONE system to work on SIX other systems?!?! That's their excuse? They had all this time to come up w/ a god excuse since the delay but all they can come up w/ i s- "we only have enough resources and personnel to make 6 versions of the game right now, the 7th version has to wait".

Let me know when it is OFFICIALLY canceled. Shouldn't be long now.

I'll give Ubisoft the benfit of the doubt and say they are working on the always on multiplayer w/ Nintnedo and that's why they havent' officially canceled it yet, but eventually they will. Putitng this out later w/ no online component will get them maybe 3 sales.

So when's the next Nintnedo Direct already so we can get some good news?

Edit - my mistake, they are only putting it on 5 other different systems, not 6, guess that explains everything then.



QBertFarnsworth said:

Delayed means cancelled. Regardless, I'm predicting that the final product comes in at a quality far below the hype. If the game was shaping up to be great, we would be reading article after article about how revolutionary it is, how great it plays, etc. Instead, it's been mostly silence about the game since it was delayed before the holidays. It will not be a disaster, but I'm betting review scores are in the 7/10 range - high enough that some people will give it a try, but "some people" would mean sales in the low millions on the PS3 and 360, but sales in the tens of thousands on the Wii U. By cutting out the Wii U, they can save money on debugging it, DLC updates, materials costs, etc.



Bulbousaur said:

Seriously, do third parties WANT the Wii U to fail? The target audience for the Wii U version was already small enough, and now when/if they do release the Wii U version, that audience will be almost non-existant. And then Ubisoft will complain that the Wii U version did not sell well, so they will not give the console more support in the future, when its their fault as it is Nintendo's. Third parties are just as much to blame for the Wii U's poor software sales as Nintendo is.

RIP Wii U third party support, 2012-2014

I swear Ubisoft pissed off Nintendo fans this time last year as well... AHEMMraymanlegendsAHEMM



sinalefa said:

How long they will delay it?

7 months like Rayman Legends?

Or enough time for everyone to get a version on any other system under the sun?

Or when the other five versions are dirt cheap, and they will ask full price for it on Wii U?



Pikachupwnage said:

How can third parties possibly expect any sort of success if virtually every game gets screwed over somehow on Wii U? Whether its missing features like call of duty(clans DLC etc.) releasing a far superior package on other systems(mass effect 3...and they announced mass effect trilogy for PS360 before this even hit shelves) simply doing a bad job porting(various ports/multiplats) leave out online(sniper V2) or release it well after other versions(Need for speed) delay it(Rayman Legends) yearly releases lacking some of the updates on other versions(madden)or other doesn't exactly give consumers much confidence. Especially when companies like EA pledge "Unprecedented" support and deliver lackluster launch ports and backpedal.



Morph said:

Whats the point in releasing it all, anyone who owns another system will just get it on that, im done with major 3rd parties now they can go and (insert expletive of choice)



Dark-Luigi said:

First Legends, and now this? What is the world coming to? But honestly, I'm not suprised...



Emblem said:

This is a could be a good thing, we may end up with the definitive version of the game with many Wii U specific features. They totally messed up Splinter Cell by cutting crap out, lets hope they learned their lesson.

That said the Wii U version is not going to sell as well as it could have due to this.



MoonKnight7 said:

It's a double edged sword, because now they'll complain that the Wii U version's sales are too low. Not that they would be high anyway, but this completely cripples the chances it would be successful on Wii U.



rbmoura85 said:

Lets face it...its not coming to wii u anymore...this is just so they can say later: Well, things didnt turn out as we were hoping, so theres no point in release this game for the wii u anymore...

Thats it people, forget about it.



PikminWorld said:

I agree with what Emblem said about making sure the Wii U version is the definitive but still what do developers expect when they do this with the Wii U version of their game? They expect great success only to kill their own game by delaying it to the point where people have bought it on other platforms, or they port a game MONTHS after the game first came out (EA), butchering the port, etc. and they seriously question why the Wii U version flopped?



Jazzer94 said:

If they delay this more than a month I'm just going to get the PS3 version or PS4 if I have one, I wouldn't be surprised if it got cancelled though.



Einherjar said:

Canceled in 3..2..1..
I know, its easy for me to say since i never had any interest in this game at all.
Sucks for all of you who have waited so long.

But it seems the "shiny golden new age of mega tech" consoles is taking its first tolls. Games take way longer to make AND cost a heck of a lot more money. That means that they need to focus all of their manpower on a single version to get it out with delays.
Lets file it under "after launch hicup syndrome" for now. But my predction is, that the new systems demands (money and time) and the insane standarts that people set for upcomming games will get some devs on their knees.



MAN1AC said:

Sounds like its cancelled to me. It sucks for those that were going to buy it on the Wii U but I cant really blame them.



PokeTune said:

They might as well cancel it. None of the Nintendo fanboys are going to buy it anyway. It'll sell even less at a later date than it would have being released on time, and that's saying something!



edhe said:

Hey, guys! look on the bright side. At least we've still got "Know your Friends" on the horizon.

There's many years of Ubisoft support left(!)



FireHorsePrime said:

^ Agree with rbmoura85

They hold onto the idea just in case U sales skyrocket, then they can keep their face while throwing games at the console. But ultimately I'm not falling for it. They broke my heart with Zombi U, a game that could have been epic and was a tedious nightmare of timing issues and misguided difficulty with visuals that resembled looking through a dirty car window. Unfortunately you can't write "Wash Me" on the hood of this jalopy. They are coddled by the other platforms and I suppose that's as it should be. Ubisoft will not be getting any more of my money, no matter how great the game is, and I have the other consoles. Why would I want a port of a port? /rant



GunstarHero234 said:

Lesson learned from this though you should have bought more than one console/PC this gen rather than getting your point across being a one console gamer.



Player4 said:

I thought they had learned with Rayman?

Don't care, will buy it later.. Or on another system



Gold_Ranger said:

Before the first Delay UbiSoft said that the WiiU version was the most complete out of all the versions and was nearly ready for launch!



SkywardCrowbar said:

Sigh... Well, hopefully it'll land on Wii U eventually. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed though. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it didn't come to Wii U until the holidays, if it comes at all.



Ryno said:

Ubisoft's thinking:
Rayman Legends: Delay so all versions so then can be released together.
Watch_Dogs: Who cares when the Wii U version comes out, no one will buy it anyway. Let's just get the other other versions as quickly as we can.



unrandomsam said:

Ubisoft have done tons of damage (For any other potential 3rd parties as much as anything). Discounting their stuff so quickly will mean people just won't buy stuff at the proper price from any 3rd party. (Even the exclusive stuff that really needs the support).



TreesenHauser said:

Call me crazy, but despite the fact I also own a PS3 I have no beef with waiting for the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs. I didn't really get excited about the game until I heard it was coming to Wii U, and then on I began realizing the gameplay possibilities the GamePad could bring to this, the only thing close to having a GTA-style game on Wii U.

That's looking at it with the glass half-full though. That's assuming it even comes to Wii U. I could very well see Ubisoft pulling a move similar to that of Aliens: CM being delayed then canceled on Wii U. Then again, Aliens: CM was garbage and Watch_Dogs is looking top-freakin'-notch.

Anyways, optimism aside the rest of it stinks. I don't see Ubisoft supporting Wii U much after this.



Discostew said:

I smell a bunch of higher-up hypocrites at Ubisoft. They delayed Rayman Legends on Wii U because they wanted to release all version of the game at the same time, but they won't do that with Watch Dogs? I mean, if the Wii U version is going to have something that all other versions are incapable of having, it would be one thing, but so far, the only thing the Wii U version had going for it was Gamepad usage, which Ubisoft has already dealt with via Vita and smartphones.



Tsurii said:

and that's it, Ubi....I will get it on PS4 then and I dare you guys (at Ubisoft) to whine and gripe and complain about the (NOW inevitable) lack of sold copies for the Wii U version.



Goginho said:


c'mooon comments, 40 in half an hour I'm saying we reach 250 on this one



WingedSnagret said:

Okay, that's it, Ubisoft has completely lost my respect for them as a company.

With that said, Nintendo is officially on their own. We need a Direct now more then ever...



MikeLove said:


Microsoft has a rule that a game must be released on Xbox at the same time as other consoles, or else they won't allow it on their system. If Rayman came out on Wii-U and PS3 first, they couldn't put it on the 360 after that. Nintendo doesn't have such a publishing clause (or the power to enforce one) so UbiSoft doesn't have to worry.

Not that it will be released on the Wii-U anyway.



XCWarrior said:

Nintendo Life, do a poll story where we can guess the month when this gets cancelled! Might as well have some fun with this news, cause it's never coming.



unrandomsam said:

@JohnRedcorn It was Nintendo of America who started that idea in the NES era (Reason why the superior TG16 versions of loads of games were never released outside Japan). Be much better if stuff was on just one system and never ported. (All of them are good enough now if used properly.)



dragonight23 said:

So its Aliens Colonial Marines all over again they will see how well it sells on other consoles & if it does not hit their quota in sales they will not release it on the Wii U! NICE EPIC FAIL Ubisoft.!



larry_koopa said:

I totally understand Ubisoft's logic here, but still, it's another unfortunate blow to Nintendo. Thank goodness Mario Kart 8 is only a few months away.



Goginho said:

-Ms. Teacher, I didn't do my homework

That's ok Ubisoft, you have special privileges and can hand it in next month



Knux said:

Translation: ''We're cancelling it, but we don't want to officially say anything because we want the very small minority of Nintendo fans to forget about it.''

Anyway, I can't wait to play this on my Xbox One or (future) PS4!



solcross said:

It'll be a delay followed by a period of silence on the subject until we near the end of 2014, then they'll announce that it's cancelled.



verymetal said:

I think the main reason is because the Wii U is extremely difficult to program for. Almost every developer interview claims this is the case. Nintendo didn't have the best interests of 3rd party developers in mind when designing the Wii U and created a system that was best for them and ignored 3rd party developers. This philosophy will change I guarantee it when their next console is released.



unrandomsam said:

@XCWarrior Nearly all of the indie stuff on the Wii U is ports. (Exclusives would be worth supporting). Or even ones that had the same price across platforms.



Poki said:

I planned to wait until the price drops below €20 anyways (probably 6 - 12 months after release), so I don't really care for a delay. Not gonna buy it for full price with that policy though.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Knux Agreed man I'm so ready for the PS4 version even though I can buy it on my PS3/360 also so i'm still straight lol tough for my Wii U though......



unrandomsam said:

@verymetal Shi'en seem to think it is great to program for. It is not easy to port to with the least possible effort but that is not desirable anyway.



mamp said:

Wow, screwed over again. I don't get it why the delay is it harder to make games for Wii U? Does it take longer because they have to make full use of the gamepad? The only thing I keep noticing is mutiplat games get delayed or if they're indie dev kickstarter games they require a higher pricepoint than the other consoles in order for Wii U release. Why is this?



Doobie said:

I hope Nintendo comes out with a new HD console soon. I know it's a long shot, but they could always push Zelda U to release along side the new console and Wii U like they did with Twilight Princess on GameCube and Wii. Just a thought...



JustinH said:

Was going to post something rational here but apparently you're only allowed to scream doom and gloom here now.



JeffreyG said:

I love how everyone on the internet seems to think "delay" means the same as "cancel". Of course it's possible, but has anyone thought that they might just want to make sure that they don't rush the release to make it in time? I'd rather have a great game later than a passable game earlier.



Gladius_X said:

Well one way or the other, this'll probably mean the end for Ubi support on Wii U... Either Watch Dogs will get canned all together, or (since it's a sole release months after the other platforms) it will be marketed terribly, and will probably sell horribly.

Looks like, instead of getting the Wii U version, I'll be taking to the high seas with me bottle of rum when it comes out... Yo Ho... Yo Ho...



Megumi said:

...Eh, only care about Rayman anyways. (well, maybe Assassin's Creed too...but mainly for the pirate stuff, lol)



JeffreyG said:

@Doobie That would destroy everyone's trust, because they basically make people buy two home consoles in a short amount of time. SEGA once did that too, and it didn't quite work that well... And power really isn't the problem, because this game also comes to last-gen consoles.



Mystemo said:

I'll just wait for the Wii U version. It sucks that they put money before us but at least they didn't cancel it, but the second Ubisoft abandons Nintendo is the second I abandon their games.



Gold said:

Well, bad news after I get home from school. Aww, only 3rd party Wii U game I want that hasn't come out yet is delayed... again.



MitchVogel said:

Unfortunately, they just lost a sale. I would've bought it for Wii U when it came out, but now I'm just gonna pick it up for the ps4. No reason to wait...



Yosher said:

Honestly I'm just glad it's not cancelled. ...they won't actually still cancel it at this stage, right?



AJ_Lethal said:

Gotta love all the "hurr durr, kuncelled" claims here.

Seriously, canning the game at this stage would be monumentally stupid.



cheetahman91 said:

So it's pretty much cancelled at this point? Probably for the best, it's not like it would have sold well anyways.



GunstarHero234 said:

@JeffreyG Dude are you serious man think about it before you state damage control all the 5 systems are getting the game at the "same" time frame which the Wii U version is the only one delayed and has no date when release so why in the world are you defending this?



GalacticMario28 said:

It's Rayman Legends all over again; well, I guess not, since that game was originally designed specifically for the Wii U. Still, while it makes sense from a business perspective, it still feels really unfair to me, especially after the Rayman Legends affair. There are Wii U owners who want to play this game on the Wii U when everyone else plays it on other platforms.



jakysnakydx said:

I personally would wait. The game promises some unique gamepad only pieces that I for one am excited to use. There isn't a game on the market that I like better on other systems as the Wii U version offers everything they do (in terms of the actual game, crappy DLC policies aside) plus Nintendo unique offerings like Gamepad use and Miiverse.



JeffreyG said:

@GunstarHero234 My point is that there's no doubt that the Wii U version will be the least selling version of the game, so they probably don't want to delay the game on all consoles just because the Wii U version isn't done yet. Instead, they delay the Wii U version only.



WesCash said:

This game getting canned on the WiiU would be hilariously tragic.



Tritonus said:

I actually don't really care about this, I have so many other games, and a busy life besides gaming that I can definitely wait until fall if that's the time it comes out.

Would rather have gamepad support than play it on any other system too.



unrandomsam said:

@JeffreyG It isn't like the Sega situation. Nintendo still has lots of money. The Dreamcast was fine (Arcade hardware based on it lasted another 10 years). It was Sega running out of money that messed it up.



GunstarHero234 said:

@JeffreyG Actually I know that the Wii U version would be the less profitable just it's weird you are defending this like isn't a problem but it's ok though i'm buying on my PS4 holla lol.



turnmebackwards said:

Just cancel it already it's clear it won't sell that great on the Wii U. As much as I'd like to see it I can see why Ubi-soft might be thinking twice about releasing it on the Wii U.



JeffreyG said:

@unrandomsam I was referring to the giant amount of expansions and consoles they released in a relatively small amount of time between the Mega Drive and the Saturn (like the 32X and CD). None of those sold well.



JeffreyG said:

@GunstarHero234 Haha, I completely understand that people are upset about this (I am slightly too), but in my opinion people need to realize that a delay doesn't mean a cancel. When you own another supported console I understand you buy that version instead, but Wii U-only owners shouldn't be so afraid in my opinion.



Einherjar said:

@unrandomsam The funny thing is, if Sega would reprint (is "print" the right term here ?) the DreamCast today, it would sell like crazy just through the word of mouth

Overall, this thought crossed my mind about the whole WiiU situation:
Are 3rd partys running away because the system itself is not selling well (which is a paradox in itself)
Or are they self aware that they know they could never compete with Nintendos own games. Nintendos games sell, theirs dont and its just a matter of quality, so pull all games from that system and release it on others were games like this are on their own.



Nintend0ro said:

Great!!!!! Same old story again. Metro Last Light, Ghost Recon Online, Crysis 3, Aliens CM (3rd party games that were coming to Wii U but got cancelled)... WTF, Ubisoft?!!



ricklongo said:

I had fun with Assassin's Creed IV and Rayman Legends on my Wii U recently, but don't expect me to spend my hard-earned money to get a copy of this game. This is just disrespectful, and one of the main reasons why those games tend to not do well on Nintendo platforms in the first place.



ungibbed said:

Sounds to me that this may be the last Wii U game from Ubisoft. So much has been invested in the existing code, they might as well finish it and publish it in very small numbers.

I'd be surprised if we see much more from them at all the way things seem to be rolling downhill like this. The other thing is, despite owning a PS3, I still want the Wii U version.

Perhaps by that time when enough games interest me on the other next generation consoles, I may pick up a PS4 or a XB1.

Until such time, I will stick it out with my PS3 and Wii/Wii U systems. (I decided against migrating my Virtual Console library and such to my Wii U from my classic Wii.)

I also could completely ignore such sad news by playing my old N64 with Conker's Bad Fur Day. That is one if the very few games that aged well on that old beast and the last Nintendo system that was technically superior to the competition of that age.



Shiryu said:

Will wait, will buy the game on Wii U. Disappointed that I will have to wait longer? Most certainly. But If there is something I have learned in all my years as a Nintendo owner is that "all good things come to those who wait".



GunstarHero234 said:

@JeffreyG Thank you for agreeing because that's why I don't do one console because of crap like this. It's so easy to miss out on titles because of being a one console owner but I don't relied on that just isn't my blood to play something that I know I will miss out on especially titles I have preference of.
(FF15 and Kingdom Hearts 3)



Einherjar said:

@ricklongo Yup, fully agreed. Most devs are shoveling their own graves by either butchering the WiiU version up for no reason or delaying it on purpose.
As long as no one tries it the other way around (first the WiiU, then other systems, and im not talking about enhanced later ports) we might never know if its the WiiUs fault OR the saturation people got from buying it first on other systems.



siavm said:

I was going to buy the game last year. But this delay screwed with that. Now by the time the game comes out I may have a ps4. I may just get it on that. And at this rate cancelling this game would be better than the fate it is going to get. Third parties have been bad on nintendo consoles for almost two decades. This is the worst it has been and with so many things to put games on nintendo is at a very big disadvantage. It is really going to depend on how nintendo does things this year. It may not bring third party but at least it will show they can still can keep us fans coming back.



bizcuthammer said:

Its disappointing, but as someone who only owns a WiiU and 3DS at the moment (a PS4 will be mine after it gets a price drop and slim model), i'm just glad the game isn't cancelled. Better late than never imo, and with the lack of 3rd party support on WiiU, owners can't complain too much.



antipop621 said:

Changed my mind, Ubisoft. I'll no longer support this game at launch. 6 months after this launches, my EBgames will have 100+ used copies to choose from for 20 bucks. Maybe then I'll give it a shot.



ghall said:

If this gets canceled I am never buying another game from Ubisoft on any platform. This is the game that got me excited for the Wii U and now I feel like a sucker.



Unit_DTH said:

I guess this is the first step in the inevitable separation of Ubisoft from the Wii U supporting developers page. This stinks, I was really looking forward to this game on my Wii U! I won't be buying anymore Ubi games ever if they decide to cancel this game for the Wii U. And I know that doesn't really help the "lack of sales on the Wii U" situation, but I will not support a company that drops support like this. I will not be buying there games on any platform, not just my nintendo platforms.



citizenerased said:

Thanks for the year of support, Ubisoft, we really can't ask for more given the sales. (Not sarcasm.)

lol @ the people boycotting Ubisoft. "There are dozens of us! Dozens!"



SecondServing said:

LOL Nintendo really is doomed if MK8 can't turn it around. For now, however, Wii U is a sinking ship. I say, if Wii U can't make a comeback this year, just make a new console.



Unit_DTH said:

@citizenerased "Dozens!" LOL… I'm not boycotting them, unless they decide to pull a Sega and cancel on all the people that have been waiting on this game for their Wii U, which is the crowd I consider myself a part of.



Unit_DTH said:

@SecondServing I think that's where they are headed, or at least some type of "upgrade" like they had to do for DK64 for the N64. Something that accentuates the power of the Wii U in some way.



MikeLove said:

Why are so many people believing that Ubisoft has invested a ton of time into the Wii-U version? How many times has this happened before (in the Wii-U's short history) where a developer claims the Wii-U version will be the "best" and "definitive" version, only too see that its a crappy port on release? For all anyone knows, Ubisoft could have stopped work on the Wii-U version 4 or 5 months ago,if not longer, meaning that by the time the final game is released around June, that the Wii-U version is 10+ months behind the others?

If UbiSoft cancels the Wii-U version now (they are just using the term "delayed" to be diplomatic) they will save more money than they would earn if they finished work on the game and released it months after the other versions, to awful sales.



JeffreyG said:

@GunstarHero234 I have been thinking about buying a PS4 as well, but to me there weren't enough games yet to really justify the purchase, as I'm mostly a casual gamer who sometimes like something else . So far, the Wii U delivered just that and helped me discover all kinds of new games. The fact that it did that almost makes me want to buy a PS4 for those other games, but so far the Wii U brought me a lot of fun, and even if Watch_Dogs gets canceled, it wouldn't be enough for me to buy a 400 euro console. But who knows what the future brings?



Unit_DTH said:

If nothing else make a small attachment for the bottom of the gamepad that gives it the ability to play Wii U games over the network from a greater distance, even outside the house at another wifi spot, akin to Vita/PS4 remote play.



Sean_Aaron said:

I think people need to look at this rationally. On Nintendo platforms the one thing you don't want to compete with is another major Nintendo release and what, pray tell is releasing in second quarter but that juggernaut Mario Kart 8 - what third party in their right mind would release a big-budget game against that?

Unlike Rayman Legends delay, which probably hurt sales because it ended up being released too close to Super Mario 3D World, this actually seems like a sensible move to me.



Hy8ogen said:

@SecondServing No. Just no. The Wii U may not be a huge success like the Wii, but it is far from being the virtual boy. Making an entire new console is going to be suicidal.

I'm giving up the Wii U as a 3rd party multiplat console, that is why I will be getting the PS4 very soon. However the 1st party Nintendo exclusives is still going to drive the Wii U forward. Fact.



SecondServing said:

@Tsuzura I just wanna Smash online tbh. The main reasons I bought my Wii U was for Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2, the new Zelda(whenever that's coming, and Super Smash Bros. Three of those are missing right now, and I think that's the problem with Nintendo, they just do not time game releases well enough. They make us go through drouts and give the Devs crappy hardware, so no 3rd party Dev wants to bother with making Wii U versions of their games. All in all, Wii U is the worst idea Nintendo ever had.



AJ_Lethal said:

"If UbiSoft cancels the Wii-U version now (they are just using the term "delayed" to be diplomatic) they will save more money than they would earn if they finished work on the game and released it months after the other versions, to awful sales."

Wait, what? No, man: at this stage with the general delay the game suffered (and missing the 8th gen hype train when the PS4/XBO, which doesn't help at all), scrapping the Wii U version would be rather dumb since they might want to pick as many sales as they can to recoup the costs (the game is costing $70 million at this point), even Ubi said a port costs less than $1.5 million.

I mean, I don't think Watch_Dogs is in such developer hell as Aliens: CM. Ubisoft is more like Chaotic Stupid than Stupid Evil EA when it comes to releases, as explained as this guy:



MikeLove said:


So UbiSoft, in a reactionary response to Nintendo announcing MK8 is coming in May, has "shut down" development on the Wii-U version of the game and diverted all man power to the PS3/PS4/Xbox/360 teams so they can avoid releasing Watch_Dogs around the same time?!


"I think people need to look at this rationally..."



unrandomsam said:

@Einherjar I don't know. I know they could sell out of the proper SLS Saturn usb Controllers overnight. I also know with the Gamecube the quality of the stuff from Capcom / Sega / Factor 5 was just as good as what Nintendo was making and just that was enough.



hosokawasamurai said:

Meanwhile on

Andrew Eisen - Ubisoft Ensures Watch Dogs Sells Like Crap On Wii U



boynerdrambling said:

I know how nintendo life users like to jump on the 3rd parties hate nintendo and the nintendoom train whenever they can but i think you all need to look at the wider picture. Theres something wrong with the game as a whole across all platforms at the moment. We havnt seen anything new about the game for months and months which is not helping reignite the hype thats all but died for the game since the delay. Its clear that ubisoft are moving the wii u devs to the other versions to try and make this game passable, for whatever problems are going on in development. Its pretty clear ubi thinks they have a multi million dollar turd on their hands that they have no idea what to do with. Calling it now, the game will tank, be destroyed by reviewes and ubsioft will eventually be the first 3rd party to bow out of the development race this gen.

On the flip side if the game turns out to be good but gets cancelled for the wii u, i'll simply buy it used for my ps3 no money for you ubi



unrandomsam said:

@SecondServing There is no expansion port on the Wii U so it is not possible. (Nintendo don't have a habit of seeing it through even if they do exist. SNES CDROM / 64 DD / Gamecube was only used for the GBA Player).



WaveGhoul said:

"What is the world coming to?"

SonyMicrosoft BroShooter & ZombieSmasher 101, that's what. Big boy systems are top priority.pukes*

Archaic twin stick wiggling 'n sizzling HD realistic graphics, ADD-injected game design, hand holding aplenty' all topped off with kindergarten baby challenge. I wouldn't touch this game with a 10 foot NintenPole, but seeing the gamepad being put to use in unique and clever ways would be neat.




I really, really hope the Wii U does a 3DS, and starts selling by the truck loads. I doubt that will ever happen but you never know, and I hope watch dogs bombs.

I just don't get it, first injustice GAU (delayed only on Wii U) and then arkham origins (delayed only on Wii U) and then assassins creed 4 (delayed only on Wii U) and now this.

"Our games just don't sell on nintendo console"

Y'know what, it has nothing to do with user base or sales, these 3rd party companies just don't like nintendo. Why is there hardly any big 3rd party support for the 3DS despite all of it's success, but yet the same companies have a set of mini defibrillators out trying to bring the Vita back to life.

Borderlands 2 is coming to the vita ? WTF ! Why don't they do a Wii U version ? why didn't DOA5 come to the Wii U ? but it came to the vita !? were you one of the five people that bought that ?

Did you see devs turning their back on the PS3 in it's early days when things weren't looking so good ?



MikeLove said:


Good points. UbiSoft has never really impressed me much with their games (they are usually very buggy) and it seems like they may have bit off more than they could chew with this one. The hype when this game debuted a couple years ago was HUGE and since then there has been barely a trickle of information.



unrandomsam said:

@boynerdrambling They should just axe it completely. Nintendo don't release stuff if it is not up to standard. (That is why you can trust that if you just look at the box it will be passably good). Ubisoft has made their own reputation.



Emblem said:

@Kevin1991 PS4 owner here, check the PS4 forums, lots of people are complaining/whining about delays,ports and the slim line up of titles coming this year (lol sound familiar?). My advice is to wait until atleast September when Destiny drops, by then there will be a few quality titles to choose from until the catalogue starts to bulk out in Q4 and 2015.



unrandomsam said:

@RancidVomit86 Anybody paying much attention to what they do would know that they panic very quickly and drop the price by 50% and then again after about another three months. Not just a one off but like clockwork.

@Tsuzura It wasn't a bad idea it was just too soon. (Occulus Rift is brilliant even the dev kit version which I messed around with for half an hour at Christmas). Better idea than the cheap 3DS type 3D.



retro_player_22 said:

This is basically a repeat of last year, they purposely made Rayman Legends Wii U sale sucks and now they will make Watch_Dog Wii U sale sucks too. Next they'll probably do the same to Assassin's Creed 5 as well (if there's one).



MrGawain said:

The truth is loads of PS/Xbox owners will rush out and buy this game day one. If it's a masterpiece people who only own a Wii U will buy it when it eventually comes out.

If it's rubbish or just 'sort of all right', we won't bother, therefore it won't sell as well. Frankly I've been suspicious of Ubisoft's product quality, which with this delay gives me an excuse to not care at all.



unrandomsam said:

@MrGawain Rayman DS is all that needs to be said about Ubisoft's product quality. I think even those people will have noticed how quickly the value of Ubisoft's stuff completely tanks. (Splinter Cell / Assassins Creed / Rayman Legends). People don't like being ripped off like that.



AG_Systems said:

I said this last year but got shot down instantly. We're looking at 1st party plus eshop and that's pretty much it.

No point in releasing WD later as it'll be full price versus reduced price on other formats.



jdarrell said:

If child of light still gets released on april 30th, I'll go with a conspiracy that ubisoft gave up on wii u retail and wants it to fail so that the industry will move more towards digital games



TheRealThanos said:

I find it both sad and hilarious how kids barely 16 years of age seem to think they know all about the Dreamcast situation and what made it fail and with that "knowledge" seem to be able to accurately predict that the Wii U is "the next Dreamcast". If it wasn't so stupid it might have been funny in some way, but it isn't. People REALLY need to get their facts straight before they post such utter nonsense...
On topic:
If they do cancel the game in the end, then that is the end of me supporting Ubisoft. They seemed reasonably okay for a third party up til now and of course some of their decisions are sensible from a business point of view, but it gives a VERY bad example to other (third) parties and potential buyers of the Wii U.
As for the comparison of Aliens: Colonial Marines to Watch_Dogs: that's a weird one too. Sure, the end result may be the same, but that was an entirely different company, so it does not represent the current situation with Ubisoft.



Senario said:

If this doesn't sell well it'll definitely be nintendo and nintendo fans fault right? It isn't like delaying it on one version will cause people to simply get the game for another one. Or that it is a bit hypocritical to say this is justified when they delayed rayman legends for multi plat being released at the same time. I am already urging my friends with a Wii U to cancel their pre orders since we as consumers, Nintendo or not, should not stand for second rate treatment when it comes to multiplats.



HandheldGuru97 said:

This bugs me greatly...but I'm still planning on buying it for the Wii U. The sales will most likely be atrocious (Under 40-50K if even that) but if the game uses the Gamepad in a semi-decently awesome way it very well could be the definitive version. Still to all you complaining after reading the article in the thread "The most important Nintendo article you will read" I hate to say it but we should support 3rd parties even if we are treated like crap. One day maybe, maybe we will be the top of 3rd parties list, but for now we must take whatever we can get.



Sinister said:

Well the game will sell much worse than it could have. Not that it would have sold that stellar anyway.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

Sigh least you aren't EA.
Ill be in the Retro Section reading on the good ol days of Nintendo, come get me when good news hits the Big N for more than two days....



Senario said:

@Neo-GeoFan No we shouldn't. Would you continue to work for or be friends with somebody who treats you like dirt. Would you stay in a relationship if you are treated like dirt? No.



ikki5 said:

This pretty much tips the scale for me to just stop buying Ubisoft games. I have already stopped with 505 Games and EA games. looks like Ubisoft is about to hit that list too.



RancidVomit86 said:

@unrandomsam OK. Don't know if you are disagreeing with me or what but say what people will about Ubisoft' s business practices one thing is true. It works. They make money and if you are a company that's what it is all about.



Kamalisk said:

With the ps3 and 360 versions not delayed, it makes no sense to delay the WiiU version, it would certainly require hardly any more effort to port than those. The content of the game has nothing to do with console specific programming. I am pretty confident the game is cancelled.



shigulicious said:

It would be poetic justice if it was cancelled on the WiiU, and the game bombs in terms of both sales and acclaim( see Aliens:CM ).



scrubbyscum999 said:

@I-AM-REGGIE You win best comment that just tells it like it is. GGs people, time to go home for the day.

But seriously though I swear most of these devs, especially western ones, just don't like Nintendo in a lot of cases. Not every case, but a good amount.



ReigningSemtex said:

Unless the wii u version is the ultimate version (which let's face it is doubtful) I will have already bought it for ps4. Ubisoft will not make much money on this for wii u because most people that own one also have a ps4 or Xbox one and will just buy it on one of those consoles. It's a shame this is happening to the wii u



mystman12 said:

Hey 3rd parties, here's a thought: If you all start making games for Wii U, sales will start to pick up.



MuchoMochi said:

@GunstarHero234 Because everyone has enough money to buy more than one console right?? Were not all well employed, or swimming in our parent's cash. Be a little more understanding to people who may not be as well off as you.



Dyltheman said:

This game is no longer a day one for me on any console. Not the same deal as rayman legends. That was just a quick cash grab that pissed us of briefly. Even the devs! this is simply poor resource management, and makes me wonder if the final result will be any good.



GunstarHero234 said:

@MuchoMochi Dude actually i'm not rich thank you very much I work for mine but it isn't my fault that this game is delayed so look at reality at this you should have more consoles than one bro and that a fact so don't blame me.



ModernMARVEL said:

I'm still getting it on WiiU. I feel that it would be just plain stupid to show them I don't want any support at all, just because it was delayed on a console that shouldn't even be the focus. Sure, I don'twant a crappy port, but I don't want the console that has the smallest amount of people playing holding back other versions. If it's cancelled (though delayed and cancelled are two very different words) so be it. I'm not gonna stop supporting just because of that.



MuchoMochi said:

@GunstarHero234 I'm not blaming you at all, I'm just saying there are people in very different financial situations than you, someone who has several consoles. Did you pay for all them, or did your parents? I'm a full-time student and I only have one console and one handheld current generation that I can afford to get maybe one or two games a month for. I still play my retro consoles but I don't have to pay for those any longer. All i'm saying is don't say it's people's fault and say they should go buy more crap, they may not have the money, and when a company says there is going to be a version of a game we can pre-order and expect to come out it's a huge disappointment when it doesn't. Your comments just are coming off snobby.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Luigi789 Dude so i'm a villian for having all consoles lol you baffle me......Regardless of you i'm buying Watch Dogs on my PS4 because sadly it's delayed for Wii U.



Spleetal said:

I'll attempt to hold out for the Wii U version but if the delay is more than 4 months I'll just pick this up for the PS4 most likely. Glad they're at least just delaying it for now and hopefully we will actually see a release. I'm excited for this game but I don't feel like I need it right away



MuchoMochi said:

@GunstarHero234 You clearly missed my point. Don't worry about it man, enjoy your games I'm glad you got all the consoles to enjoy the titles you want. Have a nice day.



MrGawain said:

Just to add something to the conversation, Ubisoft has also announced that their Q3 sales are down 35% against the same period last year. Even though the Xbox One and PS4 were brought out just before this. Apparently they blame the 'console transition' for why they've not made as much money (No, I don't understand that either). Also, they experienced a drop off in back catalogue sales- maybe some people are suffering a little burnout on Ubi's tried and tested formula?



GunstarHero234 said:

@MuchoMochi Really dude I been buying consoles since the 80's and no my jealous friend I bought them with my own money so sadly I don't understand why you so hard on me about this subject. The fact is this I cannot do ONE console because I would be missing out on titles I like and if I have to get what I want I work for them so stop using that "rich snobby" BS on me because it doesn't work sadly.



NikkiChu said:

@mystman12 It's not Ubisoft's responsibility to sell WiiU consoles. That's Nintendo's concern. Ubisoft doesn't care about how successful the WiiU is, and there is no reason why they should.

Their concern is maximizing sales of their own games, and that means prioritizing platforms with the largest install base because those are the ones where they'll make the most money.

It's not Ubisoft hating the WiiU, it's just Ubisoft being realistic and recognizing there is very little money to be made on a WiiU port since few people own a WiiU. So the greater concern is naturally for the platforms where it can sell it substantial numbers.

Third parties will care about the WiiU when the WiiU sells, until then they won't. They don't care what platform is successful, they sell where the consumers are.



readyletsgo said:

God, the poor WiiU is really in the toilet now isn't it.

I would imagine W_D is already cancelled for the WiiU anyway. rolls eyes



CharleSketch said:

@The_MARVEL_Mod If they're bothering on releasing a game on all platforms, all platforms should be equally focused. A good entertainer always gives a 5-star show whether it's for a crowd of 10 or 10,000. That applies to a game dev as well.

I was prepared to buy day one on PS3 when the game was first revealed. Then it got confirmed for Wii U and I signed up for day one buy on that; but now the hype has died and there's a lot I'm playing on my Wii U. Now, with this whole delay thing, I will have even more time to make sure the game is actually good before buying it.

If the Wii U version isn't a crippled version of the game and has good gamepad support (like it SHOULD be) I'll buy it. If not, I'm dropping ubisoft off my radar entirely.



MrGawain said:


Not entirely true, if the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 don't entice a large consumer base as a whole, Ubisoft will find it extremely hard to keep producing big budget games. So it's in their interest for any console that their product could be on to do well.

At this moment in time, there is no guarantee the PS4 and Xbox One will sell 150m-200m consoles between them.



Doma said:

@Senario Neither Nintendo or the majority of their fanbase care enough about such games. It's gotten to the point where it just isn't viable for third-parties to bother releasing them anymore... What do you expect?

I pity anybody who bought a WiiU expecting to play anything other than sequels to Wii best sellers.



johndevine said:

Late or not. This was/is always gonna be a subpar port of a half decent game.

Best possible news for me is that this boring looking game is cancelled.

If you disagree that the game is boring looking please feel free to point out the bits that actually look exciting from what we have seen of the game so far.



DanMan82 said:

I still think the game is on unless it turns out the game is utter garbage and doesn't sell well on the other platforms like Aliens did. If it doesn't come to Wii U, then I'll see if my PC can run it. If not, oh well, I'm not going to cry myself to sleep over it. I also have no desire to buy another system for it at this point.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yay! I'm just happy it is still coming to Wii U I'm happy to wait for it to come to Wii U & pick it up then. Sure it's not as good as getting it on time, but at least Wii U is still getting the game. Awesome!



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're trying to say in relation to my earlier comment. If you're defending the Dreamcast; no need, I still have mine and I love it.



johndevine said:

@MrGawain more companies are going to struggle in this next gen for a while. The industry really is changing.

While it seems inevitable that the Wii U isn't gonna break sales records...Im not convinced that the xbone and ps4 will keep the momentum that they had from their impressive christmas sales.
I can't see them selling as much as the last gen.
Gaming industry is changing. Big style.



PanurgeJr said:

@I-AM-REGGIE This is exactly what pisses me off the most about this story. 3rd parties refuse to help Nintendo build a viable platform but have no problem helping Sony and Microsoft (and Apple while we're at it). 3rd parties that were taking a wait-and-see attitude two years ago when Wii U was coming were eager the following year to help PS4 and The Bone start strong--and consequently didn't have the resources to develop for Wii U.

Most of the rest of the story doesn't bother me in the least. First, Watch Dogs has looked less and less interesting every time out, and the only thing keeping my interest was the ability to show AAA devs some of us buy 3rd party. Second, Wii U does have plenty of 3rd party support; just not multi-million dollar budget AAA support. Nintendo Enthusiast put together a list of indie titles coming (or at least intending to) to Wii U, and I guarantee the $60 that I'm no longer spending on Watch Dogs will get me 4 or 5 better games instead. I'm going to spend it, help indies become profitable, and watch the eShop become a place where the best games are found. Not the best textures, or polygon counts, or anti-aliasing, but games.



banacheck said:

(Borderlands 2 is coming to the vita ?)
Because unlike Nintendo Sony has there own 3rd party production team, God of War collection is next for the PSVita.



GunstarHero234 said:

I have three Dreamcast and just played Power Stone 2 with friends today so you know it's going to be played and Wii U cannot even top it so I don't know why frankly idiots would say that the Wii U would be like the Dreamcast because the system actually had plenty of titles I liked.



JaxonH said:

All these comments... Yet I wonder- how many of these members posting here are actually planning on buying the game? How many have actually pre ordered Watch Dogs on Wii U as I have?

Who cares if it's delayed... I know I don't. It comes when it comes. I'll buy it when it does, in fact I've got it pre ordered right now. But I'm not gonna lose sleep over this game releasing on other versions first. It's whatever. Yes I'll wait. No, I'm not going to buy this on PS4. I support 3rd party devs who support Wii U, and I want that gamepad integration. Simple as that.

The Wii U version isn't going to sell as much as other versions. Duh. Is it REALLY any surprise it's taking the back seat? At least we're getting it. We should count ourselves fortunate that Ubisoft has extended support thus far. If that means we have to wait a month or so after the fact, well hey, I'm ok with that. And if you're really stoked to play it, well, buy it on your other console where you buy all your 3rd party games for anyways. It's not like Wii U is anyone's primary 3rd party AAA console anyways...



Falchion said:

Way to ruin my day ubi. I was gonna buy ubisoft games for the sake of supporting ubisoft but this is unexcusable after making us wait for rayman legends. They definately have a double standard, and really lost all my trust and support. I was excited to play this game too... Ubisoft was the last one to be here for nintendo...



Hy8ogen said:

@Emblem @Emblem Hey thanks for the suggestion! Yeah by soon I mean 2 or 3 years down the line when games like Ace Combat, Gundam vs Gundam, Macross etc hits the platform.



HAL9000 said:

Dear Ubisoft,

I am going to take the $60 you would have gotten for the game, and spend it on the Sonic Boom instead. Congratulations, you just lost a sale because I will NEVER buy this game from you on ANY system. Have fun with your (pre-delay) $68 million dollar budget for the game and somehow getting it to sell GTA levels of games to make your money back.



bonesy91 said:

So yeah platinum games can have my money, Sega can have my money and Nintendo can have my money. Oh and indie devs

WiiU sadly suffers from a lack of actual intelligence from the average human being to actually see that "oh it is a new system derrrr".



aaronsullivan said:

It feels very deja vu doesn't it? The difference is that this game is MUCH less important to Wii U's success than Rayman Legends could have been at the this time last year.

I don't know what the delay is for, but the only good thing for Wii U could be if the GamePad features are truly remarkable.

Would be very hard to offset the VERY real problem of a 360 and PS3 version sitting on the shelves for $20 next to a $60 Wii U version.

Thing is, despite the willingness to dumb Nintendo at the drop of a hat, Ubisoft is doing some great creative things. It's hard to hate on them.



JaxonH said:


Oh, it'll be a decent port. That's one thing Ubisoft is pretty good at, quality-wise. It'll be a late decent port, but it'll still be a decent port. And it'll have gamepad integration. There's actually a lot of reasons to want this game, and want it on Wii U. We're just gonna have to pay our dues as the red-headed Wii U step-children and wait until after the other versions release. But to those who do (such as myself), I'm sure it'll be worth it.



JaxonH said:


Wii U does have a few games like Splinter Cell Blacklist missing local co-op, Sniper Elite v2 missing online and Batman Arkham Origins missing multiplayer. But the quality of those games was not uber sub-par or anything. Most Wii U ports are actually fine quality-wise. But all of them have off-screen play and gamepad integration, and some even have Wiimote/Nunchuk control options. To me, that equates to being the most desirable version. I didn't buy my Wii U for 3rd party AAA games. That's an old gamer's pipe dream. But any ports that do come, are very much appreciated, and I will gladly buy them over other versions so as to take advantage of free online (when applicable), as well as gamepad/Wiimote integration and off-screen play.



Doma said:

@Tsuzura WiiU is a bigger failure than the Virtual Boy. Overall the WiiU has been nothing but a money sink, that is even sucking up all the profits made by the 3DS. Now, instead of discontinuing (as they should) to stop the bleeding, they've decided to just watch it flop around and fail while draining development resources.

WiiU is far more damaging to Nintendo.



capitalism said:

You know what I'm excited to play this year?

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Mario Kart 8
Smash Bros.
Bayonetta 2
Space Pioneer
Fast Racing
Project C.A.R.S.
Yarn Yoshi
Hyrule Warriors
and the other 170 Indie games coming to the Wii U

That's about 15 games per month, so I'm perfectly satisfied with my Wii U and I'm pretty sure I can survive with watch dogs getting delayed.



johndevine said:

@capitalism on average you buy a game every two days?

Yet you aren't getting watch dogs? You sound mental.

Project CARs isnt going to blow anybody's mind. Least of all on Wii U.



kereke12 said:

This is one good reason why I'm not buying a Wii U, because of stuff like this.....SORRY NINTENDO.



capitalism said:


I guess you missed my point that there's a lot of Wii U games coming out this year. Never said I was going to get every one of them and I never said I wasn't going to get Watch Dogs. I'll get it day one when it comes to Wii U, I was just pointing out that there will be no shortage of games that can hold me over until it does and after. And Project C.A.R.S. is probably my favorite racing sim to date, I actually play the BETA on steam all the time and love it. And Slighty Mad Studios said the game is running "beautifully" on the Wii U and that it's "shaping up real nice" so I have confidence they'll give us a quality product. And anyways if the only game in my list you can criticize is Project C.A.R.S. then it's looking like it's going to be a pretty good year for Nintendo. We don't need major third parties. First party and Indie FTW!!!!



Doma said:

@banacheck Yeah, Borderlands 2 is coming to the Vita because Sony paid for the port. While Nintendo's clueless attitude remains as - “third parties will come to us once we've sold enough consoles”.



JaxonH said:

I read these comments talking crap about Wii U, and these people have no idea what they're talking about. They think they do, but they don't. "Wii U is a failure, blah blah blah". I'm so sick of hearing it. Take that crap somewhere else. If you're a FAN, and bought the product and want to legitimately give some feedback, that's fine. But these Wii U hating adolescents that just troll every article bashing the Wii U are really getting on my last nerve, and I don't think I'm the only one.

I'm not even going to dive into this, because I'll write a four page essay outlining exactly why discontinuing the Wii U is the STUPIDEST thing Nintendo could ever do, and a sure-fire ticket never selling another console again. And anyone who thinks so just shows their ignorance. You don't discontinue close to 6 million customers that you've amassed in just over a year. You don't discontinue a system with potential to match the Gamecube, possibly even the N64.

My goodness, I've never heard so much garbage logic in my life. Yes, everyone knows the full extent of Wii U's financial status. We're trolled on the matter in EVERY ARTICLE, on EVERY GAMING SITE, even this dedicated safe-haven for fans now gets trolled daily. These people aren't gamers. What GAMER would vye for Nintendo to discontinue a great console (I don't care if it's selling or not, it's a great console, failure or not) that has amazing games, GAME OF THE YEAR winning and contending games, with 5 more years worth on the way. Why would any person, as a gamer, vye for THAT?

These people don't care about games, they care about partisan gaming politics and boosting their egos with every post by repeatedly slamming the Wii U for only having sold 6 million consoles thus far. Get over it already. That horse has BEEN dead, and yet you people are still beating it. I'm a GAMER. PS4 is outselling Wii U by large margins. And yet, I have so much more fun on my Wii U. I play my Wii U over my PS4 by large margins. So someone please explain to me wtf do sales numbers matter if I'm getting more enjoyment out of the console than the top selling platform.

I'm sick of hearing people talk about selling their Wii U's over a freaking delayed 3rd party port. Really? Why'd you even BUY the dang thing? Seriously? Nobody buys a Nintendo console for 3rd party games. All these people say they don't want a Wii U because it doesn't get full 3rd party AAA support, but that's bologna because you people aren't gonna buy those games on Wii U anyways! You know you're gonna buy em for PS or Xbox, so why do you even care if Wii U gets a port here or a port there? Or doesn't get one? Why would you want Wii U to get the same dang games as the other two consoles? Those games are already on TWO OTHER CONSOLES. That product is already in the market.

Nintendo is alternative gaming. Gaming that doesn't rely on cutscenes and half-baked story lines to cover up mediocre gameplay development skill. Pure, unadulterated gameplay bliss. That's what Wii U is all about. I like 3rd party games too, but that's why I have a secondary PS4 console. Two consoles, TWO SEPARATE LIBRARIES AND EXPERIENCES. As it should be.



Fabs said:

Well, too bad, this was the one game I truly believe could show what wiiu+game pad were capable of.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH Anything that can go on the 360 at 30fps should be able to go on the Wii U at 60fps if it is done properly. (It has happened when people have put the effort in.)



JaxonH said:


Oh, you mean like how they paid for Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge at launch? Or Lego City Undercover as an exclusive? Or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? Or Bayonetta 2? Or exclusivity deal with Sega for 3 Sonic games? Nintendo pays for ports. Fact.



Doma said:

@JaxonH Did they really pay for the ports of existing/multi-platform games? Exclusives are a different matter.

I mean, it's the reason Nintendo fans won't be able to play the first Bayonetta...



TDS_Computer said:

Come on, Ubisoft. Don't do that. Nintendo has been your meal ticket with Just Dance for years. Don't forget the girl that took you to the prom.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH That is another zero effort situation. They could have had it running identically with the PS4 looking slightly better but they chose not to. (The PC version was perfect 60fps for me anyway - I got it free so wasn't expecting much but I guess as it came with the graphics card it was going to work well with it).

Looks like they added extra stuff they could have just used the PC version and added what it could handle but they didn't.



TheRealThanos said:

Meanwhile Sony has amassed a $1.1 billion loss and is going to fire 5000 employees, their TV department has lost so much ground that they will more than likely NEVER recover from it and they now have to sell their PC/laptop department before that too starts to hurt them even more than it already does. Talk about bleeding money. Yet somehow that fact blows across the internet ever so quietly and media once again focus on Nintendo's supposed death throes. Yeah, Nintendo is the only game console manufacturer that is truly in trouble...



Will-75 said:

@JaxonH I agree with you I also have a PS4 and I play the Wii U a ton more than my PS4 even when friends and family stop by the Wii U is the system that gets all the attention . Watch Dogs looked like it might be fun but definitely not the reason I have a Wii U and I really don't see 3rd party games making or breaking a Nintendo system thats up to Nintendos games which I bought the system for can't wait for Mario Kart 8 ,Smash Bros., X, a new Zelda , Mario Kart is coming up in the same release window as watch dogs which game do you think is gonna sell most on Wii U thats a no brainer as well Donkey Kong is out in a couple of weeks so the watch dogs news for me no big deal ..



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos It has been obvious Sony is in a mess for ages. (If you just compare the revenue and profit to that of MIcrosoft. The revenue is about the same but there is basically no profit). Giving away all your games for free is a sign of desperation. Be interesting what Microsoft does. (They could cut the xbone price by 50% and make things very interesting).



WanderingPB said:

It would have been nice to have gotten Watch Dogs the same day as every other system since thats the excuse they used for Rayman Legends but from a business perspective i also understand their decision...but unlike Rayman Legends I won't be supporting this game.



Will-75 said:

I have to say if you got the Wii U for 3rd party games you should of known better and got a PS or xbox . Nintendo consoles are mainly for Nintendo games at least I've always seen it that way .



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam we could arguably come to the conclusion that the whole game industry is in a deplorable state and even though I could care less about Sony, I would hate to see any of the three leave because it's bad for all of them, so here's hoping that things turn around starting from this year on. For ALL parties. After all, it is about playing games and enjoying them, regardless of what platform they're on. If bad turns to worse, I'll just go back to my Dreamcast and retro gaming...
@Will-75 It hasn't always been like that. It started with the N64, Nintendo's 8 and 16 bit consoles had more than enough third party support, so Nintendo "always" having less support either depends on your age or since when you started buying Nintendo consoles, but factually the decline started since Nintendo's refusal to let go of cartridges when everybody else moved to cd's and other media.



marck13 said:

Very Good comment. And well written - could feel the emotion right out of it

What i don't like though is that when lots of people keep saying that the Wii U Nintendo consoles are not for third party games anyway.. I dont't like that because it causes this self fulfilling prophecy and with it the devil's circle of not getting those games on the system in the end.



Garios said:

Yet more brilliance from Ubisoft. Apparently, releasing the game across all platforms at the same time suddenly isn't a priority anymore? I suppose it makes sense to get the game out to the bigger market ASAP, but I just know that when the Wii U sales turn out to be god awful, they're gonna point their fat fingers at Nintendo because who else could possibly be to blame?



DanMan82 said:

@JaxonH That was very well thought out and well written comment and you really hit the nail on the head!!

The only thing I don't agree with you on is the at the end, you seem to suggest that Nintendo SHOULD not be 3rd party focused. They should be 3rd party focused just as much as the others imo, because it will cost them in the long run. It is true that I by Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't get the best 3rd parties have to offer as well.



sonicfanatic said:

ubisoft is kinda hypocritical they delayed Rayman Legends to release on other platforms then they delay Watch Dogs so it won't release on other platforms what the heck what logic is in this



TheRealThanos said:

@JaxonH #227 A great comment indeed, and like @mch said, you can almost feel the emotion seep out of it. Personally I would like to see third party improve, but I can definitely relate to the major part of your frustration, so +1 from me. I like people that speak their mind...



CaPPa said:

So basically it has been cancelled for the Wii U. I doubt that it's a case of shifting resources because as far as I was aware the Wii U version was being handled by an outside studio.

The game itself might not be a big loss as it hasn't been looking that great, but it'll be sad if that's the end of Ubisofts support.



TwilightAngel said:

ubisoft if you thought sales are going to be terrible on the wiiu just wait until you finally release lets see how much it sells and ubisoft just end this misery just cancel it please stop doing this im not going to buy this game i have the game pre ordered payed in full but now im going to cancel it and use the money on mario kart 8.



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos I am really hoping the common platform goes back to cartridge. (For both how good the end result is but also so lots of pointless cutscenes costs more so they will be avoided).



NikkiChu said:


If the WiiU/PS4/XBox One all fail then Ubisoft will run to phones/tablets. Or PC. SOMETHING that can play games will sell, what it is isn't a huge concern, aside from perhaps a preference that it be a platfom that's cheap and easy to develop for. But ultimately they'll chase the audience wherever they are.

The PS4/Xbox One are selling very well so far however, there is little doubt they'll both eclipse the WiiU's lifetime sales in the very near future.
Hence why both are bigger priorities then the WiiU.

Compare the WiiU to the PSVita.
Developers aren't avoiding the Vita because they hate Sony, or because they don't want to make money, or because they love Nintendo (3DS). Their avoiding it because few people own one, and it's Sony's job to sell people on buying the Vita not third party companies.
That so many Vita owners are upset about how few games it's getting isn't their concern.
They just want sales, and since the 3DS sells it gets far more games then the Vita.

Just like PS3/4/Xbox 360/One. If they sell, they get games while the WiiU doesn't.

Any change will have to be driven by Nintendo. They saved the 3DS and reaped the benefit of it.
Ubisoft though? They don't make money off WiiU console sales. They make money off software sales regardless of what platform it's on.



rjejr said:

250 comments and counting.

Can't wait to see what happens if/when W_D on Wii U gets cancelled.

Anybody else keeping up on all the Vita news today? Isn't the Wii U due a day like that? Say what you want about Ubi, but its not like Nintendo has been parading out a lot of good Wii U news lately. Everybody gets down on NL for the endless stream of negativity but it's not like they are getting a lot of good Wii U news to report. What's Nintendo waiting for?



babyguess said:

Like they say, when it rains it pours! Move along kiddies, nothing to see here.
Wake up Nintendo, we want Direct now!



unrandomsam said:

@Rand Ubisoft behave in a parasitical manner always giving the least amount of effort possible and the worst quality end product. (and that is why they will fail). Same reason Nintendo won't because they actually think ahead.



RantingThespian said:

Damn it, Ubisoft! First no ZombiU sequel, then delaying an already finished Rayman Legends, and now this?

Have you been bought by EA, or something?

I pray this doesn't become Alien: Colonial Marines 2.



JaxonH said:


All this uproar over a delay, not cancellation, but a delay to a game that most people aren't even going to buy. I'm buying it though, whenever it comes.

Ya I heard the Vita news. Wasn't really anything big though. I mean, we already knew Borderlands 2 was getting a port (I've had it pre ordered for months now on Newegg). And we knew that GoW Collection was coming for about a year now (also had it pre ordered for months now).

They STILL haven't given a specific release date for Borderlands 2. But it's nice to know it's actually going to come before the holidays... Vague release windows for two older ports isn't really much to get excited over, but with FFX and those two 2014 releases being the only worthwhile Vita games on the horizon for so long now, it was more than enough to catch my attention.



TheRealThanos said:

@CaPPa the following gameplay video shows graphics that should, for all intents and purposes, be achievable on Wii U:
Don't know what more you were expecting but it is looking just fine to me and if it does still gets a release on Wii U and the graphics are slightly less than this, it will still be good enough. GTA was also never about top notch graphics but these kind of games do offer a ridiculously large world to play around in and that should count for something too.



boynerdrambling said:

@JaxonH you again deserve comment of the thread. People need to get off this hate nintendo train, take their beer goggles off and look at the industry on a whole. Its in big trouble. Sales are down for publishes across the board. Theres a huge crash coming, some devlopers will shut their doors (im looking at you square, ubisoft, capcom and ea), sony is teetering on the edge of finacal oblvion across the board. Microsoft wont even say how many xbones have been sold to the public, only the shipped numbers. Cod sales down, assasians creed sales down, batman down, splinter cell flopped, rayman flopped the list goes on and on and on. The only ones that are poised to make any lasting money are the indies. The reign of big budget aaa games is coming to an end. 3rd parties have no one to blame but themselves. They left nintendo during the 64 thanks to "higher development costs" now they chase them like a dog going after the mail man. We'll be hearing game over really soon across the board



TheLilK98 said:

Sigh Know what...I'm just gonna forget about this game. I just hope TW101 holds me over until X comes out.



JosieC84 said:

Sorry but I am one of those people who is not interested in Watch_Dogs - it's like another clone of GTA minus the gangs. I'm more interested in X and Mario Kart 8. It is sad that it's delayed though.



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't see why they couldn't just delay all the games and release every version at the same time. It's not like it would take any extra effort or anything...

"Okay, everyone! We've finished the PS3, 360, PS4, One, and PC versions of Watch_Dogs! Let's finish testing the Wii U version and then we'll package everything up so we don't piss off our fanbase."

You would never see this junk happen to anything else. If the PS4 was getting a game and the One was going to get it later for an arbitrary reason, there'd be riots in the streets.

It's funny though, technically there are more Wii Us in the wild now, more than the PS4 and One (not combined of course), so wouldn't it be MORE profitable to ensure that next gen version was finished anyway? Or hell, just forget about the next gen consoles and port the PS360 verison to the Wii U with minimal GamePad support. Out of the 145 million console owners of those three, they'd make more than their money's worth...



kyuubikid213 said:

If this ends up being the last hurrah for third parties on Nintendo systems, that's fine by me as long as Nintendo's first and second party offerings are as incredible as they've always been.



Senario said:

@boynerdrambling With increasing dev costs going to astronomical rates it is hard for any game that strives to be that big name game to earn any money as the amount they spend on development compared to the amount they have to sell for a profit is crazy. Combine that with the casual audience's and general gaming audience demanding cheaper and cheaper games due to smart device games....well it is a recipie for disaster. Sure there will always be gaming enthusiasts, but that isn't where the money comes from.



readypembroke said:

I haven't gotten angry at a developer but I am starting to get mad at Ubisoft. I had this game paid off since September and was waiting for this game to come out just to find out a month later that Watch Dogs was delayed. Now just delaying the Wii U version is plain flat out eggheaded. My classmate who is excited for this game will probably be angry also. If they are concerned about FPS issues or something like that and need to use memory space, I would gladly do that. I would not be surprised if this game fails on the Wii U or is even delayed. If they cancel the Wii U version, then I am using my money elsewhere.



kyuubikid213 said:

@readypembroke If they cancel the game on Wii U, use that money to buy another Wii U game. Out of all the gaming related things that deserve your money, the Wii U is it.



faint said:

@citizenerased actualy about 5 million wii u owners but lests look at ubi and bad sales on the wii u.

1. assasins creed 3 :sold at full price with no extra content when the trilogy was on it's way to other consoles for same price and released with choppy frame dips and the ability to freeze up the u. (took a month to get a patch)
2. splinter cell :before it even released it was anounced only the u wouldn't get local multiplayer but the price would be the same. it comes out buggy and has frame rate drops. takes two weeks to get patch
3. rayman legends : was an exclusive taken out of exclusivity and delayed half a year so it could get released on the xbox ps4 same time allowing it to help nintendo with their game drought by making it worse. promised wii u exclusive features to us for waiting gave all consoles diffrent exclusive features. sells better on wii u than other consoles and they never mention it.
4. assasins creed 4 : before it released they anounced the u as the only console not getting dlc
5. cloudberry kingdom oesn't count. it was coming even if they didn't publish it. as stated by the indie devs who made it.
6. ghost recon: quietly forgoton about.
7. zombi u. complained this title as a new ip following a generation bloated with zombie games didn't sell enough copys. at this point even after the mediocre reviews it had still sold 500k not including digital. after this retailers dropped the price setting a standered for third partys. since then it has sold another 160k not including digital.

in short they do this too us every time......every time.
i don't think it's personal and i don't blame the deves. i blaim the suits for being incomptentant, cowardly,don't play games, and are two faced. i bet some of these devs are embarrassed by this treatment of their hard work and rushing them to put out unfinished product. i'm canceling my preorder and will not be picking up any more of their products any any system untill they get their s straightened out. i buy lots and lots of games and only new. i may only be one guy but i'm not the only one nor are the others on this thread. we may not be enough to change anything but imo ubi needs a capcom style wakeup call.



Heiki said:

I was slightly interested in this and would probably get it just because it was coming to Wii U. If it ends up being canceled, there's no way I'll get it on my PS3. I'd be better off picking up a couple of JRPGs for Sony platforms.
Speaking of which, I think the Wii U is lacking RPGs. At least we have X and the Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover coming.



QuickSilver88 said:

This blows as it was likely to be the last big multiplat ever made for WiiU. I think it could be cancelled or come out depending on these factors.

1 Is it really a 'good' game?
2. How it is revd by critics?
3. How well does it sell and does it create a new franchise brand as Ubi hopes.
4. Does DKTR, MK8, B2, and SSB help move significantly more WiiU?
5. Does child of light sell well on eShop?

So I think all those things will determine if and when Ubi releases. The thruth is the game is not delayed, development has been halted and may never resume. If the game is worth it and WiiU can double its installed base then maybe Ubi puts this out at xmas2014 as there will be nothing else like it for WiiU.

Really its sad/frustrating for those of us that like playing quality 3rd party on WiiU. I own other systems but really like offTV and dual screen gaming. I have bought a lot of 3rd party in 2012/2013 for WiiU and when a game is ported well I really prefer WiiU. Games like Batman AC4, NFSMW, Deus Ex, and Raymanshow that high quality versions can be done on WiiU.

If WiiU sales improve in 2014 then I expect WiiU will get some unique 3rd party game and will continue to get some support from japanese comanies like Sega, Bandia, Altus, ect.

I just wish more gamers would appreciate WiiU as can you imagine if we could get games like Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, SimCity, And Starcraft on WiiU. Lets just hope X and SMTxFE live up as that is all a RPG fan has anything to look forward to on WiU



faint said:

and remeber when they renamed prince of persia 3 with a totally diffrent title while only adding wii controls and duping many into buying it a second time. and that was the wii days



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - I didn't quite get all the excitement over Vita getting ports of B2, GoW, and Sly, considering a big knock against it is that all it's games are ports, but...

at least Sony is making the effort w/ something. Considering how much $ it is spending on PS4 it still took the time to promote Vita. Nintendo didn't have a Jan ND, the MK8 release date, excuse me release month, was just put out there, and we really haven't heard much, except that Iwata said there's no point in cutting the Wii U price b/c nobody wants it any price.

I've been trying to be upbeat, DKCTF had an actual commercial on tv, MK8 has pre-order cards that were even in the paper, Mario and Sonic Olympics was on sale for 3 whole days on the eShop. But I'ld like to hear something positive about Wii U games coming from Nintendo to offset all the other bad news. Games this year, next year, and the year after. After that they can come out w/ a new system, 4 years will do it, but all this silence is deafening.



B3ND3R said:

As of right now, I could care less I have so many other things to play...



JaxonH said:


Ya, but keep in mind we did just get Sonic Boom announced. That game is going to be huge. Not like Lost World. Western styled approach from a western developer (founded by ex-Naughty Dog employee who worked on the old Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper and the original Uncharted). TV series, exclusive game tie ins running on CryEngine 3 (the game looks as good as Knack on PS4 from what I've seen), and it's serving as a complete reboot. I love the new designs, I really do.

But anyways, news from Nintendo comes once a month usually, granted January had the investor's meeting instead of a Direct. But we still got news. DS games coming to Wii U eShop. GBA games coming to 3DS as well as the previously announced Wii U. New quick start feature on gamepad is coming (similar to the TV control screen that blinks on without system power). ONM teased an unannounced Wii U game for its' next month issue (which I'm pegging right now as Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, you heard it here first!).

There's a Yoshi's New Island 3DS bundle coming. Bravely Default just released, DKC Tropical Freeze is a week from Friday. We have a release month for Mario Kart 8. And btw, my friend at my local GS told me he has it on good authority (their Nintendo rep) that Mario Kart 8 releases first week of May; furthermore, Smash Bros 4 is only a few months after Mario Kart- we're talking August/Sept, NOT the holidays... ya, we've got plenty to be excited for. Negative Wii U news never goes away. Just gotta start ignoring it.



JaxonH said:


Interesting theory. But actually, I think they're just shifting resources to get the other versions out quicker. The game's been delayed long enough as is. They just want to get the top-selling versions out on store shelves. It'll come. If they were going to cancel it, they would have already done it. They wouldn't have said they're delaying this version. It's just like when they shifted resources from Splinter Cell Wii U to get all versions out on time. Same thing. Only this time it's at the cost of the Wii U releasing simultaneously.

Trust me. All the money they've invested... to stop now, near completion, would be throwing money down the toilet. It may not sell THAT well on Wii U, but several AAA Wii U ports have hit 200,000 or better. ZombiU hit almost 700,000. This game will recoup LARGE amounts of cost. Trust me, it's still coming.



Kolzig said:

Well, I was about to buy it on Wii U since I was expecting Ubisoft to make use of the gamepad and make the Wii U version the best one since this is one game where the gamepad would've reigned as king.

Now it seems I shall wait until the PC version is 5€ in Steam sales, thanks Ubisoft.



JaxonH said:


Um, it's still coming. Still going to use the gamepad. Still has years of work put into it. It's just going to arrive after the other versions is all. No worries.



shenmue86 said:

As much as I love the Wii U, its simple. Nintendo built a console thats too hard to develop for especially with multi platform titles. Nintendo will go down like Sega with the next 18 months. Sega's new Sonic game won't sell well. All they have is Sonic. Sega should port up it's library of Dreamcast games to the Wii U in order for it to stand any chance. Its struggling and the Wii U is great but Dev work is just too hard for it.



JustinH said:

@kereke12 You're not going to buy a Wii U because Watch Dogs was delayed, but is still coming to the system? This makes no sense.



Nimious said:

At least it's still here. Though I hate saying things like that Nintendo should just be grateful it has any third party support at all.

If Nintendo really wanted third party support they should have used a similar architecture as the competitors to make porting games easier. Nintendo could have also bought several studios such as Atlas to facilitate more games onto the Wii U to make it at least seem like there's some kind of third party support.



Senario said:

@hiddenstampede So dang fortunate to have these subpar games that are missing features! I can't believe how fortunate we are. You know, it is like the other day when I ordered a tilapia dish from Chile's. I ordered and after waiting a long time for it to come out of the kitchen and having noticed that the tables that arrived after me had gotten their orders already! But you know, I am so thankful that I did eventually get my order late because I was so happy that I now had food to eat. I should in no way feel that I waited too long or that they were very late on bringing out my order. And you know what? It doesn't even matter that the "Tilapia" was actually Chicken and it was missing some parts of the dish because they mixed up the orders. That is fine too. Because you know, I'm so dang thankful for just getting food. Just like I am completely thankful for getting ports with missing content, losing out on an exclusive because they wanted to make multiplatform, and for Watch_Dogs coming out later than the other versions.



JaxonH said:

I may not necessarily agree with what you're doing, but I can DEFINITELY respect it.

I'm sorry, but Nintendo's not going down within the next 18 years, much less 18 months. It's just not going to happen. They're too big of a multi-billion dollar corporation. They could have 50+ consecutive years exactly like 2013, and still stay in the black. Yamauchi believed strongly in saving up cash for future storms. As a result, Nintendo has 10-15 billion dollars, cash, sitting in the bank (or a vault, who knows?). It's gonna take a lot more than a few sluggish sales years to bring them down, especially when 3DS is so hot.

And I don't think anyone believes Wii U is going to NOT improve from where it was last year. Even at its' current pace (about 6 million in 16 months) it should match the Gamecube. If it improves (which it should, how can it NOT improve with a library that's growing, awareness that's growing, marketing that's improving, etc)- even if still considered "under expectations", it has the potential to match the N64's success.

Wii U DOES have 6 million sold thus far, with almost 5 years ahead of it. With the exception of the Wii, Nintendo consoles only usually sell 20-60 million. Wii U will hit well within that mark. The media is to blame for this current dialogue of "Wii U will be discontinued" and "Nintendo's going to stop making consoles". It's just not based in factual reality. That's why so many of us are appalled at some of these drastic beliefs held by gamers. Can't help but shake our heads in dismay, knowing so many have been misled to believe these outlandish predictions.



JaxonH said:


An interesting metaphor. Nicely done, I really mean that. Very good stuff.

I would point out, however, that your metaphor assumes that Watch Dogs and other AAA ports to Nintendo hardware are the main dish of the Wii U restaurant, when in reality they're more like the fortune cookie you get at the end of your 1st party Nintendo meal. Sure, we look forward to it, but if they forget to bring one are we really going to get that upset about it? We got what we came for, and my oh my was it tasty. In fact, we were offered chopsticks (gamepad, wiimote) in addition to the eating utensil of the past 30 years.

And therein lies the rub. Your metaphor is perfectly valid, assuming one is dining at Restaurant Nintendo for 3rd party ports. And who knows, maybe you are. But most of us dine at Restaurant Sony for that entree. Restaurant Nintendo is our fine delicatessen. They don't offer everything the other restaurants offer, but their menu is choice, with select cuts of prime meats. Any additions to the traditional menu are counted a blessing, as we get to taste favored dishes with a new twist.



Senario said:

@JaxonH True, I really was just using sarcasm for the whole situation in general with third parties. "Being thankful that we got something" isn't an excuse for differing treatment for third parties to Nintendo or any gamer. Could you imagine if the Playstation version of a game was missing content or quality that the Xbox and PC versions had? People would see that as unacceptable and the same applies here. I can even point to Bayonetta 1 for PS3 being very buggy and glitchy on release. People did not like it.

Obviously I look forward to Nintendo's first party, Hyrule Warriors being on the top of that list along with Mario Kart and Smash bros for this year. X is also up there but I have a feeling that a game that looks as good as that is the most likely to be delayed to early 2015. For me, the third party games I get are usually PC exclusives or definitively PC games.



element187 said:

@turnmebackwards they already sunk money into the Wii U version, why wouldn't they try to recoup that money? It won't sell gangbusters on Wii U, but it will sell enough to bring a few million dollars in (300k sales). They would be nuts to leave that money on the table.



Snakesglowcaps said:

This is the last straw with Ubisoft. Bottom line is don't announce a game if you don't have the resources to complete it. This is a betrayal to all the Nintendo fans and a blatantly biased move. They have pulled a very obvious Electronic Arts move here and I for one am disgusted. I fully planned on purchasing this for my Wii U and I own a PS3. I was excited for the extra gamepad features and better graphics but now I know these are pipe dreams. I highly doubt it'll be a definitive version, it'll be sloppy and glitchy much like their other ports. Ubisoft thinks its nintendos fault their games aren't selling on Wii U? Fat chance. It's the reviews that I read that state very clearly that the Wii U version has inexcusable lag, missing features, lack of DLC, and no multiplayer! I'd love to start a petition to have ubisoft slapped back to realty on how to respect all consumers but why bother. I will never purchase another Ubisoft game. I don't give a flying fudge if the next Assassins Creed is the best game anyone's ever played or if Watch Dogs gets an 10 out of 10 on every site imaginable. Ubisoft=(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



Williaint said:

Ubisoft, I am not amused.
So, unless this is like "Watch_Dogs: Ultimate edition", It's going to suffer bad sales.



jenkje said:

I bet the game is crap. Nintendo makes the best games. Who need third parties anyway?



mcusc5435 said:

@JaxonH I have really enjoyed reading your comments and agree with all of them...Your positive outlook on the Wii U and Nintendo's future is completely awesome!!!



Paperluigi said:

If we can get a solid Gamecube virtual console, some better SNES rpgs like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, some Wii games from the back catalogue like Mario Galaxy, Xenoblade, Last Story into the eshop this whole Watch Dogs thing would be a non story. Nintendo themselves still hold the key to this consoles success.



Hy8ogen said:

@GunstarHero234 I assume you did not follow my comments before making that comment of yours. I said I won't be getting the PS4 until these titles I mentioned previously is out for the system. For now the PS4 has no games whatsoever to justified the purchase, yawnzoneshadowfail and crapnack is not enough.

I honestly thought the Wii U is going to have a strong 3rd party support, but as it turns out it is probably going to be support by first party titles only.

However I really think some of the Gundam and Macross exclusives will be starting to come to nintendo consoles. Recently Bandai Namco has shown quite a support for the 3DS! Time will tell.



SanderEvers said:

Too bad, this could've improved my pov towards Ubisoft. They're dead to me since last february. This doesn't change a thing.



Will-75 said:

I own a PS4 and a PC I can game on the Wii U is the one I play on the most I even use the browser alot on Wii U it's really good I like how you can type on the gamepad I've got a couple of friends that own a Wii U as well and sometimes we video chat with the gamepad which is awesome to video chat with , my point is the Wii U to me is in a league of its own even when compared to PS4 and xbox one , I think the gamepad is awesome handsdown my all time favorite console controller it would be great if other game designers-developers would see it and use it for what it was intended for instead of seeing it as useless or a hurdle , to me a game like Watch Dogs just seems like it would be better on Wii U because of the gamepad but I guess what do I know .



Kuksenkov said:

Lets be honest here.... The main reason they delayed this game last year was because of GTA5, period.

Now, only the former "almost ready" version of them all has been delayed, why?

Main reason again (call me fanboy or dumb, but you know its true) is because this game will be released on May or pretty close to... Mario Kart 8's release. That's it. They know these "AAA" games have no chance against Nintendo's "AAA" games. Mario Kart 8 IS a force to be reckoned, the Wii U install base may not be the highest, but you gotta be sure that at least 75% of that userbase will purchase Mario Kart 8.

So once again, they are doing what's good for their business. I'm not interested in this game at all, but is nice that its still coming to Wii U.



Leefull said:

Forget it Ubi. I had very little interest in this game from the beginning. Now I have none.



LavaTwilight said:

I own both a WiiU and PS3 and I'll be holding out for the WiiU release. Maybe it's partly due to the Nintendo Support, but a big aspect of it would be the Gamepad compatability! I think this game could utilise it as well as ZombiU did! If they later announce lack of gamepad-use it'll make me consider getting it on PS3 but ONLY if I have the money and ONLY if the WiiU release is not imminent by that point.



xevious said:

Yeah. The Wii U should get the definitive version, due to the Gamepad being a perfect controller for a game such as this. What we'll most probably be getting is a sub par port that will apparently be delayed. Then they wonder why the Wii U version doesn't sell.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Kevin1991 Its freakin rayman Legends all over again, but with absolutely NO excuse this time, just none, now the Wii U sales are gonna be even lower and they will act like its our fault, just fantastic Ubisuck. I guess you are hoping to have big sales even though you will be releasing (once again) against stiff competition from Xbone and PS4 exclusives, you do this EVERY TIME and wonder where the sales are.



TravisTouchdown said:

So when the Wii U version is released months after the others, a week later Ubisoft can complain about how the Wii U version is the lowest selling and act completely mystified as to why.



ZyroXZ2 said:

Haven't read all the comments above, but I told myself I'd get Watch Dogs day-one on the Wii U unless it gets delayed, cancelled, neutered, etc. If any of those occur, I won't be getting the game at all. They've lost my sale: I can't support this kind of behavior.

Announcing a game and then changing your mind, even if financially justified, is not how you win over a Nintendo gamer.



Caryslan said:

@boynerdrambling You do realize the N64 has nothing to offer third-party developers, and that Nintendo do not do much to endear themselves to third-parties in that era.

Here were the choices for support during that era. Either support the N64 which was difficult to program for, used an outdated form of media that could not support the games that they wanted to make, and was being made by a company who had a history of bullying third-parties to get what they wanted.

The Playstation on the other hand, was easier to program for, and offered media that supported the growing size of games in that era.

In other words, Nintendo drove away third-parties with their stupid development choices when they made the N64 and their stubborn desire to play by their own rules against the rest of the industry.

You do realize games like Final Fantasy VII would not have been possible on the N64, right? The limited space of the carts was the entire reason why Square Soft left Nintendo and went to Sony. Not to mention, Carts were a much bigger risk for a company that making games on CDs.

Now, I do agree with you that a crash could happen, although I don't really see any of the big developers really going down. Plus, for a crash to work, it has to affect the industry in all the major regions. If Ubisoft as an example, can still find success in Europe and other regions while a crash happens in the US, then it really does not change anything.

As bad as the crash of 1983 was, it really did not hurt much besides the US home console market. Arcades still did good business, and Europe and Japan were left untouched by what happened in the US.

Even if a crash happens, its not like every aspect of gaming will do down with it. Mobile Gaming might very well survive, and even grow stronger since consoles will leave a massive void.

Something people need to understand(not talking about what you said, but in general) is that if a crash happens, Nintendo does got get off scot free. Nintendo could be hurt just as badly as Sony and Microsoft if a crash does happen. They are tied to the market just as much as the other two.

So, for everyone who keeps hoping for a gaming crash with the idea that things will magically change, please stop. A crash is nothing but bad news, and could very well kill consoles once and for all. As for companies like EA, they can simply shift their focus to mobile gaming and PCs.

If a crash happens, consoles and even handhelds will be the platforms that stand to lose the most. PCs will endure, as will the mobile gaming market.

But I don't see there being a huge 1983 level crash. I think if anything, the market will eventually undergo a recession and many companies will be forced to review how they have handled things in the past. I think the market will start to pull back, while it waits for the next "Call of Duty" level blockbuster to show up.

This is less of a crash waiting to happen, and more of a market that hit its peak in popularity, and is undergoing a downturn as tastes change.

Will the market begin to get smaller? Yes, but I don't think we will see a 1983 crash ever again. The modern gaming industry has its issues, but I don't see the perfect storm that led to 1983's crash.

I think the gaming market if heading toward a downturn, but its still not enough for a crash.



andreoni79 said:

Third-party devs are already involved in the PS3/360 and PS4/XBONE affair (without forgetting PC). They are just reasonably ignoring a bad selling console, nothing more. The problem is that Nintendo is not working for giving us their version of RPG, FPS, action RPGs...



Superryanworld said:

@WaveBoy What is with you bashing sony&microsoft?Nintendo,Sony,and Microsoft all have issues,yet you act like Nintendo has never made a bad move.Ive played plenty of great games on the "twins",and the majority of those games where not first person shooters.Wii had some great games,but to say it had a larger number of quality titles than ps3&360would not be true.Brand loyalty doesn't mean anything,and you would just be depriving yourself from playing other great experiences.



johndevine said:

@SecondServing how is he the problem with Nintendo fans?

Nintendo fans don't have to buy crap games to please third party companies.
Especially when there is so much quality software from Nintendo themselves.



michaelshellman said:

im just glad that its still coming and ubisoft is still one of the best 3rd party supporters, there are tuns of hot titles coming to the wii u this year.after those games sell more consoles this game will sell fine and people who buy the affordable console tend to only have one so those customers aren't going to by this game on other consoles and if they want those sells witch they do, they will released there game on wii u witch they will because the wish the keep the relationship that they have worked to keep with nintendo. relax yall, this is going to be a kick donkey year for nintendo fans. we will be so busy with exclusive titles are heads are going to spin plus watchdogs is still coming, so be exited this year will rock!!

Please watch the profanity — TBD



Lord said:

Sounds like they need the extra time to remove the online game features that they are not putting into the wii u version.



Lord said:

Maybe the wii u is getting a version so stripped back we will only have a main menu.



Lord said:

Maybe they need more time to prepare a statement saying that 'we are very disappointed in the sales of the wii u version of the game which we delayed and then never released'.



KingGanny said:

I find it interesting to see some people claiming this automatically means the Wii U version is cancelled. I'm not game developer or anything, but with how much money they had to have sank into making this game for Wii U as well and as far as it likely is along in development I would think, logically to me anyway, that they would LOSE money by cancelling it at this point. Disappointed by this news and won't help the Wii U version sell in the slightest, but I suppose so long as they don't try to use poor sales in comparison to the other consoles as a reason to pull most support from the system it won't be the end of the world.



sadsack777 said:

Disappointed again Nintendo, there is no 1 to blame only Nintendo Disappointing there fan base



Laxeybobby said:

I've read the majority of posts above, and my first initial feelings on reading this headline was similar to a lot on hear; "Rayman Legends all over again"; "We are not going to ever see this on the shelves"; "give it another month and it will be cancelled".

This was a day one purchase for me, but I honestly don't think my pre-order money will ever be debited from my account.
I wonder how many pre-orders will now be cancelled following this announcement?

I don't think Wii U development of this game was ever completed and was stopped when they announced the game was originally delayed. We have never seen from Ubi Soft any WiiU gameplay preview released that actually shows the game on the WiiU and gamepad, we have only seen a standard video promoting the game for all platforms.

That's why I think this announcement has been made about the Wii U version is further delayed, the game is not finished and was put on hold since the first announcement. It would have made financial sense to stop a game and cut your loses back then than continue to throw development money into a game on a dead platform, (yes I said dead, as we need to wake up and smell the coffee and accept that the Wii U is the Walking Dead, wandering aimlessly until its put out of is misery). Why would Ubisoft spend, over these last six months, developing the WiiU version when all around them in the game community, announcements are flying about Nintendo's console disappointment performance, even an admission from Nintendo themselves when the revised their sales figures over the last month.
I predict the cancellation notification in April, maybe sooner if the other platforms are reviewed poorly.

What would be good to see now is Nintendolife press UbiSoft for an interview about this decision and put to Ubisoft some of the questions and views from these posts and get something more solid than just a couple of lines.



andreoni79 said:

I'll be playing Dark Souls 2 for months and when (and if) the Wii U version of WD will be out, the game will already be $ 25/30 on other consoles. It's a dead duck and Ubisoft knows it...



GunstarHero234 said:

@Kevin1991 I'm sorry I read you wrong but still you could keep the "PS4 has no gamez" comment to yourself because I have no problem with Knack or Killzone also the system still new. Regardless though Bandai Namco yes they are supporting Nintendo systems but at a slimline look at the facts Katsuhiro Harada Producer of Tekken/Soul series stated in his own words that the next Tekken projects would NOT come to the Wii U but the PS4/XBone platforms ONLY so another titles that will miss the Wii U, Pac-Man Museum just was confirmed that it was cancelled for both Nintendo systems so that's a another title that will miss the Wii U, SoulCalibur 2 HD which been out for months on other platforms never came to the Wii U which sadly the game originally was on the GC another title miss, Probably the next SoulCalibur title probably miss the Wii U too, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles just came out for PS3 which was all Nintendo exclusives in the GC era guess what the whole series NOT coming to the Wii U, JoJo Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle another title for PS3 that isn't coming to the Wii U, J Stars Victory also on PS3 yep you already guess it NOT coming to the Wii U, and the rest are mostly contracted with Sony for now so if you want to play most of their best titles you have to cough up the money for PS3 or future PS4 for them sadly also I don't play handhelds so I cannot tell what they going to support for the 3DS so I agree with you they are supporting Nintendo but at a very slim margin and not because they developing the new Smash Bros either so sorry "Time will Tell" though.



Kriedler said:

Duh, this happened. I'll wait, though, just because of offscreen play. My WiiU gets more play time than my other consoles for that reason alone.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Superryanworld Sadly I agree with your comment but just ignore him ok you don't have to prove your point to a person that probably barley bought one game for those consoles nor don't give a damn what you think about them.......When people act like that I laugh at them and move on especially with comments that are very childlike at best.



BetweenTheTrees said:

if you want to play awesome third party games, don't expect anything on a Nintendo console. Nintendo consoles are for Nintendo games. I got a ps4, sold my 3ds for a vita. let me say. sony. you put Nintendo to shame. I love Nintendo. used to be diehard Nintendo fanboy, and then I realized what a good system is. Nintendo is not it.



Einherjar said:

@unrandomsam Yeah, but these times seem to be gone for good. We live i a time, where you can basicly release a broken mess of a game and people will still buy it a millionfold. And as soon as a game doesnt reach its estimated sales figures (which im convinced are calculated as such: Earths poppulation * number of game prints * consoles sold³) its considered a failure and the system is abandoned or in EAs case, the studio will emediatly be closed, no second chances, no learning process.
And with nintendo, a company that can magically produce bestsellers almost automatically, your ego is going to suffer.

Also, what i meant with the dreamcast example: Like you said, the problem was Segas diminishing funds. The console itself was anything but a failure. Even today, its one of the most beloved systems out there with one of the most dedicated fanbases around.
So, its not really true when people list it as one of the biggest failing consoles overall. It was simply a miscalculation on Segas part. Too many, way too expansive add ons and consoles in too little time drained every bit of money they had to support the dreamcast long enough.



AJWolfTill said:

Great... This was the only game I was really looking forward to in the first half of the year on Wii U. I will still get it when it comes out as long as it's still fresh when it is released.



Rafie said:

Whoa what happened to this comment section?! Sheesh! Once that I saw this was over 300 comments, I knew there would be some salty folks.

Well no need for me to bash or defend anything here. It seems that most of you can't read. Stay in school for your own sakes.

The game is getting DELAYED....not canceled. More than likely it's due to the fact that they are trying to make sure that the gamepad features work properly. Remember the Wii U is built differently, not like the other platforms. The gamepad is essential to the Wii U's unique version. If it needs to be delayed to get the game just right and not disappoint fans, then I think Ubisoft at least deserves some patience from the Nintendo fans here.



MikeLove said:


By the time this game releases, it will be almost 10 months since GTA5 came out. Its painfully obvious the game wasn't anywhere close to being finished by that point in time, so I doubt VERY much that the release of GTA5 had anything to do with the delay. A couple of months? Probably. Nearly a year? No way. The game still needed A LOT of work evidently.



Darknyht said:

Can't wait to hear Ubisoft cite the poor sales of the Wii U version as their reason for not supporting the console anymore. Most people will not wait to buy the game on Wii U if they own any other console that plays the game. So sales of the Xbox 360/One and PS3/4 will be fantastic and the Wii U port will tank.



TheAdza said:

I've had it in for ubisoft ever since the Rayman debacle. Watchdogs looked like the end of that for me as it was looking good, and promised features in the Wii U version that could shine with the gamepad. And now they have done this. Hypocrites. Won't release Rayman on Wii U first as they wanted a simultaneous release for all consoles, but now apparently it's fine to leave the Wii U version until later. Well guess what Ubisoft, now I won't be buying the game at all on any system. I'm aware that Nintendo is party to blame for not boosting the sales of its system, but purely out of principle, just like I boycotted Rayman on any system, and other Ubi games since, I will be voting with my wallet again and not buying this game. Ubisoft can't say it's ok to delay the Wii U version of one game to coincide with other versions, but then be ok to delay Wii U games on other occasions. It's wrong, and I won't support such practices, despite the fact that I know the Wii U needs much needed 3rd party game sales, I just won't do it. It's not fair, and we shouldn't be treated as such if they want their games to succeed on all platforms, then they should treat all platforms fairly. Ubisoft has failed at doing that numerous times now, so no money for you Ubisoft!!



Genesaur said:

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I'm still only getting it on Wii U, anyway, so whatever.

I mean, unless the port is just really bad. I'll wait on the review, I guess.



Luffymcduck said:

But I want every other version to be delayed too, just like they did with one of my favourite titles last year, Rayman Legends.



Agent721 said:

Another blow to the Wii U. This is getting old, but almost expected at this point. Enough has been said, there's nothing else to add.



Laxeybobby said:

@Rafie I like your optimism
The game has already been delayed six months and UbiSoft had gone on record prior to the first delay to state that the WiiU version was supposedly the most complete out of all the formats. Now they are delaying it for an undisclosed amount of time. Your right the words do say Delayed, but it whats between the lines that shout the loudest. I'm 99.9% certain this game will never see a WiiU outside the UbiSoft offices.



Ryno said:

I don't quite share @Rafie optimism either. Sorry man, I'm just "reading," (because I stayed in school) the writing on the wall.



Rafie said:

@Ryno Wow! Well if you were truly "reading", then you would have saw that @Laxeybobby actually liked the optimism, not that he negated it. Nice attempt to troll though. Well not really...

Laxeybobby, I'm not getting Watch Dogs for the Wii U anyway. My version will be the PS4 version. However, I'm still confused as to why you think this will be canned.



B3ND3R said:

@sadsack777 you quite are a sad sack.... Since when is it the first party's fault that the third party decides to delay their own game?



Ryno said:

@Rafie: Do you call everything "trolling" when someone responds to you? Sure, @Laxeybobby "liked" your optimism but he doesn't share your optimism. Let me quote him for you "I'm 99.9% certain this game will never see a WiiU outside the UbiSoft offices." So yes, I was "reading" what he wrote but maybe you weren't quite comprehending everything he said.



Rafie said:

@Ryno No I don't call everything "trolling" when someone responds to me. It's only when someone is trying to be "funny" is where I call them out. Yes he can like my optimism without having to agree with it.

I comprehended what he said just fine. You could have just responded in a way that wasn't snarky. Maybe I was being too forward with my comments about school, but it is fundamental and some people skipped the reading class. If this gets delayed, then that would have been one of the last (outside of Activision) devs to abandon the Wii U. Which is sad. That's why @Laxeybobby said what he said. The bad press around the Wii U has had devs skipping left and right and it would be no surprising news if cancellation came to fruition.



WaveGhoul said:

"Great you back how you doing buddy having fun playing Gunstar Heroes I know I love the game regardless of your "funny" immature comment."

Huh? What? All that i see are immature poorly put together sentences of some guy with a short fuse getting hung up and bitter over someone having a different opinion. Whocares if i don't like Gunstar? WTF does this have to do with anything i previously said?lol Try to convey some personality in your future posts, because they're the equivalent of a soggy wet piece of toast. that or a BOT. yeesh. But for you, Video games seem to be serious business. There's no room for sh*** & giggles.

how dare you lash out on Master Ryno the Nintendo Life king of flashy CIB SNES carts. .aka > Duane from Barbies dance club video. I know just what you need my boy!.......Tickets to the upcoming Amanda Bynes show, we'll get front row seats. wink. This will take our minds off the inevitable canceleation of Watchdogs.



Rafie said:

@WaveBoy Man you gotta stop! Hahaha You're killing me over here! Amanda is coming for you bro! She's coming! Then again....I'm sure you'll welcome the invite!



Hy8ogen said:

@GunstarHero234 Dude chill out. I'm not saying the PS4 will have no games forever and whatnot, I'm simply saying the PS4 has no games NOW, PRESENT TENSE BROTHA.

When games starting to pour on the PS4, and I'm sure it freaking will then I can justified the purchase. But for NOW, no way in hell I'm paying 400+ bucks for a system that has no games. Honestly, I can't wait for a new GvG and Marvel vs Capcom game for the PS4, it is going to be awesome!

I'm not just saying that to the PS4, for the same reason why I just got my Wii U 6 months ago and my 3DS 2 months ago. I don't like buying something and let it sit there and wait.



WaveGhoul said:

lol man, I'd totally welcome the invite. I don't care if she's puking rainbow dance club skittles and doing quart wheels to Charo's Feliz Navidad.Her and Lindsay Lohan are a couple of spicy 1-ups.

In all seriousness though, you've got to admit....There' s a good chance Watchdog's delay could descend into cancelation. I personally don't care, because it's not my cup of tea but who doesn't want to see 3rd party titles succeeding on the Wii U? Which, is essentially an XBOX 360 if you strip away the Nintendo exclusives. The Wii however had sooo many fresh, new, daring, unique and innovative gems that made wonderful use of the Wii remote. We're not getting that on the Wii U....ZombiU & the Wonderful 101 seem to be the two 3rd party standouts



GunstarHero234 said:

@WaveBoy Prove my point thank you for showing how childish and immature a "grown man" can be on the internet now comment some more foolish crap so I can laugh at you more baffle me.



WaveGhoul said:

Oh man.....I guess you wouldn't be too fond of MAB's posts then. Yeesh, lighten up. I like to have fun with my posts, i'm sorry if they're considered childish your highness. I guess you better hang up the towel and quit video games then, since you're playing on plastic toys and all. Tisk tisk, how childish.



GunstarHero234 said:

@WaveBoy Keep it going and keep it classy I knew you was going to comment again besides you do make me laugh though.......I been playing games since the 80's and damn proud of them but you don't see me crying and complaining of how the "New Gen Consoles" is trash and Nintendo is "GODLIKE" or whatever just saying if it's your opinion then keep to yourself than complaining on a damn forum like a game nazi.



Phle said:

If I get it, & I'm planning too, it will be the Wii U version. I can wait, but I won't get the PC version. I want it on Wii U, otherwise I'll pass.



WaveGhoul said:



And Nintendo isn't god like(they used to be), if you've read any of my previous comments than you'd see that i can be just as negative towards a lot of their current stuff as i am towards Sony & MS. I say it like it is, the industry is in a rough state. It's too expensive and time consuming creating these big flashy HD high powered bloated cinematic video games that are essentially turning into interactive movies...

dev's just can't take risks like they used to in the 8-16 bit era anymore unless they're going eShop/indie. For the most part, focus on gameplay has taken a backseat in favor of visuals for many developers. Why can't Capcom just release an 8-bit Mega Man 11, considering how successful mega man 9 was? They keep banking on on these overly violent hollywoodized Zombie thrill rides just to appeal to the COD western audience, to grab a piece of that pie i guess you could say. The driving force, seems to be pure $$$ and the passion(at capcom) to creat wildy imagintive ideas and what have you seems to of dwindled.

Anyways, you buy a Wii U to play nintendo games and to get a taste of actual Next gen hardware. And i'm fine with it, i'm not too keen on what most 3rd parties are doing these days anyways, nor am i fan of Sony's latest IP's or MS's. I wish a Sega Genesis 2 would surface and kick the twins to the curb.



datamonkey said:

Tbh I was planning on getting this for PS4 anyway but it's a real shame for those that were going the Wii U route.

I can only see this as being cancelled now. I feel Ubisoft are just being spineless and leading Wii U gamers a false glimmer of hope which is wrong if their intention is to cancel it at some point down the line. The decision to do so though is more than understandable considering the state of Wii U.



Dolphinsquared said:

I'm starting to feel disappointed with the Wii U's line-up AND Ubisoft. The Wii U will go on, but its lack of third-party support is disturbing and possibly causing Nintendo to churn out only first-party titles. As for Ubisoft, I feel that the reason being that other consoles with "mainstream controllers" are much easier to handle than developing the game for a console that has a gamepad for more features.

While Nintendo hasn't even begun promoting the gamepad more, 3rd party developers seem to be shunning the Wii U even more. The grass cannot be rich and green if neither never tends to it. At least Nintendo is doing something for the next quarter.

I can only say, if Ubisoft don't make the Wii U users a game extra special, this game would be another one of the piles of game I cannot and will never play.



Dolphinsquared said:

@WaveBoy I can not agree more. That's why indie developers are more likely to succeed more than the big HD titles. But both has its own flaws. Reproducibility of ideas VS high end expensive titles. It's no longer a time where games shine anymore.



readypembroke said:

@kyuubikid213 That's my plan if they bail out on the Wii U version. Already planning to get Retro City Rampage DX, IronFall, Moon Chronicles and a Circle Pad Pro. If Ubisoft cancels the Wii U version then the Indie developers and Nintendo will be laughing to the bank.



rjejr said:

@GunstarHero234 - "I'll tell you another negative thread about Sonic Boom not having co-op online multiplayer sad but true."

I'm so used to these types of games not having online multiplayer that I would be surprised if Sonic Boom did. Online would be a good thing obviously, I was just never going to expect it. Certainly not on Wii U. I think W_D is being delayed b/c of it's always online multiplayer not working well w/ either Nitnedo's network or their approval.



Sgt_Unreal said:

All the idiots on here saying that Ubisoft lost a sale and that they are just going to get it on their PS4...THINK! they still get a sale, u jackasses! It's actually better for them because then it's easier to just completely abandon 3rd party support on Wii U..I'll wait.



HappyHappyist said:

next thing you know:

This just in! Watch_Dogs cancelled on WiiU! Devs had this to say:
"WiiU is just such a weak console, we can't make the game the way we want because of hardware limitations. also the game won't sell on useless hardware no one wants lol."



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - Sonic Boom looks like a good game for my kids and I, like R&C:A4O. But wasn't that a Sega presentation, has Nintendo been promoting it at all? And I don't recall a date of any sort.

Those few points dropped throughout Jan about VC and "instant on" and whatever aren't going to sell a lot of Wii U to the masses. And even all added together isn't really enough to make most current Wii U owners happy.

I don't believe that GS guy/gal for a second. It may come out the first week of May, but that's still about 4 months away, so I doubt Nintendo even has it marked on their own calendar yet. And SSB a few months later? Where did you get that from? The official page -

still says "Planned 2014" near the bottom. I've never heard any type of timing at all for that game other than 2014. I'ld really love to though. It is 2014, can't they at least say Q2 or Q3 or "holiday 2014". They need the whole rest of the year as a window? Though I guess they do as Pikmin 3 was in the "launch window" yet came out in Aug 10 months after the launch.

And that's ultimately my main point. Not that Nitendo doens't have any games coming out, I know they do, but they need to tell people. Yes the 3DS has some games coming out, w/ dates. So I know somebody at Niintendo actually owns a 2014 calendar, but where are the Wii U game dates? Where? And when is the next Nintendo Direct? Or press conference. Or event. Or Facebook post.

And why do they always announce ND the day before, do they want as few people as possible to watch them? Nobody announces the date for the Academy Awards ceremony or the Superbowl the day before. Apple doens't announce things the day before. Why can't Nintendo give a weeks notice for a ND so people can actually plan to watch it? And why do they do it at 9AM while people are in school and at work? Why not plan it for a Saturday afternoon so neighborhood kids can gather round the Wii U and make some popcorn and watch it togther? Directly to who Iwata? Who's watching ND at 9AM on a school/work day? Nintendo releases new games on Sunday but the ND are always on Wed mornings. It's ridiculous.

So yes, at some point in 2014 some games will be released by Nintendo on the Wii U (I'm really never worried about 2/3DS) but they are giving all their fans ulcers. Well everybody but you, you get your game in 10 days



beautifulstrong said:

I love my Wii U! It will be THE system that defines this crazy generation of gaming. A legend in the making! The video game industry right now feels alot like wrestling did in the late '90. Just waiting for the "ECW" of indy developers to emerge.




JaxonH said:


Yes I do! I'm counting each and every last one of them haha...

So, to reply to your post. As for how they don't announce things til right before- sme people like it, some hate it. Obviously you're not the biggest fan of 11th hour announcements, and I can respect that. Yes, it can be bothersome not knowing, but the way I look at it, is it makes things more exciting, because you never know when they might say "Hey by the way, Super hyped game A comes out next month". If they planned dates in advance, you'd never get to experience that. But ya, sometimes I'd like to be clued in a little more myself.

But keep in mind that they do regularly keep us in the loop. It just SEEMS like it's been a while because we didn't get a January Direct. Games take years to make. Can't get an earth shattering reveal every other week, ya know?

As for the announcements not selling Wii U's, I personally am not keeping tabs on what's going to sell Wii U's. I already own one. It sells what it sells- that's they're job, and that's what they're business is all about. So I'll let them worry about selling the console, while I just worry about playing it. Know what I mean?

Besides, I don't think they need to do anything above and beyond to help sell the console. It's a fun system, has some great games, and many more coming. It just needs time in the marketplace (years of exposure on shelves, with ads). It could sell right now, this very moment, if they'd just wise up and advertise it properly. It's all about perception. The system's fine. The games are fine. It's their image (or lack thereof) that's that's the issue. If they'd advertise like Sony and MS do, and make the console look "cool and fun" instead of a family tea time board game gathering, we wouldn't be having this



Marshi said:

@Einherjar I was going to say something similar. Game companies are guna go through another crash if they carry on spending more and more millions on several diferent versions of the same game. Ubi have to make a current gen ver of watchdogs to make a majority of their profits. Then they have to make a next gen ver to ensure people flock to ps4/xbone and make profit on future titles,and then they have to work on the wiiu version and this is what sticks in their throat. The wiiu ver potentially would have the best ver of watchdogs,and there is a slim chance thats the reason behind the delay. But there isnt going to be any profit for them on the wiiu. So they either throw caution to the wind and lose money in the short term,or they delay/cancel to game to ensure the other ver make them money.
This is the problem devs face and I think the solution is simple. Exclusives. More third parties should make exclusives,so money isnt spent on a ver they know wont make them any. Eg, watchdogs should be ps4 exclusive, splinter cell to xbox and rayman should have been a wiiu exclusive. Anyone agree with the need for exclusives or have I bored you all to tears? Lol



Aozz said:

not at all happy about this
ubisoft lucky that i haven't paid this yet for wii u but i may get this for pc if there more interested stuff in this game that would confessed me to buy it



Luffy said:

what is weird is the Wii U has the LARGEST INSTALL BASE of this new gen.

Wii U 5.6M
PS4 5.0M
X1 3.4M



B3ND3R said:

@Luffy I can actually believe those numbers... Wii U has been out since 2012 and the new systems have only been around for a couple months.



Einherjar said:

@Marshi Thats basicly the reason behind exclusives: You can concentrate all your workforce on one title AND, far more important, you can use the respective consoles unique features for your game. But an exclusive title does not have the chance to make "bling bling" on all systems. It seems that every dev tries to follow the phenomenon of "game of the year, all year" with every single title on every single platform without even trying.
They expect insane sales numbers, pre orders and whatnot, but rarely take the effort in making a game that can achieve something like that.
Most of the expect a game to sell because...well "SELL, GODDAMNIT !!!!"

@B3ND3R And if you closely observe the PS4/Xbone releases that are out yet, one could say that it looks even more barren than the WiiUs first few months. As far as i know, the PS4 only has 2 new games at the moment (Killzone and Knack, both of which are mediocre at best), the rest are better looking PS3 games. And good luck finding a "complete" and new game amongst the Xbones lineup. Most of its exclusives are riddled with microtransactions and DLC. Does anybody know what Forca 5 would cost completely ? With its retail price + all content DLCs ? Its ridiculous.

I cant for the life of me see why people stormed these consoles at launch but left the WiiU in stores. But oh well, no point in mumbling about it.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "But ya, sometimes I'd like to be clued in a little more myself."

Well it took me about 6 months but I finally got you to almost agree w/ me on something. (pats myself on back)

I'll be happy after the next ND. Maybe Nintendo is smart, nobody will care what's in the next one as long as they just have it already we'll be happy to get it. Better days ahead.



Luffy said:

btw guys i own a Wii U and got an x1 as a secondary system. Mostly for the exclusives and the multimedia coolness of it. but I really want to play watch dogs on the wii U because i feel this type of game I want the map always on my gamepad.



B3ND3R said:

@Einherjar I'm with ya fully, I just don't see how on earth people can make fun of Wii U's launch when the new consoles are having a far worse time... Just a year ago, the PMS fanboys were blasting the Wii U for not having a "good launch" (I honestly didn't mind it too much, as I was enjoying what was out for it!)... Fast forward to now and they're all "WE SWEAR, WE WILL HAVE GAME SOON, DON'T MAKE FUN OF US!"... People are dumb

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