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Male, 17, United Kingdom

Hey there! I'm Arslaan, you'll probably find me behind my 3DS (don't forget to add me!). If not, than I'm playing on either the PS3, WiiU or PSP. My other hobbies are to cook, draw and write. Well, I guess that's enough me for this description. Have a nice day!

Sat 6th Jul 2013

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Player4 commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Cr...:

Bet they thought it was for smartphones ;d
Anyways, where is my Monster Strike crossover??
Edit: Does anyone know if Nintendo has worked with Gung-Ho on games prior to this? I remember them saying that they're working with third parties they never worked with before, is Gung-Ho one of them? If so that's pretty rad, though I'm expecting(/hoping) more partnerships (if you can call them that?) with western third parties. I'm aware it's way too soon to talk about it



Player4 commented on Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment Annou...:

While this looks really interesting, I was hoping for the original version to come here first. Oh well
Edit: @Kirk I agree, having this game released on smartphones would've been a smart decision for both companies, especially since the PAD domination is fading away slowly and Nintendo wants to take advantage of the widespread use of mobile to advertise their IP's.



Player4 commented on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Br...:

Any news on Europe? I need this and the soundtrack CD. Honestly Atlus, you're one of my favourite developers out there, but the way you keep treating me.... Don't know man, the love should come from both sides to keep us going



Player4 commented on Yokai Watch Anime Spiriting Westward:

Im curious how the game and anime will be received in the west, from what I've seen the game looks fun and has the potential to sell well. Unsure about the anime, but for what it's worth my little sister thinks the Youkai are cute.



Player4 commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

That's quite a lineup for Nintendo games, congrats! (:

@Peach64 I agree with you, the GOTY category is filled with creative and amazing games and I'm glad Bayonetta is one of them. Though you should expect some bias from a Nintendo orientated site ;p