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Male, 15, Netherlands

Yo! I'm Arslaan, a boy who lives in the Netherlands. You'll probably find me behind my 3DS (don't forget to add me!). If not, than I'm playing on either the PS3, WiiU or PSP. My other hobbies are to cook, draw and write. Well, I guess that's enough me for this description. Have a nice day!

Sat 6th July, 2013

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Player4 commented on Atlus Confirms Conception II DLC Details and M...:

Hey, that's good news. I was afraid we wouldnt get any games in May..

Seriously tho, it is good news. I was expecting this game somewhere next year, now I only need to decide on which platform I should get it on..

Edit: Still no SMTIV.. T_T



Player4 commented on Pikachu And His Pokémon Pals Are Throwing The...:

Aaaaaah, this is so awesome! We really need a spin-off anime/game about Pokémon playing football. (Actually we don't, but it'd be great) Now I'm wondering if they'll do something similar with the Olympic Games



Player4 commented on Gardening Mama Is Gleefully Smearing Her Green...:

Ah, the Mama games.. I enjoyed them so much on the DS and still enjoy them. I really need to get Cooking Mama 4, but some other games have a priority :p

Also, wouldn't it be awesome if she was in the new Smash Bros?! (Unlikely to happen tho)



Player4 commented on Sega Unleashes Sonic Boom Behind The Scenes Video:

@Captain_Toad @ZeroZX_Dev Okay, I'll give you that. The music was meh and the gameplay was tedious sometimes, just like Captain_Toad said.
I also understand the disappointment. It was a Sonic RPG many fans awaited and the fact that it was made by Bioware is more exciting.

The cliffhanger is also really annoying, there was supposed to be a sequel but since EA bought them it's unlikely

Still I think it was a good (not great) game, but I was 10 and a HUGE Sonic fan. So my opinion may be a bit biased. :p

I do hope there will be a sequel, a Sonic RPG done right is one of the things I want for the 3DS (or any other system)



Player4 commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

Yeah, it really is a shame that Nintendo won't sell their soundtracks. Most of them are amazing and make the games so much more enjoyable. I'd pay for it if they are ever going to be available on iTunes or Spotify



Player4 commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

Hmm.. This is pretty interesting. I honestly don't know what they mean with their non-wearable 'QOL' product. However combined with the fact that they're licensing their IP to other party's all I could think of was educational software for children and teenagers, and medical hardware for hospitals. However these markets already do exist and are not something new or 'untapped.' I'm excited nonetheless for the reveal of this product. I do hope it works out for them and isn't as risky as it sounds.

Also, some comments here..