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Hating region locking since DSi

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Thu 24th October, 2013

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Kolzig commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

The best and only way to get 3DS region free since Nintendo completely fails in this simple setup.

Everyone should use the amazing openings found by Smealum, Nintendo needs to realize that they need to make a system update that sets the console region free.

Utterly stupid in the year 2015 to have a region locked console especially since they used to have all handhelds region free before DSi.



Kolzig commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (Europe):

Citizens of Earth discount is great, good that it also reaches Europe since that discount is right now going on in North America.

Shame that the game isn't cross purchase, it would be cool to have that on Wii U and 3DS with one purchase.

Also, surprising to see Darksiders 2 getting a discount. That game has just been forgotten in the eShop all these 2,5 years. The price should be permanently dropped lower since it's already that old.

It is a great game though, anyone who hasn't played it should get it. That discount price isn't so bad.



Kolzig commented on Big Update For Cube Creator 3D Arrives This Week:

It's really interesting that even though it is a quite a direct clone of Minecraft, these devs are really doing a good job and getting rewarded for their copycat work, since Microsoft and Mojang are not interested to earn a lot of cash on the 3DS (and Wii U) with an official Minecraft version.

If I got it correctly this game has been in the top of the chart in the eShop so sales must have been quite good.

It's cool that they did it since MS and Mojang were not interested and dropped the ball.



Kolzig commented on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Launches on the ...:

Since it's Nicalis and Tyrone Rodriguez, I don't think us Europeans will ever see this game on Nintendo platforms. Thanks Nicalis!

And if hell freezes over and they actually bring this to Europe, then why not bring all the other games they've not brought.

Where's Ikachan and 1001 Spikes for example?



Kolzig commented on ​Early Adopters of Xeodrifter Actually May N...:

It should be relatively easy to fix. If it's not possible to add the Wii U download code to the receipt of 3DS buyers, then 3DS buyers just take a screenshot of the receipt details and send it along with their NNID to Renegade Kid & Nintendo who confirm the details and send the user the code by email.

I don't understand what is so difficult here?

Also, alternatively they could easily put it so that when the Wii U version releases, the system just checks that the same NNID has already the 3DS version and marks then the Wii U version to be able to purchase for free and so add it to your download history.

There are multiple easy ways to fix this.



Kolzig commented on Nintendo's E3 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Off ...:

That roadmap is really scary. Where in the world is Rodea the Sky Soldier, Fatal Frame 5 and The Devil's Third from that list?

Both games have been promised a 2015 release date, but Nintendo shuts out completely the most awaited games of this year.

I am really worried now.



Kolzig commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

I have high hopes for this project. What most reviews seem to totally not take to account is that this is the first big project and also a new IP from Nintendo's new generation of developers. This is the first game where Miyamoto did not have a heavy hand at and he gave freedom to the new younger developers to create whatever they imagined.

The first Global Testfire was fun that I took part in, can't wait to see the single player content and the hub and all of it's Team Fortressy style shops and items.

It is awesome that the developer team is committed to update the game massively in the coming months. I am especially waiting for the August update that brings for example the friend list battles in to play.



Kolzig commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Sells Over 37,000 Units i...:

I wonder will Woah Dave! and Moon Chronicles ever come to Europe?

Could NLife team perhaps reach out to the devs that are they even trying to bring the games to Europe or is everyone just hiding behind the ratings board nonsense as usual.

Maybe devs like Nicalis and Renegade Kid should contact Curve Digital since Curve's games tend to come always at the same time in Europe and Americas.



Kolzig commented on Woah Dave!:

7 months gone and still no European release, it really sucks to have regions and region locking on consoles.

Now they even have this in Humble Nindie Bundle.



Kolzig commented on Moon Chronicles: Episode 1:

Q2 2014 (UK/EU) hahahaha now that is joke.

Jools promised to release the game in Europe right after the episodes are done in USA, but where's the game? Most likely will never be released in Europe.



Kolzig commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

These are the times when I really get reminded how much I hate region locking.

I really hope they do a Europe bundle next or it will be all for nothing.

Also makes me pissed to see Moon Chronicles and Woah Dave! in that list since Europe has got neither of those even though Jools Watsham promised to release Moon Chronicles immediately after all episodes are done and released in Americas.



Kolzig commented on Tic Toc’s Adventures Of Pip For Wii U eShop ...:

Seriously, the big companies need to do something about this Europe situation. We get robbed of a bunch of great indie games.

I don't know why on PC side we have none of these problems as Steam & GOG releases are global.



Kolzig commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Pretty much seals the deal that I will be never buying their games on PC or any other platform. If you screw the fans in this way, it's just simply put deals off both ways.

They don't want Nintendo fans playing their badly optimized game, then so be it. I got Assetto Corsa anyway on PC and it's on a whole another level compared to Project Cars.



Kolzig commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Typical, they originally were asking money in public funding for the Wii U version. And this is the end result.

If the devs had balls, they would return the money that they did cheat from the Wii U pledgers, but of course in the reality of this world, they will not do that.

I am happy that I did not invest in their project, but it's shameful that they have not worked on it on Wii U which was their main platform with PC originally before they started putting time on PS4/Xbone versions.



Kolzig commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

I bet it's either Nicalis or Renegade Kid behind this leak.

Both of them are really lacking in the European releases while in Americas they release all their games.

Seriously, the gaming business needs just one global rating system. Hopefully that IARC could be it. It really pisses me off that not all games get released in all territories.



Kolzig commented on Here Are The Tracks You'll Be Driving Around i...:

Originally it was supposed to have only three tracks so nine awesome tracks is quite a positive surprise to me at least.

I'm getting the PC version through the Kickstarter, but I really, really hope that Nicalis doesn't mess this up again on Wii U. Their track record on releasing games in European Wii U & 3DS eShops is horrible.

Ikachan 2,5 years ago released in Americas, still nothing in Europe. Same for many other games.

Our only hope is that because the developer is Greek, the game will not be getting the usual Nicalis treatment regarding Europe then. One rare example is NightSky that got released in Europe, my suspicion is because the developer of the game is Nifflas, who is from Sweden.

The Kickstarter was in 2013 so the page is available but the backer pledges are not possible to be put anymore, there is no slacker backer possibility for this project like there are for many others.



Kolzig commented on Three 3DS HOME Themes Available Now From Club ...:

Very nice, I think these will be the first items I will spend my hard earned Club Nintendo points on.

Hopefully Sega will stop being lazy and we will get soon all the awesome Sega themes to the Europe & Americas eShops.

I really want to buy the Sega Saturn theme etc. already!



Kolzig commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe):

I wonder is the Cave Story 3D ever going to get released in the eShop? Rodriguez was teasing about that like a year ago?

Renegade Kid and Nicalis are still lacking in releases in Europe.



Kolzig commented on International StreetPass Week to Bring New Str...:

Ahh man, it really really pisses me off that in Finland we are missing out on this whole international streetpass week.

Would've really wanted to get that special mii since those are pretty much never given out in Europe.



Kolzig commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:

Really sucks by the way that seems that in Finland we don't have Nintendo Zones anymore. Hesburger franchise used to have the hotspots but I don't get anything in those anymore.

Also means I am missing out on the Satoru Shibata special mii and that REALLY sucks. They should just send those special miis directly to the 3DS console, and not have to go through this Nintendo Zone hassle when it doesn't even work everywhere anymore like it used to.



Kolzig commented on Retrospective: Sega's Streets of Rage Series:

Streets of Rage and especially Streets of Rage 2 are some of the best side scroller beat em up games ever made. For me these two were much more important than Final Fight, which of course was also an amazing game.

The soundtrack was just pure gold in SoR and SoR2. The third game was quite bad and should've maybe been never done, it was quite a letdown and disappointment. It's maybe good that there are no new games to the franchise. Current SegaSammy would not get the game at all. I would say only company in the world that could make a good Streets of Rage 4 is WayForward. Jake Kaufman and Yuzo Koshiro together could make the soundtrack.

Streets of Rage should never be a 3D brawler like these cancelled projects. It only works in 2D.

But I have to say that M2's treatment is just magical, it's perfect. I love playing the first Streets of Rage on 3DS and I really crave for the second game to get the M2 treatment. Good thing we already know they are developing it. Hopefully by 2016 we also get to play it, especially in Europe&North America. Japan will get it sooner for sure.



Kolzig commented on A Splash of New Details Emerge on Splatoon's D...:

Voice chat is annoying part of online gaming, unless you are playing just with a group of friends. Then it's actually fun, like when playing Doom together online with friends on PC.

Voice chat with unknowns who are most likely to turn out being idiots and teenagers shouting stupid stuff at you, is completely not needed.

@Fazermint said it best actually, you can still have voice chat for example with friends through PC and keep playing together on Wii U. Nice one, didn't even think of that!



Kolzig commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

Without the multiplayer servers, it just isn't worth a buy.

Good thing that fans have tried to do their own servers for this game and some others that had the official servers closed down because of Gamespy.

I wonder how much it would cost for Nintendo to put up and maintain the old servers, on their own?



Kolzig commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

Yeah, I heard from Mrs. Kolzig that Japanese fans are pretty much heavily disappointed because of this decision.

Not good, not good at all.

This kind of DLC sucks and also kills of any retro usage for the game in 5-10 years time when the servers have already closed down and DLC can't be got anymore. That's like more than half of the regular game as DLC, completely crazy.



Kolzig commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

Stupid me that I made my Nintendo ID for Finland, should've done it for UK and then I would've got all the digital surveys and could've linked the Wii U to the Club Nintendo account.

This really sucked that many countries in Europe never had Club Nintendo, hopefully Nintendo has finally learned from it's many mistakes and this will all be made global and better in autumn with the new service.



Kolzig commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

Will be interesting to see when this new one comes out in 2-3 years that what it will be like. Is it going to be a new 3DS like machine or a new home console or both?

They might have something magical stored up and as long as they get their online stuff working and make the new machine easy to develop quality stuff for, then we are in for a treat.



Kolzig commented on Interview: IRONFALL Invasion's Developers on B...:

On a technical level this game is truly amazing. Especially since it was only made by three guys.

On a story and gameplay level this game is really boring. The story is even worse than in Gears of War and Gears of War is one of the worst games made in past +10 years.



Kolzig commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

By the way, still pisses me off that 3DS Streetpass doesn't have maps of all the countries of the world. Especially in Europe.

Really pathetic that many countries are missing, for example all the Nordic countries so you can't see which counties you have already gotten streetpasses from, like you can with map of Japan or UK or USA etc.

Also since my locale is set to Finland, I don't have the globe icon at all in Streetpass Plaza where you can view which countries you've gotten streetpasses from.

Really pathetic display of lazy work from Nintendo of Europe.



Kolzig commented on Prepare Thyself, Azure Striker Gunvolt Will Be...:

Cool, finally it's coming. It sure has taken a strangely long time. Shame that Inafune's team most likely won't give Mighty Gunvolt for free like they did for the Kickstarter backers of Project number 9. I still have the unused US eShop download code that I do nothing with.



Kolzig commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

'Honest Abe' Lincoln Mii, when is that coming to Europe and how can it be get?

It really sucks that they don't just send those through Spotpass easily somehow, I have in the past 1,5 years only got two special Mii characters Aonuma and one other Nintendo developer. I could kill for official Iwata and Reggie miis to arrive.



Kolzig commented on Nintendo Unleashes Three More Pokémon 3DS HOM...:

Ahh man, how come a European dev's old classic game gets themes in Japan, but not in Europe.

Those better come to Europe soon, looks gorgeous! I need those Another World themes as much as I need the Sega themes that seem to never come outside of Japan to other regions...