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Sat 1st Dec 2012

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Dolphinsquared commented on Video: Savour the Madness of Project X Zone 2 ...:

This is absolutely an upgrade of the previous installment. Thank goodness for the shops too.

But what is it that I spy near the end of the trailer? A fight between Ryu and Ken, one of the established paired units? There must be a little more to the game than we already know.



Dolphinsquared commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I'm starting to feel disappointed with the Wii U's line-up AND Ubisoft. The Wii U will go on, but its lack of third-party support is disturbing and possibly causing Nintendo to churn out only first-party titles. As for Ubisoft, I feel that the reason being that other consoles with "mainstream controllers" are much easier to handle than developing the game for a console that has a gamepad for more features.

While Nintendo hasn't even begun promoting the gamepad more, 3rd party developers seem to be shunning the Wii U even more. The grass cannot be rich and green if neither never tends to it. At least Nintendo is doing something for the next quarter.

I can only say, if Ubisoft don't make the Wii U users a game extra special, this game would be another one of the piles of game I cannot and will never play.



Dolphinsquared commented on A Tokyo-Based Business Will Get Your 3DS Runni...:

To be frank, as a Let's Player, I think that this capture card is extremely useful for capturing footage. Even as it is as expensive as a 3DS back in the day, the payoff is pretty worth it.

I had also used it for other purposes, like offering for a screen sharing for a Pokemon XY tournament finals. This is certainly not for all, but it does come to use at times.



Dolphinsquared commented on Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Co...:

I can see them doing that. Sometimes characters in the Japanese games are so scantily dressed, changes are to be expected to be more suited for players of the West. We'll never know the youngest age group that would play this kind of games.



Dolphinsquared commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

I think EA has to watch out for themselves. For a third-party company that makes games every year, I can hardly explain the quality of their work. Of all the things he said, I can only agree on one point: the gaming industry is tough, whether it's home or portable based. But I don't see why drag in a company experienced with computer and mobile devices into the mix and say "Miyamoto sucks". Not cool dude.

To me, I think if I were to choose between the 3DS, Vita, Android or iPhone for mobile gaming, 3DS and Vita will be in the top half of the rankings. I find a richer experience on the go with the 3DS. And iPhones and Android can be amongst the items I'm just carrying for smartphone use, not gaming.



Dolphinsquared commented on Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach ...:

If there is a reason why Nintendo would never think about going to other platforms with their software, that would be that their software are not meant to have the same experience outside of the hardware it was originally on. It's the same case for all other console companies.



Dolphinsquared commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

Read a number of people's comments, and am I surprised to hear that people want Nintendo to ditch the gamepad and go Wii HD, not Wii U.

While the price cut may or may not happen, I think that that's not the issue here. I don't see the sales move much even with the Nintendo 3DS dropping its price. In fact, I only see it go up as more games come out on the console.

I feel like it's always the trend for gamers - lower your price, or we won't buy your consoles. I have to agree that the Wii U has poor sales, but the price drop isn't going to change much.

Like many people here, the main problem is in the games. I'm sure Nintendo and other third-party companies are working their all to bring good quality content in. With so many games released over the past decade, I don't see that they should push forward some of their titles to this year. Yeah, 2013 needs to be more than the Year of Luigi, but let's not boycott Nintendo into speeding up the developmental process and publishing a crappy full game. I'd rather wait for good games to come out than to play a game sooner with lower quality. I wouldn't imagine Pikmin 3 being released anytime earlier than this year.

I wouldn't mind Nintendo pulling out the 8GB unit, but a price drop would be incomprehensible until we see more of the games coming to the consoles.

Oh, and for those saying that the Wii U should scrap the Gamepad, I don't think so. I don't reckon anything else is better than just a console with an upgrade to HD, and nothing else.



Dolphinsquared commented on Boy Credits Mario Kart After Taking Control of...:

I can see that. Video games today are a lot about reaction times and being able to stay calm in a critical situation, whether evading enemy fire, or dodging a blue shell. It's a modern equivalent to any form of training in the ancient times, armed or unarmed.



Dolphinsquared commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Off TV Play is a big point for Wii U owners, as well as the possibilities of interaction of the Wii U gamepad in games. While I agree with many that it's up to the developers, I think that it's a good form of entertainment rather than a redundant second screen that, as the article claims, should be scrapped. I'd say, keep the gamepad, the possible ways to play are widened with the gamepad.



Dolphinsquared commented on Retro Studios: "After Donkey Kong Country Retu...:

I don't think it's a bad idea for a series that needs a sequel as much as other Retro titles. If I were to say something, it would be that other games like Starfox are currently in its perfect form, unless the team wants to add something more that makes it a more perfect entry to the franchise.



Dolphinsquared commented on Super Mario 3D World is "The Grand Culmination...:

Apparently, reaching the top of the flag pole isn't so much of an emphasis anymore, rather it's the competitive multiplayer that is the main goal of this series, so between jumping to the top of the flag pole or climbing up with the cat suit, I think it's a fair trade.



Dolphinsquared commented on Satoru Iwata's Mii Respectfully Asks To Infilt...:

As far as I know, StreetPasses can come and go as fast as between a car driving on the road (at slow speeds) and a pedestrian walking along the pavement. I have situations like that in my area.

The whole point of StreetPass is, go out there, meet new friends, and play together. Nintendo by far is one of the best, if not the best, companies that brings people together, not just at home, but also anywhere outdoors.



Dolphinsquared commented on Feature: The Making Of Street Fighter Alpha 3:...:

Deadlines are the true killers of developers. and publishers alike. If kept realistic, a game would have to be made a success. But there are times where there is too many lioness and too little times. Games are not supposed to have a "release window", they are to be made on its own pace to reach perfection.



Dolphinsquared commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

This is why the age of cartridges are over, and the age of digital games are fast approaching. People who like to sell used games will not get to sell their games anymore.

Seriously though, some people just love to make games free for all so game companies can suffer. Let's stop that from happening and buy the original games.



Dolphinsquared commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

Again with the bad strategy. Ubisoft really didn't know the fans, and went global on all consoles. While that has its perks, many fans are already disliking this.

It's not like Ubisoft thinks that console-exclusive games are terrible. I think it may have, while being tight-lipped, something to do with the contract with Nintendo. Even RE:Revelations was a masterpiece before the HD remake on consoles outside the 3DS. Many more games got ported after their successful run in one console.



Dolphinsquared commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

5% of the consumers only justifies why the original Xbox games are not worthy for backward compatibility. But I'm sure the Xbox 360 games make people want to play them again on the new entertainment console. (And yes, it's no longer considered a gaming console on my book).

People can say Nintendo does not know its fanbase by claiming content ID on YouTube, but I think Microsoft takes this too deep with the game restrictions and not including backward compatibility. Look at the number of people wanting to play franchises like MvC3 and Halo. That would only make people not want your console that's only an add-on to the TV system, and that add-on could have been developed years ago.



Dolphinsquared commented on Nintendo Hosting a Pokémon X & Y Developer Ro...:

@belmont That's harsh, considering you are also hitting Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks, which are very much like Pokemon XY's palette graphics. And yes, I have seen PS1's graphics. Pokemon XY is way better than those games. Don't judge the game by its cover, play it, then tell us what it really looks like.



Dolphinsquared commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

I never liked Xbox (sorry Xbox fans) because the ABXY buttons on its gamepad are flipped compared to Nintendo's, messing up my button presses. But I like some of its franchises. Now, it appears that Xbox has turned into a gaming + Apple TV mash up of an entertainment system.

Even though PS4 has boosted its sales, it's one of the best consoles ever. But Wii U is the best yet, with the gaming focus and the backward compatibility intact. If I were to choose, I will have PS3 and Wii U, with PS4 on my wish list.