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Watch_Dogs (Wii U)

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A new IP featuring a world of technological manipulation.

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luminalace said:

The screen shots and video are of the PS4 version. Anyway regardless I am getting the game on Wii U.



Capt_N said:

Looks kinda cool, but also kind of a technology-inspired varient of GTA. On that thought, I'm now not too interested, though I will still be paying attention.



tetra82 said:

If the Wii U version wont be just a port Watch_Dogs is the kind of game that gives the tablet pad a world of opportunities! Can't wait



Heisenberg said:

I really hope that the developers see the potential in optimizing the game for the Wii U. Just think of all the wonderful things they could do with the gamepad in a title like this.



withoutdk said:

but it does not come for the wii u anymore? at least i cannot see it on uplay.. only PS4 PS3 and such.

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