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Set in Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything, Watch Dogs explores the impact of technology within our society. By using the city as your weapon, you'll embark on a personal mission to inflict your own brand of justice.

Chicago's overarching network is known as the Central Operating System (ctOS). It controls almost all of the city's technology and information - including key data on all of the city's residents.

You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. While seeking justice for those events, you'll monitor and hack those around you by manipulating the ctOS from the palm of your hand. You'll have access omnipresent security cameras, be able to download personal information to locate a target, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop the enemy and more.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hack job

The Wii U has had a chequered history with third-party support, particularly from Ubisoft, and the belated arrival of Watch Dogs feels a little like a final hurrah — whether we'll see many more big-budget multiplatform mature titles on Nintendo's system...

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User Comments (13)



luminalace said:

The screen shots and video are of the PS4 version. Anyway regardless I am getting the game on Wii U.



Capt_N said:

Looks kinda cool, but also kind of a technology-inspired varient of GTA. On that thought, I'm now not too interested, though I will still be paying attention.



tetra82 said:

If the Wii U version wont be just a port Watch_Dogs is the kind of game that gives the tablet pad a world of opportunities! Can't wait



Heisenberg said:

I really hope that the developers see the potential in optimizing the game for the Wii U. Just think of all the wonderful things they could do with the gamepad in a title like this.



withoutdk said:

but it does not come for the wii u anymore? at least i cannot see it on uplay.. only PS4 PS3 and such.



ungibbed said:

Tomorrow it's on shelves in the USA, mine I have to wait for shipping. I wanted a physical copy as I have a feeling that the physical copies will be rather limited.

Make that today... It just hit midnight on the pacific coast.



TTGlider said:

I am absolutely loving this game on Wii U. The map is useful for clearing out the collectibles and it supports tapping to set waypoints and fast travel points. And the framerate feels better to me than Black Flag on Wii U did. I'm glad I kept my preorder for this. Really cool game, Ubi!



Souldin said:

While I do agree with the score this game got, in terms of overall quality it does come across as merely above average, I did happen to have a ton of fun playing it.

It turns out that I did receive this game for Christmas, and have just recently completed it. There were some flaws to it, but I found it mostly enjoyable with some awesome side missions/side investigations and found the hacking to be simple but fun. There is always an immense joy to be had upon taking out several foes before even entering the area.

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