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Sun 1st Jul 2012

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RancidVomit86 commented on Video: Early Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Footage...:

@ElliotVA So you think those glitches weren't discovered by someone just playing the game and it accidentally happening? You think people knew of these glitches prior to the game being released and anyone playing it? Accept it. Even Nintendo games are bound to have a bug here and there. No one is perfect.



RancidVomit86 commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

I'm assuming you used Dolphin to get these games in HD. Again something we can't talk about on forums but it will be OK to use it to put front page features up. Make the decision if you are pro or anti emulation and stick to it



RancidVomit86 commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

@KnightRider666 Bill Gates built one of the most successful companies ever. He retired in 2006 first off and if you think a single console will bankrupt Microsoft then you clearly have no understanding of how much money Microsoft has and how well they do in almost every market they enter. All I ask is please drop the Nintendo loyalist bull poopy and step into the real world. Have an educated discussion rather than "Nintendo is teh great bestest ever and all others are teh stupid".



RancidVomit86 commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

You guys keep calling him dumb but you know what's dumb? That you are hung up just on a name. A name that isn't hard to understand the meaning behind at all. As if adding a "U" to the end of your consoles name was such a superior idea.