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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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Nimious commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

@whodatninja Uh huh. I got hype for the crossover when it was first announced but this hardly a crossover. Just because there's another Fire Emblem game I'm suppose to be what? Happy about this?

This is not 50/50 so far it looks like 99/1. Just because Fire Emblem classes which are generic classes in fantasy games make an appearance that's hardly the same as incorporating distinct Fire Emblem mechanics.

So far the Fire Emblem aspect looks like a complete after thought that or Atlus does not understand what Fire Emblem fans like about Fire Emblem because this trailer clearly didn't show it.



Nimious commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

@Senario Ugh... Fire Emblem is not known for its generic classes, nor fighting styles so seeing those things doesn't lead me to associate Fire Emblem with this game. It leads me to say they've copped out on the Fire Emblem part of this supposed crossover...

Original trailer showed characters of both universes, that clearly hinted at more than this.... Particularly shown were the notable heroes of various FE games but instead this is essentially SMT with a minor twist of FE. That's fraudulent.

What is there to be excited for? Fire Emblem is a tactics game at its core. That's clearly not going to be here. Am I going to see the weapon's triangle? Terrain bonuses? Perma death? The earlier reports of this game was that the development teams had plenty of conflict over the direction of the game and its easy to see why now.



Nimious commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

@B3ND3R If this is suppose to be a cross-over and I will need to pay close ATTENTION to find FE characters then something has gone terribly wrong.

The original trailer gave both series equal time on screen, this one if FE characters are actually in this is clearly not putting them on display.

Whether your theory is true or not, that's a terribly poor excuse for a cross-over.



Nimious commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

@firstnesfan You know which game dev corp did that? Ubisoft. They contracted studios from around the world to work on their games.

And you know which game dev corp is an utter laughing stock when it comes to their day one releases? Ubisoft.

Nintendo can't rush out and hire. It's not that easy. In Ubisoft's case they contracted many experienced studios and still produced disasters.



Nimious commented on Apex 2015 Ends With The Conclusion Of A Bitter...:

Nope, cheered against Leffen in every match.

I was one of the few people who thought Chillin could win. He practiced real hard for it too yet came off so far. The man was just broken after the first few sets. He had it in him to win but Melee is momentum based and when you feel crushed you get crushed.

Mango losing to Leffen though I couldn't see happening. I watched the BEAST 5 match when it happened and thought Mango just didn't have the heart to win. His body language was way off and the lack of confidence showed in his play and defeat. However at Apex I thought Mango was at top form and motivated at that yet he again lost to Leffen. It just wasn't close.

At least Mango took it well enough lol.



Nimious commented on ​Sakurai Considered Having All Fighters Unlo...:

Personally I was never interested in unlocking the characters in the Wii U version. The new additions just didn't interest me.

I bought the game and went online. After a thousand matches (and some days later) I tried versus and got all the challenger approaching consecutively.

That was actually pretty annoying at first but I guess it was enjoyable lol.



Nimious commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

@whodatninja Nintendo for whatever reason is struggling with production. It's immensely strange but making more isn't so simple for them. Wave one Amiibos had plenty of defects, that hints at new contracted factories on production as Nintendo tends to never make these mistakes. I imagine they're already in the process of contracting additional facilities for production but even then falling short.

Demand for Amiibo is truly too immense.



Nimious commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

@Quorthon As I said they have to do something very different as emulation is too inefficient. The prospect of a modern generation console emulating games from the previous generation is unlikely to happen is the point I was alluding to.

And yes, I'm well aware of the architectures used currently and previously which is why I'm pointing out the Wii U is interpreting not emulating.

As to that however it's a mistake that the Wii U was not x86 as well. Having more previous generation games shouldn't be the point of a current generation console. The ease of producing for x86 would have saw a lot more quality third party titles come to the Wii U but sadly Nintendo seems to still see a future with PowerPC.



Nimious commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

@Dipper723 Actually these are interpretations not emulations. The Wii U being another PowerPC console does not need to inefficiently run an emulation when it has the same architecture as the Wii. Emulation is always the last option when it comes to being backwards compatible. It's why the PS4 has done something very different in order to play PS3 games.



Nimious commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

@BLPs I'm not singling anyone out and am saying the truth. The average player on For Glory is simply no good. Instead I only mention them because most players including the Diddy players online are not good enough to show you how overpowered Diddy is as a character. This would lead many to a false conclusion if they base it on the Diddy players they've faced.

To sum it up, no it's not meant to be mean or actually mean to say what I said.

As for the last bit the Smashboards is open and happy to help. It's not hard to learn if you seek the help. Please don't imply such a poor conclusion on us if you've never approached the Smash community.



Nimious commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

@koelboel Watch some high level competitive matches that involve Diddy. The problem is mostly in the competitive scene where skilled players who really know what they're doing use Diddy and dominate. The average For Glory nub isn't going to make you cringe.



Nimious commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

@BLPs The problem is fully in the competitive scene. For the average scrub smasher and For Glory noob the issue would not be obvious. I mean even if the character is OP if the player isn't good enough with the character you'd hardly notice the problems at hand.

I know perfectly well how obvious it is having played a pro smasher's Diddy. Liquid Ken was hardly trying and I'm hardly a bad Smasher having played all the games for over a decade but even then I struggled like never before. Diddy's long list of advantages makes him a true force to play against.
The aspect of easy aerial chains, grab combos, command grab, good recovery, low lag, fast movement, and the banana makes Diddy a good cut above the rest of the cast.

He's a really good character and ranks number 1 on many tier lists. What really separates him is that he's easy to play. With Shiek and Rosalina you have a pretty high learning curve, with Diddy? Not nearly as high.



Nimious commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

In the hands of an experienced Smash player Diddy really is an absolute challenge. I should know I had a match against Ken's Diddy and it was an absolute pain. Not many characters in Smash Wii U can run as dominating of a game as Diddy. This is however generally a problem for competitive play, for the general scrub and For Glory kid it's usually not a big deal as most people here have said.

Fact is the game needs balancing and once more Diddys copy the high level Diddys like ADHD, Zinoto, etc I'm sure the problem will slowly become as apparent as Meta Knight in Brawl. This won't be obvious to most people for some time yet but I have no doubt that without balancing the problem will become absolutely clear in the nearby future.



Nimious commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

@electrolite77 Ha, I tossed some low quality bait and here you are jumping all over it.

What you said in your first comment sums up to "your favourite Mario Kart game is tedious and the worst, respect my opinion."

So I should be so respectful when you can't even back your opinion with any detail? What a joke.

What's more what you say points out to the obvious, that you have not played the entire series at least not with reasonable time and effort. Had you done so you would know the obvious worst entry to Mario Kart and be unable to claim Double Dash is the worst. Had you played Double Dash reasonably you'd realize the amazing combinations you can do that you just cannot in the later series. I mean if you were an experienced Mario Kart player how can you not?

Just look to this poll, Double Dash had substantially more depth than previous Mario Karts and is fondly looked back upon.

So I suppose you have a great opinion as it doesn't appear to be backed by any fact or knowledge... I'm also sure that's why our opinions differ because I know the said facts and have played this entire series since I was a child.



Nimious commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

@electrolite77 The worst of the series? Double Dash did so much right, so much better than the rest of the series and if I were to get into the specifics there'd be quite a long list.

Tedious huh? Hard to see how that's possible when the second driver gave you a long list of possibilities and combinations with both driving and items. What's more this was fundamental Mario Kart with a twist. If you found this tedious you've also implied over half the series is tedious.

How oblivious do you have to be to come up with the conclusion that it's the worst of the series? You may say you don't like Mario Kart Double Dash but the worst of the Mario Kart series...? You clearly haven't played the entire series probably only a few if you're going to say something that outright ridiculous.



Nimious commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

@Ron1212 No, it's just for models. Taking them out of the box doesn't do anything. The figures themselves can't move or pose any different. Inside the box they carry more value and appeal.

Even if you take it out of the box what difference does it make? Can you do more with an Amiibo once it's out of the box? I mean I'm 21, you can hardly expect me to play with them like the kids would.



Nimious commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

Wow, just wow. I never thought it'd be so easy to make the Amiibos usable without opening them.

This is perfect though, I really don't see any purpose in taking them out of their boxes and by keeping them in there they look so much nicer.



Nimious commented on Nintendo Reportedly States That No First Wave ...:

Great. That's nice to know, I went on a hapless hunt for Marth after hearing the rumors. With this news I can just stay patient.

Honestly I waited initially because I wanted to pick up Amiibos in person. Marth especially, it's like no two are alike, some of them just don't look right at all.

In any case what I'm more interested in is the Gamecube adapter. I hope someone sent Nintendo an email about that and got a clear positive response.

Edit: It looks like there will be more Gamecube adapters after all :].

However I am a bit skeptical being unable to see the email address of the sender or even a name.



Nimious commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

@ModestFan93 What kind of poor response is that? Lmao, you might want to look into what you're saying.

"Fighters come and go"? Those have always been up to the point of Brawl "clones", characters Sakurai did not feel added to the game. Mewtwo however was not such a character and was PLANNED to be in Brawl as indicated by the data files. It was due to time constraints that he was not added in NOT due to what Gamefreak had said. Funny you mention Gamefreak proprietary rights as it is a second party developer.... meaning Nintendo OWNS Gamefreak, Gamefreak can't legitimately block Nintendo from using what they own nor have they tried. What you said was completely false and made up.

As for Project M there's really no need for me to say a thing to you. You are quite clearly not a part of the community nor have you paid attention to anything within the community. Project M is the favoured Smash game to be competitively played now and one of the most distinctive characters offered by the game is Mewtwo. He is after all was the most hyped character during the reveal and a good reason why many decided to look at the game.

Thanks for your response but it has added absolutely nothing. Actually my advice to you is to know what you're saying before you try and share your "thoughts".



Nimious commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

@Retro_on_theGo Nintendo has poor online infrastructure. Mario Kart 8 demonstrated that with all the latency issues. Even if the issues were masked you could toss a shell at someone hit them and nothing would happen.

That would be significantly worse in a even higher paced game like Smash. It doesn't defeat the purpose though, Sakurai did intend for Smash to be a party game and frankly 8 player smash couldn't really be competitive.



Nimious commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@unrandomsam lol.

Sorry there's just been so much wrong and inconsistent with what you're saying that I can't take you seriously.

Just so you know you said the game wasn't perfect because they removed the "variety" out. When I asked you about said "variety" you tell me it's stuff like the Motorbike Race. Aside from that being wrong, had your statement been true you would've managed to contradict yourself as the removal of what you consider as a pointless event is obviously a positive...

Right, thanks for your ugh...insight.



Nimious commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@MadAdam81 Enjoyment is subjective and should be minimized when judging games on their level of perfection. Fulfilling criteria i.e the genre is the most reasonable objective way to score a series. If the game itself can appeal to people unfamiliar to the genre that's great but that should never be part of the criteria to score the game itself. After all perfection is not based on how much you like something but rather how complete it is.



Nimious commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@MadAdam81 There's no such thing as a perfect game then.... 10/10 Would be a useless variable as it will never be attainable but luckily that's not the case as games are judged by genre.

Bayonetta 2 has a very legitimate case for being a 10/10 action game and it really does not surprise me to see Gamespot give it that perfect score. Fans of the action genre will generally love this game.



Nimious commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

@beautifulstrong That's rich? If you can't think or go about playing Smash with anything but a Gamecube Controller then you're a purist. That's the accurate word for it.

But seeing as you think being a purist with a Gamecube Controller is funny I'm sure you're use to losing with the other controllers .



Nimious commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

@minotaurgamer Lmao, that's not even a case of Elitism. Search up the definition. I know what I'm doing is called.

Or do you actually believe using an over decade old controller that costs $30 or so is Elitism when compared to a modern controller that costs $50? Ridiculous . I'm just being a purist as will most of the Smash community when it comes to a controller for Smash.



Nimious commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:


To begin with that's not the point here. You cannot steal someone else's work and make money off of it. That doesn't change even for emulators. You can't justify a wrong with a wrong nor dismiss it because you feel it is wrong. The author's of the emulators have every right to be credited for their work.

Secondly the percentage you gave for emulation is completely wrong. It's not ''used for illegal actions well over 99% of the time". Aside from the fact that there are people out there that want to play games they own on other devices for various reasons (i.e original game's battery is dead, unreadable, more convenient, etc) game companies also do emulation on their own to continue to sell their older games.

Emulation isn't something wrong either, in many cases such as the Retron the gaming experience is also improved. As this article points out the games have HD visuals.