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Sat 28th December, 2013

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Nimious commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

@Ron1212 No, it's just for models. Taking them out of the box doesn't do anything. The figures themselves can't move or pose any different. Inside the box they carry more value and appeal.

Even if you take it out of the box what difference does it make? Can you do more with an Amiibo once it's out of the box? I mean I'm 21, you can hardly expect me to play with them like the kids would.



Nimious commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

Wow, just wow. I never thought it'd be so easy to make the Amiibos usable without opening them.

This is perfect though, I really don't see any purpose in taking them out of their boxes and by keeping them in there they look so much nicer.



Nimious commented on Nintendo Reportedly States That No First Wave ...:

Great. That's nice to know, I went on a hapless hunt for Marth after hearing the rumors. With this news I can just stay patient.

Honestly I waited initially because I wanted to pick up Amiibos in person. Marth especially, it's like no two are alike, some of them just don't look right at all.

In any case what I'm more interested in is the Gamecube adapter. I hope someone sent Nintendo an email about that and got a clear positive response.

Edit: It looks like there will be more Gamecube adapters after all :].

However I am a bit skeptical being unable to see the email address of the sender or even a name.



Nimious commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

@ModestFan93 What kind of poor response is that? Lmao, you might want to look into what you're saying.

"Fighters come and go"? Those have always been up to the point of Brawl "clones", characters Sakurai did not feel added to the game. Mewtwo however was not such a character and was PLANNED to be in Brawl as indicated by the data files. It was due to time constraints that he was not added in NOT due to what Gamefreak had said. Funny you mention Gamefreak proprietary rights as it is a second party developer.... meaning Nintendo OWNS Gamefreak, Gamefreak can't legitimately block Nintendo from using what they own nor have they tried. What you said was completely false and made up.

As for Project M there's really no need for me to say a thing to you. You are quite clearly not a part of the community nor have you paid attention to anything within the community. Project M is the favoured Smash game to be competitively played now and one of the most distinctive characters offered by the game is Mewtwo. He is after all was the most hyped character during the reveal and a good reason why many decided to look at the game.

Thanks for your response but it has added absolutely nothing. Actually my advice to you is to know what you're saying before you try and share your "thoughts".



Nimious commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

@Retro_on_theGo Nintendo has poor online infrastructure. Mario Kart 8 demonstrated that with all the latency issues. Even if the issues were masked you could toss a shell at someone hit them and nothing would happen.

That would be significantly worse in a even higher paced game like Smash. It doesn't defeat the purpose though, Sakurai did intend for Smash to be a party game and frankly 8 player smash couldn't really be competitive.



Nimious commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@unrandomsam lol.

Sorry there's just been so much wrong and inconsistent with what you're saying that I can't take you seriously.

Just so you know you said the game wasn't perfect because they removed the "variety" out. When I asked you about said "variety" you tell me it's stuff like the Motorbike Race. Aside from that being wrong, had your statement been true you would've managed to contradict yourself as the removal of what you consider as a pointless event is obviously a positive...

Right, thanks for your ugh...insight.



Nimious commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@MadAdam81 Enjoyment is subjective and should be minimized when judging games on their level of perfection. Fulfilling criteria i.e the genre is the most reasonable objective way to score a series. If the game itself can appeal to people unfamiliar to the genre that's great but that should never be part of the criteria to score the game itself. After all perfection is not based on how much you like something but rather how complete it is.



Nimious commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@MadAdam81 There's no such thing as a perfect game then.... 10/10 Would be a useless variable as it will never be attainable but luckily that's not the case as games are judged by genre.

Bayonetta 2 has a very legitimate case for being a 10/10 action game and it really does not surprise me to see Gamespot give it that perfect score. Fans of the action genre will generally love this game.



Nimious commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

@beautifulstrong That's rich? If you can't think or go about playing Smash with anything but a Gamecube Controller then you're a purist. That's the accurate word for it.

But seeing as you think being a purist with a Gamecube Controller is funny I'm sure you're use to losing with the other controllers :).



Nimious commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

@minotaurgamer Lmao, that's not even a case of Elitism. Search up the definition. I know what I'm doing is called.

Or do you actually believe using an over decade old controller that costs $30 or so is Elitism when compared to a modern controller that costs $50? Ridiculous :). I'm just being a purist as will most of the Smash community when it comes to a controller for Smash.



Nimious commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:


To begin with that's not the point here. You cannot steal someone else's work and make money off of it. That doesn't change even for emulators. You can't justify a wrong with a wrong nor dismiss it because you feel it is wrong. The author's of the emulators have every right to be credited for their work.

Secondly the percentage you gave for emulation is completely wrong. It's not ''used for illegal actions well over 99% of the time". Aside from the fact that there are people out there that want to play games they own on other devices for various reasons (i.e original game's battery is dead, unreadable, more convenient, etc) game companies also do emulation on their own to continue to sell their older games.

Emulation isn't something wrong either, in many cases such as the Retron the gaming experience is also improved. As this article points out the games have HD visuals.



Nimious commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Sells Over ...:

@Peach64 Even if the Wii U launched before the 3DS version that shouldn't make a large impact in terms of hardware sales. Maybe say a 30K boost in Wii U sales as a blind guess for impact?

Most fans can wait up to two months more for the game to hit their console.

Actually it's probably better 3DS launches first. Everyone knows the Wii U version will be the definitive version. We can probably say if someone really likes Smash on the 3DS they might buy a Wii U for the fuller experience.



Nimious commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Hyperstar96 facepalm Good god was that literally your point? Yes, I'm well aware that when playing Brawl I can hover my cursor over any of the other 34 characters and start a match....

To begin with I don't main or even play Meta Knight and I'm strictly talking about the competitive scene where in case you do not know you can't stop your opponent from choosing Meta Knight... Never once did I imply I played Meta Knight nor did I say Meta Knight has single handily ruined the game. As I pointed out he was half of the two major factors that killed Brawl. If you want to debate the two factors that I put out as the main reason Brawl is effectively dead the Smash boards would love to hear you out.

Based on your comparisons and "ideas" it is blatantly obvious you have never played Brawl competitively or even spectated any live Brawl events. You clearly have not seen pools with Meta Knights only (which is not all that uncommon) nor have you heard the obligatory Brawler moan about how cheap Meta Knight is. In fact based on your argument you are not even aware of the community's opinion on Meta Knight.

Meta Knight is ranked SS, he holds advantages over every other character BUT Meta Knight himself. This is not Smash 64 nor Melee where skill can compensate for a character's weakness. If you do not believe that I dare you to go through major Brawl tournament summaries and point out to me the ratio of Meta Knight golds over every other character. The statistics alone should convince anyone something has gone terribly wrong with balancing. I will give you a hint, the Meta Knight dominance is not focused on skill.

In my opinion Mr.R is the most technical Brawl player there ever has been yet he has never won a major international Brawl tournament simply because of the fact that his character is utterly outclassed. He has brought Marth to his limits yet the best he can do is place highly.

If you had read my other comment I pointed out that without knowing the mechanics and finer details I can not definitely say Meta Knight would dominate Smash 4 only that if things hold constant he could very will destroy this game as well. That was clearly not an objective comment and was a prediction.



Nimious commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Kosmo It's tough to tell how the game will end up. The mechanics have changed vastly so I can't really tell how one character would hold up against another.

However if the air lag on moves stays around its arguable how good Meta Knight would be. Would he be able to short hop Fair without touching the ground? Depending on whether he can or cannot he'd have a massive advantage or handicap. Meta Knight is terrible on the ground with that slow movement speed and low range.

Patching would be fantastic however I have my doubts as to whether Nintendo will do such a thing. Mario Kart 8 and fire hopping is just an example of something that should be patched but is not. I say that because fire hopping literally destroys the balance in the game shifting all the priority over to Karts making Bikes non-competitive at higher levels of play.



Nimious commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@midnafanboy :] It would have been funny if he tried.

Hyperstar96 just doesn't understand my point about Meta Knight and being competitive at tournaments. I was never talking about the casual scene, or does he also think you can choose to not play against Meta Knight by telling our opponent to stop playing Meta Knight at tournaments? That'd be hilarious.

In any case I hope so badly that Meta Knight is nerfed as you said. Sakurai can start with removing tornado but even then Meta Knight would be Marth with five jumps lmao.



Nimious commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Hyperstar96 You have to be ignorant of the Smash scene to say what you're saying.

I wouldn't complain about Pickachu and Kirby in SSB64 as Isai has personally gone to show that the tier list is not definitive winning with or placing final two with Mario, Link, Jigglypuff, etc at major tourneys. If you can count you'd notice that's a lot more than one character.

Fox and Falco are space animals. You want to tell me space animals are broken? Lmao. Look to Armada, Hungrybox, Ken, etc that have brought Peach, Jigglypuff, Marth to the top. And you know what they have on Spaceys? The grab combo, the rest combo, etc completely destroy them. Melee is more balanced on the tier list.

The only imbalance was on Brawl where well over half the major finals were Meta Knight vs Meta Knight. The closest competitive characters were Snake, Ice Climbers and Diddy Kong of whom there were only one or two competitive players (majority of whom have never won a major tournament) on each compared to significantly more big names playing just on Meta Knight. There's very obvious reasons why Meta Knight was ranked SS on the tier list far above the rest.

No glide just turns the move more offensive, the utility of using glide as a recovery is gone but what does that matter when Meta Knight can tornado or dimension cape back to the stage.... Marth's up B out of shield was one of the best moves both as a finisher and to relieve pressure in Brawl. As you should know that move didn't involve a glide... Meta Knights up B was trumps that and if the removal of glide just means more offensive power then he will retain the best killing move out of shield in the game

By the way the most time I've spent on Smash was on Brawl. I saw the inequality so clearly. If you want to argue that Meta Knight isn't the most broken character in the franchise then you need to educate yourself on the now practically dead Brawl scene. You can start by asking the Smashboards and try the same comparison you just gave me...



Nimious commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@TeeJay I'm being realistic here even if my comment is heavily tainted by my annoyance. If Meta Knight's up B which was the best up B in Brawl gets a boost I can only see him becoming even more broken.

Lets be serious here. Two things killed Brawl, the new slow engine it employed and Meta Knight. The old community of Melee would not play Brawl because of the slow engine and the new school would quit on the game once they realized they needed to play Meta Knight to have any chance at winning a tourney.

I very much hope Sakurai does not repeat the two key mistakes that held Brawl and by extension Smash back from the glory that it should have had. Melee can only carry the standard for so long while Project M can never leave the shadows. Its up to Smash 4 and this just wasn't a good sign.



Nimious commented on Nintendo Reports Losses for Q1 of Financial Ye...:

@Tsurii897 There was a time when Smash could actually out sell Mario Kart but that was in the golden days of Smash. Still you can expect Smash Bros Wii U will sell well. The only thing is it will not outsell is Mario Kart 8, that's something it cannot do yet must do to really continue Wii U's track to growth.

Now as for whether Smash Bros will sell consoles? Probably, it'll sell a lot of consoles and sustain the current rate easily. Personally I only bought into the Gamecube because it was packaged with Smash and I only bought the Wii because Smash was released. The game is capable of selling consoles that's for sure, the question is whether the game will be good enough to bring in the huge Smash community. These guys are still playing Melee and Project M simply because each Smash iteration has degraded in skill. If Sakurai delivers a legitimate game for the hardcore Smashers then we can expect to see some real numbers for awhile.



Nimious commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

@Expa0 I'll say Lucina is Roy 2.0 until the specs come out. From what I can tell the similarities so far is no tipper, smaller hitbox and likely lower weight compared to Marth. The real details however that will define Lucina are completely unknown. Things like hit stun, combos, lag, grabs, fall speed, etc are all unknown.

I would very much doubt Lucina will remain so similar to Marth. As Sakurai has done in Brawl he had "clone" characters diverge further and further from each other. So I think it'd make more sense for Lucina to take more after Roy than Marth at this point.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@bobbypaycheque Earlier you said "Sakurai clarifies that Smash isn't a fighting game" which was one of the most ridiculous things I've heard said yet. Did you actually think Sakurai has no idea that he has created a fighting game? I mean what are the characters in this game doing?

The game wasn't made strictly for competition but as I sent you the documentary on Smash it's pretty clear that it was very capable of it.

"I know the game has been popular sales wise for the console, but not at tournaments which is what I was talking about."

....Again. Watch the documentary. Smash was brought back to MLG, back to EVO by POPULAR demand. If the game was so dead and devoid as you said how could Smash win not only the voting but also the fundraising for breast cancer to solidify its spot back into these premier esport tournaments just over the past two years? The community raised around $100,000 in a short time and has actually continued to grow... You say you were actually around in the tournament scene but that's clearly a lie. Sorry, your local EB Games tourney doesn't really count. Why not show up at the Canada Cup and see how the community actually is huh? By the way I mention Canada Cup because again Melee was added in just a few years ago by POPULAR demand.

It's also funny how you say Melee isn't tournament worthy when it's in more major tournaments than it ever was. Are you saying the guys at MLG, you know the legendary MLG is wrong? How about the guys at EVO? If Melee wasn't tournament worthy why would they choose to take the game back in after all these years? These organizers have been around for so long and have seen and hosted so many games. Why is your opinion higher than that of Chris G? The man himself spoke highly of Melee.

The reasons you talked about as to why Smash is flawed is ridiculous to say the least. Your bit about the few stage choices is ridiculous as in other games like Street Fighter the maps are literally all the same except the background changes. I suppose for a gamer like you that's different enough. Your biggest issue with Smash is that it works on a percent bases instead of health. That difference is what you can't accept even though it isn't nearly as random as you think. Oh, and of course you think pros SD all the time LOL.

By the way Smash is on right now at EVO. Over 110,000 Viewers. More than SF which was 60,000, more than well every other game at EVO. Trust me, it's just you. Everyone else gets hyped, everyone else can see and enjoy the mechanics.

Explain that then. Explain how Melee isn't popular at tournaments. But yeah, stay delusional :].



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@PlywoodStick I believe Armada does like it. When he retired (which turned out to be a break) from Melee he picked up Project M instead. I think he just liked the new diversity he found and he even picked up Pitt instead of Peach. As for M2K he recently said in a phone interview that Project M is his favourite Smash iteration and has said many times it is the most balanced of them all.

However Project M likely will never be able to make it to EVO. Imagine Nintendo allowing a moded version of Brawl set itself on the world stage instead of the original. Aside from the licensing issues there's pride involved from not only Nintendo but I believe Sakurai as well.

As for Smash 4 I hope Sakurai is listening to the pros and the community. Despite what he thinks the Melee engine and Melee in general was the more widely accepted and loved game by not just the community but also the casual players. The numbers prove this. Melee was bought and played by 30% (7mil games/23mil consoles) of Gamecube owners while Brawl was only bought and played by just 12% (12mil games/100mil consoles) of Wii owners. The drop-off may continue with Smash 4's sales and adoption rate as most of the community is hesitant after seeing the footage of the game. It's a shame really since a lot of Smashers would have bought a Wii U just for Smash 4.

The goal of Smash 4 should have been to bring casuals and the community together not separate them further. Why Sakurai and Nintendo thinks it's a good idea to do so is misguided. I understand their reasoning of course but the likely results aren't as positive as they can be.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@bobbypaycheque "It is a party game that has recently become popular but likely won't maintain that."

Smash Bros is around 15 years old yet you think it has only recently become popular?

Smash Bros at EVO this year drew around 1,000 players to the qualifiers much higher than other games at the tournament including Street Fighter IV Ultra. Smaller tournaments like Kings of Cali drew hundreds of Smashers and maintained 30,000 viewers on Twitch. Of course those numbers are even higher for premier tournaments like MLG. Despite that you continually say otherwise while ignoring the facts.

Smash Bros is a multi-facet game. Sakurai is saying in the article that he views Smash as more than just a "fighting" game. As Sakurai said himself in the article people have a strict definition of what fighting games are. Because Smash is doing more than that definition there are people like you who do not see Smash as a competitive game as it's not what they expect of the genre.

Frankly, it's amazing how you send me an article where you completely miss the meaning of it.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@bobbypaycheque You're really good at misinterpreting words. It's obvious what this comment is about.

At one point I was explaining and pointing out the depth of mechanics in Smash that you have ignored and simply labelled as a "party" game. Eventually I just gave up on the explanation as it became too humorous to see how off you were about the Smash. Why you would take that as anger is beyond me :].

Your opinion is moot as it is a fact the Smash is a competitive game. How you manage to continually ignore that point is again beyond me. It is currently on right now at EVO which is one of the premier fighting esport tournaments in the world. It is also at other big name tournaments such as Apex, MLG, etc. I of course had already said that but it was always obvious you weren't listening.

Oh and it's hypocritical how you're telling me there's "no need to be insulting". As I recall you were warned too as that's not something you followed either :].



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@Shpongled_Mario You're very lucky to have gotten to play it even if it was just for two minutes. You already have a two minute edge over the majority of future smashers lol :].

I think Miiverse is a fair place to lodge a complaint. One of my first comments on Miiverse was how I was going to miss using the Gamecube controller for the new Smash. That was nearly a year ago with well over 50 Yeahs and now look, the Gamecube controller has returned.

I might have had nothing to do with its return but I feel Nintendo did see that and recognized that fans still loved the original controller. After all the new Gamecube controllers will have the Smash emblem on them proving that it was because of the Smash community that it will return.

Oh and when you get Smash for Wii U let's go for some matches. I have it pre-ordered but I might cancel that and wait for the deluxe release.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:


DI stands for Directional Influence. It's a great way to re-positon yourself under attack and minimize knock-back to live longer. It's a critical component of Smash having been around forever and the removal of which from the latest Smash is turning a lot of experienced Smashers off. Search it up on Youtube, it's really easy to do but tough to time.

I too sat down and played Melee with every character before. Though at the time I was a kid but I still knew exactly how much damage an attack should do, what percentage was dangerous, when to use what, ec. Oh, and of course I wasn't a pro but I rarely killed myself as bobbypaycheque seems to think is normal for Smash... lol.

In any case I hope Smash 4 will be adjusted further to bring back more of the skill element. It looks good but it needs to play good to be successful.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@bobbypaycheque Hating Brawl? That's the Smash I play the most even to this day. I was never a Melee player but I fully appreciate the depth in that game.

I never said Brawl wasn't fun. How did you infer that from what I said?

Wow, pressing one button? Really? What does that say for Street Fighter then? That's hilarious. I play Ryu in Street Fighter and Nightmare in Soul Calibur and the difficulty of executing moves and chains is no tougher than it is for Smash. However the difference is that my opponents can do something about my combos instead of just praying I drop it. But really you think you can Fair from ONE button?

Damage is unpredictable in Melee...? What in the world? Everyone knows how much an attack does. Pro players are not surprised. How can they be surprised when they're in kill percentage, on a specific map, hit by a certain move, etc. Surprised huh? Maybe if they overestimated their DI.

When items are turned on.... lol. That's just for fun.

Self KOs all the time... Wow. EVO 2014 is on RIGHT now, go watch it. Yeah people SD but that's always from a tech mess up or an air dodge gamble.

Street Fighter isn't a script? All that happens is someone throws a string and if a hit registers they execute a combo that can ONLY go wrong if they mess up. How is that not a script? That's how the entire match runs unless they just want to play footsies. Excellent timing? Don't make me laugh, all you need to look for is a hit register before going over a memorized combo. You want to explain how players like Balrog, Cammy, or even Bison how they always throw these strings before going into their finishing move like a scissor kick. SF is extremely restrictive in what you can and cannot do. It rewards players most for hit confirms, memorization but I'm sure you love these mechanics since you can't adapt quick enough in Smash. The punishment game nor bar utility is just not up to part with other games like Tekkan Tag, Marvel vs Capcom, Killer Instinct, etc.

Exploits...? Canceling and techs was BUILT into the game. It's not an exploit. You think Sakurai actually had no idea what he did when he put these mechanics in? Wall jumps were intentional, DI was intentional since he intentionally put varying amounts of hit stun into the game, even things like Ice Climber desync was intentional as you can do it in BOTH games. I could go on and on.

LOL, you're talking about evolving past the Gamecube controller when SF still uses arcade stick controllers for what now 30 years? Smash players prefer the Gamecube controller but they have more choices to controllers than SF. You can play Smash with one - eight entirely different controllers where as for SF you have your controller and then just the arcade stick. Oh yeah, SF has grown up so much :]. What you meant third party controllers? Get real.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@bobbypaycheque Whether Sakurai meant it or not the original Smash and Melee had an incredible amount of depth. Brawl got very much dumbed down and honestly looks to have less people playing it competitively than Smash 64 at this point.

Though I would not say there's no combos in Brawl. There very clearly is. For example Marth can do Fair - Fair - Dancing Blade full combo. You must really not pay attention to the game if you can't even see the combos and think of it as just single button hits. There are a lot of true combos in Melee and some in Brawl.

Competitive matches come down to luck...? What in the world...? You have to be blind to miss all the tech skills being used. A player using DI at the right time, reading a roll, out maneuvering their opponent, etc. That's all skill not luck. As I said when aMSa beat M2K it was pure skill. He used a low tier character and beat all the top tier characters M2K picked. You say luck? That's crazy.

Damage isn't unpredictable... A lot of the pros know exactly what move is viable at what percentage and at what percentage to do what move. The game is a science to them. Watch the pros play, this isn't even remotely as questionable as you think.

You must have no skill in you to come to your conclusion. It takes significantly more skill to combo in Smash than something like Street Fighter. Whereas in something like Marvel vs Capcom once a combo is started you can't do anything about it except hope your opponent drops it whereas in Smash you could possibly DI out of it if you're good enough. Even if you're good at DI your opponent could see it happen and adjust accordingly. It takes more than reading lines from a script to be good at Smash.



Nimious commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@SockoMario You actually think people ask competitive progamers for such casual responses to the game? I obviously meant they hated the game from a competitive viewpoint.

If they really liked it they would be talking about the positive aspects of the new mechanics and what they can do with it. Instead they'd much rather say it looks good as they struggle to find something positive to say about it.

Ever watch another pro-gamer talk about a sequel to the game they've played? This wasn't a positive response. M2K and Armada were as reserved as it gets.