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KingGanny commented on First Impressions: Going Portable With Super S...:

I'm getting both. I have friends who don't have a Wii U and DO have a 3DS. Mostly for my online friends.

As for the Wii U version? Well...Smash in HD and for the local multiplayer aspect. If my best friend and I can just find the time between work to hang out...once it comes out we will relive our childhood. Played Melee for so long...just messing around and having fun as kids. Now we can do it again with a Smash that looks better than ever. (I might have grown up with a SNES and N64, but Melee was the first Smash game I played.)

I remember by complete accident as we fooled around with Star Fox and Link we found that pink bomb glitch thing in Melee. That was fun. See who can keep the bomb from exploding the longest. Quite literally "Hot Potato".



KingGanny commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Footage R...:

@2Sang Honestly? I was personally at work at the time and only heard vaguely about there being something shown off on a Japanese show of some kind at some point soon. I didn't expect anything much and really anyone who DID expect something huge when Nintendo's E3 Event happens in...29 days now I think. They could have held the announcement of the game a bit closer to the belt and show off the thirty second teaser announcement we got Thursday closer to June 10th, but really it could be worse. I don't need to defend Nintendo as it was all the fans who hyped it up. The game was announced three days ago. If there was going to be something significant shown about the games it would have been during that teaser.

E3 is a month away and I have a feeling it is going to be a whopper for Nintendo. Call it a gut feeling. We will have to see what happens and Nintendo will keep as as hyped as they can until E3 without revealing anything that would truly be mind-blowing and overall be better to be shown off at E3.



KingGanny commented on Activision Is Interested in Making a Skylander...:

@Randomname19 To be honest an animated Skylanders movie wouldn't likely be too hard to do. It would probably be pretty simple to convert it into a movie actually. Unlike other games. Unfortunately the Zelda franchise is one where it would be...complicated to pull off. Because of how the games are done you would have to approach it differently. You aren't going to want to watch a Link go through "insert number here" of dungeons and it being tedious as all get out throughout the movie. A Zelda movie requires more...finesse really. It could work, but Nintendo, Aonuma specifically, would have to be directly involved and keeping a tight hand on it. That and I feel a Zelda movie would be best done animated. I would suggest Pixar or Studio Ghibli. Both are skilled at making beautiful, as well as amazing, animated movies not to mention movies of the fantastical kind. Which is what Zelda essentially is really.



KingGanny commented on Mario Golf: World Tour’s DLC Isn't Locked Aw...:

@SilentHunter382 I will whole heartedly agree on the point of pre-order content. I find it insulting and simply not right for specific content being not only for pre-order only, but only a specific store has it. Then more than one store has other pre-order only content for that game. Words can't describe how much I loathe the idea. Unless they plan after a year to release a version with everything included whether or not it gets GOTY then there is content people can never, ever get to.

As for this? Even if you don't like it as everyone else has pointed out it was likely made after it was finalized. The only thing per pack is a character and what? Two courses? In no way would that take too long to actually make. So assuming they finished the game a month ago...would you want them to have completed DLC just sitting in their computers ready for two months before they release it?



KingGanny commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

@antonvaltaz I wouldn't rely on that. I don't know if we can say there will be a ton of games, but so long as the other games we HAVE heard about aren't delayed to 2015 there will be a lot of information of a few games. Bayonetta 2 and X being two prime examples of games we have yet to hear much about, but last we heard are to come out this year. Same for Hyrule Warriors. Also if Aonuma lives up to his word a few months ago we will finally get at least something on Zelda U. What it could be who knows. Could be anywhere from some details to a trailer.



KingGanny commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

@AJSjedi Like I said. Watch_Dogs has been in development for so long it would lose more money than anything else. I could be wrong, but at this point I think fans would riot and demand them to finish whatever is left so as to not steal this game from Wii U just because it might not sell well. Okay. It WON'T sell well on the system due to the later release, but that is something they themselves have caused. As Nintendo fans we just need to show them we are going to support it as a way to convince them to keep up their own support of the console.



KingGanny commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

I do wonder just how big of a presentation Nintendo will have. Due to all that has to be shown off at that point I can't imagine them doing anything but a live presentation this year. Last year there were two console showings. Everything they did there would have been overshadowed by Sony and MS. This year? There is so much to show off...that and there IS Zelda U. According to Aonuma we are supposed to hear SOMETHING about the game at E3. I am willing to bet that they will be trying to stir up an incredible reaction of the likes of 2004's Twilight Princess trailer had. Not just that, but there is a little bit less than two months from E3. Smash is going to get so much revealed within E3 especially with Smash on 3DS releasing in the summer. Bayonetta 2, X, and Hyrule Warriors are also meant to come out this year still last we heard. We are sure to get tons of information about those. This last half of 2014 for us Wii U and even 3DS owners are likely to be swamped with so much...this is also just a few examples and not counting any surprises I am sure will happen.

I am sure Ubisoft will be at least a bit kind to the Wii U, but we will see.



KingGanny commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

I don't understand both sides of the argument in the comments.

I don't understand those who are saying they wouldn't buy the game if you COULD have gay marriage or the ones who say since there isn't gay marriage they won't support it. Why does it matter? It is just a game. Yes a life simulation game, but so? Why does that small fact completely turn you off from the game? It shouldn't. If it is the kind of game you enjoy then it doesn't matter. So what if your Mii can't be in a relationship with another Male Mii? It ISN'T you. It is a virtual representation of you. Your Mii can marry a woman Mii and it will have no affect on your real life. Sure you may prefer to be able to marry another Male Mii, but that shouldn't mean you aren't going to support it.

As for the other side of things? Here is the thing guys. I'm a Christian myself. Not overly devout, but I have Bi/Gay friends. I do not judge them. In 2014 we can't just be bigots about it. Do I understand the draw of being with another man? Not even remotely, but you know what? I am not the one having sex with another man. I'm not a woman so I am also obviously not a woman having sex with another woman. What people do in their bedrooms does not matter do me. Do I feel awkward when two guys kiss in front of me? Sure, but I won't make them stop showing their love because of how I personally feel as they do so. Love is just that. Love. It isn't bound to just a man and a woman. After all you all have male friends who you love correct? It is a different kind of love obviously, but it is still love. So if you can love them as friends love each other why can't two men/women love each other as well...lovers do?

If you like Life Simulation games and the quirkiness of this title peaks your interest then get it no matter and just enjoy what it has. Please remember this is a game originally from Japan. The cultures are different. Besides who is to say that if same-sex marriage WAS possible in Japan it would stay that way when it came here. We sometimes have some pretty drastic changes in localization and such.



KingGanny commented on Mobot Studios Is Bringing iOS Hit Gears To Wii...:

So I guess it may be time to...GEAR up? CRANK the game into overdrive? A game to WATCH and see if it provides something interesting enough for me to lighten my POCKET?

Is that too many gear-related puns? The last one being of a pocket watch...because they have gears. I could keep going.

Like...let's hope there is no reason they will need a couple HANDS for help or save...FACE? A clock face.



KingGanny commented on Weirdness: Vital Information Emerges On Why Th...:

I admittedly have never played Golden Eye, but I made up for it in my childhood with Nightfire on my GameCube. As classic as Golden Eye is I have enjoyed so many multiplayer hours with Nightfire that I have no regrets and can't find it in myself to care about playing Golden Eye.



KingGanny commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance W...:

Wow...Personally I see several games there I plan to get when I can. Possibly all besides Advance Wars. I don't know about that one and all the others I never got the chance to play. I didn't have a handheld until junior high. First a Gameboy Micro and then a DS a year later. My first Pokemon games was Pearl Version! So I am happy to be able to finally play these games. I won't buy them all immediately when they become availible, but probably either Superstar Saga or Fusion as the biggest priorities.

Also as for everyone complaining here in the comments? Hey. Guess what? If you want a Wii U. In Below here I will leave a nice little link for you. It leads you to Nintendo's Refurbished products. You can, temporarily, buy a Wii U Deluxe with accessories and Nintendoland...for $200. Go ahead. A full $100 cheaper. Not going to do it are you? That is because you don't intend on buying the system. So everything you want that goes to the system you want for your 3DS instead. Want to know what that sounds like? The droves of people who will flat out admit to wanting Nintendo to go third party like Sega just so they can buy their games without buying their system(s). You sound just as self-entitled and overall selfish as they are. Good work.

As I promised:



KingGanny commented on Weirdness: This Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is F...:

@2Sang Of course you also realize at the time of WWHD's release the game was a decade old right? Sure if already looked fantastic, but it looks even better now along with improvements. Yes I do think N64 games do need remade as plenty of them did not age super well when it comes to the graphics. Controls too for some, but there is nothing wrong with bringing some of the excellent titles of the GameCube back for a new generation to enjoy.



KingGanny commented on Retro Studios Outlines "Symbiotic Relationship...:

I'm not sure why people feel like there HAS to be something for the Wii U Gamepad to display. The Donkey Kong Country games are hard enough without having an extra feature to pay attention it. I don't think ALL Wii U games should just only have off-tv mode. Not at all however not every game needs to make unneeded use for it.

If you don't have anything that will fit well with the game and seems more shoehorned in than being least do off-tv play if you can. If more features can be done then do it and do it well.



KingGanny commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

You know..."some" of you need to remember to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Yes I would love to play GBA games on my 3DS, but on the bright side I also own a Wii U so I'm set. I have more than enough games to play when balancing out my Wii U and 3DS library.

I'll be picking up Fusion and Superstar Saga when those come out myself. I don't plan on picking up too many, but I WILL still buy GBA games I missed out on and want to experience.



KingGanny commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I find it interesting to see some people claiming this automatically means the Wii U version is cancelled. I'm not game developer or anything, but with how much money they had to have sank into making this game for Wii U as well and as far as it likely is along in development I would think, logically to me anyway, that they would LOSE money by cancelling it at this point. Disappointed by this news and won't help the Wii U version sell in the slightest, but I suppose so long as they don't try to use poor sales in comparison to the other consoles as a reason to pull most support from the system it won't be the end of the world.



KingGanny commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

Honestly? The only DQ game I have played, and also own, is DQ IX. I agree with this. I would buy it on e shop even though I own it on the DS...probably. I do thoroughly enjoy the game. Enough for me to want to go back in the series. To the ones that were released on the DS. Not sure how many were, but I know several were.

I would probably get Spirit Tracks too. The others I would need to check out first though..



KingGanny commented on Video: This "10 New Things" Super Mario 3D Wor...:

At first, when it was revealed, I was neutral. I knew it was just some very simply things that we couldn't tell what it would turn into yet. I was iffy, but reserved my judgement. Nintendo did not disappoint. They have been building the hype for this. All they need now is for more Wii U's sold. I will be picking mine up Black Friday along with this game. Very pleased and the game will make it one of the first to play. WWHD, that I already own, will be close behind it.



KingGanny commented on Weirdness: CollegeHumor Updates The Pokérap W...:

Watched it last night and it killed me. A few times I wanted to stop listening because after five minutes it was a bit much. Haha. There is a simple solution however. Just do a pokerap of the pokemon from Unova and Kalos. If you want you can throw Sinnoh in there too.



KingGanny commented on EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Sof...:

The problem is that they have barely tried. They can't possibly expect sales for games that were not only ports, of several month old games at that, and one where it was just a reskinned sports game from the year before. It was literally the same game.

That and I believe the ME Trilogy was released for the other systems about the time they ported ME3 to the Wii U. Which would most certainly harm its sales. Try EA. Not just that, but actually put out a new game that isn't an older game that everyone already has. Make full use of what the GamePad can do and make it an important game. Give people a reason to buy it over the other versions. Don't gimp it just because you can. If there is any DLC then the Wii U get it. If there is any special edition...the Wii U gets it. You do not take away any features either.



KingGanny commented on Nintendo Unveils New Trailer and Details For T...:

I would mention the names in more than passing, but others have done so. I noticed the pun immediately. Good heavens I love myself some puns. Thankfully Nintendo likes to provide them. A lot. The game is shaping up wonderfully. Though it is about at this point I start to tune out new info for it. I have learned all I feel I need to and a little bit more. So for now unless it doesn't spoil much I am going to be avoiding ALBW news for the next month and ten days. Wish me luck on that. Day one buy for me. Have it preordered from GameStop actually.



KingGanny commented on Feature: Five Reasons Why The 2DS Will Be The ...:

Of course it is sturdy. Nintendo would have made it out of reinforced Nintendium. Their patented material that makes systems and games, not disk based, hard to break. Unless on purpose.

That IS smaller than I expected. Though I bought a Pokemon X and Y 3DS. Red one. So I won't be getting this clearly. I am sure this will probably almost ensure that they make a ton of money this holiday season. Pokemon will help even more so.



KingGanny commented on Metroid Fan Film Seeks Crowdfunding For Comple...:

A lot of you all here seem pretty harsh towards this. I think I would like to see what it looks like first before judging it so. Also it is to ten minutes. So you aren't willing to let this TEN MINUTE Metroid short film happen to see what it is like? It isn't official. It is by fans. So it logically shouldn't reflect onto the series poorly if it does in fact suck. As it is fanmade. If every series was looked down on for every poorly made or poorly written piece of fan work then most everything would be thought of as being terrible.

As for whether or not it gets shut down...we will see.