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Mon 2nd Dec 2013

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hiddenstampede commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Currently Being...:

TEARS OF JOY I played DS version. Can't imagine them, talking in English.

Wow people, you have no idea how great this series is! I don't know where to start! You can make your mii do some crazy things,, make them do "Power Rangers" stunt. That hilarious news station, giant monster scene, so many content to list! 8D



hiddenstampede commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

I'm a mii user. They better not bring SAME mii' voices from mk7 version. What were they thinking!? Honestly, their voices piece thus my helpless eardrums! Muting every time I play mk7.
Relevantly, in Mario Kart Wii, the most time I played is online. Most of my friends are still playing wii version; online, waiting for mk8.



hiddenstampede commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

Would desire to see ANY official appearance of Friend Collection in English. Betting that it will never be localized, sigh. I guess, I'll stick with DS version. Which it's within their language and region free. Keep saving money for japanese 3ds. (Or perhaps PS4 for the latest, coming Nobunaga's Ambition ^ __^)

Honestly, Nobunaga's Ambition would fit perfectly for Wii-U, due to most gameplay on overview of the land. <( ^^) Come on Tecmo-Koei, give wii-u a chance!