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Thu 30th January, 2014

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babyguess commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms That Dual GamePad Su...:

It is not a question of if, but when my gamepad breaks what are my options? Out of warranty repair? Buy another Wii U system? Just make one available as a spare.

As for multiple gamepad gameplay, it would have been nice if they incorporated this in MK8 where each gamepad can have each own tv off screen play? Where a TV is no longer required.



babyguess commented on Mario Will Be Racing In Reality At This Weeken...:

@PS4 Posted from another site:
"Mario Kart 8 trailer airing before Godzilla
Looks like Nintendo is showcasing Mario Kart 8 prior to Godzilla in various movie theaters. If you happen to get to the theater early and catch the commercials prior to trailers, you might just see a Mario Kart 8 spot! Keep in mind, these spots may only be shown at certain theater chains."

Operative words, "select and certain theater chains".

"Can confirm it played before X-Men (an AMC Veterans). Amazing Spider Man 2 also (a cheaper local theater under the Touchstar cinemas branding). Looks wonderful in that big theater resolution. I was very happy to see actual ADVERTISING too."



babyguess commented on Mario Will Be Racing In Reality At This Weeken...:

Stop the GameStop hate! Sponsorship between GameStop and Nintendo made this possible! We've been asking for more marketing and advertising efforts, now the Wii U and MK8 brand is out there for NASCAR fans to see. Here's hoping Matt Kenseth leads the most laps and goes on to win, so there's longer exposure.

Nintendo is going all in in their marketing efforts. I've seen multiple TV commercials on MK8. They are also showing commercials in select movie theaters (in Godzilla movie). That's on top of the publication prints on various magazines, posters, standees, at Target, BestBuy, GameStop and Walmart.

In the end, most of us wants the Wii U to succeed and hating on GameStop will not help that cause since they play a major role in the game industry.



babyguess commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

FYI, when you check your email, look for the following subject "Early access code for select Platinum members".

BTW, I got two special demo codes! If anyone is interested on my second code, please let me know and I will sell it at the going rate here. PayPal only so both parties are protected.



babyguess commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for May, Physica...:

Yes, there are no new physical items added. However, they restock the ACNL Poster Set, 3DS Pouch Mario Edition, and Yoshi's New Island T-Shirt.

Hopefully, they will soon add Mario Kart related swag like T-Shirt or Figurine (to make up for the lacklaster pre-order bonus).



babyguess commented on Satoru Iwata Announces 'Nintendo Figurine Plat...:

High-tech Yoshi Figurine = Check!

"Iwata also said Nintendo will release high-tech figurines of some of its most popular characters in time for Christmas this year. The company hopes the models, which will be able to send and receive data from games, will also stimulate software sales."



babyguess commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Dear Nintendo,

Please offer a Mario Kart 8 Bundle with a bright red console!

Loyal Nintendo Customer



babyguess commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

This is good news for the used gaming industry. Walmart entering the market will hopefully drive the price down on used games.

I only buy new games from either Amazon, Best Buy, ToysRUs, Target or GameStop (never at Walmart). I have no loyalty, whichever retail store gives me the best deal that's the company that gets my business.

Although, I keep a very good relationship with my local GameStop store since I get all my posters, standees, even free old DS games (outdated) freebies from them. :)



babyguess commented on Feature: Baby Mario's Global Adventure Through...:

If only they put this much effort into the actual game. Sheesh. Well atleast I got a couple of Yoshi 3DS XL systems. By the way, if you plan on getting the new Yoshi 3DS XL and Yoshi's New Island game, Target in U.S. has a promo starting tomorrow where you buy both and you get a $30 Target gift card.



babyguess commented on Month of Yoshi: The Brightly Coloured History ...:

Month of Yoshi? More like bring on Year of Yoshi!

Yoshi 3DS XL Limited Edition (3/14)
Yoshi's New Island (3/14)
$10 Yoshi eShop Card (coming soon) -
Club Nintendo Yoshi Game Download
Club Nintendo Yoshi Figurine? Bring it on!
Yarn Yoshi (still in development? hopefully more announcement at E3?)
Super Smash Bros. character announcement? (next Nintendo Direct?)
Dr. Mario, Dr Luigi, next Dr. Yoshi? works for me!
Yoshi U? :p



babyguess commented on Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Systems Now $200 on N...:

If you live in Canada you can get a better deal on a brand new deluxe system. You just have to check weekly when it goes back on sale at Chapters.
I got the "The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Deluxe Console Set Wii U" for $201 CDN plus tax.

Step 1: <--- it went on sale multiple times priced at $210
Step 2: Call your local Chapters make sure it's in-stock.
Step 3. Go to your local Best Buy or FutureShop and price match plus 10% of the difference. Give them the Chapters phone number to verify price and availability and ka-ching for $201!



babyguess commented on The Link Between Worlds Poster Set is Back on ...:

@wolfy40oz It appeared this afternoon but it was listed on Currently Unavailable right away. I also noticed earlier that the Kirby Patch Set had 50% discount on it (good 'til 10/31 with 20th anniversary and now back to normal. I check almost every hour. I am hoping the 3DS XL Cradle comes back. :)