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Mon 30th Sep 2013

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boynerdrambling commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

My god, look at all these arm chair analysts. "Wahhhhh I know how Nintendo should release and plan their product more then Nintendo do. Wahhhh. How dare you not tell us when every single game you're working!on is coming on. Wahhhh." If you all really think their will be no games between kart im may and smash in nov/dec there is no helping you



boynerdrambling commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance W...:

Gotta love how this like all the other GBA news thread is hijacked by the "boo hoo, i want GBA games on my 3DS" crowd. Sorry to say fellas, you wont always get what you want in life, even if you whine on a internet site.

Looking forward to the GBA games next week. Never had one so missed out on a lot. And at under 10 bucks Australian, i'm a happy camper



boynerdrambling commented on Nintendo Passing on PAX East 2014:

Nintendo have already released a statement saying that they are planning other events for the consumer to get hands on. Obviously there gonna be doing a tour of some kind. But of course that statment hasnt been reported here. And whats with the constant direct begging? Its so whiny



boynerdrambling commented on Latest Assassin's Creed Announcement Continues...:

Meh. Wii U and 3DS for my Nintendo and indie games, PS4 for any other game that happen to intrest me. I'd only pick up AS a few years down the line when its in the bargin bin and I have nothing else to play. The franchise is getting a little dull. It still amazes me though that people thought 3rd parties were magically gonna develop games for nintendo again. You want them to support the system? support them with their current games on the market and show them theirs a demand there



boynerdrambling commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

It seems nintendo fans are starting to jump on the its cool to hate nintedo bandwagon any chance they get. First 3D World when it was announced, then Tropical freeze and now this. Maybe some of you need a generic fps to play

Looking forward to yoshi. I personally enjoyed the DS sequal, even though that was torn to shreds as well and will happily buy it when it comes to the virtual console, since i never actually owned the game



boynerdrambling commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

quite a feat given the console hardly has any games. microsoft handed this to sony on a platter after the DRM disaster. its not like the bone will be surpassing the U anytime soon though.

but anyway, who really cares, im gonna continue enjoying my hobby no matter whos wining the "console war" and you should to. Ignore the click bait some sites post at whatever chance they get and let nintendo/sony/microsoft worry about sales.



boynerdrambling commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

"We love working with Donkey Kong. It's a great character. It's a lot of fun. We love working with Metroid Prime, with Mario Kart; those are fun, fun games to work on. So, you know, you can't lose. Every one of those IPs have been a lot of fun to play with and work on and [we'd] love to come back to them sometime."

They pretty much confirm they aren't working on a new Donkey Kong or Metroid, yet you're all still going "omgz plz be metroid." Setting yourself up for massive disappoint guys. Heres hoping its a brand new IP of their own, they've more then proven themselves now.



boynerdrambling commented on It's Not Waluigi Time In The New Super Smash B...:

There are a lot more deserving characters out there for a spot in brawl then a filler mario kat/sports/party character. If he ever gets his own series like wario or a major presence in a 3D mario, then and only then would he deserve a spot on the roster



boynerdrambling commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

Nothing lasts forever people, time to build a bridge and get over it. Theres really no point acting all huffy about it. Its not like nintendo shot your dog in front of you and Its not like sony and microsoft dont shut off servers as well. If you have a 3DS or U play online there, or if your that burnt up about go play some online somewhere else. The systems are dead, outside of people that troll these type of forums there probably isnt a wide enough audience to keep the service going for most games anyway



boynerdrambling commented on Less Than 5% of Those Polled by the Game Devel...:

Hey guys, instead of turing this into a nintendoom things as usual, maybe you should step back and see that the percentages for the home console portion of the graph (U,PS4,BONE) are all pretty terrible. You know the industry is in trouble when the highest percentages are going to smart phone/tablets and pc.mac ios games.

Whats worse, the what remains of devs that are planning console support are trying to chase the 1% chance they'll make the next AAA cash cow, when in fact they'll make a game with a bloated budget that they'll never sell enough copies of to even remotely make their money back from. Leading to the studio/ publisher either axing jobs or shutting its doors. If it happens to enough companies, well the industry will crash.

Whats even funnier, the guy who originally tweeted this was a ubisoft dev, who followed on to say it was "good" devs weren't planning to make a game on nintendo platforms, the one company right now who's the next likely to suffer job cuts or closing its door. Rayman and Splinter Cell flopped. Assassins creed sales down release after release, added to the fact the hype for watch dogs is gone and theres probably no way they'll make bank on it. That guy will probably have a rude wake up call pretty soon.



boynerdrambling commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Yawn, could not care less about any sort of drought. Not only do I still have a major back log of games on my U, 3DS and PS3 but I also have better things to be doing with my life then sitting in front of a tv day in day out playing video games.



boynerdrambling commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Gotta love how people scream dissapointment when nintendo said before the direct even aired that it would only cover stuff to be released in spring. And really complaining about a game drought. Boo hoo. Have you got nothing better to do with your life then sit in front of a tv playing games every month of the year?



boynerdrambling commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

Nintendolife: never missing the chance to write a click bait article we've seen 100 times before.

At this point, 3rd parties are dead to me. I've been burned to many times this last year. Rayman delay, AS 4 delay and no dlc, arkham origins delay and no dlc, injustice delay and no dlc in my region and now a watch dogs delay. Enoughs enough. If your gonna treat a potental audience like dirt, expect the same thing back. At this point im gonna keep my wii u as a indie and nintendo game hub. Might get a ps4 years down the line if theres more then just kingdom hearts 3 that interests me.

You can all continue to blame nintendo as much as you want for the sales, but this situation is mostly the gamers fault for not buying 3rd party games and the other half of the blame goes to third parties for not putting any effort into their third party offerings and giving consumers any notion of respect.



boynerdrambling commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

@JaxonH you again deserve comment of the thread. People need to get off this hate nintendo train, take their beer goggles off and look at the industry on a whole. Its in big trouble. Sales are down for publishes across the board. Theres a huge crash coming, some devlopers will shut their doors (im looking at you square, ubisoft, capcom and ea), sony is teetering on the edge of finacal oblvion across the board. Microsoft wont even say how many xbones have been sold to the public, only the shipped numbers. Cod sales down, assasians creed sales down, batman down, splinter cell flopped, rayman flopped the list goes on and on and on. The only ones that are poised to make any lasting money are the indies. The reign of big budget aaa games is coming to an end. 3rd parties have no one to blame but themselves. They left nintendo during the 64 thanks to "higher development costs" now they chase them like a dog going after the mail man. We'll be hearing game over really soon across the board



boynerdrambling commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I know how nintendo life users like to jump on the 3rd parties hate nintendo and the nintendoom train whenever they can but i think you all need to look at the wider picture. Theres something wrong with the game as a whole across all platforms at the moment. We havnt seen anything new about the game for months and months which is not helping reignite the hype thats all but died for the game since the delay. Its clear that ubisoft are moving the wii u devs to the other versions to try and make this game passable, for whatever problems are going on in development. Its pretty clear ubi thinks they have a multi million dollar turd on their hands that they have no idea what to do with. Calling it now, the game will tank, be destroyed by reviewes and ubsioft will eventually be the first 3rd party to bow out of the development race this gen.

On the flip side if the game turns out to be good but gets cancelled for the wii u, i'll simply buy it used for my ps3 no money for you ubi



boynerdrambling commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

Consumers whine that theres no 3rd party support on nintendo platforms.
3rd parties put water downed versions of the game.
Consumers refuse to buy said water downed product.
3rd parties complain that no one buys there games.
Consumers continue to complain.

Its bitter cycle that won't change unless both 3rd parties and consumers pull their fingers out.



boynerdrambling commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

Also, heres the best summary I've come across today over the presentation. Should help explain to some of you who "don't get" Nintendo's plan.

The traditional gaming market is shrinking - TTWO and EA are shells of their former selves - and ATVI needs Destiny to make it big otherwise they are going to crash and burn from their debt burden. We don't need to talk about Ubisoft being on the verge of death multiple times over the past few years.

Nintendo is still going to keep making great games - they've made tremendous investments in the space over the past few years - even if traditional gaming dies - I can guarantee you Nintendo will be the last hold out and try to keep providing a traditional gaming experience.

If you were talking about Konami or Capcom who have no vested interest in their own hardware platforms - I'd agree with you - but you are talking about Iwata - the guy isn't going to let Nintendo give up on traditional games - he is burning hundreds of million on R&D for HD development - this strategy finally makes sense because it gives Nintendo the freedom to pursue a vast audience that is not on its own devices without sacrificing the high-quality games they are developing for their own platforms.

Basically Iwata is saying that the casual audience consumes their services in different ways - and Nintendo loses them by trying to sell them another expensive device when the world has evolved beyond that - getting people to buy a Wii U with the promise of another $100 Wii Fit U package isn't going to work - but that by treating those customers as consumers of Nintendo as a device-agnostic platform - they can preserve and profit from them - while actively pushing them to buy their hardware for the best experience. Some people will want a Nintendo console, some will just want a Nintendo wearable and some will want a Nintendo handheld, and yet others will just use their smartphone and just enjoy whatever content is accessible to them from there.

Yes Nintendo is late to the party - but this beats needlessly investing billions into online competitive multiplayer and other features to try and match Sony and Microsoft and Valve's entire Steam ecosystm in a shrinking marketplace. As a shareholder I'm extremely happy. As a gamer I'm even happier. We get to keep the traditional games + Nintendo can take a bet on testing their IPs on mobile platforms. The synergy between both should overall help Nintendo and mitigate the risk to any particular revenue stream.

As a gamer more importantly, this means Nintendo's next console hardware device doesn't need to meet pricing thresholds set by their desire to attract a casual audience since they will have a variety of other devices to meet that need - no gimmicks needed - they can build hardware specific for each audience and tie them into NNID/Miiverse/etc.

GAF should be ecstatic at this news - I really don't get why people believe Nintendo is abandoning gaming. At the very end of the Q&A Iwata explicitly says their core business is going to be building their own gaming hardware and software. Go read the Q&A!

Taken from NeoGaf



boynerdrambling commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

The nintendolife community right now:
"i don't understand a few slides that were directed at investors and not the consumer, there for I'm gonna call it stupid cause I don't understand."
Or this:
"damn it nintendo, how dare you do something other then make games for me all the time. I'm gonna complain about something that I don't even know the full scope about yet."

So where are all the people complaining that Sony and Microsoft make other things other then games then because how dare they have other revenue streams as well



boynerdrambling commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

nintendo, never ever listen to these arm chair analyst. the gamepad is awesome as is. Sure theres nothing revolutionary done with it yet, but I could never go back to playing games like Assassins Creed, Batman, Wind waker again after having the HUD and maps right under my nose without the need for pressing pause.



boynerdrambling commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

definitely not a good idea. you'll end up getting people who just hold out for sales. if any nintendo game is going to go on sale, which in most cases it wont, a sale of $10-20 would be the most reasonable. Nothing steam like that was seen yesterday



boynerdrambling commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

The arm chair analysts are strong in this article. Again, its not nintendos fault that 3rd partie games arent selling, its the consumers fault. You want more of their games? Buy them. Your telling me that out of the roughly 5 million wii u owners right now we cant get at least one 3rd party game to sell over 750,000 - 1 million copies? Because its more then do able considering 1st party titles can do it on this install base.

But alas 3rd parties arent gonna try at this point in time because none of their software has sold. Its a vicious cycle only you the consumer can break



boynerdrambling commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

Please, no more ports or remakes. New games from long dorminant series and new ips need to come first. I can see the follwing getting announced eventually for the wii u :
New metroid that wont be a prime game
Paper mario
Pokemon stadium.
And id love to see new entries on the kid icarus, golden sun, fire emblem, star fox and f zero games as well, but i doubt the last two are coming any time soon