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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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McHaggis commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I prefer download games these days, though I can't purchase many on the 3DS because they're not sharable between family members. I made that mistake with Bravely Default and now my daughter wants to play it. Do I cough up another £30 for a game I already own but am not playing right know? I think not...

I wish Nintendo would introduce some kind of family account that allowed games to be deleted from one 3DS so they can be used on another linked to the account.



McHaggis commented on Nintendo of Europe Sends Out The Legend of Zel...:

I'm a bit tired of never being part of the select few. I am a large Nintendo consumer, there are 5 3DS consoles, a Wii U and countless games for each in my household, yet I feel like a second class citizen whenever these promotions are doled out. Why don't they send the codes to everyone? Neither me nor my kids got any codes and we're all signed up to the newsletter.

Granted, I have a friend who can provide me with a download code, but it's not the point. Treat everyone fairly, Nintendo.



McHaggis commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

The Mario Kart DLC seems a little better value for money than Smash Bros. 16 extra tracks, 6 characters, 8 vehicles and the palette swaps for £11 isn't great, but it's not too bad. £3.59 for a single character is pretty horrendous, as is £5.52 for costumes that add no value to the game whatsoever.

I'm worried that by lapping up this DLC, we're just encouraging Nintendo's arbitrary pricing that doesn't reflect actual value (ie has no correlation to work done) – just like with 3DS home themes.



McHaggis commented on Video: Nintendo UK Sets Its Sights Firmly On T...:

"We'd like to think that Nintendo UK's new advert for its 3DS and 2DS systems is a knee-jerk reaction to the news that UK children are now more likely to game on a tablet than they are on a traditional games console, but we're not sure even the great Ninty can work that quickly."

That's a little bit assumptive. There's a good chance that Nintendo's own market research (either in-house or outsourced) would have told them the same thing quite a while ago, or at least that the market was travelling in that direction anyway.



McHaggis commented on Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms:

This would be a great step forward for Nintendo, especially with VC titles. NES games should be playable both on the Wii U and 3DS without having to pay again for the second platform.

What I'd like them to more seriously give attention to is family game sharing. I've got about 4 games on my XL that I'd like to let the kids play without them having to commandeer the console. It should be straightforward enough for me to just transfer a single game for them, but it's not.



McHaggis commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Importance of Chil...:

Here's a crazy idea, Nintendo: why don't you let me transfer some of my downloaded 3DS games to my children so they can experience those games now that I'm finished with them?

I'd love to see some kind of feature where I could manage my childrens' Nintendo Network accounts from my own, where I could purchase additional licenses for games that we can share and monitor their activity on Miiverse to make sure they're using it responsibly and safely.



McHaggis commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off The Wii U's Forthcom...:

This is great. I'd rather see them integrate the Wii U system menu into the in-game home menu, though. Since the system speed-ups last year, I think game loading times are more than tolerable, but exiting a game to go to the home screen to load a different game is still a pain.



McHaggis commented on Mario Kart 8 Producer Explains The Absence of ...:

I always enjoy a good chuckle, and that's what I get from reading the comments on this site. In particularly, whenever a negative aspect of a Nintendo product or business decision comes up in the news on a site, it's guaranteed that so many people will immediately leap to Nintendo's defence. There's so much ignorance and bias when it's not really necessary. Case in point, "we don't need a track editor because Nintendo's tracks are awesome", is ignorant because of the use of "we" to mean "I", and also the fact that eventually even the most loyal of fans are going to get bored of racing the same tracks over and over.

That being said, I never really go in for level/track editors much. I guess I'm not really that creative or just don't want to put the time in. I can still see why it would be a desirable feature for a lot of gamers, though, and that is reason enough for me to want it to be included too.

Plus, imagine an online mode that was custom tracks only. A 5-race GP randomly picking from the top 100 tracks based on Miiverse "Yeah" count, or something.



McHaggis commented on Wii Sports Club Free Trial Swings Into Play in...:

@RetroBillyT: I'm not sure I agree. Wii Sports Resort had 12 sports and launched at £34.99 including a Motion Plus adapter.

At £9 per sport, Wii Sports Club offers 3 sports for around the same price if we knock off the value of a Motion Plus adapter. Sure, they look better but I would argue that most of the groundwork was already there. There's the add online infrastructure, of course, but I still think anything more than £5 per sport is poor value for money.

I have bought a day pass, however, which I think is fairly reasonable for all the sports. I know if I paid the full price for each sport I probably would spend more than it would cost me in day passes to play over 2 years, so I'm going to wait until they release more sports and add a good deal.



McHaggis commented on Guitar/DJ/Band Hero DLC Catalogues Getting Unp...:

It seems like a strange move. I guess they're not selling much DLC these days, but would it do any harm just leaving it there?

I don't play much anymore, but most of my DLC was for Rock Band anyway, which worked better with my V-Drums.



McHaggis commented on Nintendo and Retro Studios Speak on Resistance...:


"After the Philips CDi the Mario and Zelda games, Nintendo vowed to never again allow one of their games on someone else's console."

That's not really the same thing (and they didn't really vow anything, they did what they had to at the time to get out of their deal with Philips). Nintendo didn't develop those games and had little or no creative input for them. What people are debating is if Nintendo should themselves develop games for other platforms.



McHaggis commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

I remember this, it was certainly tough. Me and my brother stayed up really late playing it into the night every night for ages. I'd definitely be interested in a sequel.

However, I want a classic Metroidvania‒style Castlevania game for the 3DS more. The DS got 3 classic Castlevania games but all we've had for the 3DS is Mirror of Fate (and there's no classic Metroid in sight).



McHaggis commented on Feature: The Weird and Wonderful World of Nint...:

The ornamental thumb pad isn't as pointless as you might think. At times where you need to push the analog stick to the right for a length of time, I sometimes find my thumb slowly slipping from the tip. This happens even more on my partner's pink 3DS XL: her thumb pad is a slightly lighter colour than mine but is much more difficult to grip.

Maybe I just sweat more in my hands at times of intense gaming, but an ornamental thumb pad wouldn't have these problems.



McHaggis commented on Nintendo Patented an "Illumination Device" for...:

Microsoft took this a lot further with the IllumiRoom, but it would presently be too expensive for the average consumer. It looks like Nintendo got their patent in first, too, but being a peripheral that stands on top of the TV and emits colours, I don't think Microsoft's would be infringing.



McHaggis commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

'I really sound like an "Iwata-fanboy" - even to myself - by now, but he is excellent at his job'

I have to disagree with this. Don't get me wrong, I think Iwata is great as the face of Nintendo and I like the guy much more than shark-like executives that you see running western companies, he just isn't excellent at his job. He's solely responsible for the bad decisions the company makes. It's those bad decisions that have led to the Wii U's disappointing performance and the company's third consecutive annual operating loss. Again, I don't think he's a particularly bad CEO, but he's far from excellent right now.



McHaggis commented on Retro Could Work On Miyamoto-Led Project In Th...:

@Kifa Other M wasn't 2.5D―a term that was coined for 3D games that restrict movement to a 2D plane―, and it certainly wasn't what anyone would consider a classic Metroid game. I'm talking side-scrolling, more akin to Super Metroid, but with some nice 2.5D camera panning, perhaps.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Prime Trilogy and I even enjoyed Other M, albeit to a lesser extent. But we've had 4 3D Metroid games since the last 2D game (Zero Mission), so I'd be happier if the games returned to their roots now. Or, perhaps they could work on a 2.5D game for the 3DS whilst creating the next cinematic 3D game for the Wii U, I certainly wouldn't argue .



McHaggis commented on UK Retailer GAME States Ambition to be at the ...:

This is actually one area where I think GAME are moving in the right direction. I purchased my first full retail download title, Bravely Default, at the end of December and got it for £32.99 instead of the eShop's £39.99. One of the few times that I've applauded the price points at GAME.

It's Nintendo that need to move forward with digital content. They charge so much but there are so many disadvantages over buying cartridges. The 5 3DS XL consoles in my home make downloading retail games a no go because we can't share them, so I'm still sticking with game cards for the majority of my purchases.



McHaggis commented on Nintendo Ordered to Pay Royalties on 3DS Sales...:

@Therrus: so you're willing to write this guy off as a patent troll until someone shows you otherwise? To quote your original post:

"I'll be honest: this company sucks. Let's sue everyone cuz we can make money with it..."

Maybe you'd like to provide a source for other companies that Tomita Technologies USA have sued? Perhaps some credible article that bolsters your reason to believe that the company sucks? No? But I'm the one conjuring out of thin air?

Since you asked, there's plenty of articles stating a few more facts, including one here on Nintendo Life.


'So how about all the other companies that Nintendo claims to have come to them with 3D technology? Should every one of the other options that Nintendo turned down come back and sue them then?'

Well, only if they sincerely believe that Nintendo's technology infringes. My guess is that they have all thoroughly investigated the 3DS and found it to be non-infringing otherwise they would most definitely have sued by now (assuming they could afford it).

This is exactly what I was talking about in my first post; you guys were quick to write off the supposed inventor of the technology, but how would you feel if you tried to sell a patented invention to a company and they sidestepped you several years later with suspiciously similar technology? For some people, inventing technology is their livelihood and they're just trying to make a living like everybody else. They deserve to get paid if people use their technology and that's the whole point of patents.

Of course, Nintendo could be innocent in all this and they really might not infringe. Then again, anyone remember Anascape v. Nintendo? Nintendo were ordered to pay $21 million back in 2008, they lost an appeal that same year and the judgement was finally overturned in 2010. That could happen here, too, although it's been up in front of 3 judges already and not looking good for Nintendo.



McHaggis commented on Nintendo Ordered to Pay Royalties on 3DS Sales...:

You guys are forgetting that this guy approached Nintendo with his patented technology before they built the 3DS. It's not like he patented something akin to vapourware; he invented something, patented it and tried to sell it. Calling the justice system a joke, or the guy a patent troll, or evil is just embarrassing for you because you know absolutely nothing about the case and can't see past your oh-so-obvious bias for Nintendo.

Of course, I'm not saying that Nintendo are infringing, that's for the courts to decide. Which they have done, several times in Tomita's favour.



McHaggis commented on System Maintenance Targeting Wii Sports Club S...:

Although I enjoy some of the sports, e.g bowling and golf, I refuse to purchase them for £8.99 each. Wii Sports Resort included 12 sports at an RRP of £39.99. If Wii Sports Club ends up with the same 12 sports, that's just shy of £108.

I would have definitely considered £4.99 per game.



McHaggis commented on Review: Bravely Default (3DS):

@zipmon: not sure if this helps, but the demo says the final version is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. I'm not sure if all those languages are present on the UK version of the retail game, but that usually is the case, IIRC.



McHaggis commented on StreetPass Relay Point Improvements and Free S...:

Well, this is good news for me, since our household has 5 3DS consoles. So at least the odds of all of us streetpassing has gone up. The downside is, I've visited 3 MacDonalds restaurants in my area since the relays were launched, and none of them seem to give me any hits.



McHaggis commented on DuckTales: Remastered Hits Retail Shelves in N...:

My son is still playing the digital release I bought on day 1, almost every day (he's only 3, but can do pretty much all the levels apart from the final "race" without needing any help).

I do think this game is a bit short for a retail release, even at $19.99. If you're quick and don't care about unlocking the artwork/soundtrack extras even a novice could complete the game in about an hour.

@CountWavula: it's not exactly the same, no. Some of the layout has changed with new tasks in each level, the boss battles are different, and there's also cut scenes and voice acting. Also, the soundtrack is fantastic.



McHaggis commented on Video: Ubisoft Unveils Illuminating New Child ...:

@unrandomsam: still not over the Rayman Legends delay? I was a little miffed at first, but... seriously, it's gone, it's in the past. Buy the game and you will not be disappointed.

To say that Ubisoft are poisoning the 3rd-party market for the Wii U makes you reek of bitterness and you're clearly blind to the fact that Ubisoft are one of the few companies still driving 3rd-party on the Wii U. If they went the way of THQ and sold their IP to other companies, the Wii U would see even less games (god forbid any of this stuff would be bought by EA). Of course, that's not going to happen.

On a side note, did you actually watch the trailer? This game looks amazing and quite original. The battle mechanics remind me of Grandia's, particularly the timeline and being able to cancel an enemy's action.



McHaggis commented on Rumour: Hacker Unlocks Three New Legendary Pok...:

@belmont: Hackers have been able to play around with the 3DS RAM for a while now, even when games are running.

Smealum doesn't really have any reason to lie. He's made some good progress hacking the 3DS recently, although I prefer it when people don't ruin surprises for the rest of the world.