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Mon 13th Jan 2014

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michaelshellman commented on Congo Calling's Bandi Mbubi Urges Gamers To Pr...:

im with thumperuk i was going to say the same. ill hold my applause for when they make the sacrifice to provide dignity to the human condition in there work place. come on everybody be like apple except for the part were everybody who works for them wants to kill them selves. if you work hard to make a company what it is you deserve enough to think of your self as a successful worth living being. to think you can work honest and hard to make a company big and successful and wish to throw yourself out of a window is insane.those conditions would have to be brutal to even consider. now they do something that your supposed to do and want to wear the robes of an idle?, na if im hungry but dieing of thirst id rather have my glass of water.



michaelshellman commented on Talking Point: What We Expect In Nintendo Dire...:

i thought sonic boom was going to be talked about and the next dlc for sonic lost world involving the zelda stage. also i was hopping to here more about hyrule warriors. it would have all tied together but i guess it was time to reveal what the 3ds had to offer,i actually want to get the yoshi game now that i saw more. im confident ill enjoy that game



michaelshellman commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

im just glad that its still coming and ubisoft is still one of the best 3rd party supporters, there are tuns of hot titles coming to the wii u this year.after those games sell more consoles this game will sell fine and people who buy the affordable console tend to only have one so those customers aren't going to by this game on other consoles and if they want those sells witch they do, they will released there game on wii u witch they will because the wish the keep the relationship that they have worked to keep with nintendo. relax yall, this is going to be a kick donkey year for nintendo fans. we will be so busy with exclusive titles are heads are going to spin plus watchdogs is still coming, so be exited this year will rock!!

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michaelshellman commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo Has Unfinished Business Wit...:

2d? does he mean like mario galaxy in a side scrolling style? i hope not :/ lets not hold back on the wii us impressive ability to make a fantastic 3d open world game. i dont think the N64 would have sold well if it stuck to the side scrolling style while everyone else ways exploring the new possibility that a 3d world had to offer. with that said the 4th dimensions might be the best tool to use to make a new game in the present that couldn't have been played in the past. its like the situation with going to mars. if someone went to the moon while some else went to mars some would be interested the moon landing but there would be more appreciation and focus for the mission to mars. unless he's thinking of putting the game on the 3ds, that might be interesting but just in case fans don't like it he should release the other galaxy games remade in the 3d on the 3ds i cant imagine anybody complaining to much even if the new galaxy game turns out to be a fail. i mean hell who cares right go play the other game you love in 3d!



michaelshellman commented on Nintendo Still Seeking a Product to Define the...:

i cant wait to see what they come up with. The game pad is genus! i guarantee no body is going to prefer split screen for a two player game. if you got friends or brother you play fps games with,then the wii u will offer the best experience for that because of the game pad. that's what the game pad is about,an opportunity and possibility that arn't present in any other console. the team of nintendo is currently working there butts off to provide us with something. the pendulum swings both ways the harder is swings in a bad direction the harder it'll swing in the good direction. so prepare your selves something good is on its way!



michaelshellman commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

this game rocks! yea the controls were bad a bit but it was well worth getting use to, one of the things that i remember loving the most was that little robot guy by your shoulder. if i remember correctly he could be controlled by you or a second player or something like that.droids are always awesome!



michaelshellman commented on Review: Blast Corps (Nintendo 64):

ahh this game i remember this game. i don't remember beating it but i do remember loving this game, its like a child's dream to smash buildings in different trucks....i also remember a flying robot or something like that.



michaelshellman commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

there is so much that i love about what the game pad can do, one is play and watch tv and another is the ability to play two player with out that split screen.those two things alone make the game pad idea a genius concept! and it could do much more. every brand new and fun idea that nintendo had invented on the ds and 3ds can be applied and if the game pad is going to be a main focus this year i can wait to see how ill be able to play home console quality games in a immersive 3d world. if they make a real time strategy game as solid as starcraft just think about how much quicker we could multitask using the game pad. you could scroll on the map and still be able to build your army without scrolling back there might even be able to have more time to custom build a tank or a kick donkey robot if the game pad is used right. a new game like that with stunning graphic could be the game of the year especially if online co-op is available in fact its a must for a game like that. it might also win over a lot of respect that other gamers have being holding back from giving nintendo.
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michaelshellman commented on Video: Japanese Donkey Kong Country: Tropical ...:

i have a feeling im going to love the two player action in this one i love when the second player can help without getting in the way. especially when its your little nephew who wants to play. definitely exited! everything looks upgraded and new! i usually don't like side scrolling games but i cant wait to play this one



michaelshellman commented on Video: Short Film Extols The Virtues Of Button...:

buttons definitely provide a more insured feeling then touch screen, you can hear see and feel the action you made. when i flip a switch i know the current has been blocked or cut off but if i touch a screen im thinking did i touch it to soft is the signal going to communicate correctly or did i even touch the right area. technology is great enough to provide the insurance but doing it manually give you the benefit of knowing you have done what you have done.



michaelshellman commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

i was literally about to buy the game :/ i feel like 3rd party game developers don't believe in the tipping point. i wonder is current or recent profit is more important then life time, never went to business school i wouldn't know but it seems like there's more of a passion for developing a regular video game and making as much money on it as soon as possible rather then creating something that will stand out from the rest and use the advantage of the wii u to make and experience that hasn't been seen or felt or thought up of by anybody. were are the exited innovators willing to throw a couple of bucks into making something that will change the way we think about how a video game can be enjoyably played! in the long run there name will stand out if they are successful at being attractively innovative. am i the only one that thinks real time strategy can be great for the game pad and the wii remote makes up for a hell of a gun and sword fighting game or an at home arcade experience, even a first person shooter would be great with the game pad if i could tell my comrades were to go on the game pad. bigger maps and quick weapon change out aint creative enough.i think were all waiting for 3rd party developers to get exited about what can be done on the wii u instead what we see is them thinking about how much can be made on the wii u and because we don't share the same excitement there will always be a lack of faith and interest in what they developed and when they put there best work on other consoles the respect thins out. its all about the tipping point i wish more had faith in it because there is a huge fan base waiting to enjoy the great creations that missed the nintendo consoles.



michaelshellman commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

as long as its not a side scrolling game id be happy to see some of the best games for the ds come to the wii u virtual shop but only the good ones,lets not give the least power gaming experience on the wii u lets give the best most powerful gaming experience on the wii u especially if its going to be a throw back experience.



michaelshellman commented on Nintendo Planning to Offer "Flexible Price Poi...:

affordability is a hard thing to hate!! but it i have to gather these points by creating an online account with a password and transferring some code that appears on my tv to my computer then i probably wont do it as often as i should :/ i hope that these points are automatically saved into my console as soon as i start the download or perhaps be rewarded these points by rating the games iv played. As long as its simple ill be racking them point up



michaelshellman commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

ill be looking forward to the next mass effect,im exited to think it might be on the wii u. if it is coming to the wii u,then in my mind the game has already been bout but if it turns out to be as dull as nfsmw then i will loose all respect for the series,i loved the need for speed games especially when i was able to make gas stations blow up and buildings fall on the police and drag races and so on but the one on wii u just made my whole past experience turn into nothing and now i dont even think about nfs or get exited about it



michaelshellman commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

of course nintendo has something up there sleeves, there are still lots of nintendo 1st party titles that they havent even used yet like metroid,star fox kirby, pokemon, yoshi, marth, golden sun,f zero,kid icarus, and more as long as they express the power in the wii u and not do that side scrolling style they'll be able to stick in the game for a long wial. they started early maby thats why they've been waiting to use these titles for when it has to compete with the other consoles. im sure they have realized that they will be in the race a lot longer so why sprint in the beginning.nintedno is like a dragon that will not go down without a fight and a roar you will feel its wrath before its console dies!



michaelshellman commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

cant decide weather n64 or dreamcast games would be better.....i never owned a dreamcast so it would be neat to try there top 10 titles i never played before. then again i would love remastered n 64 games with online play like pokemon stadium or star craft. also hybrid heaven or Jet Force Gemini with upgraded improvements in controls,graphic and gameplay would be freaken awesome!



michaelshellman commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

when a game gets released on all platforms it becomes noticed and gets all players excited. there is always something about games that get released on all platforms that stand out from the rest and in the end it ends up with more respect. i loved mass effect 3 to think some one could make a game like that then act like this is just confusing. seems childish to say no to being one of the greats recognize by all players because you dont fancy the wii u. a tun of people love call of duty because it gave itself a chance to be recognize by everyone and i for one greatly appreciate being allowed to buy and play there games and i look forward to buying there next title and so on and so on. but if i had to buy another console to recognize there game well i never would have. they may think its not worth spending money to sell there games on wii u but i think its not worth spending 500 dollars to take a chance on a game......this will be there mistake



michaelshellman commented on Weirdness: When Publicity Pictures Aren't Wort...:

the wii fit u games are a fun way to get a motive for getting fit,but as fun as they may be for a work out you would feel stupid if someone was watching let alone taking pictures. snap one of me wial im ski jumping,yea see what happens we'll be wii boxing in no time



michaelshellman commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

who ever these developers are,they should be ashamed to call themselves professionals. they hired a group that cant find a way to take advantage of a cpu? that sounds like an embarrassing issue for them not nintendo. not being able to make your money back on a game you made has everything to do with rather people like it enough to buy it or not considering you had the numbers of how many console were sold before you made the decision to develop a game on that console and instead of channeling that motivation into being more creative and financially efficient they have attempting to share there failure with the team of nintendo with a bad review. in case the developer are reading this comment here is some advice. first hire someone who speaks japanese that's an easy issue to tackle you cant get a high school diploma unless you take classes for a foreign language how can nobody in your team who has a passion to develop video games not be prepared for this? secondly shape up your team,you have a reputation to keep!you cant keep blaming the console every time your sells arnt up to par be a professional and over come the issue you face and be triumphant in the end