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Sat 18th Jan 2014

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AbsolutSnake commented on The Current Final Fantasy Director Would Like ...:

I would love to see a full blown Zelda x Final Fantasy game. Something similar to FF7-10, just a very deep rpg leveling system. Expand more on the Zelda/Link world lore. But keep Tetsuya Nomura and his chains and belt buckles away from the Zelda games and we should be fine.

To those whinging, you know you don't have to buy it. And just wait for Ninty to release your Zelda game



AbsolutSnake commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

Wow! I'm really surprised at the amount of people that don't like this game. As I thought I was the only one.

For some reason I love the Mario platformers, 1-3 and my favorite Mario, Super Mario World... But I don't know what it is, but ever since Mario made the transition in to 3D space I've never felt comfortable controlling him. My guess is that ever since the early Mario games everything was relied on timing of the jumps and what not and now they aren't there, it just feels off for me. Maybe one day i'll revisit them and try to enjoy them but I doubt it.



AbsolutSnake commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:


I don't know where Ninty are going because right now they're damm if they do and damm if they don't. But if they are only catering to the same Ninty fans who lap up everything Nintendo does then they are going to be in the same situation as the WiiU.

I think the NX is going to be a crossroads for Nintendo



AbsolutSnake commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:


E3 is all about hyping your wares. Even if they don't come out in 6 months time, its supposed to show what your company has in the future for its fans a year or two down the track so they can get behind your console, get excited, discuss/bicker about your amazing games.

Hell, they only needed show fades to black images of a Metroid silhouette with a WiiU logo at the end and the fans would have gone bonkers



AbsolutSnake commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

@kyuubikid213 Everyone that champions the WiiU talks about using the pad as a map/inventory but what happens when you off-play and you're not using your TV, on a game that requires dual screen gaming? Does the game automatically switch to a system, where now you have to pause and look at your inventory/map on the same screen like a regular game?

As a young kid i always thought this was a cool concept to have a lil screen light up on your pad. But now that its out in the open, tried and tested. I don't think it works unless the 2nd screen is within your eye level (DS). I can't imagine having to constantly look up and then look down every couple of minutes be all that fun



AbsolutSnake commented on Feature: The Best Pro Wrestling Games That the...:

Oh man soooooo many good memories! Even tho I never owned a 64, those Aki/THQ wrestling games were the reason I wanted a N64. I don't think any wrestling game since, has come close.

Everything about those Aki games was what a wrestling game should be. Fun, rubber banding mechanics, simple yet deep controls and an excellent grappling system. I can only imagine what a wrestling game would be like with today's graphics but with the Aki grappling system ... The only problem if it was released today it would end up like every sporting title and released annually with no significant changes



AbsolutSnake commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

@datamonkey @Ralek85 I've been on that train since the GC. This is the 4th time I've sided with Sony (Just recently bought a PS4), vs the 3 times i've bought a Nintendo console (NES, SNES and GC).

I don't know what it is? But I can't see myself ever buying a Nintendo console. Maybe its because I've been so engrossed with the PS brand and the variety games they've offered me or that they've been there for the most part of my life growing up i.e. high school, college, workforce, friends...

IMO They've got to open up that war chest and start creating 1st Party Studios that can create games and fill the void left by 3rd Parties. They might not be able to catch up to Sony in this 8gen war, but they can still pull a PS3 and work damm hard to win back the hearts and minds of some gamers who have left them, when they release their next console. One thing that still befuddles me is that they don't have their very own Racing Sim. They're usually G Rated and its one of the console games you can make, that can push the limits of the console and showoff its tech... shrugs



AbsolutSnake commented on Nintendo Scoops Two Awards at D.I.C.E:

Man those salty Ninty fan tears taste sooooo good!

It happens all time time. Awards don't count, only when Nintendo win awards do they count...

Me personally I think GTAV should of got GOTY, just for the shear size of the game and pushing the PS3 to its absolute max...