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Fri 20th December, 2013

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Tritonus commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Guess I have to buy a 3DS now...

I think this is a really weird move by Nintendo. They should do all they can to boost Wii U sales, and this ain't helping. I already have a Wii U, but considering this is a game that might convince people to buy the Wii U, I think the fact that the 3DS version comes out first will seriously undermine the Wii U sales...



Tritonus commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Nintendo's biggest mistake?

Making the 3DS and Wii U experiences too similar.

3DS has a Mario 3D Land VS Wii U Mario 3D World
3DS has Donkey Kong C:R VS Wii U Donkey Kong C: TP
3DS has Mario Kart 7 VS Wii U Mario Kart 8
3DS has Sonic Lost World, as does Wii U

3DS will get Smash Bros 3DS, like Smash Bros. on Wii U
3DS will get Sonic Boom, like Wii U

Nintendo is not giving enough reason why people should invest in a Wii U rather than a 3DS.

Smash won't save Wii U as it will be coming on 3DS. Neither will MK8, since a perfectly fine MK is out on 3DS. Nintendo needs to start differentiating a bit more if they want people to buy both a 3DS and a Wii U.

Does the Wii U need to be saved? I don't really think so. I'm enjoying the great games it has - it's like GameCube all over, which was my favorite console by far.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Am I one of the only ones here who still have TONS of games to play?

There are still so many games that came out in 2013 that I want to play that makes me not worry about 2014 at all...

The games coming out in 2014 should keep me more than busy... Kart and Smash are going to have so much replay value that I doubt they will leave me wanting for much else, and DKCTP, Beyonetta 2, X and Watch_Dogs will be more than enough for once I even start playing titles that I've yet to play: W101, WWHD, Deus Ex, Sonic Lost World, ACIV... and many more in my backlog I've yet to finish... SM3DW, Rayman, Luigi U, Splinter Cell, Pikmin DLC...

There are so many great games out - I for one have difficulty understanding how people can talk about a drought...



Tritonus commented on AE Games Reveals Mad Men Football, High Impact...:

I've been thinking this exact thing: The lack of sports games on Wii U is a golden opportunity for other games companies to try their hand at sports games.

Hell, even Nintendo should open their own sports division.



Tritonus commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I actually don't really care about this, I have so many other games, and a busy life besides gaming that I can definitely wait until fall if that's the time it comes out.

Would rather have gamepad support than play it on any other system too.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Sonic and the Wii U Both Seek a...:

@RetroJosh Nice! I feel like this title is going to be doing great things for Wii U - I think the trailer looks awesome.

@ThomasBW84 Good read, and I agree, I feel like this Sonic title already has a fair amount of buzz going for it. It looks great, IMO. BUT I have to question your statement about this being the third game in the Sega/Nintendo Sonic deal, as I remember reading somewhere that the Mario/Sonic Olympic game was NOT part of that deal, making Sonic Boom the 2nd game of three. I'll see if I can find the reference.

Never mind - I found the source (joystiq) which has since been updated to say that it in fact is the 3rd game in the deal:

Those hoping Sonic Boom will make it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are out of luck. Steve Singer, Nintendo's VP of licensing, was at the event to emphasize that Sonic Boom represents the second of three planned Sonic exclusives for Nintendo machines. Looks like there will be one more to round a trilogy between Lost World and Boom.

Update: Corrected information regarding exclusivity. Sonic Boom is the third game in Sega's exclusivity arrangement with Nintendo, rounding out



Tritonus commented on Big Red Button's Bob Rafei Spills More Details...:

"The GamePad display has given us a great solution for local co-op play. We tried different solutions for our co-op camera, including single split-screen display, but ultimately this wasn't able to service our game vision."

THIS!!! I have been saying for a while that the GamePad is PERFECT for this, and I frankly don't understand why it's not in SM3DW and DKC:TP...



Tritonus commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

@beingvasey I'm surprised no one is talking about this as well. This to me it the most interesting part.

Now we just have to wait and see what companies they want to acquire, game developers or tech developers. Maybe both. But I hope it'll be people like platinum, and upcoming indie devs..

They need to "outsource" the mature games that they desperately need to change their image from "kiddie" to "for everyone".

@IceClimbers Ah I see that SOME people are talking about it ;)

Yeah, Capcom, Square Enix and Sega are good options, if only for the IP as their talented developers are long gone. Also I would say Platinum, Comcept (Might no. 9), Atlus...

As for western developers... any ideas?

Maybe they should enter a partnership with LEGO to get exclusive LEGO games for Nintendo consoles, and exclusive LEGO / Nintendo toys... Really, could you imagine anything more perfect than a Mario, Zelda or Pokemon LEGO series? Maybe they should just do a Smash series :)



Tritonus commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:


I think Nintendo games vary a lot, they can both be easy and incredibly challenging.

While it's true that they are sometimes easy, it's because they are going for the "make it as hard as you want it" - which fits for the "games for everyone" they are going for.

For instance, you can "beat" Mario Galaxy with 70 or so Stars, but if you try and collect all 120 you will come across some BLISTERINGLY hard levels. Please don't tell me you thought every single star in Mario Galaxy 1/2 were easy. Same with collecting starcoins in NSMBU.

Super Luigi U packs quite the challenge, as does the Donkey Kong games - with Tropical Freeze supposedly being even harder than Returns.

Games like Smash and Kart is all about the competitiveness, even though I think these can be challenging even in single player in the later stages.

Super Mario Strikers: Charged (Wii) was insanely difficult to beat.

F-Zero GX is probably the hardest racing game I ever played.

Pikmin 3: The campaign is "easy" if you instantly figure out all the puzzles, but the boss fights are challenging IMO. The Mission mode is extremely challenging going for Platinum trophies and trying to get high on the leaderboards.

Zelda dungeons can be really hard to beat. I rarely go a full Zelda game without having to look up hints online. Also, if you want more of a challenge in the fights, they have Hero mode in the most recent games which ramps up the difficulty significantly.

(What I like about Zelda and Pikmin games is that they provide a mental challenge, rather than the "grind" kind of challenge which just overwhelms with huge amounts of enemies and repetitive battles. - But I do enjoy those games as well sometimes, it's just a different kind of challenging)

It's fairly easy to dismiss Nintendo games as "easy" but the truth is that they can be as hard as you want them to be. I think what Nintendo does brilliantly is making their games enjoyable for everyone. You can adjust the difficulty of the game in various ways yourself by setting your own goals, collecting stars and starcoins, and hero and mission mode for example.

I for one have not found all the secrets and starcoins in NSMBU yet. And haven't beaten Luigi U.

Oh yeah, and W101 is supposed to be really really hard, while it's not a first party title, it is a Nintendo published / funded Wii U exclusive... So is Beyonetta... They really are trying to give the Wii U a diverse body of games and challenges... They just need to do MORE of it!



Tritonus commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

@Doma You are jumping to conclusions. I'm reading it as they are saying it's in bad shape, and the reform should seek to improve the situation. Abandoning the Wii-U now and publicly announcing it is a non-option.

The Wii U does have a future. It's called 2014 and has the nicknames of MK8, Smash U, Beyonetta, X and Zelda U.



Tritonus commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

@Yorumi great comments.. Really insightful, everybody on here should read.

@Cuddles You know they didn't say they've given up on the Wii U, they are acknowledging that it's in trouble, which is probably quite the opposite of giving up on it.

Also, in my mind, mature is not caring about being perceived as mature. Being overly concerned with "mature" is actually juvenile. I just want good games. Wether it's Mario or Metroid, I would label both as "mature".

However, I agree that I wouldn't mind seeing more of Metroit, StarFox, and F-Zero, their typically labelled "hardcore" titles. I just can't picture a "maturified" mario. It doesn't even make any sense... Blood and gore mario platformer? no no no.

Smash Bros. for instance is so great because it's a beat em up game with all the classic characters beating the pulp out of each other. It's really bizzare in it's own right, and it plays to our nostalgia. If it had blood and gore and all the characters were "maturified" I really think it would lose its magic.

Zelda, however I feel is open to multiple interpretations. But I would also argue that titles like Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are dark enough to be considered mature.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

Leave the GamePad in. I love the GamePad. People who don't like it probably haven't tried the value of off-tv play and inventory management. While these are simple things, I can't really imagine not having them now that I do. Same with Wiimote controls for FPS / aiming and RTS games.

I think to me, what really boggles the mind is how games like SM3DW and DKC:TP are not using it at all! One of the biggest criticisms of platforming multiplayer is camera issues, and the GamePad is PERECT for getting around this. Especially DKC:TP which only supports two players, I mean why on earth doesn't the GamePad player get to have a camera centered on your player rather than alway being a fixed average where you constantly fall out of the screen... Also, this is practically what multi-GamePad support should be for. It's just unfortunate that the GamePad is so expensive.

Nintendo just need to push out games that utilize it in great ways. Why SM3DW and DKC:TP doesn't is really confusing.

However, I do understand that it would be beneficial for Nintendo to be able to slash the price of their console. I just don't really think it's a solution... Retrofitting games and the Wii U OS would be such an insane amount of work - and also would piss off maybe 5-6 million current Wii U owners who then might feel they paid more money for a GamePad which has now been made redundant.




Tritonus commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

@electrolite77 misjudgement, yes. Arrogance? I think that's a bit harsh. Nintendo didn't exactly expect Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends to get delayed, as well as they didn't expect EA to jump ship. As well as Sonic Lost World and W101 to not have an impact.

What Nintendo should take away from this, for the next console and handheld launches, is that they need to launch with killer Nintendo games. ie, a 3D mario and a 3D Zelda, and maybe one of the Mii games, like wii party / wii sports. Their timing has been off for a while now on that. (Wii was amazing with Twilight Princess and Wii Sports though). They need that kind of line up.



Tritonus commented on Interview: Codemasters - F1 Race Stars: Powere...:

@Ernest_The_Crab @element187 I think you both misunderstood me. Of course, this isn't Nintendo's decision, I was only stating that if Nintendo doesn't include online in MK8 / SSB U, then I'm not sure I would buy them. Furthermore, I am worried about that given Nintendo's general reluctance to online. I know the previous installments of these games had online, but.. I'm still worried, lol!

Really, it's unrelated to this game, I was just drawing the comparison that for me, this kind of game needs to have online.



Tritonus commented on Interview: Codemasters - F1 Race Stars: Powere...:

@kyuubikid213 Comparing to Zelda U is really weird. I couldn't care less if Zelda U doesn't have online multiplayer. (However, the message in a bottle feature, and other non-direct interaction would be very welcome).
But this is a racing game. It's practically made for online. Racing against the computer is only so fun. These competitive games are perfect for online.

I know MK7 and Brawl had online, but besides Miiverse, Nintendo seems to be regressing into local play (Nintendoland, SM3DW, Pikmin 3) - so I'm kinda having my doubts. These are all games that could have benefitted from online play, EVEN if the local experience is superior in these cases. Especially Pikmin 3 could have benefitted from online bingo battles, and online co-op play. I get why Nintendoland and SM3DW don't have online play, but it certainly wouldn't have hurt them either.

A game like this however, I need online play to justify the buy. It's a racing game. Competitive by nature. I have noone to compete with then there's no point. Conditions in my life are that I don't have people around to sit play split screen with.

Online and local play are not mutually exclusive. They can coexist.



Tritonus commented on Interview: Codemasters - F1 Race Stars: Powere...:

No online? For an eShop only game? This is a viscous cycle.

I know that nintendo tends to focus on the "local" experience, but not all of us (stuff happens when you grow up) have a ton of friends and family around anymore to play with all the time. For a game like SM3DW I get it, but a kart game?

MK8 and Smash better have online. Otherwise I'm not sure I'll be buying.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@Eddsnake While I'm not so much into the thought, optional GamePad is looking more and more like it could be an option. That would also allow them to slash the console price significantly, as the GamePad is what keeps the price high. If they do this, they should give early adopters eShop discount or something, or discount on an eventually updated truly portable GamePad.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@Sceptic I will agree that they have problems and they need to improve. Especially on delivering said "promised content". The problem has also been that their focus has been, without a doubt, the 3DS for a while. Now that that platform is doing fine, they need to switch focus back to the Wii U.

They need to wake up on a couple of points: Online integration, VC library, account systems. And more games. ASAP.

Also, in my eyes no single game alone is worth spending the amount of money that a console costs. It's the accumulated library that counts. The Wii U has great games already out and, more importantly, on the way, improving the value of the buy in. BUT more are needed. This is how they should fix this, with more great games. They are sitting on a pile of cash, they should hire more developers.

While I still love their games, I agree with you they need to snap out of their alternate reality. Nintendo has the potential to be the best games company in the world, as they are progressive, but are held back as they are also simultaneously ultra conservative. They need to let go of the "offline" age. They need to westernize a bit. But without losing touch with the magic that their games provide.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@Sceptic You're gonna steer clear of Nintendo because they underestimated projections? Or because you want 3rd party support? You know you're allowed to buy more than one console.

The Wii U has some great games already, and has great games on the way. N64 lost the war. GameCube lost the war. Both fantastic consoles. The games you think of when you think of those consoles were 1st and 2nd party, not 3rd party. The Wii U can still end up being a fantastic machine.

Your loss I guess, but it's your opinion too, so if you're happier that way its all great. I'm in it for the games, and Nintendo is still doing top quality games, as shown by Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World. Just have patience.




Tritonus commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

@Damo "We are thinking about a new business structure."

Yeah, how about advertising for once?

I think, ever since the N64 era, Nintendo has been horrible at it. I remember growing up and seeing tons of PSX ads on tv, in the movie theater, on billboards, online... No Nintendo ads, nowhere. And it went on and on like through PS2 and PS3 era. With the Wii, they did have a brief stint where they could advertise the wow-factor of the controls. Also word of mouth here helped a lot.

Now with Wii U it's the same thing. The tablet doesn't have that wow-factor (even though I think it's an amazing controller, and off-tv play is the best thing to happen since the NES)... Advertisement is nowhere to be seen. My cousin came over for x-mas and when he saw the wii u he uttered "I've actually never seen this before" and this is coming from a family who grew up with Nintendo since the NES days and had every single console since, including a Wii

I know people say it's not as simple as that, but honestly, does anyone believe that advertising wouldn't help?



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@Laxeybobby I think it's more something along the lines of announcing A LOT of exiting games, showing people what's in store for Wii U, what they are working on etc. That, and then a lot of advertising. Maybe finally releasing the VC library at a faster pace... More eShop sales... Stuff like that.

Them abandoning the Wii U is not a good business move I think. They made the console, they are working on the games, they might as well finish what they started, as they have the cash pile to support it for a while.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

More than anything I think Wii U's problem is that it doesn't have the big games yet..

Heck, Wii launched with a Zelda for crying out loud!

We should stop spelling doom for Nintendo until the end of this Generation, we really won't know anything until then.



Tritonus commented on Nintendo Has "Great Games" But Is Facing A "St...:

Please god no. I really really really don't hope that Nintendo goes down this route.

THAT would truly be the end of Nintendo. I would rather have Nintendo on the PlayStation brand than in a watered down smartphone version.

But really, I just want them to keep making home consoles. so, agreed with @WingedSnagret



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@unrandomsam Yeah I realize the USB 2.0 is a bottleneck. But, I found that I don't really have an issue with the load times of the HDD.

That being said, the Wii U update could benefit from SDD external support somehow. Is that USB 3 or what that is the optimal for that?

My other points about the external HDD still stand. I still prefer that option.



Tritonus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@SavantSupreme HDD as big as the console? Eh? I have a 500gb HDD and it's about as big as the palm of my hand... It's this one actually:


You can hardly see the drive even when it's sitting on top of my black wii u as they have the same color, and if I wanted to I could easily tuck it behind the TV where all the other wires are.

I MUCH prefer the external HDD option that Nintendo gave us.. It means I can upgrade to SSD if I wanted to, or have as much or as little space as I need.

If I decide I no longer need the HDD on my Wii U, I can unplug it, reformat it and store a bunch of other stuff on it.

If you're not into downloading games, then you don't need the HDD either.
I don't really think it's the issue here.

The only thing I could possibly want from a Wii U update is an updated GamePad that has a longer connection range, or even is portable in itself as it can connect to wifi independently from the console. And possibly an upgrade to the wifi firmware / software in the console itself... It seems to be a little too unstable, really.

That being said, matte black plastic wouldn't hurt. The Glossy look needs to go if they do make an update. It works for the white one but not as much for the black IMO.



Tritonus commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

I honestly think people are being too hard on Wii. Sure it had many shovelware waggle games, but you could easily ignore those. Graphics, yeah it was the worst of that generation, but the 1st party titles still looked great - albeit very dated by the end of the generation.

It had so many fantastic games! and superior control for FPS and actions games where you had to aim, I may be in the minority here, but dual stick analog fps really doesn't do it for me - it's like being a robot where the chunky controls take you out of the immersion. You can't hit anything! Even the games agree with this, as they have extreme "auto-aim" support to make up for the poor controls of dual analogue. What the hell is an FPS if you don't need aim skill?

Also, Pikmin Wiimote controls! So good.

I think the thing that is hurting Nintendo the most is their continued resistance to online, region locking and an account system. Those things go a long way to provide a seamless user experience.

I hope Nintendo never goes third party. I am one of those people that really think that the Wii Remote and GamePad is a good thing... Wii Remote controls for Pikmin and FPS's are just so much better! I hope Metroid will launch with Wii remote control support, despite them probably wanting to promote the gamepad.



Tritonus commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

@rjejr Despite their projections being down (they might have set the bar too high) Nintendo is still far and away the biggest leader in the handheld market. If Nintendo were to suddenly leave this market, they would only leave a big gaping hole for Vita and mobile to take over.

It is not a good trend, I agree, but I think we're faaaaar from seeing Nintendo suddenly give up on 3ds, or even Wii U.