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Fri 31st May 2013

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readypembroke commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

I upgraded is because it is Nintendo's newest console and because of the cool GamePad. I love that the Wii U supports backwards compatibility with Wii games. Now its better than never before to be a Wii U owner with the games they showed at E3.



readypembroke commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

@luke88 @heyzeus002 @MoonKnight7 I don't know, I might do it. This is like the first time ever that Ubisoft has ever angered me. Watch Dogs however comes out later this year which gives me a lot of time that I could re preorder it. One of my friends wants me to get Watch Dogs while the other one wants me to get mario Kart 8. He even asked me 2 days ago about if I had Mario Kart 8. I could still get both as I got $75 from my history teacher for getting the highest grade in the class on the American History EOC (234/250). Also I will be getting a $50 gift card to Walmart as I got "advanced" on my Algebra I and English I EOCs also. I have had WD preordered since October of last year. With this game, I might just tell Ubisoft to screw off. I hate to do it, but I might have to sadly



readypembroke commented on Super Mario 3D World and Animal Crossing: New ...:

What is should be:

Action and Adventure- Assassin's Creed IV
Artistic Achievement- Beyond: Two Souls (was a VERY great game!!)
Audio Achievement- Battlefield 4
Best Game- Super Mario 3D World
British Game- LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Debut Game- N/A
Family- Super Mario 3D World
Game Design- Assassin's Creed IV
Game Innovation- N/A
Mobile and Handheld- N/A
Multiplayer- Super Mario 3D World
Music- Super Mario 3D World
Performer- Ellen Page
Sport- N/A
Story- Grand Theft Auto V
Strategy- N/A



readypembroke commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I haven't gotten angry at a developer but I am starting to get mad at Ubisoft. I had this game paid off since September and was waiting for this game to come out just to find out a month later that Watch Dogs was delayed. Now just delaying the Wii U version is plain flat out eggheaded. My classmate who is excited for this game will probably be angry also. If they are concerned about FPS issues or something like that and need to use memory space, I would gladly do that. I would not be surprised if this game fails on the Wii U or is even delayed. If they cancel the Wii U version, then I am using my money elsewhere.