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Thu 16th Feb 2012

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NikkiChu commented on The North American eShop Winter Warm-Up Sale C...:


We're not upset because everyone here is familiar with Nintendo. We're mostly the Nintendo fans. As such we already know Nintendo sales universally suck and they don't even try.
Nintendo's greatest sale ever would be a monthly sale on PSN. And not even merit mention on Steam.

It's Nintendo. You just accept that sales don't exist. Holding them to the same expectations you would have for anyone else isn't really plausible. Nintendo exists in their own little world where competition is nonexistant.



NikkiChu commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

It fascinates me that Sega went from a console powerhouse to a company that essentially just does the odd Sonic games, and pretty much every other notable title they have is on PC, and typically nowhere else.

It's a weird transformation.



NikkiChu commented on Girls Mode 3 Struts to Number One in Japan, Th...:

I'm getting worried that we may not see Style Savvy 3 ever get localized, we had news of a Style Savvy 2 localization shortly after it was even announced in Japan and long before launch.
Now we're already past launch of Style Savvy 3, and they still refuse to comment at all on any possibilities of a localization this time.

Depressing, Style Savvy 2 is the single biggest reason I own a 3DS.



NikkiChu commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:


It was $330 for the console plus two Assasin's Creed games, and a $50 gift card. The WiiU was basically the regular $300 everywhere, so for many people the XBO would have been $20 cheaper after considering the gift card.

I assume after Black Friday it'll go back to it's usual $350 price point.



NikkiChu commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

No. To put it simply it has a tiny fraction of the functionality of a tablet, and what it does have in common it does far worse then any actual tablet. You can buy a decent 10" Android tablet that's vastly more useful and functional then the gamepad is for less money then the WiiU.

The WiiU plays games, let's not pretend it does anything else even remotely like a tablet. And the games that it does play may not necessarily appeal to the typical tablet gaming consumer who is probably expecting hundreds of thousands of freemium games.
Anyone buying the WiiU expecting to be purchasing a tablet is going to be sorely disappointed.



NikkiChu commented on Feature: A Look At the Super Mario Kart (SNES)...:

I just wasted about 2hrs watching watching YT videos of the last championships. I've recorded the date down so I remember to tune into Twitch to watch some this year.

The maneuvers you and other competitors make are incredible.

A few questions if you don't mind:
Is there any consensus among the top racers as to who the best character to use is?
Do you get many female competitors? I notice your niece Leyla Hasso is mentioned but no others.
And finally, how often do you practice at the game?



NikkiChu commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:


If the WiiU/PS4/XBox One all fail then Ubisoft will run to phones/tablets. Or PC. SOMETHING that can play games will sell, what it is isn't a huge concern, aside from perhaps a preference that it be a platfom that's cheap and easy to develop for. But ultimately they'll chase the audience wherever they are.

The PS4/Xbox One are selling very well so far however, there is little doubt they'll both eclipse the WiiU's lifetime sales in the very near future.
Hence why both are bigger priorities then the WiiU.

Compare the WiiU to the PSVita.
Developers aren't avoiding the Vita because they hate Sony, or because they don't want to make money, or because they love Nintendo (3DS). Their avoiding it because few people own one, and it's Sony's job to sell people on buying the Vita not third party companies.
That so many Vita owners are upset about how few games it's getting isn't their concern.
They just want sales, and since the 3DS sells it gets far more games then the Vita.

Just like PS3/4/Xbox 360/One. If they sell, they get games while the WiiU doesn't.

Any change will have to be driven by Nintendo. They saved the 3DS and reaped the benefit of it.
Ubisoft though? They don't make money off WiiU console sales. They make money off software sales regardless of what platform it's on.



NikkiChu commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

@mystman12 It's not Ubisoft's responsibility to sell WiiU consoles. That's Nintendo's concern. Ubisoft doesn't care about how successful the WiiU is, and there is no reason why they should.

Their concern is maximizing sales of their own games, and that means prioritizing platforms with the largest install base because those are the ones where they'll make the most money.

It's not Ubisoft hating the WiiU, it's just Ubisoft being realistic and recognizing there is very little money to be made on a WiiU port since few people own a WiiU. So the greater concern is naturally for the platforms where it can sell it substantial numbers.

Third parties will care about the WiiU when the WiiU sells, until then they won't. They don't care what platform is successful, they sell where the consumers are.



NikkiChu commented on Here's How Much Space Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

PS3 demos are generally the same size as the full game, and simply download an unlock code to unlock it to the complete game if you purchase.

The largest PS3 game I've seen is around 32GB, though that's only if you download about a dozen optional language voice packs, and I assume most people aren't planning to play through the game in every language... and wouldn't actually download that much.

Aside from that I believe 19.5GB is the biggest for a single game. The vast majority end up between 5-8GB. Anything over about 10GB is pretty massive for a PS3 game, you seldom see games that large though there are some obviously.

FWIW, 25GB is the single layer BluRay disc limit, 50GB for dual layer disc. So I'd assume 50GB is the fixed limit they allow.



NikkiChu commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olymp...:

Disappointing, I haven't liked any of the Wii Mario&Sonic Olympic titles, but I LOVED Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the DS. That was legitimately one of the biggest surprise games of the platform for me.

I was hoping this game was have as good a story mode as that one had, apparently not.
I'll still give it a try though, after seeing how good it's predecessor was it deserves that much.