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Wed 3rd October, 2012

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antipop621 commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:

I really liked the story! For me as well, the DKC trilogy is associated with some of my happiest childhood memories. I still proudly own the cartridges :)

I'll also never forget how I felt watching the E3 conference when Returns was revealed.



antipop621 commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher"
If this were to happen, I'd lose my faith in all things. But, I'm currently suffering through Champion's Road in 3D World and I've died so many times, that at this point I think I would be tempted to pay to have Mario re-spawn after a fall just so I could beat it.



antipop621 commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

I think I'm cursed or something. My Wii broke after I put in about 40 hours on MHTri. Never touched it again. Then, after I bought MH3 Ultimate, my Wii U broke and I lost all my progress again.

I'm too scared to touch this franchise again, although I really want MH4.



antipop621 commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

Henry Hatsworth was a really sweet game. Everyone should play it.

I would love it if Atlus pushes to get their DS games on this service.
They have many interesting (also rare and expensive) games I'd love to try like My World My Way, Izuna and Luminous Arc 2.