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Thu 24th January, 2013

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solcross commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

Yeah, no thanks. I've never even heard of this thing, but if having buttons was all I cared about when playing a game, I would own a lot more devices.

I don't even play anything more than casual time killer games on my iPhone because I don't want to drain my battery, so this peripheral is useless to me.



solcross commented on EA: Being Voted The Worst Company In America W...:

I genuinely do not believe that EA really cares about Nintendo, even with this. As long as they can please their Xbox/Playstation market they'll probably be satisfied. I doubt they're even concerned with PC gamers.



solcross commented on Year of Luigi Commemorative Coin Emerges On Eu...:

And yet our European brethren still believe that their Club Nintendo is inferior to the NA counterpart. Sorry, but I'd rather have cool physical items than a handful of worthwhile digital downloads that might pop up a few times a year.



solcross commented on Ubisoft Explains Wii U Watch_Dogs Visuals as "...:

I've been waiting so long to hear them talk about the Wii U version. This gives me a little hope that it won't be a garbage port, but hopefully we'll get more information about it before release. I really want to get it on Wii U because I think it could end up being good if they utilize it properly.



solcross commented on Nintendo Considering Cross-Buy eShop Purchases...:

I've stopped buying Virtual Console titles for platforms that are available on both Wii U and 3DS for this reason. I'm not going to get taken advantage of by Nintendo's dated approach to online content, not in this day and age.



solcross commented on Nintendo Setting Up Thousands Of StreetPass Re...:

I'm assuming this will be done through their Nintendo Zone partnerships, as he said "28k" access points and right now Nintendo has around 29k Nintendo Zone locations. Maybe saving everyone's StreetPass data for a few hours or a day and distributing it. That's what I extrapolated from it, anyway. I mean I know what an access point is vs. what a router is, but I'm not sure what else it can really mean in this context.



solcross commented on All Three Of Nintendo's Exclusive Sonic Titles...:

An actual Sonic and Mario co-op game would be much more interesting to see than another Olympic game. I played the first Mario & Sonic Olympic game on Wii, and the controls were bad enough to drive me away from the series for the rest of my life.



solcross commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

Sorry, I'm still failing to see the issue. Right off the bat, he calls it silly for them to want to make money because LPers are using Nintendo's characters in their videos. Nintendo's characters.

I can see if they were reviewers and they were reviewing products for their website, but they're not. At least, not unless me watching a child playing Super Mario World counts as a review, but that is absolutely reaching for justification.

My advice to them would be to adapt to the situation and find new ways to earn what little income they were already earning, and maybe do additional videos/segments on the side that don't feature characters and properties that do not belong to them. If they really have that many viewers, it shouldn't be an issue and could boost your success if you come up with something particularly entertaining.



solcross commented on Capcom Has No Plans To Release Tatsunoko vs. C...:

I really hope they put serious consideration into it, because I would think there's more money for them there. Having to miss out on things like Xenoblade Chronicles because I didn't buy it fast enough or refuse to pay messed up prices online should be a thing of the past with the advent of digital downloads.