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Wed 27th Jan 2010

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Kriedler commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:

Steam is the best on every level except one: achievements. Comparing your achievements to a friend's is ridiculously complicated, involving going through like 10 menus. Otherwise, he's hit the nail on the head. The community beats the Miiverse, Early Access/ Steam Workshop/ Greenlight are great, their trading card system is awesome, their gifting/inventory system is great, the Steam overlay while gaming rocks, their chat function/ messaging is king, and their party system beat's Microsoft and Sony's. Nintendo doesn't have one at all.
So, yeah, Steam is the best.
Not to mention all the sales...
The summer/winter sales destroy my wallet every year



Kriedler commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Is A ...:

I'll get this when the price drops. Got the PC version on Steam for like $1.50, and thought it was pretty good (even though the narrator for the trailer can't pronounce the title properly).
But, full price for a fairly old game is a little much to ask.
Speaking of the Wind Waker....



Kriedler commented on Kamiya: Nintendo "Totally Respected" The Creat...:

Man, would SOMEONE just make a damn Starfox game?
Anyways, I bought the Wonderful 101 yesterday. I wasn't going to, but after hearing how badly it was doing, I pretty much had to. I feel really bad for Platinum. They make some awesome games that hardly get recognized



Kriedler commented on Bethesda: Wii U Is "Not On Our Radar" Right Now:

Bethesda should just stick to PC games, really. Their games are usually pretty buggy, and letting the community create mods to fix patches or make much-needed gameplay tweaks is really the way to go.
That said, people would probably buy their games on the Wii U if they were well-made enough and not just watered-down ports, like any of their coming games would end up being



Kriedler commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

You guys forgot one really important issue: onboard storage. It's grossly inadequate since DSiWare can ONLY be launched from the system and not the SD card. I've been forced to stop downloading DSiWare games because I don't want to lose high scores and other save data on my DSiWare games. Not to mention the load of games I have on my SD card all downloaded but not playable.



Kriedler commented on Need for Speed: Most Wanted U:

I'll be buying this if you give it a good review
But with this, SC2, Mirror of Fate, Lego City and two versions of Monster Hunter.... it's an expensive month



Kriedler commented on Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans:

But, see, Nintendo throws around the word "value" a lot. They put out something inferior, like consoles that are weaker than far older ones; that lack Bluray/DVD support (despite the fact that Reggie said "time spent on any other device is a missed opportunity"); games that would have wildly benefited with online play but lack it for no apparent reason; and charging full retail price for 1+ year old digital games online, then they say "but, you're not thinking of the VALUE."
Why is it a value? If I'm going to get less for more, they'd better give me a damn good reason.
I do love my Wii U, but it's a missed opportunity
Or several, rather...



Kriedler commented on Nano Assault EX:

Well, since they stiffed us in the PAL region on a retail release, guess I'm grabbing this one up



Kriedler commented on Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Wii U:

I love CDON, but they've been very wrong before. I preordered Dead or Alive Dimensions there, and when I inquired if the ban (that happened a day or two before release) meant I wouldn't be getting mine (they typically ship a few days before release), they didn't know anything about it and were so sure it was just sold out
Damn Swedes....



Kriedler commented on Ever Wonder Why Pokémon Black And White 2 Isn...:

I'm more bummed that they didn't do what they did with Gold/Silver. Give extra functions etc for anyone using the new hardware. They could have at least given it the new aspect ratio for the top screen or StreetPass (it has a primitive StreetPass, if anyone remembers from the first B/W) if you're on the 3DS.



Kriedler commented on Nintendo Download: 16th August 2012 (Europe):

I'm actually surprised. The price of the NSMB2 download is actually cheaper in Norway than it would be in pretty much any store... by about 15%.
(This is one of the most expensive countries in the world, haha)



Kriedler commented on Zombii Attack:

Looks like some half-decent shovelware. If this gets a 6 or above, I might get it



Kriedler commented on Talking Point: The Evolution of the 3DS:

If they really want to make the 3DS a great machine, they only need to do two things: Swapnote, and adding the ability to launch DSiWare from the SD card. Then, I'll be 100% satisfied with my purchase.
Oh, and when the new Flipnote comes, it'd be cool if they could be sent in a similar fashion to Swapnote



Kriedler commented on In Space, Nobody Can Hear This Aliens: Infesta...:

I'll be getting this, but I'll need to know if the L and R buttons will be used. Gotta know if I'm finally swapping DQIX out of my DSi or if I have to use my 3DS. Or I can just take my f'ing DSi apart and void the warranty....
But, I digress. Looks awesome. But, need more info



Kriedler commented on Talking Point: Your 25 Years of Metroid Memories:

My first time playing a Metroid game was Metroid 2 on the GB. My friend said he was going to run it over whenever his parents left their keys around because he hated it so much, so I rescued it. I remember getting a Nintendo trading card a few years before with a picture of Samus on it, and had always thought she looked cool enough to give her game a shot. Never stopped playing since then. I've bought every_single_one by this time, and still pissed that the 3DS hasn't had an announcement for one yet



Kriedler commented on Jagged Alliance:

I remember getting this one on the DS and thinking it was an awesome direct port of the original, but kindof a missed opportunity for an enhanced port
Features like moving in realtime until you make contact with enemies and such (like in Jagged Alliance 2) would have made the game a lot better



Kriedler commented on Fortified Zone:

Ok, it says there's multi on the box. I'm guessing we're not getting it on the VC?