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Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Claims Sony

Posted by Damien McFerran

Lies, damn lies and statistics?

Sony Worldwide Studios senior VP of product development Scott Rohde has made the bold claim that Wii and Xbox 360 owners are choosing the PS4 as their next system.

Using stats collected by industry tracker Nielsen, Rohde explained that many new PS4 owners did not previously own a PS3, and instead upgraded from a rival system:

Everyone in this industry always tracks that kind of stuff. It's always fascinating to look at all this data. So, two of the things I can talk about - because they're true. 17 per cent of PS4 owners did not own a last-gen console. That in itself is a pretty shocking number. 31 per cent of PS4 owners did not own a PS3, but they did own either an Xbox 360 or Wii. Now, those are some pretty amazing numbers.

When you consider that the Wii sold over 100 million units worldwide yet the Wii U has shifted just over 6 million, it would appear that Rohde has a point — Wii owners clearly aren't upgrading to Nintendo's new machine in the numbers that should be expected.

Are you a Wii owner who is yet to buy a Wii U? If so, what system — or systems — have you pledged your support to? Let us know by casting your vote in the (rather large) poll below.

Wii owners - what next-gen system have you upgraded to? (957 votes)

I've got a Wii U


I've got a Wii U, but I also picked up a PS4


I've got a Wii U, but I also picked up an Xbox One


I've got a Wii U, but I also picked up a PS4 and an Xbox One


I went with the PlayStation 4


I went with the Xbox One


I've got a PS4 and Xbox one, but not a Wii U


I haven't upgraded to a next-gen machine yet


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User Comments (267)



andrea987 said:

Going from free online and plenty of fun games to a pay-to-play dudebro machine? No thanks, I'm fine with my Wii U and PS3.



whodatninja said:

I've got a Wii U, but I plan to buy a PS4 - at some point. (Havent fallen out of love with my PS3 yet)



Yrreiht said:

Not interested in a PS4 in the slightest so far. KH3 and FFXV might look really fun and I really want to play them when they come out, but I wont buy a PS4 only to play 2 games on it.



MAB said:


Looks like Sorny is mad about their major E3 epic fail



S-Miyahon said:

Really I think that Sony and Microsoft can take some advice from Nintendo and support last gen controllers too. I have the wireless speedwheel from the 360 and would love to use it on my XB1. If you look at the Wii U you really get a lot more for your money like backwards compatibility, the ability to use your old controllers and free online game play. All this saves you money plus the system uses less power than the other and yes I know it's not as powerful but the Wii U graphics and game play are New gen too.



RIC616 said:

Any generation Nintendo will always be my first choice and I am more than happy with my Wii U. But I do plan on picking up a PS4 in the next year.



sinalefa said:

I got a Wii in 2008 and got a Wii U at launch.

I got a PS3 in 2009 and I am yet to get a PS4.

And as I have said before, having PlatinumGames announcing an exclusive for One actually has me considering their box over Sony's. This E3 certainly did not help.



Yai said:

I got a Wii U. To be honest anything interesting that comes out either works on my PC or is on a Nintendo console.



Play-Doh_25 said:

This is a dumb vote to have on here. The website is called NintendoLife so obviously everyone on hear is a nintendo fan. The results are going to be skewed because everyone on here favors Nintendo over the other companies. This vote is so inaccurate.



Spoony_Tech said:

Who's to say that PS3 owners or 360 ones didn't buy a Wii U? It works both ways actually. Anybody can find facts to fit their logic!



rjejr said:

I cant believe 31% of PS4 owners don't own a PS3. PS3 was and still is a great system, just look at all the games its gotten recently. And if you don't know what they are, basically everything the PS4 is getting/has gotten. Even LBP3, the big PS4 reveal of E3.

As for the 31% owning a 360 or Wii, well I'm guessing it's a lot of both. But everybody should own a PS3 its practically worth the money just for PS2 collections alone if you havent already played those.

As for the Wii U - PS4 race, that one is a long way from over. I don't know how it will end, but I guarantee the Wii U will end up closer in sales to PS4 than Vita will to 3DS, measured by either actual numbers or percentages.

Somebody ask Sony how many DS owners upgraded to Vita, or PSP owners upgraded to 3DS. I'll wait.



erv said:

Either an xbox 360 or a wii out of that 31%. So you assume those are equally divided? 30 percent was xbox 360 more likely, and 1 percent maybe a wii?

As long as 360 and wii are bundled in these statistics, you don't know much. I got a feeling that many 360 owners went for a ps4 in the first place.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

I upgraded to Wii U because I don't need a subscription service to play online, it is convenient to use the Gamepad for Youtube and off t.v play, it's cheaper, the first party games are far superior and it is the only one off the three that is significatly different to it's predicessor in more ways than just the graphics...



Kamalisk said:

Where did these numbers come from? It must have been some sort of survey I guess? The Wii sold so many, so it is highly likely that someone buying a console owned a Wii.

The statistic is more like "people who filled out this form, who bought a ps4, also had a wii"



Kamalisk said:

Also remember all those Wii owners are upgrading to Nintendo's new White Playstation 4



Chi said:

PS4 has hardly any games and very limited entertainment hub capabilities.
My WiiU gets all my game time with a much wider variety of excellent next gen titles available now...not next year! PS3 will remain my home entertainment hub for at least another 2 years, who knows- maybe by then Sony will figure out how to get the PS4 to rip, store and play music CD's!!



Ralizah said:

Wii U. Have no interest in PS4, as it has no interesting exclusives and almost none on the horizon.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

It's rather suspicious to have these statistics released now. But there's no denying it: many Wii owners who wanted an 8th gen console went with PS4, and I'm sure a few of the others went for XBone.
However, not only are these statistics, but also non-indicative of the actual quality of both the consoles and its libraries. And even if Sony fans don't wanna admit it: there's no killer app announced in the near future that doesn't release on XBone as well, making the PS4 purchase increasingly harder to enjoy and justify.

Nonetheless, this simply is a marketing coy, and the validity of the presented data is questionable, at best. Nowhere does Sony provide a reliable source (and I'm not gonna believe them saying they asked EVERY PS4 owner), and even then - as others pointed out - these numbers are combined with X360 owners, so who knows how many of them were Wii owners?
But, it's yet another ramble to reignite the flames of hatred, and both Nintendo and Sony fanboys won't pass up this chance to bite each other and badmouth each others' moms.



Damo said:

@Play-Doh_25 Er, the Sony guy is saying that Wii owners are buying PS4s, and I would say that most people who read Nintendo Life have a Wii. So how is this a dumb vote to have? It's a totally relevant question to ask...



noctowl said:

That fact that he's basically saying "is true, just trust me" tells me it's not.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'll be sticking with the Wii U this gen. At some point, I plan on finally getting a PS3. As someone who skipped the PS3 last gen, backwards compatibility on the PS4 would have been a major selling point, but since it doesn't have that, has virtually no games I want, and charges for online, I have almost no interest in buying it.



RedYoshi999 said:

@erv Good point. Most people toss up between Microsoft and Sony, since they are similiar machines, so I'd imagine a lot of that statistic came from 360 owners who hated what Microsoft were doing with the Xbox One. It's a very odd choice to go from a Wii to a PS4, considering how widely different they are.



bezerker99 said:

I've bought Sony consoles in the past (PS2 and 3) but right now, this Wii U owner, has no plans of getting a PS4.



XFsWorld said:

I got a WiiU and may get the XBox One before the PS4 for games like Sunset Overdrive, Dead rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza, and Ryse.



Marshi said:

He does have a point I did get a ps4 from my wii. But I bought a wii u first so I guess he's right...from a certain point of view (star wars quote )



Fazermint said:

Let's not forget that 80% of Wii owners don't know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U.



Einherjar said:

I own bascily any major home console from the NES onward, be it a Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft or Sony machine.
But the current two "next gen" consoles are so underwhelming, that i have no plans to get them in the near future.
Ill get one or even both of them way later, just to add them to my collection, but for now, im not throwing any money towards them.

@XFsWorld Remember to purchase lots and lots of prepaid cards with these games, since most of them only come with 30% of their content on disc



readypembroke said:

I upgraded is because it is Nintendo's newest console and because of the cool GamePad. I love that the Wii U supports backwards compatibility with Wii games. Now its better than never before to be a Wii U owner with the games they showed at E3.



DESS-M-8 said:

Sony failing and lashing out? Such babies.
I picked up a PS4 when I found out batman wouldn't be on wii u and was gutted. Apart several titles such as this, NHL and Uncharted. My house is a wii u house. Easily the best next gen console. Even more so after this E3.



Rafie said:

@Ralizah Now THAT'S a lie. It has no exclusives and/or none on the horizon. Don't know what you're smoking, but I don't want any of it. Did you mean to say that there's no games that you yourself aren't interested in?

@DESS-M-8 How exactly are they failing? They are ahead at the moment. I do have to admit that I'm more excited for the games coming to Nintendo than I am theirs, but they are in a great position right now. I think that dude that made that claim is basing what happened to PS2 install base and went to the Wii and 360. Of course there's no concrete proof of that, but it's a plausibility.



jjmesa16 said:

Should have an option for "I own a Wii U but I want a PS4 or Xbox One." I own a Wii U but I might eventually pick up a PS4 or even a PS3 for the third party games. I also want to use it as a 3D bluray player.



Marshi said:

@XFsWorld I must admit ive always been a playstation and nintendo guy. But the other day I bought an xbox one,and I was actually blown away. Wii u is still my fave console this gen. But right now I feel there are better games on xbox one,i never in a million years thought id say that but im loving forza 5,dead rising 3,ryse and titanfall and being a massive halo fan made me squeee with delight at the prospect of playing halo 1-4 on xbox one. And the kinect,while not as brilliant as the gamepad is actually great and adds little moments of smile inducing joy from time to time ( saying "xbox on" and head tracking on forza is really cool) so yeah,get an xbox one dude. Just keep your wii u. When zelda comes it'll knock everything this gen out of the water!



zool said:

I guess that those who have moved from the Wii to a PlayStation or an xbox are no longer bothered about Nintendo so won't be reading this. So the pole is biased.

If a company has enough good games for it's console the console will sell well regardless of the controller.

Anyone buying a Wii u now will have a good backlog of games to play but those who have had their Wii u's from day one will notice the shortage of games. If these gamers can afford another console they may well buy a PlayStation to feed their gaming habit. I've been thinking about it. The danger is that they may like the PlayStation and drop Nintendo.

Imagine if we had to have separate DVD players to play different companies movies. Of if your ipod only played some types of music or if you had to have a separate TV for each tv channel. Maybe its about time we had just one gaming console.



fredtoy said:

I'm also in the group of Nintendo consoles for Nintendo exclusives and PC for everything else that I can't play on Nintendo machines. There are a couple of Sony/Microsoft exclusives that are interesting but I can live without them.



dumedum said:

Lol . nice 81% figure there. Why would anyone downgrade from Wii to PS4 is beyond me.



FragRed said:

I bought a Wii U the morning it came out. Had pre-ordered it months in advance and I have no complaints. Yes I will likely get an Xbox or Playstation at some point but my loyalty remains with Nintendo first and foremost. And when the next system comes out, I will buy that day one too. End of discussion.



iphys said:

I'm sure a lot of 360 people went to PS4, because the Xbox One was a joke in comparison from the start. I don't know if Wii to PS4 is a very logical step though, except for kids who wanted PS3s and their parents gave them Wiis but now they've grown up and can afford to buy what they want..



NoirUsernameHere said:

I own a Wii U, and I do not plan on picking up a PS4 anytime soon unless it gains some better exclusives. This E3 didn't help much. (Although I'll admit that Uncharted 4 was a great announcement, as well as Little Big Planet 3)



DualWielding said:

There are millions of disappointed Wii Owners out there, some gave up gaming, some go to pc, but I guess those who stick with consoles would go with PS4 rather than Xbone or Wii U



Gerbwmu said:

It's bullspit statistics. With out seeing the questions or knowing anything about the survey it is tough to argue for or against the numbers but it is easy to prove what you want when you already have the answer and adjust the questions accordingly.



Dohv said:

I personally have a PS4 and Xbox One, I'll maybe get a Wii U if I can find a good deal on one during the holidays. I got my PS4 as my main console, and Xbox One for exclusives. But with a lot of great games for PS4 and Xbox One coming out at the end of this year and beggining of next year, I probably won't have the money to get a Wii U any time soon.



jpfan1989 said:

The main thing that puts me off of Ps4 and xbone is the lack of backwards compatibility.



JumpnShootMan said:

Sony thinks this is a good thing. Couldn't this also suggest that PS3 owners aren't upgrading? I mean, if 1/3 of your people didn't have your last system, and another 17% didn't have any console, that means that only half of your users are upgrading. And that means only 10% of PS3s 80 million users have upgraded. Maybe it's too early, but that doesn't sound like a win to me.



OneBagTravel said:

Haven't owned a TV console since the Dreamcast. My next purchase will probably be a Wii U in the coming months.

Too many good games out now and coming out next year.



somari said:

He has a good point but most people who bought a wii were soccer moms to play wii sports and not nintendo fans to play games like mario galaxy.



crzysortagamer said:

I am a cheap gamer and always a generation behind, but nintendo has impressed me so much this year I am getting their next handheld and home console on launch dates



Ichiban said:

Gotta love Sony, the get a little lead in console sales & their head goes straight up their own ass almost instantly. But it doesnt surprise me, during their e3 conference Andrew House couldve told the crowd he was personally going to every PS4 owners house & take a dump on their consoles & they still wouldve cheered like the trained monkeys they are.



Savino said:

I made the upgrade years ago... I bought a PS3 when I got tired of shaking my arms!



zool said:

@Fazermint yes the ones that bought the wii and board thinking that it was a keep fit machine. Or the grannies who could just about operate a TV remote so they would have no problem with a Wii remote. Or the families who bought it for their kids so they could join in with the party games. Now Nintendo are asking them to upgrade to a more expensive gaming console with a harder to operate controller.
Nintendo had always been a gamers machine that was suitable for children as well.
Don't turn the WII u into something for the kids and for get gamers.



crzysortagamer said:

Im a lot like you (judging from a quick view of your profile) but I am pretty sure I am going to do a wii u an projector here pretty soon. Takes up a little space, but probably worth it. They are worth 10 times the space they take up in fun lol



Peach64 said:

Twisting the stats a bit with that headline. I think it's fair to say the majority of those 31% are 360 owners moving to PS4, which is kind of it's natural successor as the console all multi plats are going to be built on.

The most surprising stat is the 17% not owning any last gen console. They've managed to sell a PS4 to over 1.5 million people that didn't have a console last gen? That's impressive, and honestly kinda baffling this early on in the machine's lifetime.



crzysortagamer said:

What!? I didnt know this? Yeah, ill get a ps3 ages before a 4 then! I dont understand. I mean I can totally see nintendo doing this, due to such different hardware systems and gameplay, but playstation?



daniruy said:

I have a explanation. With the Wii Nintendo wanted to turn everyone in gamers. They succeed. Now there is a young gamer who is listening of all kinds of things about "more powerful", "next-gen", "impressive graphics", and on the other hand, a confusing WiiU initial marketing. So they think: "Ok, I already have a Wii, but since Nintendo is releasing a peripheral I am going to buy a PS4.

I imagine how many people followed this kind of reasoning.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@TrueWiiMaster Yup. I was in the same boat. When PS4 was announced last year and it was confirmed that it was not backwards compatible. I went out and bought a PS3 a month later.



DreamDrop said:

Personally I haven't upgraded YET, however, as a current Wii Owner I'm planning to get the PS4. Not because of the CoDs, BFs etc but because of Kingdom Hearts 3 and future Final Fantasy titles. I got the PS3 last year and have finished quite alot of the significant games (except Uncharted, never got into it. Boring game).

  • Will I upgrade to a Wii U too? Certainly, but not until Zelda WiiU hits shelves and maybe a proper F-Zero game.
  • Do I think the Wii U will ever sell in excess numbers? Nope, it's not gonna flop or be a hit, it's a breakeven console.

To end, I was actually very pumped during E3. Splatoon looks like a hit.



ChessboardMan said:

I have a Wii, PS3, … and kinda a 360.

I also have a WiiU. Probably get a PS4 eventually, but not for a while, I can't afford one. Honestly, I'd prefer to buy the giant Metroplex toy before I buy a PS4.

The XOne… will be the last thing I'll be buying for a long time, after my Second 360, that I had to buy to replace my original Red Ringing, was broken brand new out of the box. Microsoft have shown themselves to be unreliable and incompetent, when it comes to hardware, so I might even give them a miss this gen.

As an extra to this, a friend of mine, who, I believe, owned No Wii, but has a PS3; has no PS4 yet, but brought a WiiU with Mario Kart 8.

This is the opposite to what Sony are saying.



Big_L91 said:

i think wii owners that frequent this site are more likely to upgrade to wii u, but its quite obvious that all the kiddies who got wii's for birthdays and Christmases will indeed want ps4s this gen. not to mention nearly everyone owned a wii at some point and nearly no one has wii u's so id say those stats are more than likely.



StephenYap3 said:

The only reason I'd get a PS4 would be some Ratchet & Clank games, but even as a hardcore fan of the series, those aren't enough for me to entice me to getting a PS4 anytime soon.



JubilifeRival said:

I got a Wii U 2 months ago, and an Xbox One 3 weeks ago. Great consoles, but I prefer the Wii U. I also own a 360 and Wii.



uneek said:

I got a wii u . And if a had to choose from last gen. I will choose the wii. I will choose innovation over graphics.



DJSmith99 said:

The main reason I'm not buying a PS4 is that almost every game I'm interested in is on the PS3. I'm happy with my Wii U, 3DS, and PS3.



Starwolf_UK said:

31-17=14 so couldn't they have just said 14% of owners had Xbox360 while 17% had Wii or older? But that would make things clear and missinformation s good (maybe I'm doing just that )

I think most Wii owners are upgrading to nothing at all. Nor will they ever. Wii Sports a few time, left in closet since.



Shiryu said:

I did buy a PS3 for my dad a couple of years ago, but in my home, there was a Wii last gen and there is a Wii U this gen. Sure, I am very disappointed with the lack of third party game support on the console, but guess what? I would not trade in my Wii U for anything out there right now. And form this e3 alone, I do not see any reason to change that in the coming year. Sorry Sony, the lack of a new "WipEout" infuriates me tons, but the simple fact is you just can no longer interest me in the ways you did with the original Playstation, the PS2 and the PSP. You really dropped the ball somewhere along the way because it's quite clear you are no longer making games for me. No harm done really, you have your business model, you have your fans and you have your games. Just don't expect to see any money from me in the future.



Tsurii said:

got a Wii U, but I'll get a PS4 sometime next year. Always went with Nintendo/Sony since the Gamecube.



SetupDisk said:

Right now with last generation and this home console I have a Wii U, a PS3 and Wii.
I love my PS3 but have no reason to downgrade it to a PS4. If PS4 had backward compatibility I would have one. But it's not good enough to replace my PS3 spot yet. (limited space)

Plus I am better off waiting a least 3 years for price drop. A hard drive that will hold more than about 8 to 9 games If I get DLC. There will also be games in the cheap bin for twenty bucks. I'm not buying a system just to open it up the first day and replace the HD. If external was an option I would do that as I have with my Wii U.

I put a new drive in my PS3 but I had it for 2 years by then.



Blast said:

I love my Wii U and is getting a PS4 in 2015 but dang.. the PS4 is still selling on pure hype???



Luneth said:

"Yeah, well, the casuals and dudebros are moving to our machine! Take that Nintendo!"



MKCustodial said:

The only thing that interests me outside Nintendo right now is Kingdom Hearts. Anything else I can get on Steam. It's hard enough for a Brazilian to tend to one system with our insane prices and taxes. I'd need a second job to get two.



DilMan33 said:

Well, I went from PS3 to Wii U, then.

I think systems with the lowest install base is sometimes the most interesting.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I have a WiiU and I'm not planning on getting a ps4 nor a One. Maybe in two or three years I'll get a ps4 to play some of its exclusives. Meanwhile, PC+WiiU+3DS is my combo.



ToxieDogg said:

I've got a Wii U but I'll likely pick up a PS4 soon, and an Xbox One a bit further down the line...unless expense is an issue, then no need to just limit yourself to one console and miss out on all the great exclusives elsewhere.

Wii U is still my fave though



Chard5001 said:

I'd seen this survey somewhere else as well. The way it read to me was that wii and x-box owners were upgrading to ps4. which said to me that PS3 owners on the whole haven't seen a need to upgrade to a PS4 yet.

I know I haven't.



Brother_Jolteon said:

I haven't upgraded my Home Console yet. I'm still using my PS3 because I can't decide between a PS4 or Wii U. Although i will definitely get both over time, my main focus is what will entertain me the most. But, so far, I've only upgraded my Handhelds. In fact, I've actually bought 3 3DS' so far



KodyDawg said:

Really? Of course SOME Wii owners have a PS4, but that doesn't mean they should be boasting about it. I have friends who've upgraded from a PS3 to a Wii U, so why isn't Nintendo bragging their butts off?



HumaneBlaze said:

I will always get nintendo systems first always have been since the snes. The only time I broke tradition was when I got the 360 instead of a wii. But im definitely gonna get a ps4 soon.I dont have a gaming pc unfortunately so I always stick wiith consoles and nintendo and sony always have been my go to systems and the fact that many games i seriously adore such like mk x, uncharted 4 and gta5 (never played it on my ps3), kingdom hearts 3 are coming to the ps4 and unfortunately not wiiu. I usually use my nintendo systems for exclusives and some multi plats and my sony system for everything else.



DragonbornRito said:

@blaze8937 Not to sound like one of those "annoying" PC Master Race people (I consider myself a part of the PC Master Race on reddit, but not the kind that spend all day trolling console pages and whatnot just to get a kick out of it), but if you're going to drop the $400 for a PS4, you can afford a gaming PC that will beat the PS4. All for the price of a PS4, a second controller, and one game. If you still want one for the exclusives, go ahead. But don't let price keep you from getting a gaming PC when the alternative is a pricey piece of hardware like the PS4.




I'm sure a lot of people who owned a PS3 also owned a Wii. Everyone owned a Wii last gen, that isn't indicative of "upgrading" to a PS4.



PieEater163 said:

Considering EVERYONE and their mother (literally) owned a Wii, you could say that about any system.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

I'd get a PS4 if there was something worth playing on there. Only LBP3 and Far Cry 4 interested me. Plus, with the no more free online play, it's such an inconvenience to pay for that when I could be saving my money for more games. The Wii U (with meh online so far) is free online, and the system wasn't overpriced.



Darknyht said:

I bought a Wii originally last cycle, and then got talked into switching by the 360 by my family. When the Xbox One was first announced, I sold my console within a week and bought a Wii U because I did not like what Microsoft wanted to do. I haven't had interest in Sony products since 2004.



RantingThespian said:

I upgraded from the Wii to the Wii U.

I have no plans or desire to get a PS4 or XBox One at all. I am happy with my Wii U and 3DS.



Samurairu said:

If you're looking to upgrade, the only option is a PC. If you're looking to play awesome, unique, endlessly replayable exclusive Nintendo titles..... you again have one choice. This article is tripe and I fell for it.



HumaneBlaze said:

@DragonbornRito no not at all money is not a problem its also the fact that I dont know many people who game on pc most of the people I know only play on consoles and the fact I feel really unfortunate playing on a pc I know its better for fps games and graphics on pc is outstanding but when I attempt to play something like bioshock or left 4 dead my god its hard to get use to but this is coming from someone whos been playing consoles theres whole life lol



Lobster said:

I've got a Wii U, but I've preordered that white Destiny PS4 - and the article is right, I did not have a PS3.



Senario said:

Y U no have poll option for PC! I am not upgrading any of the other consoles but I did upgrade my PC.



FiveDigitLP said:

That's pretty much exactly how I feel. Everyone asks if I'm getting a PS4 or Xbox One or why I don't already have one, and I just tell them I have a Wii U and the other consoles really don't have a lot to offer me at this point. I'll probably own one or both eventually, but not anytime in the near future.



XCWarrior said:

After E3 this week, these statistics I think are going to change a bit. Was Sony and Microsoft even at E3? I don't remember them talked about at all Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.



Shambo said:

@andrea987 exactly. And that whole 'Wii U has no games' thing is utter nonsense. I find it hard to be excited about ONE game on the other platforms, and have quite a few exclusives on Wii U that on their own could justify the purchase of a new system.



Sean_Aaron said:

Given I wasn't interested in the PS2 or PS3 there was no chance I'd buy a PS4. I had Wii software; why wouldn't I get a backwards-compatible Wii U?



Senario said:

@Ichiban lol I laughed. This is true. Microsoft seems to be really cool with competition but sony has their head stuck up their butt and acts really badly. They sell on pure hype and taking a dump on other consoles. Not on the quality of games that are currently out.



Sakura said:

There will always be a market for Nintendo games because they are an innovative company, they take risks and have many great IPs. Yes, there may be an argument for saying that Sony and Microsoft have more mature content which is more realistic. That's fine, great if you want that, I'm pleased for you. It's not for me though. Too much realism in real life, just watch the news. I want Nintendo's take.



DragonbornRito said:

@blaze8937 Okay, that's what I was wondering. Like I said, I'm not trying to condemn you or anything. I just thought money was an issue and felt like I should address that it shouldn't be. I can't blame you for wanting to keep your gaming group intact or the difficulty in learning keyboard/mouse when you've been console your whole life. (It took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it. I still use a controller for couch PC gaming though.)



Play-Doh_25 said:

Its dumb because the only reason the results hugely favor nintendo (wii u instead of ps4) is because everyone on here is a nintendo fan. While the question is relevant, the results have no meaning because it's obvious that the majority of people on here would own a wii u instead of a ps4 since the only point of going to this website is if you own a nintendo console.

If this website was called SonyLife then the results would probably favor Sony (PS4) instead.



ejamer said:

Very interested in the source of these statistics. Hearing that very nearly 50% of the PS4 install base never owned a PS3 is astounding.



DragonbornRito said:

@ejamer They said Nielsen did the ratings, which is just a polling company. I've participated in one of their studies (TV-related) and it was quite weird. Just write down everything you watch for a week then send it in and we'll send a check for $10. (A CHECK for $10.. Without a bank account, I couldn't get that thing cashed for less than a $10 fee.) Either way, they survey some people and release statistics based on those surveys. Many companies (like Sony, it seems) take those ratings as gospel. I don't know why. I'd trust my own statistics more than Nielsen's.



MajinSoul said:

"Never trust statistics you haven't falsified yourself". I want to see the exact statistic with the questions asked before I'm confident with this claim.

I also went from PS3 to WiiU. PS3 is such an amazing system on which I have over 50 games on. That's the most I owned on any console ever. However, it's collecting dust for over a year now and I will most likely only used again once Persona 5 releases.
As to getting a PS4? I highly doubt it. The only exclusive I'm interested right now is Blood Born. That's not enough to make me want to buy a PS4. Same goes for Xbox One btw. the only exclusive I'm interested in is Scalebound. Yes, there are tons of third-party games, but I get the cheaper on PC anyway. Also, the pay-to-play online is disgusting. Terrible next gen for me so far.



Gold said:

Wii U, but I plan on owning all of them by the end of the console generation.



Knux said:

I own a Xbox One and Wii U while I'm also planning on buying a PS4 either during this year or next year.



HumaneBlaze said:

@DragonbornRito I will be honest with you I would love to game on pc mainly because mods after seeing many of the outstanding mods in skyrim I was blown away. I loved the game but wish I played a type of game like that on pc rather then the 360



Jayvir said:

There is nothing on the PS4 that I want yet. I loved my PS3, and it was my dominant platform last gen but they've done a poor job showing any "must-have" games lately. I'm sticking to my Wii U for at least another year.



absuplendous said:

@Play-Doh_25 You're absolutely right, of course, but I think being skewed and inaccurate is the point here. Most people should understand that a poll with less than 1,000 participants on a Nintendo-centric site just can't compare with a nationwide survey conducted by a professional, unbiased ratings company... but it seems like a lot of NLers would rather turn a blind eye to that concept.

Now, that all said, (a) the actual ratings report cited by Sony hasn't been published as far a I can tell, and (b) for Chrissake, we need to stop obsessing/caring about sales figures and who's "winning." It makes sense for companies to be vested in these numbers, but consumers should worry more about what their purchases yield for them and not what "team" they're playing for (and who to root against).



DragonbornRito said:

@blaze8937 You can always hook up a 360 controller to it and play it just like you would've on an Xbox. Just a lot prettier and with mods.

Like I said, not trying to steer you away from a PS4 if you really want one for keeping your gaming community alive. But it sure is fun over in PC Land too. >



Shy_Guy said:

I have the Wii U,but plan on getting the PS4 when I see games that I want. Nintendo will always be number 1 for me and will support them.



Luffy said:

I'm a bit different.

last gen had a PS3

now I have Xbox One and a Wii U



hYdeks said:

points and laughs at Sony omg are you serious!!?? Man, Sony has alot of stupid things to say lately lol Wonder what lie their going to pull out of their arse next?



BoltedArc said:

Last gen I had wii and 360, this gen I got wiiu and ps4! I don't hate sony or Microsoft, there are games that you can't get from nintendo that you can get from sony and microwave but vice versa c9uld be said also. I also like nintendo's style, they publish alot of first party while the other two rely on third!



Giygas_95 said:

I got the Wii in 2006, a PS3 in 2009, and the Wii U in 2012. Not interested in the PS4 right now.



Haxonberik said:

I still plan on getting a PS4 when Mass Effect 4 finally comes out because I doubt my PC will run it decently enough, but by then I really hope its library is better than right now... So far I'm happy with going with the Wii U first.



Rafie said:

@Giygas_95 LOL Me too. I got my Wii on launch day, My PS3 in February 2009 (I wanted to be on time for Street Fighter 4), Xbox 360 in May 2010, Wii U launch day, and PS4 launch day.



AdanVC said:

I was thinking in buying a PS4 depending on Sony's E3 presentation this week and well... I'm glad to say it will take probably another whole year until I buy one because starting from the fact that their Press Conference was dead boring full of arrogance and innecesary statistics stuff, the games they shown, none of them attractes me enough to get one. Not even The Last of Us Remastered.

The entire presentation was literally like: "We're perfect, we have the most powerful console and we're full of exclusives, we're arrogant at it's best, TV TV, TV...." Oh, and a freaking Ratchet and Clank movie that nobody asked for in the first place. Just lame.

After this E3 I'm beyond happy to be a Wii U owner and it's the system that will offer the widest range of variety in terms of games through the year. Yeah, it sucks that 3rd Party support for Wii U is almost non-existent at this point but there's still plenty of AWESOME indie games coming and I'm going to support the hell out of each one as they get released.



xevious said:

Well, the PS4 certainly has some interesting titles lined up (No Man's Sky...!!!!) and it's possible, that I will be buying the console at some point, but at the moment I don't have any urges to do so. The Wii U and 3DS are completely fulfilling my gaming needs.



ikki5 said:

Every PS3 owner I know also has a Wii.... I think it is more the Wii owners that also have a PS3 are upgrading their PS3 to a PS4... Sony is starting to get a bit cocky.... I also want to question that Statistic that claim that Sony has essentially bring 17% (or 1.37 million people).



MinecraftGreek said:

Nintendo's next console will be a Tablet with traditional controls built in.

They will replace both the Wii U and 3DS in one swoop.

The tablet will come with a Chromecast-like adapter for the TV, and the "gamepad" will now be the console streaming to the TV.

Then Nintendo can compete on 3 fronts simultaneously: Tablet, Portable and Console.

Nintendo will not have to divide up their software divisions to create software for 2 machines anymore which will help their cycle times as well as give them more time to be creative with new IP.



mostro328 said:

Sony E3 bored me, this button was pushed this many time

Xbox wasn't far behind

and lets be honest if those system were to lose 3rd parties like Nintendo has they would die FAST

not saying they didn't show a few interesting things but Nintendo really brought a balanced presentation



Sionyn said:

their kidding them selves the only reason ps4 was selling more than xbox is simply price, more over there not doing all that well both sony and microsoft are not selling many consoles thanks to their high prices. The affordability of a xbox 360 was the single reason why 360 was so popular.

The marketing idiots Microsoft neglected this and wondered why xbox one had poor sales, these highly paid idiots could see that coming....

Microsoft and sony have little to offer this generation their just PC what do they have to offer that different ? the wii u gives you experience that you can not get anywhere else were as sony and microsoft offering are the pc and cheaper.



ProudasaPeacock said:

I haven't got any next-gen systems but I am trying to save up for a Wii U as quickly as possible. Sadly that takes a while when you haven't got a job :/



Zobocop said:

Um, Wii owners didn't upgrade at all. It's the casual market, they still only have a Wii. You guys have said it yourselves that all Skylanders games and Disney Infinity have all sold best on Wii over any other console. These games came out after the Wii was already dead. The proof is right there.



PinkSpider said:

I Will eventually buy a ps4 for a few games that haven't come out on wii u and for a few games that will look better on ps4
But my loyalty lies with nintendo first and for most, I have still not seen a game made by sony or Microsoft with as much love and care as the highest produced nintendo titles. And when Zelda wi u is released my life will be consumed by that game. I cannot wait to explore hyrule (oblivion style)



luigifan624 said:

I owned all 3 last gen consoles (Wii, 360, PS3) with the PS3 being the least played. So with this gen I purchased a WiiU at launch, as for Xbox One/PS4 I dont see anything on those consoles that interest me.



kensredemption said:

I'm one of the 2% of pollers who own all three next-gen giants and the one thing I can say is this:

The inflated egos of both Sony and Microsoft will be deflated completely when fall and 2015 come around. Screw the statistics, fanboys, optimists and realists obsessing over trivial "conflicts" involving the supremacy of the Big Three.

Just shut up and play your damn games like real gamers do. I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PS4 every day and during my off hours I play Mario Kart 8 exclusively on my Wii U while I use my Xbox One to stream from both systems and even indulge in a little Killer Instinct when the mood strikes me.



skywake said:

Most people I know, including myself, haven't been that loyal to a particular brand of platform. I mean you might stick with some guys for two generations particularly if there is some incentive there. Generally though, not so much. I think most "normal" people only get one console per generation if at all. A subset of people get two. A smaller subset get all of them. When the next console rolls around they re-evaluate the whole thing. Picking the one with the most immediate appeal

Plus lets get a bit of perspective here. There are only about 19mill current gen consoles out there so far. There are 260mill last gen. A good 90% of last gen consoles have not been upgraded. 19mill total only gets you 1/5th of the way through any one of the last gen consoles. So if the headline was to be more accurate it would instead say "previous gen console owners haven't upgraded yet and the ones who have aren't particularly brand loyal"



BertoFlyingFox said:

I've got a WiiU and a PS4, I like them both so far but WiiU gets more playtime out of me. I just prefer it.

I understand how they could track PS3/PS4 owners (though not if the consoles are always kept offline) but not for Wii owners, especially through the Nielsen system with very specific samplings.



HappyHappyist said:

I've got a WiiU, but I plan to get a PS4 soon, once all the games like Witcher 3, MGS V, Arkham Knight, etc. come.



ledreppe said:

I've got a Wii U and PS4, but Wii U gets more love. Like the report subtitle says, I think Sony is twisting the stats on this one. They are saying that Wii owners are upgrading to PS4, but what they mean to say is Wii owners have bought a Wii U and also a PS4. They're just making themselves sound better the way they say it.



SCAR said:

I currently have a Wii U, Xbox One, and 3DS XL. If somehow I get a pile of money, I'll probably go for an Android tablet for whatever is on there, but that's pretty unlikely.

I got all the consoles(except PSP) last gen, and I don't think I'll be getting anything PS, this gen.



Alucard83 said:

I do own a WII U, but as i said before already. Fans expecting a lot more from a console. And i felt that Nintendo didn't really even care about what gamers want. Some people here will get anything from Nintendo. They are like soulles bodies who only sees Nintendo, but the other people who can see more will expect more.

I will move to PS4 soon as well when it's on stock here in Holland, but i won't go for the Xbox One the kinda pissed me off after that online forced thing and that Kinect. Nobody wants it! Let the gamers choose themself how they want to play. Forcing people into something just made them pay. I don't feel sorry for Microsoft. Good for you Nintendo!

Ps4 will be n1 since it will have RPG from KOEI and so on. So i can predit already will be my top console. WII U next and then MS xbox



kereke12 said:

I don't know where Sony gets there statistics from because I don't have Next-gen or haven't decided yet on what I want to buy. But I'm going with Nintendo like always!!! First then Xbox then PS4...So the statistics that Sony has in irreverent.



theberrage said:

My Wii U collected so much dust at the beginning for me to even consider purchasing a PS4 at this time and at this price .



AusfahrtXD said:

Well 30% of that 31% could be xboxs not wiis too. Or 100% of them could be liars!!! . Seriously though ps4 is doing great but Im not too excited I got one as early as I did. They just got huge early sales from hype and advertisements. It's an e3 later since it's debut and I still don't see but a game or two that I coupdnt have played on something else



Ren said:

I'm not upgrading yet but the plan was to get a PS4. Not sure anymore now. The WiiU isn't looking as bad anymore but I'd like to have the option of playing some of those multi-plat games ("dude-bro" games if you must). Now the other two are about the same price and still don't play the last gen games. I was waiting for watchdogs and titanfall but they're both fine last gen. Where are the truly great exclusives for any of them? I like the idea of that massive power but no one is using it yet so why would I dump all the fantastic 360 games I'm trying to catch up on still?
It's weird that none of them could truly respect the attachment that we all have to last gen systems that are still so good. That should have been part of the LAUNCH plan from the start; I won't spend 400+ to get something with a couple games and toss out a library, that's just stupid; do they think we're all that stupid or rich?



KillScottKill said:

Completely believe what he's saying, but I think that 31% number is more telling of the 360 owners who flipped - that's where Sony is really stealing customers, at least in the U.S. and U.K.. Microsoft's blunders with the XB1 in 2013 created a lot of ill-will and a lot of gamers eager to jump into the new gen opted for the PS4, indicated by its much stronger sales point than its direct competitor.

Another thing to keep in mind is just how many people had the Wii as a secondary console to their PS3 or 360 in the last gen due to the much different experience it offered and the fact it was so practical and affordable. It's only natural that consumers who fit into that mold would contribute to this kind of statistic. The question is, will these same people someday own or Wii U along side their PS4 or XB1?

Really, the Wii's massive install base has evaporated. A large part of that is families who don't own a single of the three new consoles, because they've found other things to use their time with. Mobile gaming is a much sturdier alternative now than it was at the start of the last gen, so a lot of the casual gamers that were sucked into the "Wii factor" and the allure that Wii Sports caused are now twiddling their thumbs on smartphones, hence the yearly explosion of things like Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Flappy Bird.

I also think what you're seeing in the fallout of the Wii's success is that generation's children growing up and breaking out of family gaming. I suspect there's a large abundance of middle and high school teenagers that upgraded from the Wii with family to the 3DS by themselves, as shown by the massive popularity of that console.



GraveLordXD said:

Wii u & ps4 for me not getting xbox1
So far my Wii u gets most of my playtime I play my ps3 way more than my ps4 but I know that's all gonna change come Sept



biohax said:

I kinda want to buy a PS4 when I can spare that amount of money (or when its price drops enough for me to justify it). Bloodborne looks mighty fine and I really wouldn't mind some inFamous and French revolution shenanigans.



Super_Gravy said:

@Damo You do have a point but I still agreed with Play-Doh_25 but it is a good poll regardless. Most of the gamers don't usually hang around in "Nintendo", "Microsoft", and "Sony" fan sites. But unfortunately for me that I do not have an evidence to back up my claim though.



0utburst said:

I may get a PS4 later. There are only 3 games I want on the PS4 right now. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, The Last of Us Remastered and the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider. Add Fallout 4 if they announce it. Yeah I love the Tomb Raider and Fallout series. But I could still get the new Tomb Raider and Fallout on PC.



Ahat said:

I don't know what next-gen I want to buy.....that's very tricky especially for my gaming taste



Mr_Video said:

I don't know about upgrading to a PS4, but I have been thinking about getting a PS3 if I could find one at a reasonable price. That way I could play both PS2 and PS3 games I've wanted to give a try and finally see what all the hullabaloo is about Kingdom Hearts.



PlywoodStick said:


None of the 8th gen consoles are an "upgrade". They're all just "catching up" machines! You have to buy PC parts and build a PC for $600 to get a real upgrade... and you don't even need new parts to trounce a PS4! Silly marketing executives and their stupid assertations...

Only Nintendo was smart enough to realize this, and went for something to differentiate themselves. Nintendo and PC only for me... Never getting a PS4 nor XBoned. Sony and Microsoft have fallen from their lofty PS2 and Xbox original days.



Drobotic said:

I want a PS4 at some point.Maybe when games like GTA V and Arkham Knight come out.



Nimious said:

I upgraded but honestly there wasn't that many reasons to upgrade. The Wii U stays pretty idle for most of the year.



AtlanteanMan said:

I have a Wii U and am loving it; I don't know what all the fuss is about concerning a supposed "lack" of great games to play on it. Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Captain Toad, Splatoon, and the incredible-looking upcoming Zelda dismiss those a person really MUST only care about playing in dystopian, gritty, violent games with "realistic" eye candy. Don't look now but the Wii U has more than its fair share of eye candy...and far more games that I would care to play so far this generation than their competition, hands down.

I haven't invested in a PS4 or an Xbox One yet, and while Sony's machine has a better chance of my adopting it in the future, nothing shown at E3 gave me sufficient reason to plunk down the money for either. I love Halo but I'm not buying an Xbox One for a single franchise. As for Sony, I love the looks of The Crew and No Man's Sky, but both of those and other upcoming big names like Dragon Age: Inquisition can also be found on the PC.

And speaking of the PC, Civilization: Beyond Earth and a lot of other awesome-looking Strategy titles (which sadly consoles rarely if ever bother with) are some of my most-anticipated games of 2014. Why invest that money into a console whose library is full of redundancy and annually regurgitated, increasingly shallow "AAA" franchises when you can put it into more of the games you really WANT to play?



parkerjames said:

I have both. I wouldn't have both if WiiU had mainline sports titles. The Show (Sony exclusive, I know) Nba2k, NHL are all absent from the WiiU lineup. I owned a Wii and Xbox 360 last-gen.



FritzFrapp said:

I don't think his claims are that contentious; rather, I would say they're extremely likely.



james_squared said:

"31 per cent of PS4 owners did not own a PS3, but they did own either an Xbox 360 or Wii."

I think the word "either" really needs to be in bold or italics.



AltDotNerd said:

As long as Sony pulls crap like "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale", I won't support them. I haven't owned a Playstation since the PS One.



billychaos said:

To be fair, if I were going to get another system, it would be the ps4. Mainly for two words "Final" and "Fantasy" (i still haven't given up on the franchise yet).



DESS-M-8 said:

After this E3 I'm already considering trading in myPS4 and I've only had it a month.
Severely unimpressed with it



Tasuki said:

Well I didn't trade a Wii for a PS4 I did however trade an Xbox 360 for a PS4. I always had a Nintendo system and one other system for third party games that wouldn't come to a Nintendo system. Three gens ago it was a PS, two gens it was a PS2 and last gen it was a 360 mainly cause of Sony's arrogance at the beginning of the PS3 era. If it wasn't for that I probably would have had a PS3.



retro_player_22 said:

Nope, I did not pick up a PS4, that thing doesn't have a game worth buying for yet. If there's a game coming for the PS4, I probably already got it on either Steam, PS3, or Wii U or that game just doesn't interest me. Right now I'm still enjoying my Wii, GameCube, PS2, PS3, Dreamcast, and Wii U.



DESS-M-8 said:

I own a Wii, Wii U, PS3 and PS4. I honestly could count the times I've played the PS4 on three fingers in the last month.
PS4 showing at E3? Miserable.
I want nhl batman and Uncharted.
NHL I can play on my ps3 with more users than ps4.
Batman and Uncharted I'd have to pass on of i trade the PS4, but unfortunately on the see-saw of uncharted/batman Vs smash bros/hyrule warriors/zelda/star Fox/bayonette1&2/yoshi/devils third guess which side of the see saw has the fattest kid sat on it. That's not even daring to whisper about 2 new looming metroid titles and 3DS games



Giygas_95 said:

@Rafie Funny coincidence! Although, I got both the Wii and PS3 on Christmas of those years.

@DESS-M-8 I don't own a PS4 myself, but it might be a good idea to wait before trading it in. Remember, any video game console needs a good amount of time before it gets really good games. Just my thoughts...



ChuJelly said:

I really want Kingdom Hearts 3 and Little Big Planet 3 (there sure is power in threes, eh?) but those are about the only two games I'd consider getting a PS4 for that are must haves (there are a bunch of Store titles & remasters that look good though). Doubt I'll be picking one up anytime soon if ever. I'm perfectly content with the Wii U and my PS3 for now, though I kind of want a Vita.
The fact that that "31%" (which I really doubt is an accurate number and wonder how they even researched it) is a merge of XBox 360 and Wii users says a lot here. The Xbox 360 is just behind the Wii in sales at 20 million less, and frankly, I'd bet anything that most of the users that make up that percentage were from Xbox 360. Let's face it, the Xbox One definitely hasn't presented itself very well since it's reveal, and it's no surprise that FP game fans (which the most hardcore Xbox fans usually are) are jumping ship to the superior PS4 which specializes in the exact same genre groups. In fact, I know a lot of people at my school that are huge fans of the 360 that criticize the One and talk about how much they want a PS4. It'd make far more sense than a casual Wii owner upgrading to a PS4 in my opinion.



rbmoura85 said:

hehehe 77% of people here only have a wii u (like myself), it amuses me because the audience of this site is a very peculiar type of gamer...not at all mainstream



dkxcalibur said:

I'm currently content with my Wii U, 360, and 3DS. That combo seems to cover me. I would imagine that I will pick up a One or PS4 at some point. I'm not the biggest Sony fan but the Order game looks fantastic. Xbox has Forza though!



dkxcalibur said:

.....really who cares though. Video games rule! Play what you want on whatever system makes you happy. We picked up our Wii U this past Holiday season among groans of the Wii U failing. I justified our purchase based on 3D World, Kart, Kong, and Smash. Anything in addition to these games is a bonus. Right now, I'm very very happy with those "bonus" games.



VIIIAxel said:

I had a Wii last gen, and I've already upgraded to Wii U this gen. Of course, I'm probably getting a PS3 very, very soon, and I plan on getting a PS4 in the future for Evolve, KHIII, and No Man's Sky. I know they're also on the Xbox One, but I'm more of a Sony guy than an Xbox guy.



Ralizah said:

@Rafie The vast majority of the PS4's big upcoming games are multi-plat. The only three notable exclusives I saw were Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and LittleBigPlanet 3. Bloodborne admittedly does look interesting, but Uncharted 5 and LBP3 seem more like the kind of lazy franchise installments people often accuse Nintendo of banking on. Now, for my part, I said "interesting" exclusives, but aside from indie stuff and what I mentioned, I don't see much that would drive a person to PS4 unless they have a particular fondness for first-party Sony franchises.

Note I don't include stuff that is coming to other machines like the Grim Fandango remake.

At least Microsoft has stuff like Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Phantom Dust, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, and a new Halo coming out. The Halo collection also seems like a nice release if you're into that kind of game.



GabCormier said:

It's pointless to do a poll about wii U stuff on a nintendo website, I'm not sure Ps4/Xbone gamers come here daily...



Wonky_Kong said:

The thing is with the xbone/ps4 is that they offer nothing that my pc doesnt offer already. Nintendo are offering something different to my pc.



Yoshis95 said:

This isnt the best place for a poll about ps4 stuff, but i am a person that went from Wii to PS4, however i really want a WiiU now, and i hardly use my PS4. Right now my favorite console is my 3DS



purpleibby said:

Dang , why talk crap sony,,,,Have some class! Compensating maybe, a little butt hurt maybe?



ReigningSemtex said:

Wii u has got some great games now and some amazing games next year whereas there isn't anything too groundbreaking on xbox one and ps4 just yet and probably won't start to hit there stride until late next year so probably not such a bad thing to wait to buy either console



IronMan28 said:

I have a Wii U, thought about getting a PS4 but I'm not interested yet. I'll probably end up getting an Xbox One, though, reminds me of what a Sega console would be like if they were either western or had tons of money.



AJWolfTill said:

Don't remember being impressed by any Playstation Exclusives at e3 other than Indie games. I am however going to be picking up a PS3 soon to enjoy the great exclusive content from last gen I missed.



Mega719 said:

Ironic poll results yet.I don't get what would convince people to buy a Wii U it has such a superior library and fantastic control scheme



SanderEvers said:

I have a Wii U and a PS4. Both for console exclusives and PS4 for multiplat games. (This way I will NEVER buy an XBOX (N)ONE)



electrolite77 said:

Got a Wii U. Plan to get a PS4 at some point for the multiplats especially as I'm already building up a library through PS Plus. Having said that, my trust in Sony built up over the last 19 years is a bit rattled by their abandonment of the Vita. Never been impressed with MS to be honest, bought the first XBox but never bothered with the 360. I prefer Sony's exclusives to MS'.



Iggly said:

I've been going with Nintendo Consoles since the day I started playing video games. If I wanted some games that aren't on Nintendo Platforms, I'd rather buy them on PC despite mines not being a Gaming PC.



Gravedigga13 said:

Don't wanna be a troll or anything, but these question poles on Nintendo Life are a joke. Only people interested in Nintendo enter the site and take their time to check the articles and answer the questions, so all answers regarding feedback towards nintendo will be 90% positive. I own a wii u, but all my friends who previously owned a wii, got a bone or ponystation.
Everybody keeps saying Nintendo won E3, and while i agree that its presentation was top notch, i have to say I am really disappointed it didn't come up with third party support. There is nothing besides Smash that could sell consoles in 2014. I am worried for N.



Dpullam said:

Well, I can confirm that I am not one of those Wii owners that supposedly upgraded to a PS4. In fact, I chose to go with the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle since it was such a good deal! Splinter Cell Blacklist is so much fun on the Wii U as well!



penfold007 said:

Last gen I own all 3 home consoles though I don't think I owned a single 1st party xbox exclusive. Draw your own conclusions from that. Now all I'm trying to juggle is the wii u, ps4, ps3, psvita, 3ds and a 18 month old.... Off-Tv and remote play have been a god send cause I can blast through a MK 8 gp while the wee one watches mickey mouse clubhouse.



daveh30 said:

last gen i started out with a Wii & 360. i got sick of getting 360's replaced/ repaired after the 3rd RROD in a year and went with the PS3. upgraded my Wii to the U and PS3 to the 4.... done with MS. If i had to choose one, Nintendo always comes first. In fact, if Nintendo ceased to exist, i'd give up video games completely. Sony consoles are just to keep me occupied between big Nintendo releases...



JaxonH said:


True, but likewise the data reported from Pushsquare was just as skewed, seeing as over 100 million people owned a Wii, and many who did own a Wii also owned an Xbox 360/PS3. Now, they did poll the ones who didn't own a PS3, but that just means they were probably from the OTHER half, the ones that owned an Xbox 360.



JaxonH said:

Own Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS and Vita. I could stay occupied gaming on just the Wii U and 3DS, but I like diversity and picking the cream of the crop on each platform.

If I had to rank my consoles from favorite to least, I'd say...

1) Wii U
2) PS4
3) 3DS
4) Vita
5) Xbox One

Although, seeing as Sony has pulled the plug supporting Vita and the Xbox One has quite a few great exclusives on the way, those last two will probably switch places within a year's time.



Rafie said:

@Ralizah LOL So you're saying that Microsoft's offerings are good, although some of them are sequels or ports like the PlayStation's, were better than Sony's? Wow! Uncharted 4 (although in game cutscene) was one of the most beautifulest character models I've ever witnessed for a console. That's real. Nothing lazy about what Naughty Dog does. Let's keep in perspective here. Bloodborne looks absolutely stunning. The Order looks fabulous and some of the gameplay I did see is shaping up. Amongst a few other things.

The thing about Uncharted and LBP is that they don't have as many games as Mario, Zelda and they don't come out with games that feature those characters often like Nintendo does with them. I don't wanna rag on MS offerings because it's good, but outside of Sunset Overdrive and was all multiplat stuff. Halo Anniversay Collection (I'm looking forward to it) is just a HD collection like Sony had in the past with extra stuff added though. Much better than Sony's actually.

To be honest, the Playstation 4 TECHNICALLY has more games than the Wii U. Quality is subjective to the consumers taste. Just like the reason a person would buy a PS4 right now, or even a Wii U. Nintendo does have the upper hand with their first party games though. Gosh I can't wait for them.



Rafie said:

@JaxonH My friend. One of the most sound folks here. I'll give you my stance on my consoles.

1. PlayStation 4
2. Wii U
3. Xbox One
4. Vita
5. 3DS XL

Like you, the last 2 may switch over after titles I'm interested start coming in. Sometimes my Wii U climbs to the 1st spot. Like right now. My PS4 is literally on standby as my Wii U has been getting SO much play. I haven't touched my Xbox in about 3 weeks. That's just because nothing has come out yet that I want for it. However, they got some heat coming. Between PS4 and Wii U, those 2 alone has some great games coming. Especially the Wii U.



JaxonH said:


It's nice, isn't it? Being able to play ANY game, regardless of platform?

I actually just got my X1 (Kinect-free version), but I'm beginning to wish I'd got the $500 original model. Reason being, the multimedia features are great, but without Kinect, you can't control your TV without the TV remote. The Kinect has that IR antenna that can control your TV, cable box, blu ray player, etc, and the voice recognition just makes it a breeze to change channels or power on the TV. I'm probably going to buy the Kinect whenever they release it separately.

Ya, it's exciting times being a Wii U owner, that's for sure. And PS4 has an impressive multiplat lineup this fall. As far as brand new announcements, I'm super hyped for Halo Master Chief, Crackdown, Phantom Dust, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rainbox Six Siege, Captain Toad, Devil's Third, Splatoon, S.T.E.A.M, Star Fox and Yoshi's Wooly World. As for LBP3, I hate Little Big Planet, but I may end up giving this new one a go.

At first I wasn't that excited for Yoshi's Wooly World because Kirby's Epic Yarn was slow paced, and it was WAY too easy. Like, zero difficulty. I watched a hefty chunk of gameplay, and this one is fast paced like DKC is, and it looks like it has a normal difficulty progression. It plays like a mix between Yoshi's Island, Rayman Legends and DKC all combined. Like, I am totally surprised by this game because I was NOT expecting much at all, now it's on the top of my list!



Gridatttack said:

Seems plausible. A ps4 is a nice temptation to get one, but I wont bite since it has no games like the PS3, and the games you can find there can be played better on a PC.



Ninhau said:

Already a proud owner of a WiiU... but recon that in 1-2 years, when the good games are here, i'll also get a PS4 for the multiplats/exclusives. Until then, theres not much there besides remakes. TLOU and GTA5 are tempting, though (never played them, though i also own a ps3)
XO doesnt interest me



Subie98 said:

Ive been a Nintendo guy since the year the nes came out and have been since. Owned every home console and a few of their handhelds. When sony came into the picture ive had their consoles next to my Nintendo ones since. I gave xbox and 360 a chance. Hated em. They just never had the exclusives that interested me other than forza. Sony got all the other games i liked and then some anyway so I had zero use to keep the xbox systems. Ill never have a reason to be interested in the xbox brand. Personally I find the quailty control of their systems is less than to be desired.



whanvee said:

Nintendo relied too heavily on the familiarity of the Wii name and word of mouth. They did no advertising on networks that were always seeing ds and wii spots. In other networks they advertised very little. In the months leading up to its release and over the holidays I saw two commercials. No one knew what it was so no one bought it. More so than anything I think that was what started slowly sinking the wii u ship when it first set sail.



Darknyht said:

@whanvee I think it would be more accurate to say that Nintendo pulled developers from the Wii U projects to bolster a staggering 3DS in 2011. They would have been fine but then the Earthquake/Tsunami hit and Japan had a nuclear powerplant meltdown. This effected productivity both from the initial disaster and the power rationing it brought about. All of which in small ways hindered Wii U development getting back on track.

I think that Nintendo decided to trust their supposed third party publishers (Activision, EA, Ubisoft, WB Games) for the Wii U launch and half of them promptly stabbed them in the back for the most part. You are only just now seeing the fruits of a fully recovered Nintendo operating to their potential. Plus, since the 3DS is doing well and has good third party support, they can afford to focus extra on the Wii U console.

So the best is yet to come...



Sidewinder said:

I never had a PS3, and i upgraded to a PS4.
I also have a Wii U, but I think the PS4 is better.



Minotaurgamer said:

Does nobody notice the awful truth beneath? is the same kind of gamers just moving around the same machines. the 3 machines have the same philosophy and aim at the same kind of gamers. There are no new gamers. No "expanded audience". No new blood. Just the same niche audiences around.



SecondServing said:

I wenr with the Wii U and Xbox One, it's all about the games for me. PS4 has no games, so I don't have a PS4, yet.



Ruthven said:

Why no option for Wii U and a Steam Box (well PC that can run Steam games)? Nintendo is my console of choice... but a Steam PC is required by me to experience other gaming titles at a price I can afford .



Yurius said:

Bought Wii U for a Nintendo and console games. I just play on my pc for the rest like what most games on PS4 and XB1 has, aside from a few games from square enix, tri-ace and namco bandai which are some rpgs.



KO-Cub said:

Thier goes Sony. Looking at things like a competition. While Nintendo chills back, lets loose and has some fun.



SphericalCrusher said:

I think most people who own the Wii will go to the WiiU. Lots of PS3 and 360 gamers seem to go to PS4. There's nothing wrong with owning multiple, but these statements come from a lot of people I know.




Got a Wii U. Currently tossing up what to get KH3 for.
I was hoping E3 would settle it for me but I'm torn between the Master Chief Collection and No Man's Sky.
But whatever one I get, my Wii U will still be the one that is played the most.



TwilightAngel said:

Get a ps4 nah i already have Pc for my third party needs and the wiiu for the nintendo games. After the E3 me and my wallet are sticking with the wiiu.



Rafie said:

@JaxonH It really is nice. That's why I have all consoles. Yeah I'm looking forward to a lot of titles. Most of those titles are surprisingly Wii U titles. They have a tremendous amount of games coming out. Sony aren't really coming out until next year, so it's hard to get too excited about anything THIS year. Just LBP3 like you said. Next year they bringing the heat though.

Still Wii U will be top dog for the holidays and I'm extremely thankful that my family and I will be playing fun games this holiday from Nintendo. I'm not sure if Yoshi Wooly World is coming this year. Nintendo already has a full schedule...especially with Smash U coming. I was excited about Yarn Yoshi..I mean Yoshi Wooly World since I heard of it. I like the Yarn Kirby game. Yes it was easy, but it was beautiful and fun to play. Yeah we gamers are in for a treat.



TwistOfFate619 said:

I got a Wii U first (mainly because it was in a good deal at Big W, otherwise might have waited at the time). My intention was to have my Wii U on the side for exclusives and have my Xbox One for the cross-platform games and its exclusives (similar to what I did with the Wii and 360).

Have to say though for a while now i've (surprisingly) been playing mostly on the Wii U. It helps that this generation there's these U Pro Controllers which I prefer over the Classic Pro (and especially classic) and more support for them also. The part that always limited my interest was the over reliance of wii-motes and a lack of play + charge. Wii U addressed those issues for me, just a shame it's rather underestimated by gamers and especially devs.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'm sticking with last gen for now, I've been keeping an eye on the Wii U and PS4 but so far nothing about them has made me feel like I have to run out and spend several hundred dollars on a new machine and games when theres still plenty of games left to be 'discovered' still. I'm also perfectly content with my 3DS as it is.

I'm sure plenty of the 241million people who didn't upgrade their console feel the same. These things aren't cheap and they don't have much the last gen consoles don't yet. Is a next-gen port of GTA V or Assassin's Creed worth $460+tax? Is there something stopping me from buying the current big exclusives later when I feel like it?



JaxonH said:


Great thing is, Yoshi's Wooly World looks like it has normal difficulty, unlike Kirby's Epic Yarn. It's like they took that concept, and fixed everything that was wrong with it (slow paced gameplay, extremely light difficulty, etc).

Matter of fact, just check out this trailer here- I saw some extended live gameplay too but this pretty much sums up why I'm so in love with the game:



letsplay said:

I dont need Xbox or PSXX ; I have a gaming PC to run almost all the games on those consoles.
I do own a Wii U and 3DS .



whanvee said:

I agree about the third party part. But I don't think the lack of games so much as the lack of awareness for their new system was what did them in, at the beginning anyhow. No one knows what the wii u is, outside of gamers. Within a couple months of the wii release everybody knew what it was. Partially because of it's popularity but also because of strong advertisement campaigns in it's infancy.

Once the lack of games started to become apparent then even gamers that were knowledgeable about the system started ignoring it. It started with the metro game being canceled and then rayman getting delayed. The best is yet to come but I think the wii u could have done so much better in its infancy and could have had so many more games backing it, if only it would have done a little better.



Will-75 said:

I love these kinda articles in all honesty at our house we have upgraded from Wii and PS3 to Wii U , PS4, 3DS, and PSVita , we own two Wii U's two 3DS's and two PSVita's and to be totaly honest we took the PS4 back because we did not play or use it enough for us to keep it may get one later on but that looks like a big maybe . In our house the Wii U gets the most attention when friends and family come over as well we use the internet browser on Wii U more than we use our PC browser the Wii U browser is AWESOME and the GamePad is a great fit for it, next is the 3DS my personal favorite and go to for gaming then PSVita. I would like to also add that Donkey Kong TF is awesome I was honestly not expecting it to be as great a game as it is to anyone that hasn't picked a copy of it up I highly recommend it.



HawkeyeWii said:

Wii owners didn't upgrade to this because they don't know what it is. I had a party at my house the other day for Mario Kart 8. Every single person thought we were playing on a Wii. The people who got the gamepad in there hands were like how'd you get this controller for the wii?? And I'm like it is a completely different console. They were like no.. This is a wii. They just didn't get it, not even after I tried explaining the difference. They all thought it was a different looking Wii with a different controller.
These were videogame savy people who knew about the difference between a Xboxone and PS4 and they're counterparts, but not Nintendo's. This is the biggest reason Wii U's aren't selling. One word "confusion".



Ricube said:

I was actually thinking about getting a PS3 now that it is really cheap (console and games)... But anyway I bought every Nintendo Console at launch and have no time to play with another... except for some PC games



eltomo said:

I'm a Wii owner who brought a x360, to then buy a ps3, only to buy another x360, who then won a ps3, to then buy a Wii U... I don't see me being part of these figures.

I will buy a ps4, but from what I saw at e3, not till 2015.



Red_XIII said:

Wii U and PC is the best combination; getting PS4 late in life cycle for highlights.



TheWPCTraveler said:

Say what you want, but I'm upgrading from the Wii to the Wii Ubfor the same reason I upgraded from the GameCube to the Wii.

They're the cheapest of the bunch, they provide an experience that I can't get on a PC, and, well, they're Nintendo consoles.



ninjalink said:

Well duuuh! Why would we upgrade to xbox one, ps4 is like the nintendo for adult gamers.



Volmun said:

Iv got Both WiiU and PS4 I tend to keep up with Both Nintendo and Sony eventhow Nintend comes 1st now after Vita... MS just dosnt Buzz me.. only games i wanted on XBone allot of ppl have told me there terrible and one other id like (Sun set Overdrive) may wind up on PC or Multyplat.



gameboy1975 said:


Well isn't No Man's Sky coming to Xbox1 as well? I mean, if you want the MC collection anyway, you could just kill 2 birds with 1 stone as the saying goes.



Sensei_Sendai said:

I upgraded to PC, but I find the Wii U is the perfect companion console to own. Most of the games on PS4+One right now are very similar to current games on the PC Market (or are on PC), whereas the Wii U still offers fresh experiences that are seldom found on PC.

May pick up a PS4 or Xbone far into the future if there's any particularly interesting exclusives.



bmprsvz777 said:

To claim that majority of Wii owners are upgrading to PS4 is quite cocky. I am sure there must be some people who "upgrade" from PS3 to Wii U too... Also the word "upgrade" is not exactly right. The fact that I bought Wii U or PS4 does not mean I throw my old Wii out of the window, vice versa, I can still use both systems and because one is connected by HDMI and the other by AV-in cable it is easy to use them together on the same TV. Old Wii is "Godsend" if you have children. None of "next gen" consoles can match old Wii-s line-up of games for children so far. It's best to own all consoles but who has money and time to do it. In my opinion it is most economic to buy Wii U for Nintendo exclusives and gaming PC for everything else. There are very few Sony/Microsoft exclusives that you can not play on PC. By the way, it is funny that highest rated PC videogames of all time are mostly 5-15 years old titles which you can play on cheap 400$ PC, you simply don't need expensive cutting edge gaming PC to play gems like Bioshock or Portal. What I am trying to say: don't waste your money on PS4, you can get "decent versatile" PC for that amount of money, you can play Battlefield 3 on AMD A8-6500 APU without a problem.



Luna-Harmony said:

I am lucky to get Destiny alpha demo it's mind blowing such a great game i could not put it down until 5am. People should get Wii u & ps4 as both are great systems.



readyletsgo said:

WiiU and ps3, the ps3 has a lot of life in it for me since I only have it a year and the WiiU is just a great system with great games still to come for years too. If uncharted 4 gets amazing review next year I might pick a ps4 up.



shane1228 said:

PS4 for me until the new Zelda releases which seems like an eternity away from now. Seems to me the WiiU should have had more of these blockbuster titles that they are now working on at launch or closer to the launch date, that's just one of the mistakes they made with this current Nintendo console. Can't really say PS4 has much of a game library either but WiiU has had a year head start.



kobashi100 said:

@Zobocop This!!

Lots of them Wii owners moved away from consoles and moved onto tablets and smartphones.

They won't be coming back either

I personally had Wii and 360, got Wii U day one but also got a PS4. Wii U is current gen for me and I wanted a next gen machine.



Malus said:

I own a Wii U but WILL be picking up a PlayStation 4. I will not buy an Xbox One. PS4 has excellent games and such that I want (e.x. first party titles) while the Wii U has some great Nintendo games I want.

The Xbox One has Halo, and that's it. Tired of Microsoft's crap, been taking it for almost nine years now. It's time to switch things up.



The_Ninja said:

err, have no next gen system yet. But I'll be getting a Wii U first.
PS4? Probaly, but later.
Xbox One? hahahahaha

I already have a PS3 and if theres a new game coming out for PS4 I care about this year, it's on PS3 too.



Windy said:

Right now if I bought anything it would be a Wii-U for Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles. Throw in Dragon Quest X and there wouldn't be any question as to what I would get



Deadstanley said:

When I got the Wii U, I wanted it to be my sole next gen console. Unfortunately the 3rd party support destroyed that dream. So, I got a PS4 and am completely happy with it. I still like the Wii U and I have no problems getting Wii U exclusives on it, as well as some other cross platform titles where the GamePad makes for a better experience (like Splinter Cell). I live happily with both consoles. They server their purposes.



DaemonSword said:

Dumb survey. Nintendo can turn right around and say "Yeah, well, how many PS2 owners bought a Wii?! BOOM!! (does the DX crotch chop)" lol



DaemonSword said:

Went straight to Wii U (and DS to 3DS, no PSP, no Vita). Not interested in anything MicroSony has to offer, never will. Their exclusives are yawn inducing, and neither wants to wants to change the gaming experience (the times they tried, they were just ripping off the Wii experience). Sorry, but just getting a supposedly more 'powerful' processor and more 'powerful' ram than the previous gen isn't enough (even bigger jokes, when PC's and Macs are at least 5-8 years ahead of all the current gen consoles).



3DS_excel said:

I have always ended up buying almost every console released, but this time around Playstation and Xbox does absolutely nothing for me. I don't find myself getting hyped for either. I'll probably just stick with the WiiU and 3DS XL this time around. I honestly never thought the day would come when I would have no interest in a new console and now there is 2 I don't really care for :-/



theBluntKnight said:

currently wiiU is the only 8th gen system I own.
Wii is the only 7th gen I have and gamecube + PS2 are the 6th gen systems I own and before that it's nuttin' but Nintendo.

I'm a nintendo fan, I like their approach to making games and I make no apologies for that.

Interestingly the wii was the first only console I bought at launch. The motion controls had me psyched for the new gameplay possibilities and a free game offer for pre ordering sealed the deal. It was great to see Nintendo selling more consoles than Sony and Microsoft. The Wii certainly wasn't perfect as a console yet it's short comings didn't prevent me from enjoying the good games that it had. By 2009 though the euphoria and hope I had for the wii's potential was evaporating and from that point on my interest in gaming in general was on the wane. PS360 had some critically acclaimed games that I heard folks were enjoying but they weren't really the sorts of games I was dying to play.

By the time the WiiU was revealed I saw the gamepad and was mildly impressed but shamefully I thought it was a peripheral for the Wii at first. I looked a little closer to see if it would have really interesting games in the pipeline. The launch titles didn't really tickle my fancy and I just kinda forgot about the wiiU for a while. Last years E3 changed that though. when Sony and Microsoft announced their new consoles and all the bad press that microsoft copped caught my attention. With the hype that PS4 and xbone were getting there was a tremendous amount of doom and gloom being cast upon the wiiU. People were saying things like "now that GTA V skipped wiiU in favor of PS3 and xb360 it's fate as the next dreamcast is virtually sealed" and so on. It all made me want to look at what each had to offer with as much objectivity as possible. Looking past the hype, enhanced graphics and computing power that Sony and Microsoft's offerings had over WiiU the games told a different story. WiiU had more of the sort of games I was interested in playing. And even though by this point 3rd parties were publicly dropping support for the WiiU I looked at what they had already released on it so far and by and large they were PS360 ports many were definitive editions often selling at clearance prices. Which for me was perfect as I hadn't already played those games. Combined with the fact that I don't spend more than 2-3 hours per day playing games the wiiU exclusives that I liked in the pipeline for the made wiiU were perfect for me.

So it was that I got my wiiU earlier this year and have really enjoyed super mario 3d world and Mario kart in particular. I have almost 10 games already and most of them I haven't even played yet (shameful I know). But what I'm getting at is that despite nintendo's inadequate marketing for the wiiU (in the early days at least) I really feel that the WiiU is a step up from what the Wii was. I didn't expect the HD graphics and the gamepad to be such a step up from the wii but I have been pleasantly surprised. If Nintendo can maintaing a steady stream of quality games then my wiiU will not gather dust like my Wii did late in it's generation (to be fair all my consoles were gathering dust at that time).

Sony may well sell more and more PS4's and they may end up winning this generation (in terms of total sales). And that won't bother me very much as long as Nintendo stays focussed, supports the wiiU and 3ds fully all the way.
RIght now I have no desire to buy xbone or PS4. If sometime in the future I find myself wanting to play some of those 3rd party multi-plats I would sooner get a decent gaming PC. Especially if one day some computer genius cracks the software protection that currently prevents those games being playable on PC, then even their exclusives wont be safe from the PC. And should that day come there schadenfreude will rain down upon them from nintendo fans who know that such a feat for wiiU games has many more hurdles making it highly unlikely.

wow, I didn't mean to write an essay but reading the comments here made me want to share my views and experiences.



Revolution909 said:

As soon as they release a new Resident Evil then I will buy PS4 Im stupid like that with money. But if they somehow release it on the Wii U then more waiting for me.



Noelemahc said:

I got a 3DS =D

On a more serious note, I'm still undecided. The PS4 has the games I want, but it's expensive as heck. The WiiU only JUST started getting promises of games worth getting, but it's also expensive as heck (I got a black Wii when they first started coming out -> this was after a price cut brought them down below what the WiiU is now, for example).



Action51 said:

Sony should really stop over-estimating their position.

1) The kinect-less XboxOne and Microsoft's deep pockets mean they certainly will have solid competition from the big dog this gen.

2) Western gamers who have interest in Japanese games have less and less to be impressed by Sony consoles. Though there is still a valid argument to be made that gamers who owned a Wii and want Japanese published games would go to Playstation or Wii U and Playstation...though 3DS seems to be the platform of choice for that.

3) This poll and the article leaves out PC. Many Nintendo fans are kids, or older gamers, and older gamers often just buy a gaming PC for the latest and greatest graphics.

4) Sony had a great launch but it's time to back up their hype...and right now they're having a tough time with that. Delays, lack of titles, samey-samey sequels leave gamers feeling like the hype wasn't lived up to.



piggie_pie said:

While I believe the title of this article is very true, This last E3 for Nintendo has got me excited for Nintendo again. I believe that the PS4 is the best console on the market right now (personal opinion and not at all saying anything bad about the Xbox One or Wii-U) but if Nintendo brings the goods with the exclusives then I'm gonna support them again. Got me a Wii-U last night and for the first time in 7 years I had a Nintendo controller in my hand.



bernadet said:

ignorant they don't know what lies to come up with to get them selves out of bankruptcy lol so hard XD



DESS-M-8 said:

@Giygas_95 it was exactly the right thing to do. There is NOTHING on ps4 worth playing that I can't play for less money on my ps3.

If I'd have traded it later I would have earned less and not had a pile of eshop cards ready to download smash 3ds, smash wii u, hyrule warriors, bayonetta 2, xenoblade, pokemon etc etc etc across the next 8 months.
A pile of AAA games is infinitely more playable than an expensive console with 1 game.



Giygas_95 said:

@DESS-M-8 Whoa! I wasn't expecting a response to a comment I made so long ago...Anyway, that's fine. Can't say I blame you. I can't wait for Smash Bros. either!

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