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Sun 30th Jun 2013

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GabCormier commented on New Ace Attorney Title Confirmed to be in Deve...:

To those fearing AA won't come to 3ds, do I have to remind that Phoenix Wright has been EXCLUSIVELY on Nintendo's handheld? 1,2,3 were all on GBA (Ported to DS later) and Apollo justice was on DS (I don't know about investigations, but I'm pretty sure it was on DS only)

And Dual destinies is on 3ds download.

WHY in the world would they ditch Nintendo for someone else? Unless they got bad sales, which they haven't:



GabCormier commented on Calm Night of Snowfall Turns To Crowdsourcing ...:

I say, let's give em a chance. It's a new company, and god knows it's hard to get a business there. For the number of employees, for the time they worked on the game, what they showed is not bad at all. I'm pretty sure it'll turn out very good, and way more polished.

And randomly generated map? F*** yes!



GabCormier commented on Freedom Factory's Bloodbath Coming to Wii U:

@Einherjar Of course it would be better! lol joking I don't want a single drop of gore in Zelda games (even though I wouldn't be against a more dark atmosphere, Dark souls style)

But I agree, It has to have a storyplot. And from what i saw from the article, It has a better excuse for blood and gore (You have to please people) than more gore and blood games.