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Wed 25th May 2011

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AltDotNerd commented on Yo-Kai Watch Will Be The Next Pokémon, Claims...:

No new franchise has toppled a near 20-year franchise overnight. Fable was supposed to be the "Zelda killer", Killzone the "Halo killer", PS All-stars Royale clearly wanted to compete with Smash Bros, and now Yo-Kai Watch is gunning for Pokémon. I may be a die hard Pokémon fan, but I'm welcome to competition. Viz Media better have a game plan, because you don't just bare your fangs at the top dog without that dog growling back. Nintendo will probably up their game now, though.



AltDotNerd commented on Clive 'N' Wrench Aims to Bring Back Those Rare...:

I lost faith when I read it was being made for PC and Mac. Not that I have anything against the latters, but that means that this game is not being developed "with Wii U in mind", but rather the opposite. It has to be developed to fit both Wii U and PC/Mac, which isn't good.



AltDotNerd commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Questionable Expo ...:

@TimeGuy Well, I was just adding this to the list of Capcom's "track record".
"Oh, you want Mega Man Legends 3? Do the opposite! X in MvC3? Do the opposite! You DON'T want on-disc-dlc? Well, guess what were gonna do! "

For the record, I love Capcom, but I hate their excuses for the decisions they make.



AltDotNerd commented on Devil's Third:

I guess Nintendo is proving they're not all "purely kid-friendly" anymore, what with Bayonetta 2, and this coming out.



AltDotNerd commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

@smikey No, they're not. The WII U is struggling, but aside from that:
•The 3DS sells like crazy
•Pokemon accounts for ONE-SIXTH of Japan's income; the entire country!
•Nintendo also owns the Seattle Mariners.
•Seriously, how could you overlook how much the 3DS sells?!