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ChessboardMan commented on New Ace Attorney Title to Take Place in the Past:

Oh! Oh! I know something they have to do for this, unless … no wait, it's too far back…

I was just thinking how hilarious it would be to have The Same Judge in it, only younger, but for that time period, he's have to be Way over 100 years old…



ChessboardMan commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

… Metroid has always been fairly horror based.
A more horror based Metroid could work, and I've been thinking about such an idea recently.
But first I'm going to discuss how Metroid has done horror so far. As some have already said, Metroid's horror is tension based. Either the haunting eeriness of the music and environments, or the tension and panic created by just managing to save yourself from death.
The name of the Missing Game, Dread, does not describe shock horror, but the feeling of impending horror and doom.
The problem with making Metroid straight into horror is partly due to the heroine. For straight horror, we need a less powerful heroine, one that can be powerless. The problem with Other M by the sounds of it, was that it tried to change her.
My idea would be to bring in a new heroine, who is, for many intents and purposes, a younger version of Samus. One who can start off fairly powerless, but brave. One who can grew stronger over the course of the game, so that the horrors at the start of game can be returned to and overcome by the end of the game.
It would still be about exploration, but sometimes the hurdle that would prevent progress in an area would be a threat. Though the hard thing about such an approach would how to tell the player when the right and wrong time to tackle a threat.
A more horror based Metroid would have to be just that, "More", not Entirely. Where the game would be part haunting environments and high tension, and part "magic of exploration and discovery".



ChessboardMan commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

While it would probably have still been a big enough hit as a Nintendo exclusive that those who made the decision are probably cursing under their breath right now, I don't think it will haunt them always. There is no guarantee that Skylanders popularity will last that far into the future, and it becomes a riskier investment with each new iteration, where it tries to make itself more and more complex to keep ahold of children's attention. All it needs is for one iteration to be expensive to produce and for that iteration to flop badly, for it to be the end of the franchise.
That haunting statement would better describe the publisher who turned down the Harry Potter books…
Trying to work out what will be a success and what is doomed to fail is near impossible. And even after something is a success after it was turned down elsewhere first, you can't be sure it would have been the same success. Anything from a different marketing approach, a different time of release or a different presentation of the packaging (or book cover) can have an effect.



ChessboardMan commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

Obviously you shouldn't always do what the fans want. There's a part in Bakuman, where the main characters, two young manga authors, decide to go through their fan mail for ideas, to give the fans what they want. Their editor looks at the results, and sees it for what it is, terrible.
However a big problem with games these days is that developers are listening to someone else, who has even worse ideas… Years ago I was working on an action horror title based on big movie Franchise. At one point, someone set up a test example of gameplay where what happened (whether a monster burst out of a wall, ceiling, or it was a false alarm, kind of thing) was randomly triggered. It worked pretty well. But we were told not to do it, even though it was pretty easy to do in our engine. Not because it was extra work for level designers and QA testers, or any other half logical reason, but because we were told that the monsters had to be in centre view when they attacked, and if they were coming from a random direction, then they wouldn't be, even though this Very Idea went against the whole idea of horror. This decision was partly made by the Franchise holders/publishers, though also by our lead creative director too I think, which is even more horrifying if you ask me.

However the Most horrifying thing is that sometimes publishers are making these truly terrible games of today, like the Freemium Dungeon Keeper, and truth be told, they're probably making more money than if they had made an actually Good game, so why should they bother?



ChessboardMan commented on Untold History Of Japanese Game Developers DVD...:

I'm a backer, but only for the book, but right now I'm kinda worried about the state of the project, so I don't feel confident enough to put that much down on his DVD. Most updates he posts tend to be bad news, like Wil Overton backing out of doing one of the special covers (which was my main reason for backing at the level I did!) or more about how he got screwed over by the translator company he originally went with… Delays are delays and to be expected, but these setbacks have been something else entirely.



ChessboardMan commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

"The game will be available for download in the eShop immediately after this Direct is finished."

Just kidding, but some actual predictions:
-A Demo, maybe two (one for each platform), or some companion software, available for download immediately after the direct finishes.
-The reveal of AR cards.
-One or Two Final Smashes revealed.
-Character reveals/confirmations.
-Some trophy reveals (from really recent or third-party games), or some new feature of trophies.
-A stage reveal.
-Single player modes explained.
-Some previously unrevealed feature connected with MiiVerse, or a demonstration of possibilities (Maybe unloading short clips/replays from matches, or showing how well photos in the middle of matches work)
-Some new feature not directly connected to gameplay (Replay recording, or some special audience/commentator mode).
-a feature, mode or stage that makes special use of the WiiU Gamepad (and possibly the 3DS touchscreen).
-A Boss Battle mode (Which may include a player vs mode utilising some Game Pad asymmetrical gaming)
***- A release date.***



ChessboardMan commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

What I'm still most confused about is why they're popping GBA games onto a home console, and not the 3DS.
The only advantage I could see of this is If they had plans to implement local multiplayer, with the WiiU emulating 2 GBAs at the same time, streaming one to the TV, one to the GamePad. But as many are pointing out, emulating a link cable is Extremely troublesome, so… why? Because let's be honest here, most GBA games were not only designed for the TINY screen, but for portable play, that is, short bursts of play, not long continuous play.
Does anyone know why they're doing this yet? As I think I'd prefer to play these games on my 3DS…



ChessboardMan commented on Capcom Shows Off Graphical Improvements In Ace...:

@edcomics I'm fairly sure it's the Artwork they did for the HD version on iOS, rather than new art recreated just for the 3DS.
That was pretty much entirely redrawn, but sometimes the new art was a little hit and miss, with some sprites re-drawn oddly/terribly/ just a little off.
I'd be surprised if they fix any of the sprites they ended up making terrible though.



ChessboardMan commented on Capcom Shows Off Graphical Improvements In Ace...:

@Knuckles as far as I can tell, it looks like the same art from the iOS version.
Which was hit and miss to be honest. There were several times I found characters looking crossed eyed, and since this was easiest to notice on Oldbag, I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not.
The "Quality" of the art was greatly improved for most part, just sometimes "added detail" looked ugly, or the redrawn sprites seemed to be poorly drawn.
The biggest problem though, was the final case of game one, the one that was added for the original DS collection. It also included gameplay specially designed for the DS, but the case is just entirely broken on iOS, and I was forced to skip one part (writing a name in blood on a vase), as it just would not work. Maybe that case will be fixed on the return to its native platform, but I'm not going to hold my breath. The way I see it, we'll be lucky if they reimplement the mic support.
I don't mean for shouting Objection (Though I can see it being left out, since they left it out on iOS, despite the fact most iOS devices have built in mics), but that case I mentioned originally used the mic for blowing away excess finger print dust. Not only was not supported on iOS, but what you had to do in place of no blowing, wasn't explained.



ChessboardMan commented on SNES Classic Super Mario Kart Is Racing To The...:

To be honest, as good as the original was, 64 held the most memories for me, with the 4 player multiplayer, and some of the best Battle Mode Action. I really wish they'd re-introduce the Bob Omb Karts back into Battle Mode, as there was nothing more fun than having to avoid opponents And the revenge wanting defeated. I wish it was at least available as an option or mode of play…
Sure it also had probably one of the worst versions of Rainbow Road, but it is still the version I played the most.



ChessboardMan commented on Weirdness: Love Triangle Turns Nasty Thanks To...:

It does seem rather insane to have an actual real blade in the shape of popular video game icon. I mean, the moment Anyone sets eyes on it, they're going to want to give it a swing. And while they're be unlikely to swing it effectively if it is that realistic, they'll probably end up letting it go mid-swing, and then goodbye wall/furniture/TV/intestines.
I was under the impression it was fairly possible to make a realistic looking blade That Isn't actually a dangerous weapon.



ChessboardMan commented on Success of Twitch Plays Pokémon Raises Possib...:

That said, here are some ideas that might be interesting for a laugh:
Two TPP channels, one for red, one for blue, the trick being that Red accepts inputs from Blue's chat, and vice versa. See how long it takes people to figure it out.

TPP: Monarchy Mode. One Random person in the chat is crowned the King, and becomes the only person the game will accept inputs from. Meanwhile the rest of the chat votes to keep the current king or replace them, with cries of "Loyal" and "Revolt".



ChessboardMan commented on Success of Twitch Plays Pokémon Raises Possib...:

As I said in the Twitch Plays Zelda topic… this idea only works for Pokemon, unless the original game is going to have some Heavy changes. Most games require simultaneous button presses (like right And jump together). The other issue is lives/continues. Pokemon has no death, whatever they do, there is at least some Progress. Each time they fail, they end up just back at a Pokemon Centre, stronger than the last time, as they amass more and more EXP.
With say… the original Final Fantasy, they would be constantly dying, and Losing progress, probably by the bucket load, considering how hard it is to Even Save The Game, LET ALONE SELECTING CONTINUE AFTER DYING!

It May be possible for specially designed games or Heavily modified games to work though, but I doubt it'll have the same magic.



ChessboardMan commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

@ThomasBW84 surely it's more a case of blatant use of their IPs, as in Their Characters, rather than how closely similar it is to their original game?
As in, if Mario is stamped over the whole thing, without Nintendo's permission, then they should have a case to remove it.
Or is something is an exact copy of Super Mario World, but completely resprited and with new Music/Sound, then it may be Harder to make a case?
It's like if someone mass produced and marketed Marvel figures without Marvel's permission. It might be entirely different from already existing official figures, but they could still have them pulled off the market faster than you could say "excelsior"…



ChessboardMan commented on Weirdness: You Can Now Play Zelda Really Badly...:

See, Pokemon was perfect for TwitchPlays. It practically works out of the box, one of the biggest reasons being, that there is no actual death, defeat just places you back in the nearest Pokemon Centre. Yes, being turn based, and requiring no simultaneous button presses also helps. You couldn't do something like Mario without automatic running or something, plus that requires pretty precise timing, and the 20 second delay would destroy that.
I saw a Twitch Plays Street Fighter II, but that was set up such that calling Attack Names worked, which is just a bit silly, and just not the same as TPP's choas of trying to press each right button…
Final Fantasy you might think would work, but when you die, you need to select a save to continue, assuming that the players ever managed to save at all. You would get nowhere.
At least with Pokemon you're always making at least Some progress, as your Pokemon will be levelling up, so each try you make you're a little bit stronger. Perseverance is practically one of the underlining principles of the game, which make the Twitch play feel so fitting.