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Sat 23rd March, 2013

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RIC616 commented on Review: OlliOlli (Wii U eShop):

Was accidentally up until 2.30 on Saturday morning, because I just had to have one more go. Only planned on playing for 10 minutes before bed.



RIC616 commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

@Giygas_95 I ended up spending about 150 hours by the time I was done, including side quests and maxing everything out. Of that, I didn't see the main quest ending until about 100 hours in. You could go through quicker, but the world is so engrossing, and the side quests cleverly layered alongside, you'll want to take your time getting there, so I'd say 100 hours for the main game is about right. I'm also not one to usually worry about 100 percenting games, but even after those 100 hours I wanted more. Needless to say, I'm very excited for X.



RIC616 commented on Capcom Offers 5 Beginner Tips On How To Become...:

Have had MH3 installed since I got it as a free bonus game last year, but couldn't bring myself to tackle it. Just happened to start again last night, to see if 4 is worth getting hyped for, or not. These tips couldn't come at a better time, as I'm clueless right now.



RIC616 commented on Amazon UK Is Cancelling GameCube Adapter Order...:

I had one of the cancelled pre orders and as a result I'm not a happy bunny right now. Got the email last night and switched my order to the Mario amiibo bundle (which has fortunately despatched). But it now means I won't be able to use one of the key game features of 8 player smash. Through various controllers I have access to 6 that will work, but with 2 old GameCube controllers I had in the loft, that would have gone to 8. I'm not going to buy more controllers when I have some here.
I am fuming at Amazon though. A far as I see it, my business is with them. Don't take our pre order if you can't fulfill it. First time I've pre ordered anything, won't ever bother again.



RIC616 commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

Well I pre ordered from Amazon and as yet nothing. My amiibo were shipped as expected, but game and adapter bundle not yet. Currently showing an expected delivery of tomorrow but as it's not shipped I'm not holding my breath. Personally I blame Amazon. They knew how much stock they ordered. Don't keep accepting pre orders if you can't cover them.

Only silver lining is I'm spending so much time on Hyrule Warriors, I still haven't touched Bayonetta, so shouldn't run out of games.



RIC616 commented on Review: Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper: ...:

As a primary teacher and the school IT coordinator, responsible for sourcing software for this sort of thing, this sounds like a great title. Thanks for the review. Being able to give a child, that doesn't engage with reading, a 3DS to use will be a great resource.

Reviews of the other 2 volumes would be greatly appreciated.



RIC616 commented on The Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming To iP...:

@Einherjar The extra exposure can only be a good thing and I do believe it will lead to new audiences. In the past month I've spent more time playing Hearthstone than any other game. I previously had no interest in World of Warcraft whatsoever, but having been thoroughly sucked in by the tcg, I am planning on giving it a try. Absolutely the same thing can happen here.



RIC616 commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Navigating the e shop with the pro controller will be welcome, as I often go to do it with little luck. The system transfer doesn't seem particularly helpful though, seeing you need a working console to transfer from. It better not be a way of putting the unified account off even longer.



RIC616 commented on Play: Time for Another Nintendo Life Community...:

I've been busy trying to get through some of my backlog but after completing Earthbound and Armillo this week I fancied some online karting this weekend. Timing couldn't be better, but might need to practice a bit.



RIC616 commented on Review: Armillo (Wii U eShop):

Whilst I downloaded Guacamelee last night, I was waiting on the review for this as my backlog is insane at the moment. Think I'm sold though.



RIC616 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Importance of Chil...:

My son has just massively got into Mario in the last few months and my 3 year old daughter loves watching him play. Going shopping last weekend she had a crowd of customers in stitches mimicking all the characters. "Princess Peach spin jump!"



RIC616 commented on Spider-Man's Sworn Enemy Venom Revealed In Wii...:

The current Flash Thompson Venom does usually have a smaller build, but he can, and has, changed build to the larger Venom when he loses control (or wants to really scare someone). The markings are certainly Flash Venom.

Wasn't that fussed about the game to be honest but my son saw the trailer when we went to pick up Mario Kart and so now desperately wants it, which actually has me secretly pleased. I can now justify the toys to my girlfriend.



RIC616 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Just finished Wonderful 101 last night, but may go back in to try on the next difficulty. Also have Oracle of Seasons on the go and with the new update I'm going to go back and finally finish Toki Tori 2. Plus I'm just about to go pick up Splinter Cell Blacklist on my way home from work as its going cheap in HMV already.



RIC616 commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Not sure why all the negativity. This looks great as a second system for my 5 year old. No hinges to break and as a result of dropping some features a really great price.
All those complaining are missing the point here. If you don't like the design it's not replacing the 3ds, you can have one of those instead.



RIC616 commented on Specialist Retailers Emphasize Their Support f...:

I don't think the situation with the supermarkets is really being reported for what it is. Certainly in Morrison's they aren't just pulling back on their Nintendo stock but all computer games, including pc. My local store, which is a large one, has reduced their game section down massively in the last 6 months. They stopped selling any hardware months ago and haven't had any of the major new releases available on any system for some time. They just seem to be slowly clearing stock. I just think they don't see the security and merchandising costs for these products as worth their time anymore, and this is the case for all manufacturers. It's not all positive for Nintendo at the moment but it's important to see the whole picture.



RIC616 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

Barely anyone in this thread mentions Bayonetta or X. When you just list the first party exclusives, yeah it does seem safe, but those two titles and Wonderful 101 add some balance to the exclusive lineup, backed up with some other good third party offerings. If you want your epic exclusive look at X.

The only problem was the lack of anything unfamiliar. If X and Bayonetta hadn't already been announced then the line up shown would have absolutely blown the competition out of the water.

Have to say though Mario Kart has me excited, going all F-Zero. Now if they can get rid of the blue shells I'll be ecstatic.



RIC616 commented on The Wonderful 101 Is Focused On "Fun" And Not ...:

As a teacher and a parent I have little enough time as it is. Really been looking forward to this game and the short length actually makes me keener. In fact long games are starting to put me off. Desite it looking brilliant I simply don't have time for Monster Hunter and so I'm not going to bother.