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RIC616 commented on GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards and Apologises ...:

I feel sorry for anyone that was out of pocket on this. Personally I was charged twice myself, but, as sometimes seems to happen with my bank, it took several days for that charge to actually clear and appear on my balance. By that time GAME had already issued the refund, which appeared in my account immediately. So for a couple of hours I was actually up on the deal. Therefore a gift card when I get home would be a nice bonus.



RIC616 commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Pre-Orders Open in the UK...:

@YouGotOwend That's what they charge for all their amiibo in store. One of the many reasons I normally try and avoid them, but really don't want to miss this one. Plus it was Amazon that screwed up my last pre-order for the GameCube adapter, so not trusting them.



RIC616 commented on European Club Nintendo Has a Lovely Last Hurra...:

Been hoarding my last 6000 stars, waiting for the right thing to come along. Can get this and the Super Mario 3d World soundtrack as well. As long as the SNES Classic controller doesn't reappear at the last minute, I'm happy,



RIC616 commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

Quite simply, it's my all time favourite game. Have already spent all morning playing through with each character. I could complete this game a hundred times and still not tire of it. In fact I probably have done.



RIC616 commented on Splatoon Mii Fighter Outfits Coming to Super S...:

@AyeHaley I imagine the demo is being used as an opportunity for Nintendo to test run the multiplayer servers, so limiting the time you can go on means more people at the same time to give them a proper test. With all the recent launch problems with games on other consoles that feature significant online elements, it actually seems like rather a canny move by Nintendo. Basically a Nintendo version of a beta test.



RIC616 commented on Retrospective: Sega's Streets of Rage Series:

SOR2 may not be the best game ever, for any number of reasons, but it's damn well my favourite. Much like very few people would choose 'War and Peace' as a favourite book, or 'Citizen Kane' as a favourite movie, despite their undoubted genius, I am well aware in SOR2's case there are many technically and mechanically better games out there. But despite its flaws, if someone to ask, I would tell them it was my favourite every time. A lawererge part of that is nostalgia, but at the end of the day I have been revisiting that game every few months for over 20 years. If I'm not bored of it now I never will be.



RIC616 commented on Let's Educate Parents About Mature Titles, Sug...:

I can see this going the same way as the last thread, but at least this alternative view is being aired a bit more clearly. As a teacher, parent and gamer myself I made similar points to what is said above on the last article. But by the time I had read the article and posted my comments, the thread had long since moved into territory that had little to do with what the story was about.

The key thing here is that this really is not an attack on gamers. Admittedly the initial letter could have been worded in a different way to make it more about raising the issue, but thinking that there is no issue would be the big mistake here.



RIC616 commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:


I agree with you, that's what parents should do. That is a caring parent who makes sure that their child knows right from wrong. But not all would and that is where it becomes neglectful.

But as for attacking the teachers over it, as I said above, we've been put between a rock and a hard place. We are now potentially criminally responsible for not reporting these things, in this case the group of schools were advised by the council who run social services that they should report, if they don't they potentially land in it.

I actually bought this up in my staff room today and it was universally agreed that the whole thing is a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but it's not the teachers that want to be put in that position, it's the government and councils forcing them to be.



RIC616 commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

I've come to this thread quite late, but as a parent, gamer and (shock and horror!) a primary school teacher, I feel the need to clarify a few things.

Firstly, at no point has the Nantwich Partnership made a correlation between these games and increased violent behaviour. As a gamer this kind of lazy blame throwing, targeting videogames as the root of all violent acts by young people gets my goat as much as the next person. But the letter, which I have read in full, does not make that link, rather it acknowledges that by playing them the children are potentially exposed to violent or sexualised images at a young age. As far as I can see this cannot be disputed, you play a violent videogame as a child, or as an adult, you are exposed to violent images. Attacking the schools and teachers for saying there is such a link is putting words into their mouths.

Secondly the letter states that this may be reviewed as neglect. There appears to be some confusion here with what that means. Neglect is not intentionally harming a child, that is abuse. Rather neglect is putting a child at harm through inaction. This may be obvious, such as not feeding a child, but can be less clear cut, such as a parent not accepting the consequences of a child's medical condition and failing to seek help, or a parent that allows a potentially dangerous adult into the life of their child. That doesn't mean that the parent does not love that child, but rather that they are being neglectful in their duties as a parent first.

Whether you view allowing an underage child to play a game as neglect is open to debate. Personally I think it is wrong that children as young as 8 at my school are playing Call of Duty or GTA, and believe me they are, but I also accept that the age ratings are a guidance and an older teenage child may well play something they are not quite the right age for, with an informed parents consent. I know I did as a teenager. But I would not allow my son, who is 7, anywhere near my mature games, but I do feel it is alright for him to play Smash Bros, with a rating of 12. I know that he is mature enough in himself.

But the point that seems to be upsetting most here is the idea that the schools are becoming the ones policing parents. But you have to understand the position the schools are in. Following the recent historical abuse allegations and the big cover ups in some cases, particularly Rotherham, the government has made it clear that any one in a position such as care, who does not report any concerns for abuse or neglect, can be held criminally responsible. But beyond that no guidance has been given to what degree this needs to be done. The Nantwich Partnership actually state in their letter that they are doing this on the advice of the councils safeguarding team, i.e. the same people responsible for social services. The school has little choice now but to report these.

Now it is highly unlikely that one report of a child playing COD underage is going to result in that child going into care. What will happen instead is that the school, social services and the police will instead look to see if there is a pattern emerging with a child. For example, is that child who played COD also constantly hungry, withdrawn socially and have a medical condition which the parent is not seeking help for. Then you have a pattern of neglect.

Like it or not as gamers, but I have seen children who have unhealthy obsessions with certain games, but it is never the only reason for concern.

So in looking at this, please bear in mind the full context around what has actually been done here and don't get sucked into thinking, by the same media that would blame videogames for every death caused by a teenager, that this is an attack on gamers or caring parents.



RIC616 commented on Review: OlliOlli (Wii U eShop):

Was accidentally up until 2.30 on Saturday morning, because I just had to have one more go. Only planned on playing for 10 minutes before bed.



RIC616 commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

@Giygas_95 I ended up spending about 150 hours by the time I was done, including side quests and maxing everything out. Of that, I didn't see the main quest ending until about 100 hours in. You could go through quicker, but the world is so engrossing, and the side quests cleverly layered alongside, you'll want to take your time getting there, so I'd say 100 hours for the main game is about right. I'm also not one to usually worry about 100 percenting games, but even after those 100 hours I wanted more. Needless to say, I'm very excited for X.



RIC616 commented on Capcom Offers 5 Beginner Tips On How To Become...:

Have had MH3 installed since I got it as a free bonus game last year, but couldn't bring myself to tackle it. Just happened to start again last night, to see if 4 is worth getting hyped for, or not. These tips couldn't come at a better time, as I'm clueless right now.



RIC616 commented on Amazon UK Is Cancelling GameCube Adapter Order...:

I had one of the cancelled pre orders and as a result I'm not a happy bunny right now. Got the email last night and switched my order to the Mario amiibo bundle (which has fortunately despatched). But it now means I won't be able to use one of the key game features of 8 player smash. Through various controllers I have access to 6 that will work, but with 2 old GameCube controllers I had in the loft, that would have gone to 8. I'm not going to buy more controllers when I have some here.
I am fuming at Amazon though. A far as I see it, my business is with them. Don't take our pre order if you can't fulfill it. First time I've pre ordered anything, won't ever bother again.



RIC616 commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

Well I pre ordered from Amazon and as yet nothing. My amiibo were shipped as expected, but game and adapter bundle not yet. Currently showing an expected delivery of tomorrow but as it's not shipped I'm not holding my breath. Personally I blame Amazon. They knew how much stock they ordered. Don't keep accepting pre orders if you can't cover them.

Only silver lining is I'm spending so much time on Hyrule Warriors, I still haven't touched Bayonetta, so shouldn't run out of games.



RIC616 commented on Review: Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper: ...:

As a primary teacher and the school IT coordinator, responsible for sourcing software for this sort of thing, this sounds like a great title. Thanks for the review. Being able to give a child, that doesn't engage with reading, a 3DS to use will be a great resource.

Reviews of the other 2 volumes would be greatly appreciated.



RIC616 commented on The Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming To iP...:

@Einherjar The extra exposure can only be a good thing and I do believe it will lead to new audiences. In the past month I've spent more time playing Hearthstone than any other game. I previously had no interest in World of Warcraft whatsoever, but having been thoroughly sucked in by the tcg, I am planning on giving it a try. Absolutely the same thing can happen here.



RIC616 commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Navigating the e shop with the pro controller will be welcome, as I often go to do it with little luck. The system transfer doesn't seem particularly helpful though, seeing you need a working console to transfer from. It better not be a way of putting the unified account off even longer.



RIC616 commented on Play: Time for Another Nintendo Life Community...:

I've been busy trying to get through some of my backlog but after completing Earthbound and Armillo this week I fancied some online karting this weekend. Timing couldn't be better, but might need to practice a bit.