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Brother_Jolteon commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

I haven't upgraded my Home Console yet. I'm still using my PS3 because I can't decide between a PS4 or Wii U. Although i will definitely get both over time, my main focus is what will entertain me the most. But, so far, I've only upgraded my Handhelds. In fact, I've actually bought 3 3DS' so far



Brother_Jolteon commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

I got banned quite a few times. The ones I find the most funniest is one post in the Smash Bros community about how I hope Jigglypuff doesn't return which people didn't like and reported me for bullying.

And another was in the Pokemon X and Y community, I mentioned how annoying it was when people keep spamming trade requests after you deny them and this girl got mad for no reason and said that I had to trade, that's why it was in the game. Then she got her friends to report me for bullying because I told her that trading was never forced upon the players, it encouraged trading.

I think Nintendo should add a feture that let's people select an age audience for their post and have the system verify the birth year of the account before the post is shown or not shown, as well as give older users a little bit more freedom.

And it'll also keep post's from getting false reported by the people who can't handle the truth.



Brother_Jolteon commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

i hope its a release date.... i'm a 3ds owner and not a wii u owner, so the only way i can play brawl is on the wii, which doesn't work anymore. so there is a major lack of smash bros in my life right now. so it would be nice for a release date



Brother_Jolteon commented on Miiverse Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U and 3DS:

i stopped using miiverse last month. too many annoying kids there, especially on the pokemon community. an example being like, despite the fact that ive been playing pokemon since gen 1, and i know how important trading is, yet i dont like it due to the stupid requests. and then some kid comes along and says something like "well you have to trade, thats why its in the game."

and so i explain how thats exaggerating it to far by saying you must trad. so they get mad and accuse me of bullying and harassing them (yet they are commenting on my post) and they get their friends to false report me. i already got banned twice for stuff like this so i decided not to go back.



Brother_Jolteon commented on Pokémon X & Y Online Battles Vulnerable to "B...:

its kind of sad that som people have to cheat, in pokemon of all games. this battle analyser is so stupid. why would you need a cheating device like this to check your opponents pokemon. it takes common sense to know what moves the opponent got. see Talonflame? yup its gonna have bravebird... see reuniclus? you bet your butt its gonna have trick room (mine does) the point is, its easy to predict what moves a mon has, (aegislash with knights shield and shadow sneak, im looking at you.) but whoever uses a device like that either have no life, no sense of fun, or both... just saiyan..



Brother_Jolteon commented on Pokémon Bank Pricing Revealed For Australia A...:

well i was excited for bank, but now that iv breeding is easier, i dont really see any need to transfer anything except the missing mons or mons with special moves that cant be obtained in XY. i love the new iv breeding mechanics, i win more battles than i did in B2, although there is still the rage quitter factor, i think ill start recording my matches to catch the rage quitters in the act. lol sylveon is beast!



Brother_Jolteon commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That Over Ten Million ...:

the need to work more on the GTS to at least search for abilities. tired of getting shed skin dragonair when i keep saying i want marvel scale.... stupid people trolling the GTS makes the game less appealing for me, thats why i dont rely on trading. pokemon transporter better hurry up so i can get all my mons... i hate trading



Brother_Jolteon commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That Over Ten Million ...:

the need to work more on the GTS to at least search for abilities. tired of getting shed skin dragonair when i keep saying i want marvel scale.... stupid people trolling the GTS makes the game less appealing for me, thats why i dont rely on trading. pokemon transporter better hurry up so i can get all my mons... i hate trading



Brother_Jolteon commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Pokémon X & Y Start...:

Mewtwo is strong as heck, so what way to make him more powerful? Give him 2 new mega forms..... hah! I love it! Especially Mewtwo X, he's gonna kick so much butt, it ain't even funny (well yeah, it is funny)

But I want them to fix the online battling! I want to battle with LV100s, not 50s!



Brother_Jolteon commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

This is nothing but spare change. Its not a big deal, the only people that complain are basically the ones that have to ask their parents and the parents say no cuz they think its a stupid concept. But for everyone else who makes their own money, don't really care about spending 5 bucks a year, whenthey are mostly likel gonna use it to transfer their mons from gen 5 to gen 6. Rather then the price being complained about, I think a good topic to talk about is the payment method, do we have to pay with the nintendo point card in the X/Y game to connect to pay or is it with our bank card. Once that's fleshed out then people could complain more, if they don't have a bank card



Brother_Jolteon commented on More Than 1500 Cheaters Took Part in Pokémon'...:

Online battles I have like 50+ losses and like 12 wins... so much buffed up mons online that I gave up on it. I decided on finishing other parts of the game like completing the pokedex, all I need is meloetta and genesect (not really needed for the pokedex but I just want them, since I missed out on the event)



Brother_Jolteon commented on Soapbox: 'Vintage' Used Game Prices Do Nothing...:

My local gamestop isn't that bad, well aside from them speaking in dulled voices. But apparently I had onne of those power up reward card things, that's buffed up with points or whatever, she's asked me if I wanted to renew it and I told her no. Anyway, I agree that what they did with the price is kinda messed up, but if they can do it, then you know they will. Imagine how many people never got that ancient mew card from the movie, and how many of those people decided to steal it from someone who did. Its messed up, but they did it anyways because they had the chance to do so, which is what gamestop has done here, and I'm sure we all have done something shady like this in the past. Anyways, as long as they have my Kingdom Hearts HD Remix that I pre-ordered, then we won't have any problems....



Brother_Jolteon commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals "Mega Evolution" and...:

I'm excited for MegaBlaziken cuz I never had a regular speed boost Blaziken. So if Mega Evolution gives a normal Blaziken Speed Boost in its Mega form, then I'm all for it, but I also want mega forms of Empoleon, Swampert and Infernape.... though I doubt these will happen, or perhaps it will, I hope...



Brother_Jolteon commented on Iwata: Getting The Attention Of Gamers Is Hard...:

They just need to advertise more. I remember those goofy wii commercials with the little white car driving to houses and asking people "will you like to play?" Then you see footage of the game. They need to do stuff like that for wii u, since its not attracting much sales. The more people see it on tv the more they may be persuaded to buy, probably... but it might work. They just need to stop thinking consume cash is just gonna fall into their laps. Saying its revolutionary alone isn't enough. Or, since a vast majority of gamers are male, simply have supermodels holding wii u's infront of game retailers....



Brother_Jolteon commented on Nintendo Opens Legal Proceedings Against HackY...:

The big question is why would anyone pirate nintendo stuff, its like the cheapest in the market.... if they have money to buy the somewhat pricey systems and not have money for the incredibly cheap games then they have their priorities all mixed up.....



Brother_Jolteon commented on Pokéball Offered with Pokémon X & Y Pre-orde...:

I hope NA gets something a bit better worth a pre-order. I'm not saying this is crappy, which its not (it reminds me of the ones given away at burger kings to promote pokemon the first movie) but all I'm saying is that I'm very picky about what's worth pre-ordering. I wasn't interested in the goku costume in storm 3 so I didn't pre-order, but I got it on day 1 and got the costume anyways, so its whatever. I'm very interested in the art book for the kingdom hearts 1.5 hd remix so I'm pre-ordering. A good pre-order for the x/y game should be something that stands out more, and not be used to give your opponent a concusion. But that's just my opinion. All in all, I think this is somewhat decent. Good for anyone who is an avid collector.