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I am an ultimate PokeManiac!

Male, 15, United States

I have played every Pokemon game in and out, watched half of all the episodes in the show, have the manga, a bunch or cards, and figures. Other Nintendo franchises that I love include The Legend of Zelda and Mario.

Thu 12th September, 2013

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JubilifeRival commented on Play 8-Bit Retro Squid Games While You Wait Fo...:

For all you whiners freaking out... The Splatoon amiibo will easily be in stock. As an amiibo collector I have experience with preorders, and there have been online preorders for the Splatoon amiibo for weeks now (contrary to Wave 4 amiibo selling out in 2-10 minutes). This is proof enough that Nintendo is making enough and also that they aren't in high demand. I expect they'll restock the Splatoon amiibo by August, in time for the big update. But I reccomend not waiting past July to buy Splatoon amiibo because they can only sit on shelves so long before being sold.



JubilifeRival commented on Gallery: Nintendo Celebrates Women's History M...:

Two things:
The creator of Cpt. Toad said Toadette is neither male nor female.

And why isn't Lucina's mask off? If a person didn't know that Marth was Lucina, they would now. Either mask on with the name of Marth, or mask off with the name of Lucina.

On a different note, we can do what? What are they trying to say? Isn't the point "We already did it"? It's not a movement, it's remembering the movements that already happened. Like really



JubilifeRival commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes on Another Slick Xenobl...:

Not a huge fan… if it looked better graphic-wise maybe I'd be convinced to pick it up. I feel like MM3D, this, and Monster Hunter 4 all look like they're from 2011. I'm a huge Zelda fan so I'll pick MM3D up, but I feel like I'm playing a dummed- down version of Ocarina of Time in Monster Hunter, which is really saying something.



JubilifeRival commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

Omg! That's so nice! One time, against my judgement, I brought my 3DS and all my games in a small bag out to dinner. When I arrived, I realized that they were missing! The only place I could've thought they went was when we stopped for gas. We drove back, and it was no where to be found. We visited a nearby store in hopes that someone turned it in. An employee on her break found it and returned it! I was so happy :) My 3DS and games are very special and invaluable to me.



JubilifeRival commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

All I want is something to make me feel like I could bring my 3ds anywhere. A smoother, sleeker design. nMessage (like iMessage with Nintendo) and friend usernames instead of friend codes. Redisgn the eShop to not take so long to load and make it easier to navigate. Finally, make it so you can use your fingers more easily on the touch screen, and going along with this make it so you can turn the DS sideways and use both screens as a touch screen.