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Thu 24th April, 2014

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SFR79 commented on Rumour: Upcoming Mario Kart 8 DLC to Include B...:

I don't care much about Baby Park and New Bowser City. I would much rather have the return of retro tracks such as Wuhu Loop, Maka Wuhu, Toad's Factory DK Summit, Yoshi Falls, Delfino Square, or Rock Rock Mountain!!



SFR79 commented on Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship E...:

I got this game on Thursday with some DDP credit and it's one of the best games I've played recently on my Wii U. The visuals are astonishing and the humor is actually funny. One of the best things are the references to classic Nintendo games spread all over the levels.



SFR79 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:

@Hy8ogen and @readyletsgo I'm glad you guys are getting the game, and if possible I will also get it on day 1. It just looks so amazing.
My worry is that Nintendo won't help promote the game and it's sad because I've read the developers are giving a lot of love to the Wii U version. It might even show the the best of the console's capabilities a la Mario Kart 8. Let's hope Nintendo is smart on this one and they help with advertising the game.



SFR79 commented on Nintendo Looking To Grow Wii U Audience To Tem...:

The truth of the matter is 3rd party games have sold poorly on the Wii U and I think it's mainly due to the type of audience Nintendo attracts plus the fact that these games are not promoted anywhere and there are even no demos on the Wii U eshop. This is baffling as there is no way you can get to know how great a game is, unless you play it and it needs to be taken into account that not many people follow gaming websites or Nintendo Directs, so a release of a game like ACIV, means nothing to the average Wii U owner.

It's sad because if 3rds parties weren't lazy they could make great use of the Gamepad and, besides graphics, the Wii U version of a multiplatform game could be the best on Wii U. Just imagine the possibilites with GTA V!!

So yeah, Nintendo will make the right decisions to increase console sales, but we will never get the great games that will be coming for PS4 and Xbone. Maybe, just maybe, we will get more exclusives like Lego City and what they initially planned to do with Rayman Legends.

But we need more demos in the Wii U eshop!