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Sun 30th December, 2012

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purpleibby commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I think they had to release info on NX to adress fears that they were going Sega with the announcement about dena. The thing that sucks is it hurts enthusiasm for the WiiU. If Nintendo burns WiiU owners prematurely killiing off WiiU with it's current small library of games before it's time I think it will hurt nintendo for a long time with it's fanbase. There are some heavy hitters coming(Zelda, Starfox, X)....but there needs to be a more rounded library before the next system comes, and they don't need to be half-hearted efforts. They better do a direct soon touting some good stuff for WiiU or they will will further squash interest in WiiU and hurt sales of future titles already lined up for the WiiU. We supported them and were patient only to have the rug pulled out from under us. Fix it Ninty.



purpleibby commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I preordered my copy back in June from Gamestop so I had no problems but when I asked why they didn't have copies of bayo2 on the shelf he said they had sold out of them very quickly lol.....I was like YES! They aslo had a single copy of a beautiful hardback strategy guide book for bayo2 and I just had to have it, beautifully made book! I was so happy to see 2 physical disks for bayo 1 and 2, old news I know but so awesome bayo 1 wasn't a download.



purpleibby commented on Bayonetta Download Code Included With Retail a...:

no doubt MajinSoul.......people get a grip....what s wrong with u? Bayo2 on it's own is a day 1 purchase, then you find out it will be a digital for The FREE first so then your not gonna support nintendo or this awesome developer. Yes I too would prefer a physical copy too but that doesn't change anything for me........check yourself. This generation of gamers suck, your really showing your colors.



purpleibby commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Downloaded Wii fit u and the update for it np. Folks look it up, psn and xbox having the same problems, give em' a break people......nintendo will get it sorted. I was at least able to get what I needed, was slow but it worked.



purpleibby commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Now Available in...:

Just placed my order, looking forward to the upgrade thanks nintendo! The price is not bad folks....geez, some folks just gripe about anything. Nintendo is a good company and wouldn't price gouge on something like this so please pull your head out of you donkey.....It's a reasonable price. We're not powering the U pro controller, it's the gamepad. I'm happy ninty made it available for us., they listened and made it available.



purpleibby commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

Sorry, I just don't agree that wii u is a bad's a brilliant console, I think people are demanding conformity from nintendo and that's just not gonna happen. It's too early for this bs.....again it's too early!!!! The controller is brilliant, like the controller of the future.....the most advanced of all time yet easy to use and feels great.....I do agree about the consoles graphics capability being enough to compete......ninty has controllers you can add if you want to "dumb down" to what the other guys are stuck with.....but by all comparisons, the gamepad is incredible. They admit it isn't the graphics but say it would be better with a less advanced controller lol?!?!?



purpleibby commented on Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut...:

Geez, give nintendo a break...they're listening and trying....they do what folks ask and you kick em' in the sack, no matter what they do you whine.....I bought the deluxe at full price and I don't feel burned and no one should....just the nature of retail markets. I've loved my Wiiu since I bought it. This move by ninty will help us all, and is a great move....anything that increases the sales numbers increases support for the console...u butt-hurt fairweather fans spreading negative stuff on the web are doing just as much to hurt the console than, pachter or flaky third party support. Give em' a break!!!