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I play games a lot. When I do, I can be competitive, relaxed, calculative or festive. I will play all platforms, and I have no bias towards any since I can afford to play them all. That said, I damn any and all who practice console elitism and xenophobia.

Tue 14th Jan 2014

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kensredemption commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (North America):

@Grumblevolcano It's Thanksgiving...we're gonna be spending more of our money on pies, cranberry sauce, turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing and decorations - maybe even plane tickets. Not to mention the fact that it's Black Friday tomorrow and people will either be buying clothes, shoes, fitness equipment, jewelry, musk/perfume, toys or more recent retail releases. Quit whining. Xenoblade X releases next Friday. You can wait one week for decent eShop releases.


If you wish to express an opinion do it without such vulgar language.

Addendum 2:

To the censor this concerns,

You're such a hypocrite for letting other vulgar, inflammatory and offensive opinions slip through these comment threads all over the site. Happy Thanksgiving, jerk.

By the by, I formatted your edit properly for you. You're welcome.



kensredemption commented on Chasing Dead Developers Claim it's Awaiting th...:

Looks like fun! I'll definitely look into it. So seldom do indie games look this good, let alone fun. I do agree with some of the comments here of the peculiarity of a Wii U AND PS4 release, but that could be for any number of reasons...I just hope cross-platform play is one of them.



kensredemption commented on EA CFO Explains Why the Company Doesn't Make W...:

@JaxonH If DQX is going to force PS4 owners in Japan to pay for PS+ to play it on top of the subscription for DQX itself, it's going to fail horribly. The PS4 has a lead over the Wii U in Japan, but the gap between them isn't nearly as wide as it is in the west.

Though the Wii U isn't as hot as Nintendo had hoped, they're not even sweating it. New titles are coming to it almost all the time, and each region is strategically planning their releases to coincide with the usually spending seasons for games. In the US, that tends to be at the beginning of summer and around the holidays.

Xenoblade X and Devil's Third could not come at a better time for the US and StarFox Zero will be released in time for spring break. That should be just enough time for me to play Xenoblade X as extensively as I can, and Devil's Third as well. They're both even coming out in the aftermath of Battlefront, Black Ops III and Syndicate which will have been out for over a month now. I've even been able to spot a couple ads for Devil's Third and XenoX at least three times the last time I was at GameStop, and the Smash/Splatoon Wii U bundle coming out Black Friday for $50 less than the regular retail bundles? People would be insane to pass that up. Stark-raving mad.

I'm sorry, but I don't share your pessimism. Your cynicism is justified, at least...even though you haven't linked where you got the statistics for the sales yourself.



kensredemption commented on EA CFO Explains Why the Company Doesn't Make W...:

@pandarino If EA developed sports games for the Wii U, they'd be churning out titles each year with one new character added to the roster. Hell, they might even make up characters like Linkle.

...You know what? That's not a bad idea. They should make a Nintendo sports game with mascots from all their franchises a la Smash Bros.

Maybe call it Super Striker Bros. for soccer, Super Charge Bros. for football, Super Dunk Bros. for basketball, Super Strike Bros. for baseball, etc. EA could churn those out annually and Nintendo could make amiibos for them.

...and then Square Enix could throw Cloud, Kefka and Tidus into the roster as guests. Maybe even make a blitzball mini-game 'cause, you know, blitzball's a thing.



kensredemption commented on EA CFO Explains Why the Company Doesn't Make W...:

@westman98 And yet, the 3DS and DS outsold both the PSP and Vita. Mobile gamers don't care about processing power. They just want decent games that don't drain their batteries with useless gimmicks.

I mean honestly, who uses a handheld console with 3G or a map app in it? Even the media apps on the 3DS and Vita are barely supported because people who have them use them mainly for PLAYING GAMES.

Processing power means nothing to people who ride buses, trains or taxis to get where they're going...unless they're more about streaming media and social networking, in which case they should be using a smartphone to begin with.



kensredemption commented on Mega Man Legacy Collection Gets a Budget Price...:

Well, you guys DID get Fatal Frame V as a physical release AND a Collector's Edition.

Tell you what, I have the CE edition for this reserved. I'll trade it for anyone who has a complete CE of Fatal Frame V - opened or not, it just has to be complete.



kensredemption commented on SNES Title Super Star Wars Coming to PS4 and Vita:

@Tasuki Sega boasted the same thing, and look what happened to them. If memory serves, people even did research and found that Sega worked with the Yakuza to kidnap a developer's sister to keep them from collaborating with Nintendo.

Nintendoes everything...except for cloud saves. Not yet at least.



kensredemption commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@Chaotic_Eevee Since when did Sony ever decide what Square Enix could do with their IPs? XIII and XI have been on the 360 which basically gave them free reign to do whatever the Hell they want with Final Fantasy.

Also, the GameCube, DS and Wii have been exclusive hosts to the Crystal Chronicles universe of the Final Fantasy franchise. There have also been the ports of Final Fantasy I through VI on the GBA as well as the 3D remakes of III and IV on the DS.

You think Sony would've let Square Enix get away with doing that with Nintendo if they really had control of them?



kensredemption commented on Rumour: Leading Japanese Game Company Kidnappe...:

I was thinking it was either Konami, Capcom or Sega. It seems like Sega's in bed with the Yakuza from making a blatant assumption with their publishing of the Yakuza franchise, but yeah.

Anyway, now that I think about it, I still have to get a Japanese Wii U to be able to play the Ryu Ga Gotoku HD Collection I have just sitting on my bookcase...



kensredemption commented on Bigley's Revenge Arrives on the Wii U eShop Ju...:

I missed my chance to get Meme Run, so I'm setting aside $2 for this just so I have something on the Wii U to set it apart from the others when it inevitably gets pulled from the eShop.

Anyway, do indie titles on the eShop even have to have the Nintendo Seal of Quality on them? I haven't seen anything attached to them when I buy them off the eShop, and I always thought the seal was meant for physical software?



kensredemption commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

@palatinus "If a Sony/Nintendo collabaration resulted in an amalgamation of the best aspects of both companies it could be an excellent result."

That's what I've been thinking about for quite awhile. Nintendo's always been top-dog when it came to making great, quality games whereas Sony's always had beastly hardware. Microsoft's contributions to the console scene have been purely social-networking gimmicks, but it did make gaming accessible to a lot of people. I imagine if all three companies came together to make a super-console, that'd be the console to end all consoles.



kensredemption commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

I think I discovered this site when I was looking for news about cross-platform games that could connect players from different gaming networks together. Pure Chess seemed like the promise of that, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. I know there's supposed to be one that's like a Minecraft-ish FPS that lets players share their levels or something, so there's that.

Anyway, happy birthday NintendoLife! May your site and your sister sites (PushSquare and PureXbox) continue to thrive for even more decades to come!



kensredemption commented on Details Emerge on How Nintendo Accounts Will Work:

All I really want from the Nintendo Account is to be able to tie my purchases to it, so I can access them on any system I want. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Miitomo seems like a nifty idea, though, and the real life implementation of the Nintendo Account will actually encourage me to try out different places - maybe revisit theme parks I haven't been to in years.



kensredemption commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

The pros at the moment, in my opinion and regarding only Fatal Frame V:

The price for the full game is roughly $15 less than what I'd pay at retail, and being able to sample a good portion of the game beforehand was a HUGE plus and pushed me to spend my money seeing how visually impressive it was.

The cons, in the same respect:

I've had to delete my other retail downloads to make space for Fatal Frame, which may force me to buy a bigger hard drive in the future, and the download and installation times take a while.

So where do I stand on the matter? Well, if the download option is my only resort, I'll do it. If not, I'll buy the physical version.

As far as the future's concerned, well, faster internet will eventually become easily affordable for people and hard drive storage will also eventually become affordable and accessible. Physical copies of games are slowly becoming obsolete, but until that time I'm going to commit to them as much as possible.



kensredemption commented on Super Mario Maker Grabs Sixth Place in NPD US ...:

@MoonKnight7 Xbox and PlayStation are gonna bury the Wii U this year? With what?

The only new game either platform's coming out with this holiday is Halo 5. The rest is re-hashed, turd-party nonsense.

In NA, we'll be getting Fatal Frame, Rodea the Sky Soldier, Xenoblade X and Devil's Third. I, for one, am grateful Nintendo's pushing back their IPs for next year. I wouldn't be able to afford it all.



kensredemption commented on Guitar Hero Live Brings Out Big Stars for Its ...:

@wiggleronacid I wouldn't call them microtransactions. It's true you can use the tokens for vanity items, but it's not like a pay-to-win type of system. Me, personally? I'm going to be using tokens for GHTV tracks. I may not have permanent access to the tracks, but at least my DLC library won't end up like Rock Band's where all of my previous purchases failed to carry over.

I feel like I wasted all of that money on those export packs...



kensredemption commented on Minecraft Game Engine Will Be Ported To Wii U ...:

It's a shame, after reading the comments section...I feel that amiibos would've done Minecraft a favor, and whether big or small it would've at least been exclusive to the Wii U/3DS.

In any case:

"The sets and the environments and everything that looks like Minecraft is actually built in Minecraft and that gets shifted over to all the different platforms."

I don't see any mention of switching from one engine to another. Just that the game is built in Minecraft's engine itself and then ported.



kensredemption commented on A Satoru Iwata Memorial Custom amiibo is Bein...:

I actually know and follow GandaKris' page on Facebook and some jerk-off was giving her flak for doing this. She could have just as easily sold this off for herself, but she didn't. She makes a whole load of custom amiibos for a living, and I invite you all to check it out. She does really amazing work.



kensredemption commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

I work as an aide for special needs clients and not even I could pay 4k in 40 days. Hell, I can barely pay my bills with my salary. The Pokémon Company seriously needs a reality check. Give the guy a break. At least give him a year to pay the fine.



kensredemption commented on Video: Is This The Hardest Super Mario Maker L...:

The torture hype sold plenty of Souls games. If it brings more attention to SMM, I can live with it.

Not like you'd see me trying levels like these anyway. lol XD My levels are generally hard, but not impossible. I'm also a huge fan of pitfalls and perils. Let's just leave it at that. ;D



kensredemption commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

Nintendo's a toy company, eh?

...Yeah. I can see that. It's the only reason their games are worth playing: Because they're fun.

I don't know what the PS4 and XBO think they are, but they're not toys and they're not PCs. The games aren't fun, they're just rage-inducing and habit-forming with the achievement systems. The games don't even look as good as most do on PCs with the exception of those made specifically for the platform, of course.

Nintendo's been in the video gaming scene for over 30 years - the toy industry over a century. To count them out is a fool's errand. I'd argue this point again like I usually do, but I have to revise my Mario Maker levels. Apparently no one can clear them.