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I play games a lot. When I do, I can be competitive, relaxed, calculative or festive. I will play all platforms, and I have no bias towards any since I can afford to play them all. That said, I damn any and all who practice console elitism and xenophobia.

Tue 14th January, 2014

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kensredemption commented on Bandai Namco's Project Treasure Is Now Called ...:

I was hyped about this as soon as they made the original announcement as Project Treasure. I also spent hundreds of hours playing Warframe on my PS4 and XBO so it's about time we got a F2P title of this caliber on the Wii U.

I'm in.


This is going to be what Deep Down never was for the PS4. Suck it, Capcom.



kensredemption commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

"...Has offered up inside info in the past and has proven."

Yeah, I've heard that one before. Rumors and speculation was all the DT publishing controversy ever was. XSeed doesn't even do business exclusively on Nintendo consoles. They do plenty for the Vita and PS4. Losing DT shouldn't mean the loss of a partnership, and if it does then to Hell with XSeed for their whining. I'm thankful they brought Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower and The Last Story to the west, but good God they can at least let one game go.

All of this whining and polluting of the comments section is more annoying than working with special needs kids all day...and that's what I do for a living!



kensredemption commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Famitsu gave Devil's Third a 34/40 with an average of 8 per reviewer. I tend to click more with Japanese games than western games. Skyrim bored the Hell out of me. So much so that I actually cried. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, I adored. People thought the WiiMotionPlus was a gimmick. I legitimately felt like I was wielding the Master Sword. Screw the reviews. I'm getting Devil's Third.



kensredemption commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (Europe):

I'm gonna have to go to ground until 11 Dec because I just KNOW you guys at NintendoLife will spoil everything about Devil's Third for me. Just as well, there are some people in the comments section I need to avoid like herpes who'll just whine about the same stupid crap every other Pony and Xbot had already flogged to death.

See you in December, everyone.


I'm pleasantly surprised at how many people intend to download Devil's Third.



kensredemption commented on Updated 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Nintendo's...:

@TwilightAngel I cancelled all of my PS4 and XBO reservations this year so I could get Fatal Frame, StarFox Zero, Devil's Third and Xenoblade X. I'm also getting Senran Kagura 2 and Project Mirai DX. I have a job and I'm single. I can afford to buy just about everything Nintendo's offering this year. Besides, Iwata-san backed these when he was alive, I'm sure. I'm going to do right by his memory and just dump as much money on Nintendo games as I can this year.

I can always rent MGSV. I'm not really feeling Konami lately anyway. I wonder if TellTale is really releasing The Walking Dead on Wii U though? If so, I'll be dumping money on that as well.



kensredemption commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

@TheAceofMystery There's not much we can do to disperse the stereotypes of Americans in general. We can only prove our individual selves different from the rest.

In any case, I was gonna make a joke about how these two idiots didn't get into the Black Ops III beta as the reason why they'd do this, but to go and do something like this and ruin Pokémon for everyone...what a bunch of jerk-offs. The fact that they're running free is a testament to how distorted our judicial system is, not so much our moral compass. It's pretty clear where Americans stand on this matter.



kensredemption commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

@JohnBlackstar People advocate hacking for different reasons. My rationale is that if it doesn't impact the developers income in any way, for instance, like hacking a system to play games from 4 or 5 generations ago that aren't available for legitimate retail download, then yeah I'd indulge in those titles. Otherwise, I'd never consider it. My approach to the matter is very black-and-white, though. I don't have gray areas like a lot of other people do in regards to this.



kensredemption commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

I'd question their decision if they hadn't been explicit about their expectations from their employees. Whether or not his termination is justified is contingent on that. However, to speak in such a frank manner in Iwata's wake is unbecoming of the image Nintendo's trying to create. I know he was trying to tell fans to be reasonable in their expectations, but the way he came off made me think he was just giving us the finger. I hate to say it, but the fanboils should be happy he's gone...or is this situation of a different...color, as it were?



kensredemption commented on Hands On: Devil's Third - Sampling Online Chao...:

So many briny squiddies complaining about the same crap everyone's whined about for months. We get it, you hate microtransactions and immediately cast this off as a worthless game like the thousands of whiny kiddies did before you.

I don't play multiplayer games for glory or to be the best. I play games like this like I play Splatoon...or recreational sports, for that matter. It's a short, easily reconciled contest; friendly but fierce. If I lose? Fine. If I win? Cool. Next match, please.

Microtransactions don't bother me in the least. If I see a level 1 player rolling around with gear he didn't earn that's supposed to be overpowered but I whip them anyway, well, that just makes things more fun and exciting for me. Still getting this day one. I'm forsaking my PS4 for a second year so I can finally get the games I've been waiting for. Something like Devil's Third and Fatal Frame must've been a part of Iwata's wishes to bring back the hardcore crowd for the Wii U. What constitutes "hardcore" I don't know, but I'm staying with the Wii U as my console of choice this generation.

...I'm actually not missing much on the Sony front, now that I think about it. Fallout is dead to me after New Vegas bored me to tears. FFXV will be overshadowed by the VII remake, and Kingdom Hearts III over the latter. People have already forgotten about Evolve and Mortal Kombat as well, and everything else that's coming up will be left in the dust as well.

3 months after its launch and Splatoon is just growing stronger. A trend I'm sure will continue for a little while.



kensredemption commented on Weirdness: Female UFC Champ Was A Huge Pokémo...:

"Maybe they should invent a 'death mode' where you win for coming up with the most creative way of killing your player."

The closest game I can think of that had something like this was Bulletstorm which, incidentally, is one of my favorite FPSs ever that needs to be saved from obscurity. I'm thinking Nintendo should pick it up - if only to compete with Codpieces of Doody and BubbleFrock HardTime.



kensredemption commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

List of games that actually used/will use the gamepad in a profound way:

Mass Effect 3
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Assassin's Creed III/IV
StarFox Zero
Mario Party 10
Darksiders II
Resident Evil Revelations
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

The gamepad is indeed the most innovative peripheral this generation, just poorly marketed and incorporated. Developers are thinking way too much inside the box, but whatever keeps the bankroll rolling suffices for them, apparently. ZombiU was a risk, but it was the most satisfying zombie game I've ever played, and it came with a peripheral that was a core part of the console to begin with. I didn't have to dump $300 on a visor and motion controllers to have the full experience.

VR hasn't truly arrived, not yet anyway, and Project Morpheus and Hololens are nothing more than useless gimmicks that do nothing to actually change console gaming as it stands already. Nintendo beat Sony to the punch with the essentially first-person headset, and Nintendo and Sony both beat Microsoft to the augmented-reality mechanic through the 3DS and Vita.

Let the naysayers say what they want. There's no denying that all Sony and Microsoft have done is plagiarize what Nintendo pioneered. Microsoft essentially stole the GameCube controller layout and both Sony and Microsoft plagiarized the wireless controller (Lest we forget about the WaveBird).

Well, they have to reach out to that "casual" crowd somehow.



kensredemption commented on Nintendo NX Could Get A Port Of MMORPG Final F...:

I've played XIV when it originally came out and when it was re-released in 2013. I migrated from PC to PS3 to PS4 and frankly, for a console-based MMO it handles superbly. Though, the game itself relied too much on recycling the classic tropes of Final Fantasy games and instead of feeling like a modern MMO it's very...well...retro, I guess.

A Realm Reborn improved a lot of the animation speeds and navigation, but dumbed down a lot, and I mean A LOT of the game mechanics - particularly the job and leveling system. The whole thing just feels like one big fanservice, but I suppose that's all that matters.

Anyway, there's no reason to think that a version of XIV won't already work on the Wii U, let alone the 360, and as far as Nintendo is concerned: I know for certain they won't have problems with cross-platform multiplayer. I've dreamed about something like this for years: A game that connected players from around the world anywhere and everywhere possible, regardless of their platform of choice.

A PC player in a party with a Nintendo, Sony AND Microsoft player running through a dungeon together...none of the stupid biases getting in their way of defeating enemies, pillaging chests and riding chocobos into the great beyond...

Alas. Until Square Enix decides to actually do something, this is just a dream...



kensredemption commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (Europe):

@DontPlayDumb Hearing about it and seeing it are two very different things. The digital version tends to fare better than the physical, from my experience. This is the absolute rock-bottom price for the Wii U's version, so people should just pick it up. It's the only Zelda/God of War-esque game the Wii U will have for awhile.



kensredemption commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

The butthurt is strong in this comments section.

I always feel like doing the opposite of what people whine about just to spite them. It doesn't stop me from enjoying a game any more than I already have, and I'd probaby discover something about it I may actually find fulfilling. Either way, I win.



kensredemption commented on Retailer Listing Suggests That Telltale's Accl...:

I've played through these games twice now. Once on the PS3 and again on the PS4.

I've been nagging at Telltale to bring TWD to the Wii U for awhile, and if this report holds true in the US: I'll be buying these games a third time. I wonder if they'll use the gamepad well enough? The only thing I didn't like about the games on the PS3 & 4 was how slowly the cursor moved. Made me miss my timing on certain events. The touchscreen/face button combinations should be a big help in getting an ideal playthrough.



kensredemption commented on Video: Learn More About Guitar Hero Live's Fes...:

GHTV just might be what does Rock Band in, depending on how it works. Buying DLC for infinite play is nice, but discovering new songs by playing the GH and RB franchises is what led me to discover all types of musicians. I never would've listened to Bob Dylan, Journey or Kansas if it wasn't for Rock Band. Guitar Hero led me to other hits from Lenny Kravitz, R.E.M. and Dream Theater. What GHTV seems to me is a constantly changing library of music. If it's free to access, I'll be all over it. RB4, on the other hand, seems like a reboot of the first and, correct me if I'm wrong, dumbed down by dropping Pro mode and keyboards. I'm anticipating GHL more than RB4.



kensredemption commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

Since you guys are on the way to doing movies based on game reviews, why not review Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Advent Children Complete?

Or how about Silent Hill and SH: Revelations? How about Mortal Kombat and MK: Annihilation? Or maybe Dead or Alive? King of Fighters? House of the Dead? Doom? Bloodrayne? Tekken? What about Street Fighter? Legend of Chun-Li?

If you're gonna review one, why not review them all? I'm sure Uwe Boll's works will send you reeling (Pun intended).



kensredemption commented on Nintendo's Corporate Social Responsibility Rep...:

Iwata's dedication and faith in Nintendo never wavered, even in the end. I intend to carry on that legacy. He's right. Entertainment isn't a daily necessity. It's a commodity, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't give us satisfaction. Nintendo continues to do so, while Sony and Microsoft's commercialization of video games has turned it from a leisurely pastime into a gold sink. Here's to a bright future for Nintendo.



kensredemption commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

I don't know what to make of any of this. The gaming community has become a cesspool at large, but I have faith in Nintendo bringing the same excitement and innovation they always have. If smartphones really are the future...well, it'll have to be an experience that'll rock my pants off.



kensredemption commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

This whole fiasco makes me kekekek. XD

I'm just waiting for all the reviewer sites to out themselves as PonyStable and Xbot fanboils. This port is inferior to the Wii U's iteration in every single way, and if they orgasm over graphics just because it's on the former systems, good gravy I'm gonna have a heyday.



kensredemption commented on Wii U Squeezes Past 10 Million Lifetime Sales ...:

Not bad. Not bad at all.

If only EA, Ubisoft and Activision weren't being such jerk-offs the Wii U might've had more momentum.

Alas, the quality of turd-party games pales in comparison to Nintendo productions, so frankly I could care less about them. Last thing I really want to put up with are a bunch of dudebros who'll buy anything with G, T and A who will also buy anything with excessive machismo marketing and redundant gameplay.

Edit: Who's censoring my posts? A muppet?



kensredemption commented on PewDiePie Fans May Recognise "Coolest Puzzle G...:

Hmm...I knew people hate Pewds, but not this many and for such petty reasons. Frankly, the guy annoys the Hell out of me and he squeals at a higher pitch than my 3-year-old nephew, but above all that he whined about Nintendo wanting to get a cut of his royalties for playing their games.

Some people saw that as greed on Nintendo's part, but knowing just how popular Pewds is, how influential he is and how he's constantly showered with money and gifts: Not wanting to pay the royalties to Nintendo is just plain greed on his part.

Do you even spare change, bro?



kensredemption commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

You guys don't have Mario Tennis yet? I've been playing it for a week-

...Oh, wait, this is Europe. Maybe you guys should complain to NoE. I don't think Reggie has anything to do with your releases.

At least you'll get the Just Dance 2016 demo...for what that's worth. I wonder if you guys will get a multiplayer demo for Devil's Third soon?



kensredemption commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Outlines His Goals With Devil...:

@Einherjar How is it revolutionizing shooters? Well, for one, the clan system in Devil's Third is far more complex than a Call of Duty or Battlefield clan system by incorporating alliances and territory control. At the same time, DT is "backwards-compatible" by incorporating a standard mode that people used to playing FPSs can still get in on before they test out the new multiplayer.

As far as Red Steel and Shadow Warrior goes...well, the both of them seem to follow a more Doom-like formula which really doesn't differentiate themselves from other games in the genre other than incorporating flashier melee attacks. I'd know, I've played both.

Reading the context of the interview with Itagaki-San, he doesn't seem overly defensive about Devil's Third. He seems more determined about pleasing his fans and motivating his staff to finally see a project through to the end. If memory serves, they've been working on DT for almost half a decade now.

The fact that the studio can make a game look this realistic on the Wii U is a testament of their skill as well as their determination. I'm not going to cast that off just because of a few bad reviews from people who may or may not be competent gamers.



kensredemption commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Outlines His Goals With Devil...:

Wow...I had no idea that Itagaki-san was so determined to finish Devil's Third. Other developers were even asking for funds through Kickstarter, basically coercing people to pay more than retail just for vanity items and without a guarantee that the game they backed would make it on their console of choice (Looking at you, Slighty Mad).

Itagaki-san really does seem like he has a lot of passion for Devil's Third and he seems to be as earnest as Nintendo to make games challenging, revolutionary and fun at the same time. I wasn't swayed by the negativity around DT before, and I never will be now.



kensredemption commented on Nintendo TVii Service Ends In North America On...:

Shame...I'm gonna miss it. I actually liked TVii. The only real problem I had with it was how long it took to update through an episode I was watching. A group chat feature during an episode would've been good too - especially during The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.



kensredemption commented on Video: Translation of Tomonobu Itagaki's Devi...:

Glad they've finally made a translation for this. Took long enough.

Addendum: Oh. My. God.

Now that I can finally understand EVERYTHING Itagaki-san said in the video, I'm just...giddy. There's no other word for it. I really, really, REALLY can't wait for DT to come Stateside.



kensredemption commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

I don't trust critics who review movies Adam Sandler's in. They seem to denounce everything he does by default, and it annoys the Hell out of me. Grown Ups wasn't that bad, but I digress. I love video games. Billy Madison loved Donkey Kong, and now he's going toe-to-toe with the big guy himself. Count me in.



kensredemption commented on Super Smash Bros. Creator Pays Tribute To His ...:

I'm also fearful of what might happen to Nintendo next. Iwata may have made choices that many viewed as naive or misguided, but it's everything Sakurai stated about Iwata that commands a lot of respect as a leader. I doubt many other companies can say the same about their leaders.