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I play games a lot. When I do, I can be competitive, relaxed, calculative or festive. I will play all platforms, and I have no bias towards any since I can afford to play them all. That said, I damn any and all who practice console elitism and xenophobia.

Tue 14th January, 2014

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kensredemption commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

I can only speak for myself when I say this, but to legally reprimand parents for allowing their children to play 18+ games isn't as black and white as they assume. I mean sure, if the parents deliberately allow their kids to dabble in adult content then the neglect charge can be applied, but kids are clever and sneaky these days. I've seen kids convince their parents to buy them Mafia II when it came out saying that they could filter the adult content, or some crap like that.

Best you can hope for, really, is that you do your best to inform parents about the extent of the content. Perhaps show them a clip on YouTube or a highlight reel from the developer about exactly how explicit the content might be, and then let them make that decision to buy it or not. At least that way, the only persons at fault are the parents should they decide to get the game anyway.



kensredemption commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

I bought Spikey Walls but never played it. I'm not all that in touch with indie developers, to be honest, but as a fan of Nintendo I feel inclined to warn him about the wrath he might incite by doing this. We might just get another anti-Indie crusade of Zoe Quinn proportions.



kensredemption commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I'm actually grateful that Nintendo's doing this. They MASSACRED my wallet last year with MARIO KART 8, SUPER SMASH BROS. U (I got the GameCube controller bundle for it) AND BAYONETTA 2. I forked out A LOT of money to support the Wii U last year. I even got Watch_Dogs at launch for the Wii U.

This year I'm getting Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil's Third and StarFox U. If Splatoon is as good as advertised, I'll get it, and hopefully Bandai Namco has more information on both Pokken Tournament AND Project Treasure by E3. Mario Party 10 will have to wait until winter when the family gets together - OH! Harmonix is also aware of the #RockBand4WiiU campaign on Twitter for which I've been actively participating, and now they're going to be collecting information on just how many people want RB4 on Wii U through a survey they're running. The link's on Twitter, so I'll have to do a little hunting, but I'll post it here.



kensredemption commented on Sony Hardware Takes Charge of Japanese Charts ...:

@Quorthon Dark Souls II was loudly bemoaned by most of the hardcore Souls playerbase for being too accessible, and most of those fans would rather be playing Bloodborne. As far as Mortal Kombat goes, it will pale in comparison to Xenoblade Chronicles X when it releases in Japan next month. And Tropico? Doubt it'll affect those who indulge in the console market exclusively.



kensredemption commented on Sony Hardware Takes Charge of Japanese Charts ...:

Type-0 and Bloodborne are all I'm going to get for my PS4 this year. The rest of the year really doesn't look that good for Sony, let alone Microsoft. In addition to that, if Treyarch doesn't deliver on the next Call of Duty on the Wii U, I'm going to pass on the franchise indefinitely.



kensredemption commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

Ugh...why do women - no, sorry - "feminists" think that women are the only gender that are objectified? The double standard is appalling. If they want women to stop being portrayed as sex objects, then they need to get rid of the perception that males are bloodthirsty, overly-ambitious, obscenely fit, machismo and vapid simpletons.

If you ask me, no one has the right to play the victim, and just because genders are portrayed certain ways in the media doesn't mean they're the same way in real life. If anything, the entertainment industry is responsible for screwing up people's expectations and perceptions of reality because they take it too seriously.

It's just entertainment. Just be entertained for God's sake.



kensredemption commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

One week on being number three on the charts and people act like Nintendo is doomed. Doesn't get much more ignorant than that.

Fact of the matter is that no matter where PS4s are sold, Sony is only making an average of ~$20 per unit. Nintendo has made an average of ~$70 per Wii U sold, and that was after the price drop. Each side has to snatch whatever little victory they can get. This instance is no different.

As far as third party support is concerned, I'm starting to care less and less about it since the investors in each developer's stock is calling the shots now. They don't care about quality or balanced competitive gameplay. It's all about whatever pre-pubescent dolts buy into. I'm a gamer, not a marketing niche for suits to cash in on.

All I want this year is Xenoblade X and Devil's Third. That's it.



kensredemption commented on GameStop Italy Lists Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

If what I've been hearing is true, then the port strikes are to blame for the supply shortage. I'm hoping either Nintendo will make more of these units or the protesters will calm down.

Nothing will stop me from getting this. I'll trade my GameCube controller adapter for it if I have to.



kensredemption commented on Review: Excave (3DS eShop):

@Kaze_Memaryu Hey, you guys had a shot at getting the Ambassador's edition of the New 3DS AND units that you can customize the faceplates on. Meanwhile, in America, we're stuck with hazy grey and harlot red. lol



kensredemption commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

@Quorthon You really need to keep your yapper shut. You're barely a fanboy in disguise.

Anyway, I've tried out Pokemon Shuffle and it's not that bad, really. I've said in an earlier comment on the subject that paying to play more is something you choose to do. From the moment I loaded the game and played it, I decided it was a game I was only going to play once a day and I'm only going to spend jewels on coins. Easy as that.



kensredemption commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Growth of Wii U Sales ...:

@Quorthon "The system drove away core gamers, it further damaged the company's reputation with third parties, it was a short-lived fad that burned quick and burned out early, and if it was truly a success, then the Wii U would be performing better. It's good to hear that sales are up, but we're not hearing what we need to hear: A true, modern, account-based platform for their machines, a return to third party support, modern console elements such as strong profiles, strong online (because their free online certainly isn't a strong or competitive online offering), and an achievement system."

Why am I not surprise to hear this coming from you? Nintendo doesn't need to become a generic, wannabe PC port-box like the PS4 and XBO has become. The achievement system has lost its novelty and is about as useful as a turd in hand - fun to fling around, but not all that healthy for you.

The only part of your post that makes sense to me is a more unified account system to tie our purchases to should we exchange systems or if our systems crash. That, and the return to third-party support, given that the investors who have the third-party devs by the balls will actually care about quality products instead of turning a profit.

As far as your argument against free online play goes, if you've actually played online with the Xbox One and PS4 you would know that there is literally no difference in online play compared to last-gen. People still lag switch and people still make poor hosts. To pay for being able to play against people in the same network without the use of legitimately dedicated servers is a scam.

The only time I will ever pay to play online is when I can connect to players on other platforms. Take Final Fantasy XI and XIV for example. You pay the monthly fee of ~$12 monthly and you can play with people across PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. I'm not going to pay for unreliable online services that still get DDOS'd by a bunch of kids who have yet to hit puberty.



kensredemption commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

@Zach777 "The Christian 'label' is also very loosely applied to many religions today wether they truly follow the Bible and teachings of God or not; such as Catholics, Jehova's Witnesses, Latter Day Saint Mormons. Those such followers have twisted views of the Bible."

Oh goody, another religious zealot who thinks they know the exact word of God. Religion is one of the few things on this planet that can give people either salvation or hope, and while I don't agree with how most of the overzealous fanatics interpreted mere phrases from the Bible, those who get the general message of living like functional human beings should be able to continue to do so. What they interpret and how they interpret the scripture shouldn't matter. It's that way of thinking that leads to "religious" conflicts or fanatics like the Westboro Baptists. Take your rhetoric elsewhere.



kensredemption commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

Bah. Why bother debating the topic when everything in society will eventually become obsolete? I get that we live in the present and have to try to preserve and restore what we have to a mirror sheen, but everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, that was ever created by the hands of man has been reclaimed by nature - whether or not we destroy it with our own hands. Debating capitalism is futile. It will fade, just like everything else.

Besides, YouTube is the last place you want to go to try to find enlightenment. Just about everything there serves to entertain. You want enlightenment and education? Go to



kensredemption commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

lol This comments section got derailed in less than ten comments. That's gotta be some kind of record.

Anyway, beauty is perceived differently regardless of whoever you ask. A man might find a woman with a petite figure beautiful, another might find a voluptuous woman beautiful. A woman might find the allure in a romantic man, though he may be scrawny or unfit, while another may be looking for an Adonis. Some may even be attracted to the same sex in the same way. That's not really discerning cultural boundaries. It's only obvious because it's what companies in the West decide they want to sell.

If it were up to me, I'd bring in almost every game in from everywhere on the planet. At least that way, I'd have the Yakuza 1 & 2 Collection for my Wii U as well as Fatal Frame V...Oh! AND Dragon Quest X. Alas, all publishers allow from Japan lately is crap that appeals to wannabe Japanophiles and vapid gamers who find the allure in the most mundane and superficial.



kensredemption commented on Hironobu Sakaguchi to be Honoured with Lifetim...:

Sakaguchi-heika is God of the JRPG. I don't think I would have ever been such a huge enthusiast of the genre were it not for him, and from my experiences playing games from the Final Fantasy series as well as Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and The Last Story: He's always pushing the envelope when it comes to narrative and gameplay. New titles, new mechanics, and so seldom does he rely on the cliched narrative tropes - TLS being the most recent to come to mind in that regard. I worship him and all his work. This award was long overdue.

Now Nobuo Uematsu should get some prestigious awards as well if he hasn't already. lol



kensredemption commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I don't really know what to make of this. I've seen PewDiePie before and, no offense to any Europeans, but he's just so damn obnoxious and Euro-trashy. After I heard about how immensely popular he is and the whole disabling comment fiasco he just sounds like a whiny child to me.

Anyway, as far as revenue is concerned, I'm not sure who it's hurting when YouTubers make all of these Let's Play videos. A good number of people use LPs to determine whether or not they want to buy a game - superficial as that sounds - and if they decide it doesn't appeal to them, then the developer would lose out as LPs spread through YouTube faster than a high school rumor.

A lot of people on YouTube tend to be sheeple as well, blindly sycophanting to whoever they're subscribed to because they like them, so if they say something bad about a game, word will spread as well.




kensredemption commented on Nintendo Wins Metacritic's Annual Game Publish...:

I took the liberty, or rather errand, of browsing through other sites that covered this very topic and I found that many, and I mean MANY, trolls and fanboils were so butthurt about Metacritic crowning Nintendo the best publisher that their arguments became more redundant than ever, becoming progressively incoherent. All I had to say was this:

You don't get that award by re-releasing titles from the year before. 😋



kensredemption commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

I'm thinking online commerce sites like eBay and Amazon should put a restriction on new products from being listed by individual vendors for like six months. That way, at least the supply for MM 3DSs will be restricted to retailers and being sold for the actual retail price for awhile instead of being jacked up by a bunch of greedy opportunists.



kensredemption commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

My three choices were as follows:

1) The Last Story

  • Sakaguchi's works have all been exceptional, from the first Final Fantasy to X, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, I was ecstatic to explore the world of The Last Story. As far as the narrative was concerned, it was linear, but in all fairness the VOs were amazing, as were the environments, gameplay and even the multiplayer merited more replay value than most games these days! To play through this again would be very welcome. Personally, I'm hoping for an HD remake with an updated multiplayer roster to make matchmaking with friends easier.

2) MadWorld

  • Another of PlatinumGames' endeavors on the Wii, this game gave me plenty of hours of senseless and nonsensical fun. Killing enemies just never was as creative since until Bayonetta 2 came about. I lost my disc awhile back and I've been wanting to play through it again, and since I'd rather pay Nintendo and Platinum directly, this would also be welcome on the NeShop.

3) Metroid: Other M

  • Aside from completing the Metroid collection for Wii games, I've never actually played through OM. From the gameplay videos I've seen, it looks like an interesting hybrid of Ninja Gaiden, classic Metroid and Metroid Prime. Interesting enough for me to make a purchase. Better to get it new from Nintendo than second-hand from GameStop.

Anyway, that's all I have to say on the subject. Only time will tell if Nintendo will hear our requests.



kensredemption commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

Bunch of opportunistic perverters of capitalism...No, this isn't capitalism. It's blatant profiteering. I refuse to give in to them. I'll wait for a year - two if I have to - to get my hands on the MMN3DS. I'll even buy it second-hand and used if Nintendo doesn't want me to buy it from them directly. The only ones profiting from taking advantage of stocks like this are the profiteers, not Nintendo. If my money doesn't go to Nintendo, it may as well just sit in my bank account...or at least go to some good pasta and ramen.