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Sun 9th Mar 2014

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PieEater163 commented on Review: Metroid: Zero Mission (Wii U eShop / G...:

I HATE the original Metroid, it's really badly designed in quite a few aspects, but I LOVE Zero Mission, it's my second favorite game of all time and it manages to turn round the original game, fixing all it's problems and then added a bit more to create a masterpiece.

If your wondering Super Metroid is my favorite game ever.



PieEater163 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Turok: Rage Wars:

I scoff at 5/10, this game is excellent. It's certainly best played multiplayer and isn't exactly genius in design but its fun and that counts for quite a lot when playing a 15 year old game.



PieEater163 commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

Grrrrrrrrrrr YOU'VE LOST LOST MY CUSTOM ON THIS ADAPTOR NINTENDO! Why did you have to be so stupid, the main reason I was buying it was for Wii software and Virtual Console games so I didn't have to buy a stupid classic controller. I mean do you want to lose sales? It's bloody ridiculous!



PieEater163 commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

There's so many comments saying how little kids know and that all of them are stupid and naive to old technology. That's a stupid statement, I'm 15 and own every Nintendo and Sega console and have plenty of friends who are more than aware of these classic consoles and some who even own them. I will say some of them were a bit idiotic, especially the one who said the Xbone was better as he hasn't played the system as much as it.



PieEater163 commented on Project: Nintendo 64x64:

Review Turok Rage Wars, a really unappreciated arena style shooter in my opinion and miles better than the other Turok games.



PieEater163 commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

I played the Mercedes Benz cars and while they controlled very nicely, I kept on losing races. As soon as I went back to the Fire Bike and Crimson Slim combo which I usually use I started winning again, so I won't use them apart from in GameXplain tournaments to annoy Andre. Lag seems to be highly reduced as well with the update so I'm very happy about it.



PieEater163 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

SMB3 wins for me, but 3D World omes so close it's annoying! Also, Super Mario Galaxy 2 voters, shame on you, it's just Galaxy 1 with Yoshi and highly situational power ups. I'm sick of loads of people saying that's their favorite like when ONM said it was the best Nintendo game of all time.



PieEater163 commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

Glad they're not sharing it, there were so many hackers on Wii I ended up not being bothered if I won or lost. However since there was less hackers on 7, I played properly which made hackers really infuriating, especially those people who fall off a cliff and are instantly back on the track.



PieEater163 commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

I preordered this off Nintendo Store UK. It's the limited edition with a red shell keyring and Bullet Bill T shirt. I can't wait! When I wake up each day my first thought is "X amount of days since Mario Kart 8", I think when I get to the last week I'll have to resort to playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 because that's the only game I can play when I'm excited. Done the same the week I got a Wii U.