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Lobster commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I backed Earthlock so I was excited when they hit their goal. I hope they can hit a few more of the stretch goals through Paypal because those look pretty cool. This is going to be a good game.

Go back Hex Heroes, guys! I backed it like a week and a half ago, I want to see it funded so badly. This is the kind of game that the Wii U was made for.



Lobster commented on Weirdness: You Can Now Play Zelda Really Badly...:

I think @ChessboardMan is on to something. Twitch Plays Pokemon works because the underlying themes of Pokemon are friendship and perseverance (and making cute fuzzy animals get into pit fights with one another, but I digress). So having 70,000 people cooperate to see if they can collectively beat it together is in the spirit of the game. At the same time, Pokemon never takes itself too seriously (see: pit fights with cute fuzzy animals). So TPP just works.

Zelda has varying levels of taking itself seriously, and also isn't really about persevering so much as going off on a grand adventure to save the kingdom/princess. While trying to get hundreds or maybe even thousands of people to cooperate is a grand adventure, of a sort, it's not a Zelda-esque one. At least imo.



Lobster commented on Pre-orders for Mario Kart Ride-on Available at...:

If only I were five years old. I was born 21 years too early!

I remember those Barbie Jeeps and such when I was little. Most of my friends had them, but my mom wouldn't let me have one as she thought they were too dangerous - might tip over or something.

For this I would take my chances.



Lobster commented on Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 Raises Over One ...:

@ledreppe AGDQ in January always goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation; however Summer Games Done Quick, which is obviously held in summer, I believe changes every year. 2013 was Doctors Without Borders. You should check that out, maybe it's more up your alley. Either way you can't disagree gamers raising $1 million for charity is a feat to be praised.
Also everyone is affected by cancer in some way. Maybe not you but a loved one, surely.



Lobster commented on Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 Raises Over One ...:
You can watch the videos here in the mean time. The OP has highlighted the Super Metroid race, among others.

Last night, watching the donation totals climb to a million, actually eclipsed the Chrono Trigger run for me. I wasn't even watching it; I had the page up where the tracker refreshed automatically! (With Chrono Trigger on in another tab of course.)



Lobster commented on Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Discounted...:

I do recommend this game. It's not my favorite HM but it's quite good. A New Beginning is my current fave but that's full 3DS. This is the DS version with some very light 3D applied, Overall neither is a bad entry to the series, though this one can move a bit slowly!



Lobster commented on The Financial Post Thinks Wii U And 3DS Could ...:

I've actually seen a ton of good press lately for the Wii U, saying it's the best bet this holiday season. Naturally there's still the doom and gloom but that's seems to just be what's popular these days - a fad really. It will blow over, the tide is already turning.

It's true that Nintendo didn't make use of its extra year advertising wise. It's also true that Sony and Microsoft don't have much going for their systems in terms of content yet anyway, and they are once again very similar while Nintendo once again forges its own path, if that's what you're into. And at this point a gamer knows if they are into that or not, and a family is going to look at all the bright colors and plethora of games (because don't forget backwards compatibility) and local multiplayer and go, "Heck yes! And it's cheaper, too!"



Lobster commented on Hands On: Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre:

I need this. I really do.

I was the saddest crustacean in Paris that day in 2010 when I arrived at the Louvre only to discover - it's not open on Tuesdays.

So I've been at the Louvre, but not to it. Feel free to point and laugh.



Lobster commented on Review: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Be...:

Well, OK, that's not completely awful. Sounds kind of tedious but the kid didn't sell me a total dud. :)

Sunk Cost Fallacy? Maybe. But I'm not dreading playing it, it's just on the back burner for now. My own fault for buying a game without waiting for a review, after all!



Lobster commented on Review: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Be...:

I skipped ahead to the bottom just to see the score. Man, I'm bummed. I picked this up on my birthday (Sunday) when I was getting Mario and Zelda (Link Between Worlds) because I felt like I was being kinda brusque with the poor sales kid and wanted to let him rec something for me. The problem was, I already had like 90% of the games he pointed out, or they weren't my type (they were all good games). Finally he pulled out this one. He was clearly a HUGE Adventure Time fan and I asked him if he'd played it, he said no. I mentioned the other AT game was kinda wonky (mixed reviews), and that I hadn't seen any reviews of this one yet. But he was such a big fan, and frankly a lot of my friends are too and I know eventually I'm going to start watching the show as well, so I caved.

Off to read the review to find out why I shouldn't have. (Who knows, maybe it will still be playable... But obviously don't trust holiday part-time staffers, even if they can point out all the really good games for a console first.)



Lobster commented on Two Brothers:

I've been so excited about this game for so long, but I haven't heard anything about it in ages... I'm starting to get really worried.



Lobster commented on Nintendo Launches New Wii U Christmas Advertis...:

My Japanese is only barely proficient enough to navigate the site, not enough to understand what they are saying, but I think it's pretty cute!

Loads better than those weird commercials with the kids and the giant noteboards or whatever, the "Why We Need a Wii U" campaign (see, I can't even remember the tagline). I mean, I get where they're coming from with that campaign but it's just so uninspired. It seems so blatant. Also the commercials themselves are pretty bad.

At least I'm seeing commercials now, though!



Lobster commented on Review: Coaster Crazy Deluxe (Wii U eShop):

Too bad. Maybe it'll have a sale at one point. I do have an Android phone, so I'm apparently out of luck on the mobile front. Or I could just dust off Roller Coaster Tycoon, which is still fun after all these years.

On mobile, is this one of those freemium games, or is it a legit game that doesn't beg for in-app purchases for experience points and the like? If it's that way on mobile, and the fact that it obviously isn't on Wii U, does swing my opinion in favor of the Wii U version.



Lobster commented on Video: Experts Believed Nintendo Was In Troubl...:

@sdelfin I agree with you, that report WAS a lot more accurate and fair than you'd see these days. I think news in general was! There weren't multiple 24 hour networks scampering to fill all that air time, searching for ways to get the most eyeballs. That always seems to mean scare tactics, blowing things out of proportion, and eventually beating a dead horse. This report was short and to the point, and didn't do any of those other things. I've watched Good Morning America a few times in recent years and it has just gotten totally inane, in part I think because they can't compete in the news business anymore.



Lobster commented on Video: Experts Believed Nintendo Was In Troubl...:

Loved seeing Howard again. Notice the party line has not changed in over twenty years: it's the GAMES that matter! How true that is. It's carried them far and will carry them another twenty plus years for sure.



Lobster commented on Crowdfunding Campaign For Paradise Lost: First...:

If it were a $150K stretch, maaaaybe, but $250K is so steep. While it's encouraging that games want to come to WiiU, I just don't think they can possibly raise that much money!

Of course, this is why we're going to have such a horrible drought in 2014/15...



Lobster commented on Video: Comedian Wayne Brady Gets a Tad Excited...:

The first two are pretty ridiculous*, but the last one, I'd like to see that one play on TV. Not incessantly or anything, but it's the sort of clever ad that could get people excited about the system itself if they saw it.
*in a good way



Lobster commented on Male Wii Fit Trainer Revealed as Latest Smash ...:

"Do you like gender equality? If you answered yes, you are an awesome person."

I guess I'm a terrible person then, because I would hate for him to take up an entire slot (I don't think he will) and as a woman I get tired of the under representation of women in games, and the fact that the "default" gamer (and thus character option, when offered) is still assumed to be male when women make up 45% up gamers these days. I mean come on.

So in this case I am a terrible person because "gender equality" would mean adding yet another dude. I thought it was super cool Nintendo added the female trainer over the male one to start with. I think it's cool that she still appears to be the default option. Finally!

OK, I'm not actually going to discuss this further, like that's all I have to say on this topic and I won't be checking the comments on this article further. Sorry if people felt this was a derail, I was just responding to two sentences that really stood out to me.



Lobster commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I have to say I'm one of those who really enjoys my Wii U. I have a dozen physical games and another dozen downloads, so I say it's doing pretty well, actually!

The Wii was a freak accident, there's no doubt about that. I don't know why anyone expects the Wii U to match it. That said, it's a great console, but its gimmick may be a bit ahead of the curve.

People say that the Gamepad shouldn't be bundled with the system and I just don't understand why. The very idea of doing that is to get 100% market penetration on the Gamepad - so devs KNOW that every Wii U owner has one. That enables them to make a better game. That was the entire purpose, and if you start selling Wii Us without Gamepads, you just miss the point.

The PS4 and Xbone are capable of this second screen tech as well, but they lack the 100% factor - does the player have a Vita/Smart Glass? Devs can't count on it. It makes ports suffer because they are going to want to program for them rather than Nintendo - AGAIN - instead of going with the sure thing and making the Sony and Microsoft second screen stuff optional in their port.

This is why I say the Gamepad is ahead of its time, but should not be removed. The games would suffer. How many times has it already been said in the past months that "THIS is the definitive port?" The Gamepad is always responsible. People are starting to figure it out.

Anyway I think the theory that Sony and Microsoft will have slow launches as well is interesting. I also think that if they do, Nintendo won't get the third parties back until at least 2015, if ever, but... I think the Wii U can stand on its own merits already/until then by virtue of its backwards compatibility (with controllers and peripherals even, which is unheard of) and year head start. Plus it's cheaper, and there's bound to be another price drop sometime in 2014.

They got this.

Plus, what was wrong with GameCube and N64? People sing their praises all the time! ;)



Lobster commented on Zombie Blaster Removed from the 3DS eShop in N...:

I noticed this while in the eShop just now and had to see what was up. How should we feel about the (un)lucky few that managed to snag this stinker before it was yanked? Pity or...? It's almost kind of cool. Five whole people bought this, and played it for a whole hour (to be able to rate it). And now nobody else can ever have it.

God, I hope it didn't fry their systems or something else unspeakably awful.



Lobster commented on Wii Street U Update Allows You to Walk the Vir...:

I remember showing the app to my dad a while back and he asked if he could use the balance board with it and I had to tell him no... So obviously other people had the same idea. He was actually pretty excited to hear about it when I told him.



Lobster commented on Game Freak's New 3DS eShop Title Combines Hors...:

The funny thing is that I don't even think this is shovelware yet... It looks like it from any other dev but Game Freak. From Game Freak I'd give it a try - on someone else's 3DS first. You know, assuming it ever came out here.



Lobster commented on Weirdness: So Tyrion Lannister Got To Play Som...:

So I guess we can all include Mario in that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game now, eh?

Not really sure why this would get anyone to pick up a Wii U, they either have a sort of deer-in-the-headlights look, or else look like Mario requires some serious brainpower they don't quite possess. Not the best candids.



Lobster commented on Nintendo Comments On EarthBound's Inflated Pri...:

(She replied hours later! Sorry, I went to bed after making my comment and only just got back on Nintendo Life.) I didn't say it's a bad thing if they release Mother 3, but they opened a can off worms indeed. Have you ever had a little kid begging for something near you? Have you ever given in, just a tiny bit, to get them to shut up? No? Well, they don't shut up. They learn that if they ask long/loud/hard enough, they get something. So they ask longer/louder/harder.

Those of you bothered by the previous amount of begging for Mother 3 are not prepared for the coming onslaught, and neither are Nintendo. It's going to be of epic proportions. Get yer helmets on.

Like I said, not necessarily a bad thing. I've been in the camp of, "Please Nintendo, please please PLEASE release Mother 3 PLEASE! We have a translation you are free to use and everything!" for years now. But if that sort of thing bothers you, you might want to watch out. And Nintendo definitely is going to want to watch out, because while Mother fans are generally super polite, there's gonna be new ones, and ones that realized the begging worked, and it's gon' get crazy all up in heah.



Lobster commented on Nintendo Comments On EarthBound's Inflated Pri...:

I felt like the price was perfectly reasonable. I think the only thing is that Nintendo is unprepared, they've opened a can of worms. They've proven that if we ask long enough, they WILL eventually respond, which means they'll HAVE to release Mother 3 sometime, and fairly soon at that. Fans are really going to step up the begging, this isn't going to placate them at all. Quite the opposite.

I'm very curious to see concrete sales figures. How many people put their money where their mouth was? I did within hours.



Lobster commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Aiming For Augus...:

This looks to be quite good! I'm not a fan of sidescrolling platformers - or any platformers for that matter - but they are a gaming mainstay and it's thrilling to see one (hopefully) executed well. This one reminded me favorably of some classics.

Is it going to have that bad*** music or is that only trailer music? Because that music kicked some serious you know what.



Lobster commented on Nintendo Stock Hits Its Highest Point in Two Y...:

Good news for me, hahaha! I'm an investor, actually it's been going up for a good portion of the year despite all the Wii U doom and gloom. Strong 3DS sales, I'm guessing.

I think it's only going to continue to go up going through the holiday season, yes. 3DS is going to continue to be very strong and Wii U sales are finally going to pick up now that there's actually some worthwhile games coming out in its second six months. Wii U is not out of the running yet, folks.



Lobster commented on Review: Pikmin 3 (Wii U):

@GN004Nadleeh You are selling your console because a 9/10 game is not completely how you expected? How stupid. Especially since you will absolutely regret that when other games come along. I can think of nine other games besides this one coming out before November 25 (the first year anniversary) that are worth a look to me. Who buys an entire console just for one game? Are you saying you have no other games for your Wii U at all up to this point, and thus no reason to keep it? I think you are being irrational and speaking nonsense.



Lobster commented on Review: Spelunker (3DS eShop / NES):

For some reason, this game just hits the "so bad it's good" vibe for many people. I've never played it but I know a few who have and they always talk about it this way. Maybe a sort of Stockholm Syndrome? After all, as @grumblegrumble pointed out, back in the (bad ol') good ol' days, we often were forced to rent the clunkers if we wanted a game to play over the weekend and didn't get to the video store fast enough! :D

I made a board game on a big sheet of paper of this game once.



Lobster commented on Soapbox: The 8-Bit Era Laid the Groundwork, bu...:

@startropics3: "The new DKCR will never have the same influence on me that the original did, but that doesn't make it a poorly designed game."

Well, the golden age for being influence by things is probably 11-12. Not just games but movies, books, TV, music. Think back to that age and what you were a fan of then probably has shaped your tastes now to an extent, or you are at least still a fan of/nostalgic for it. For example, for me that is right when Pokemania hit the States and Lord knows I have never let that go. Also Harry Potter.

It might extend a few years downward as well because I was introduced to Star Wars at that time and have remained a huge fan all my life, and it might extend a few years upward as well because studies have shown our music tastes are generally set in our early teens. But I would say it's centered on 11-12.

Were you anywhere in that range when the original DKC games came out?



Lobster commented on Soapbox: The 8-Bit Era Laid the Groundwork, bu...:

Excellent article. I've been gaming since some time in '89 or '90 when I was two - I started on DOS, so not gaming consoles, actually. I wasn't allowed a handheld or a console until I was 11! But I've always been happy to play just about anything, probably because as a kid I had to get any off-PC gaming exposure however I could. These days I play modern day and retro games, PC games, Nintendo games, and Android/smartphone games all pretty equally. PC is where I get my stuff that comes to Xbox/Sony, as I can only afford so much. I realize most people don't play the variety of games I do, and some might see me as a casual for some of the games I play, but my view of it is that I like to sample it all. After all, are you really a "gamer" if you refuse to game?