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Wed 25th September, 2013

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DragonbornRito commented on Sony Hardware Takes Charge of Japanese Charts ...:

@Moon Not too surprising really. It's a bit of a doldrums right now on the Nintendo front, and anyone who thought that Sony wouldn't have a good week with all the AAA titles that dropped in the past couple of days was fooling themselves. :P

Nintendo has a strong line-up starting next month with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and really ramps up with Splatoon in May leading into what I'm predicting will be a very hype-filled E3 (more info on the games from last year, like Zelda U for instance).

It's just been a slow March. (Pun unintended)



DragonbornRito commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Confirmed For Eu...:

A few months back, people were complaining that Zero Suit Samus is oversexualized in Smash 4. Now people are lining up to buy a game like this. I honestly don't get it? It's only bad when you perk up a character who used to be fairly tame?



DragonbornRito commented on Weirdness: Super Smash Bros. Fans Raise the St...:

I think Ganondorf's Warlock Punch might be better or at least interchangeable. It's slower and hits harder, leading to longer and more intense caping. Get 4 guys in there (2x Mario, CF, and Ganondorf) and just alternate between the two. :P



DragonbornRito commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@Refurin I'm not giving up hope at all. My GameStop says they haven't been able to do store-level pre-orders just yet, which is good for me since I get paid Friday and am currently broke. :(

That said, if they do sell out, this isn't an exclusive model. Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Target are almost certainly going to get some stock in, and I plan to be at Walmart as soon as the clock strikes midnight on that Thursday night/Friday morning. I am lucky enough to live in a fairly... how do you put this... "redneck" part of the country, so I should one way or another be able to get my hands on one. My wife deserves it. She never asks for anything, but she is so excited for this 3DS. I HAVE to get one.



DragonbornRito commented on Mega Man Felyne Armour Makes Monster Hunter 4 ...:


No, seriously. I can't find any reason to complain about this stuff. I rather enjoy it, and if you don't want to forge that armor, you don't have to. Sure, other online players might wear it, but who are you to tell them that they can't wear what they want?



DragonbornRito commented on Tetris Ultimate Dated for 3DS, Will Cost Less ...:

Ubisoft. Not even once.

@Donjwolf Wake me up when Tetris Company realizes that Nintendo should have all publishing rights to Tetris. The 2 greatest Tetris games in history (Tetris GB and Tetris DS) released practically as Nintendo first-party titles. No one else can even hold a candle, especially Ubistank.

@YANDMAN How in the heck is this Nintendo's fault? It's Ubisoft that makes that decision. I'm tired of people blaming Nintendo because third-party devs won't bring their games to the Wii U.



DragonbornRito commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

My one and only gripe (now that Jigglypuff has been confirmed as back :D) is the lack of a new Donkey Kong character yet again. K. Rool or Dixie are both ripe for the picking, yet they don't get in. For a series that started Nintendo as a legitimate gaming company and one that has had 2 new entries in the past few years, I just can't help but point out the lack of love for the DKC characters...

(Also, I'm a bit disappointed that Dark Pit even gets his own slot. He's ALMOST just a palette swap. I don't see why it'd be that hard to give palette swaps their own "slightly different" moveset.)

All this said, still very much looking forward to the first week of October. (And if we get the demo tomorrow, all the better!)



DragonbornRito commented on Video: This is a Video Game:

@ikki5 Whoa, I sold a copy recently for $25ish, and I've seen copies at the local flea market for $35-40. Did I miss a massive spike?

EDIT: WOW, I missed a massive spike. I mean, I sold this copy about a year ago for half of what I could've gotten now... I did find a few $50 listings (shipped) though.



DragonbornRito commented on Feature: The History of Super Smash Bros.:

@Jazzer94 Yes and no. I think the balance is pretty spot on. If you give Smash too competitive of a mindset, casual Smash fans are less likely to have fun. Many of my Smash friends got pretty alienated from Melee once certain people in our group could pull off the wavedashing and other high-skill moves (and would use them liberally). I think the death of wavedashing and other "techniques" along those lines is a good thing, because it evens the field a bit more. Granted, tripping wasn't the way to go, but it was a noble effort.

I think trying to appeal Smash to the "EVO scene" only would be disastrous for the potential sales, because that community is almost assuredly going to jump on the new Smash for at least a little while anyways. They're always looking for new and good fighters. I'm almost certain this will receive much better competitive reception than Brawl too, considering what we've seen from the pre-release tournaments so far and the word of mouth of Smash pros like HB and ZeRo. (They've said it's not as tight as Melee, yes, but I think that's a good thing to be honest. My opinion there, I guess.)



DragonbornRito commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

LINK! LINK! LINK! LINK! LINK! OH MY YES! This is amazing! I don't care what any of you naysayers say. You won't nay me away! It's an already amazing game, getting even more amazing! Yes, I want better battle mode too, but seriously. This is stupendously awesome!



DragonbornRito commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

@Yorumi Sorry if I came off as trying to ignore the debate at hand by calling out SJWs. I did make a statement though, my opinion on the matter, and my feelings about the so called SJWs are indeed my own. I honestly think women as a whole have been oversexualised, but people only seem to to. get upset when a fictional character becomes too sexualized.



DragonbornRito commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

The amount of modesty in your average female these days is as low as it has ever been. Yet we complain about the sexualisation of a fictional video game character. One that has still been treated fairly modestly compared to what you see at the average night club or beach. I think we have a bigger issue...

Not saying there are not modest women these days, but oversexualisation of the female gender as whole has been reaching new heights every year in just about every medium out there. (Especially TV and music.) SJWs need to find real issues to worry about. Like covering up those women that I was talking about.