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Tue 25th March, 2014

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kobashi100 commented on Rumours Surface of Android Emulation On The Ni...:

Emulation of Android! Why not just go in with a straight Android based OS?

Nintendo can run hardware on Android OS and have it locked down completely. Just look at MS with the Xbox. Runs on windows OS but it is locked down.

Nintendo can do the same with Android.



kobashi100 commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

The bitterness from some people in here is pathetic and so childish. So because capcom is not releasing SFV or any other SF game on Wii U, Nintendo should not have Ryu as a playable character in smash bros. Sorry guys but listen to yourselves. Sounding like little kids who can't get there own way.

Solid snake was playable in smash bros remember. Don't Remeber people complaining and saying it was wrong because Wii never had a MGS game.

RYU in smash bros can only be a good thing. There is no downside to this.



kobashi100 commented on Splatoon Grabs Fifth Place in NPD Results as a...:

@rjejr dude all them Wii owners you talk about moved on to iPad, android tablets and kindles. They are long gone and are not coming back.

There is another percentage who gave up on the Wii as in the 3 years it had very few new releases. Nintendo let it die and them people moved on to PS3 and Xbox 360 and eventually have or will move to PS4 or Xbox one. Honestly think Nintendo thought that all these 90m Wii owners were just sitting around waiting for the HD upgrade. Crazy thinking and shocked they didn't realize that them people had moved to other devices and consoles.

Wii U is just the wrong console, has the right Nintendo games but the console is the problem. From day 1 there has been no desire from the public to own one.



kobashi100 commented on No FIFA For Nintendo Fans This Year, States EA:

@theBluntKnight both games are relevant. You claimed FIFA was not being released on Wii U because it was political. When the relaity is that FIFA 13 just like Madden 13 and NBA 2k13 all bombed. 3 aport sims released on Wii U and all flopped massively.

There is a reason that take 2 didn't bother releasing another NBA game on Wii U.



kobashi100 commented on No FIFA For Nintendo Fans This Year, States EA:

@Kuhang you do realise that FIFA 13 being at the top of the charts shows that other games are not selling right.

There isn't any politics going on. Third parties want to make money and if they felt they could on Wii U they would release games.

Look at konami and PES. They would have no competition on Wii U and they still don't bother releasing it.

Now what you should be saying is why don't Nintendo hire a studio to develop a serious or arcade soccer game.

Nintendo should release there own sports titles like Sega did with the Dreamcast.



kobashi100 commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@kyuubikid213 not being funny but he said the Wii U version looks phenomenal.

He never said anything about how it runs though. SMS have been upfront and said that the framerate is a problem and for them to get it a decent standard the phenomenal stuff like dynamic weather etc will have to be cut back.

I think some people just want a Wii U version even if it runs like crap.



kobashi100 commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

@shad0w-7 revelations on Wii U sold worse then all other consoles. Revelations was a test and Wii U owners never bought it. Just like yakuza, Sega released it as a test to see if there is a fan base on Wii U and again it bombed so no more yakuza games.

Install base maybe around the same but Capcom know that the game will sell better on Xbox One. You know it's the truth also.



kobashi100 commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@Quickman here we go again. Some people can not let go of this lack of marketing is the reason why Wii U has bombed. It's laughable.

Please explain why MS RT tablets bombed even after MS spent a ton on market. Please explain why the blackberry smartphone bombed even after RIM went big on marketing?

If the public don't want your product it doesn't matter how much you market it. If it was as simple as just market products more no product would ever fail.

Nintendo have made some silly decisions in their time but even they accept that the public interest in the Wii U is not great. They are not gonna waste huge amounts of money trying to sell a console that nobody wants.



kobashi100 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Modest Sales Targets...:

I actually think Nintendo shouldn't spends lots of money on marketing the Wii U. The console is toxic and there is no point throwing money in marketing a console that nobody wants.

Just look at RIM with blackberry. Spent loads on marketing and achieved nothing. Same with Microsoft and the windows RT tablet.

If nobody wants your product it doesn't matter how much you market it. Nobody will buy it.

Also the first Wii U ads that Nintendo were a joke. Some of the worst console ads going.