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Sionyn commented on Nintendo Shows Off Its Mario Golf: World Tour ...:

the pricing is outrageous considering your paying full wack for this game, its not like steel diver. so now nintendo is jumping on the let cut this from the game and sell it as DLC later nintendo should be adding value to thier games not cutting them up in the hoipes to sell dlc.



Sionyn commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

its shame well never see snes games on 3ds and now gba most likely too despite the 3ds having the gba bios ready to go homebrew might solve these issues its same nintendo wont not wanting to cannibalise the sales of virtual console games.

the 3ds is more capable than wii its a great shame nintendo won't take advantage it in terms of virtual console. the 3ds already for gba games but were they ?
and nintendo wonders why its not doing very well



Sionyn commented on Video: Watch Us Hungrily Unbox The McDonald's ...:

i got the mushroom it even has a nintendo tri wing screw in it one thing that was odd no manufacture name on the toy nor nintendo copyright and date. quite nicely made too not bad for £2.50

this week its mario and the super mario mushroom



Sionyn commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

696 Mega Bytes for 5 euros that a raw deal in comparison Amazon charge $0.03 per gigabyte 5-10 euro per month you can have a virtual server with alot of bandwidth gigs of storage a domain and a mailserver.



Sionyn commented on 3DS System Update 7.1.0-15 is Available Now:

system data archive 00018002 was updated. Starting with 7.1.0-15, the "dummy.txt" file was removed from file system this CFA contains data for NNID / networking, etc.
also the 8bit file that contains system version number and region.



Sionyn commented on 3DS Region-Free Hack is Hacked by Hackers:

what happened the use of a logic bomb. A logic bomb is a piece of code intentionally inserted into a software system that will set off a malicious function when specified conditions are met. For example, a programmer may hide a piece of code that starts deleting files.

what happened here was the developers of this flash card device implemented code that destroys the 3DS firmware when activated in case on after a certain date when exit settings. It dose this by 0 all the data on chip which stores the 3ds firmware.

when the 3ds is broght out of reset the reset vector (the physical memory address FFFF*** proceeds to look for the 3ds system software once the bootstrapper (hard coded) has booted and jumped to entry point containing the 3ds system software.

essentially the device manufactures coded a bomb that purposely destroys a 3ds if it thinks its software has been modified.



Sionyn commented on New System Update Is Winging Its Way To 3DS Co...:

NVer and CVer (these are bytes that hold system version information), camera module, http module, and the module with titleID-low 00003802 (dont know that is) and eshop application also.

thats all that changed



Sionyn commented on GAME Issues Update to Backtrack on Musical Che...:

they cant not by consumer law in united kingdom but hey let wait till we here from Nintendo uk and game fyi

the post is still on their twitter account and facebook i think they got rid of by now if had been other wise still looks good i wonder what the issue is



Sionyn commented on GAME Offers Music-Playing Chest With A Link Be...:

wait there game say they know nothing about in a tweet

We have no pre-order bonus to announce but BUT you can be sure we're working with Din, Nayru & Farore to bring you something special…

nintendolife can you get to the bottom of this ????



Sionyn commented on Guide: How To Capture Video And Screenshots Fr...:

nothing bespoke about it, the 3ds gpu sends video out as vga it do sent take from LVDS connecting the screen to motherboard. the device uses a altera CPLD for decoding and usb signalling.

its a kit from that cost less $50 that costs $10 to manufacture in volume and what a huge mark those shysters are reselling them for.



Sionyn commented on 3DS System Update Goes Live, Doesn't Really Do...:

The following titles were updated CVer and NS CFA thats the saveback up blacklist.

this new title was added to the whitelist 0004001B00010802
and a new uniqueID to the blacklist.
no change to the DSI firmware so no flashcard blocking.



Sionyn commented on Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach ...:

its sad but true, Nintendo are loosing money right now their products are expensive and software is too compared ios android and steam. They made a bold move charging the same for AAA games lets not even think about price of apps on ios and android.

There slowly loosing their relevance android and ios are huge untapped potential for Nintendo which could save them, but they also have the problem it competes with the platforms they offer.



Sionyn commented on WayForward Launches Kickstarter Campaign for S...:

i have backed the campaign, but that it you see that it, they made their money my question was is right they charge for this game after they already asked people to pay for the game to be made, this isnt just wayforward up to these tricks.

seems unethical to ask for money to make a game and then profit after the game what about the kind backers who paid for it to be made do they get a cut ? or maybe it should be free since the development cost have been paid for



Sionyn commented on WayForward Launches Kickstarter Campaign for S...:

cool and good luck to wayforward love shantae

one thing i never understood about these types of campaigns for making games is the fact YOU pay for the development of the game THEN YOU have to pay for the game seems like a raw deal, shouldn't it be free if you already paid for the development. The guys who made carmagedon did something similar starting a campaign to port their game to android they decided as a good will gesture they'd release the game for free for a short amount of time to thank the backers.



Sionyn commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

shysters it undeliverable how many people justify this add expense, with the advent of tablets as well emulators as well as piracy its up to nintendo to offerer better value to compete give the consumer something piracy cant. there is very little to no cost for the pokemon bank, your talking kilobytess of information the price is unjustified and panellises real customers in hope some pirates spend $5 same reason with the whole DLC fiasco of last gen a hedging of bets.

money money all the time what a devouring greed



Sionyn commented on New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live:

seems Nintendo are trying counteract the the new flash card thing by adding a new save game crypto to counteract a exploit thought to be used by the unreleased flashcard. Quite funny if it has been blocked before its been released.

This updated firmware added support for a new gamecard savegame keyY generation method, enabled via NCSD flags. Every gamecard which has a system-update >= 2.2.0-X uses the keyY generation method added with 2.2.0-X, therefore every game which would release with this 6.0.0-X system-update would use this new keyY generation method.



Sionyn commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

so you hate hackers so much ?

Well don’t forget to throwaway your 3DS its arm processors was made during the 80 by a bunch of homebrew hackers in Cambridge united kingdom building their own homebrew computer. Oh and don't forget to throwaway your medication and never visit the doctor again medical science is full of pioneers that fall into what you call a hacker.

And stop using the internet www is hack after all, built over a wider network pioneered by hackers and hacking culture and what’s more this website too uses a http server written by the hackers.

they get everywere these pesky hackers.

why not look up the true meaning of the word hacker, and see its noble origins rather than poisoned missinformation spread by media outfits



Sionyn commented on Rumour: 3DS Owners Noticing Software Performan...:

apart from the relative minor changes made, nintendo updated NS system module adding a work around to recent problems people have had last firmware update. Ns module is part of initialization system that forms part of a chainloader which eventual loads the main menu the 3DS operating system.