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Sionyn commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

its the apple way steal ideas steal software from the open source community an then pass it off as your own, apple are like a legitimate popstation manufacture.

Apple is just trendy atm like nokia once was
the only good apple dose is sell the same consumer grade stuff
only at a extortionate price.



Sionyn commented on Review: 3D Gunstar Heroes (3DS eShop):

i kinda get it when people say it expensive for what it is, considering the pricing of other sega classic collections.

However what your getting easily justifies the price all these 3D classics easily are the definitive versions simply because of loving detail M2 have put put into these remakes. The gigadrive architecture they built for the megadrive games is awe inspiring, it show what 3ds is cable of.

Make no mistake these are not simple emulator these are rebuilt from ground up. One attention to detail is the sound especially because of the difficulty of emulating the sound synthesiser of the mega drive i haven't seen a emulator that dose a good job of it, M2 however absolutely nailed it shows how they strive not just to get the game working but also to get it working accurately.

sure there not cheep but
make no mistake these just aren't simple ports they go far beyond at £4.49 these are easily a steal. its just a shame it stops after sonic 2.



Sionyn commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

its amazing how ignorant people are about the hombrew community and hacking culture in general as well as its noble origins dirtied by clueless journalists and lame stream media.

if wasn't for the homebrew community you would have a firkin 3DS, its cpu was built in Cambridge by a hombrew computer club are they evil ?

let alone the hombrewers who built software this website uses as well as most of the infrastructure that makes up the net. prehapse you guys should take a look and see how the homebrew culture made the world you have to day possible instead of spreading FUD about a community and culture you nothing about.



Sionyn commented on Nintendo 3DS System Update 9.7.0-25 Has Stabil...:

they changed the way tickets are process quires using SOAP instead HTTP
(a ticket is a unique key used decrypt a title (software) stored on a 3DS system)

DSP firmware was updated
home menu was updated
NFC software was updated 3DS not N3DS



Sionyn commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:


you have no understanding of copyright.
also piracy is pillaging ships on the high seas nothing to do with file sharing as well as your complete lack of understanding of both the origin copyright and its legal fiction.

my cow analogy still stands nintendo have no right to tell what you can and can't do with something you buy, even though they try to migrate this with pseudo contracts its very thin ice when you think a contract can abstain you from following the law.

what it dose show is the shabby tricks corporation will steep too to abstain them self from laws which they rather not follow.



Sionyn commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:

first have some monster hunter 4 demo codes


The thing is nintendo sells software they even call it software, they have no business telling what you can or cant do with that software. Copyright only covers distribution its a archaic and unfair law that only favours people with power not creatives or consumers.

who sues people making tutorials for other types of software microsoft apple ?
NONE!!!!! its none of Nintendo business what you do with the software you buy from them, such is what happens when buy buy something... you own it.

for example if sell you cow, and tell the cow is only allowed to milked, the next day i find you started to make cheese with the milk from the cow, i go and 'update' the cow killing it in process and your told it ok because you agreed to it by singing my slimy terms and conditions, which i hasten to add violate your rights as a consumer.

game console makers have it to good for too long. They run monopolies on their console and some how getaway with it, that is unfair. So its no surprise why the likes of nintendo and other pull off shabby tricks like this.

yes nintendo aren't the only one who do stuff like this, but its time to speak out against companies who abuse their position of power.

bad move nintendo i expected better from you guys. even microsoft hasn't steeped to such lows.



Sionyn commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

EULA are a Gray area at best, nintendo is capitalising on this by trying to erode our consumer rights by making us agree to what they think could be a legal binding agreement unfortunately a contract can't do that.

for a simple analogy its like me selling you a cow, tell you its only to be used to produce milk, i then find out that your using the cow that sold you, which you now own to make cheese. During the night i kill your cow because you have decided to use in a fashion ive decided you can't.

Its not up to nintendo what you do with stuff buy off them, and certainly isn't right morally or legally that a eula can used to null their potential malfeasance. There other issues too most people don't read licence agreements, it could be construed that nintendo intends to trick people to entering a contract with them and most certainly is illegal, since it widely accepted that most people don't understand legal jargon let lone read the agreements and that self is enough to make a eula null and void.



Sionyn commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

bubbling paint and now defective circle pads this is not the quality you expect from nintendo. i took nothing but utmost care with my 3ds and still the paint work on 3ds bubbled off.

nintendo needs to better fuzz testing of their products not just function testing maybe then these issues would not arisen.



Sionyn commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

hacking is wrong.....

ok please throw away your tv smart phone oh never connect to internet again. To those factious idiots who don't seem to understand ALL of your modern technology is thanks to homebrewers and hackers (go and look the real term hacker).

you won't believe how much of your modern life has is built upon hacker and homebrew movement including the webserver that hosts nintendolife as well as the countless of routers and switches that serve your internet traffic, time guys learnt some respect for the people who enable to you have these nice things who often develop these things in their own spare time.



Sionyn commented on 3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is Now Live:

@johndevine that sucks that should always be nintendo responsibility to fix machines damaged from updates. Its not hard to implement disaster recovery option for when things go sour every product i build i allways design in disaster recovery solution.

Flashing firmware is risky its a no brainer to add disaster recovery that even a enduser can use



Sionyn commented on 3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is Now Live:

nope the encryption referers to nintendo counter measure against gateway whos 4.5 firmware is not compatible with new encryption with in 7.0. encryption has nothing to do with the way the http service applet works, its just stored on 3ds internal flash encrypted thats all.

this is likely a counter measure against a homebrew developer who has a new working exploit that is keen to release it. so far nintendo hasn't found the exploit he is using.

how showed off his workable exploit using http loader applet so it seem nintendo recent move was to try and counter it (they could of also found a another serious bug that lead to privilege escalation ). The strange thing is his POC code only ran in usermode, when i would of thought he kernel level access to bypass all verification junk.



Sionyn commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

ever borrowed a book ? CD ? Game ? used the library ?

Your no better than anyone who share files over the internet,
Understand that the argument of copyright monopolies is a lossed sale, however that presumes a file share would buy the anything see the fallacy of the copyright monopoly ?

Imagen the same for M&M suing anybody who shared their M&M. Copyright monopolies fear the loss of control and will do anything to stop it, including allowing PRIVATE BUSINESS to make laws that benefit them selves only, hell bent hampering human progress for their antiquated business models.

would you let a washingline installer sue whitegood manufactures for making his services redundant with better technology ????

In fact people who share files over the internet SPEND MORE than those who don't a uk government white paper found.

also piracy is pillaging ships on the high seas not sharing or copying information.

Check out the evil origins of copyright



Sionyn commented on 3DS System Update 8.0.0-18 is Now Live:

version string file was updated (shows the system software version)
nzone hotspot list was updated
eShop mint applet(used for accessing eShop outside of the eShop application)
All non-SAFE_MODE system modules were updated.

system error applet was updated (shows the error has occurred screen)
this is were it gets interesting this breaks booting 8.0.0-18 on physical on or below 4.x systems where the key-data for the v7.0 crypto wasn't initialized correctly. This means it breaks getways 3ds flash card thing so it can't spoofing firmware 8.x or above until they find a work around.



Sionyn commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

their kidding them selves the only reason ps4 was selling more than xbox is simply price, more over there not doing all that well both sony and microsoft are not selling many consoles thanks to their high prices. The affordability of a xbox 360 was the single reason why 360 was so popular.

The marketing idiots Microsoft neglected this and wondered why xbox one had poor sales, these highly paid idiots could see that coming....

Microsoft and sony have little to offer this generation their just PC what do they have to offer that different ? the wii u gives you experience that you can not get anywhere else were as sony and microsoft offering are the pc and cheaper.



Sionyn commented on Nintendo Spain Secures Win Over R4 Card Retailer:

indeed notice the trend the 'high rate of piracy' made nintendo a lot of cash the DS and WII were phenomenal success. Now look at wii u and 3ds little to no piracy and phenomenal flop, strangle piracy help sells consoles and software.

Source: worse pirates buy 300% more

The gateway has been sorted it only works on 3DS with firmware 4.5 below

As for dumping your own games nintendo would say that, but unfortunately for them TOS and EULA have no real legal binding simply because your agreement is after the sale.

I appreciate that nintendo wishes it can substitute a contract after sale, that nobody reads, they bear no relation to a contract negotiation and clicking reading or printing through them does not constitute an acceptance of nintendo desire to change the terms of the sale. Their selling goods which are governed by sales of goods act.



Sionyn commented on Sleek Metal NES Analogue Nt Now Available for ...:

The light gun wont work

light guns use photo diodes to detect were the gun is pointing at the screen. when the trigger of the gun is pulled, the screen is blanked out to black, and the diode begins reception. All or part of the screen is painted white in a way that allows the computer to judge where the gun is pointing, based on when the diode detects light.

When the trigger is pressed, the game causes the entire screen to become black for one frame. Then, on the next frame, the target area is drawn in all white as the rest of the screen remains black. The Zapper detects this change from low light to bright light, as well as the duration of the "flash", as the different targets on screen will flash for different durations. This is how the game detects if a target been hit, timing is crucial here, and why lcd plasma monitors wont work with the image possessing overhead and lag to produce the picture means this method of detection will not work.

your paying a excessive amount for something that could easily be done with $10 class FPGA



Sionyn commented on Weirdness: Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary Mer...:

22 grand for that monstrosity of guitar ?
no bloody thanks

that's quadruple the price of collectors choice. I know Gibson CEO is nuts (he thinks increasing the price on a guitar makes it more desirable) but even he wouldn't charge that for something that of very little appeal as a instrument.



Sionyn commented on Nintendo Shows Off Its Mario Golf: World Tour ...:

the pricing is outrageous considering your paying full wack for this game, its not like steel diver. so now nintendo is jumping on the let cut this from the game and sell it as DLC later nintendo should be adding value to thier games not cutting them up in the hoipes to sell dlc.



Sionyn commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

its shame well never see snes games on 3ds and now gba most likely too despite the 3ds having the gba bios ready to go homebrew might solve these issues its same nintendo wont not wanting to cannibalise the sales of virtual console games.

the 3ds is more capable than wii its a great shame nintendo won't take advantage it in terms of virtual console. the 3ds already for gba games but were they ?
and nintendo wonders why its not doing very well



Sionyn commented on Video: Watch Us Hungrily Unbox The McDonald's ...:

i got the mushroom it even has a nintendo tri wing screw in it one thing that was odd no manufacture name on the toy nor nintendo copyright and date. quite nicely made too not bad for £2.50

this week its mario and the super mario mushroom



Sionyn commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

696 Mega Bytes for 5 euros that a raw deal in comparison Amazon charge $0.03 per gigabyte 5-10 euro per month you can have a virtual server with alot of bandwidth gigs of storage a domain and a mailserver.



Sionyn commented on 3DS System Update 7.1.0-15 is Available Now:

system data archive 00018002 was updated. Starting with 7.1.0-15, the "dummy.txt" file was removed from file system this CFA contains data for NNID / networking, etc.
also the 8bit file that contains system version number and region.



Sionyn commented on 3DS Region-Free Hack is Hacked by Hackers:

what happened the use of a logic bomb. A logic bomb is a piece of code intentionally inserted into a software system that will set off a malicious function when specified conditions are met. For example, a programmer may hide a piece of code that starts deleting files.

what happened here was the developers of this flash card device implemented code that destroys the 3DS firmware when activated in case on after a certain date when exit settings. It dose this by 0 all the data on chip which stores the 3ds firmware.

when the 3ds is broght out of reset the reset vector (the physical memory address FFFF*** proceeds to look for the 3ds system software once the bootstrapper (hard coded) has booted and jumped to entry point containing the 3ds system software.

essentially the device manufactures coded a bomb that purposely destroys a 3ds if it thinks its software has been modified.



Sionyn commented on New System Update Is Winging Its Way To 3DS Co...:

NVer and CVer (these are bytes that hold system version information), camera module, http module, and the module with titleID-low 00003802 (dont know that is) and eshop application also.

thats all that changed