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Wed 14th August, 2013

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jos commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

it will be a launch title for the NX in 2016...

but Don't think anyone is really Surprised by this

Just Star Fox then at the moment for a Winter 2015, Hope Retro have New title for the winter too



jos commented on Nintendo 64x64: Body Harvest:

I remember if you selected the easy difficult and failed to reach a fix point in the game in certain period of Time the portal would lock up forcing you to restart the game in Hard mode,

Like to see Rockstar North port this game with a small update to the textures, to the VC or steam



jos commented on The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Coming To Blu-r...:

SUPER MARIO BROS. Blu-ray and DVD released 03.11.14, the full details below. A special thanks to the guys at Super Mario Brothers. The Movie Archive ( for all their help and support with the release.

Bonus Features:

A brand new 60 minute documentary featuring new interviews with: Co-directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, Producer Roland Joffe, Actors John Leguizamo and Richard Edson, Writer Parker Bennett, Production Designer David Snyder, Art Director Walter Martishius, FX Artists Paul Elliot, Vincent Guastini and Rob
Burman, Visual FX Designer Chris Woods, Editor Mark Goldblatt
and Creature Designer Patrick Tatopoulos. Archive interviews with
Bob Hoskins and producer Jake Eberts.


Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / PCM Stereo 2.0
Format: BD50
English Subtitles for Hearing Impaired



jos commented on Hyrule Warriors DLC Floodgates Opened with Alt...:


If this game uses retailer specific exclusive DLC I will not buy it. nor should anyone else. gamers should sent these companies a message that all content should be available to everyone and not punish people for not not supporting a particular retailer



jos commented on Here Are Plenty of Lovely Hyrule Warriors Scre...:

wander will these get EU/US rls too

Zelda Musou is getting two special editions in Japan: Premium box and Treasure box. The Premium box will retail for 11,664 yen ($117) and the Treasure box will retail for 14,904 yen ($149). Sadly the Treasure box is exclusive to GAMECITY and
Zelda Musou Premium box contents:

  • Game
  • Official book
  • Triforce table clock
  • Preorder bonus: costume set (3 costumes)
    Zelda Musou Treasure box contents:
  • Game
  • Official book
  • Triforce table clock
  • Preorder bonus: costume set (3 costumes)
  • Force costume set (2 costumes)
  • Link’s scarf
  • Treasure box with sound (I’m guessing everything will be included inside this box)
    Zelda Musous will be out on August 14 in Japan.