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Sat 14th Dec 2013

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theBluntKnight commented on Book Review: The Untold History of Japanese Ga...:

sounds like a really interesting book to read. I really dig the aesthetic of japanese games during the eighties and nineties. I really wanna get vol. 1 & 2 now. I have a great appreciation for Cybernator and the studio that created it



theBluntKnight commented on EA CFO Explains Why the Company Doesn't Make W...:

Ah who could forget EA's hollow wii U promises. What a scumbag company they are. They made a business decision when they realized that their strategy of releasing lazy ports (for the most part) on wii U wasn't the road to easy riches they had hoped it would be. That's fine, there aren't that many EA games that I really care about and the few that I do enjoy playing I can get pirated versions for on PS3 or PC - as that is just a business decision of my own but it is also my justice. Not that EA will notice there are enough PS4 owners buying their annualised games to keep EA and their share holders living in the lap of luxury for years to come so nobody loses and everyone wins.

And just for the record I do think NX can do just fine without EA and their crap. As long as they can win back the support of their Japanese banner men. The support of companies like Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Tecmo Koei and Capcom could give NX the kind of diverse software library that the 3DS currently enjoys which the wii U can only dream of.



theBluntKnight commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

yahahahah this article plus the comments reminded me of the 16 bit era and it's console wars. I remember being blown away by the megadrive's arcade quality graphics and pestering my parents to get me one which they refused. And then a year later the SNES hit the scene and the graphics in games like super mario world and all the other great launch titles really knocked my socks off and the megadrive seemed pale by comparison. And so it was that when sega loyalists claimed megadrive to be the best because it had blast processing and could do fast games like Sonic which SNES couldn't (according to them) I was one of the kids who refuted that SNES was better as it had better graphics with more colour and it had mode 7 capabilities. Needless to say those arguments did get very heated at times. At the time I just couldn't understand how anybody could think megadrive was better because at the time I didn't realise that people chose sides for many reasons primarily out of personal preference but also due to economic reasons - because those 16 bit consoles plus games and accessories were so expensive in the early nineties the only kids who could have both were the really, really rich kids. everyone else had to make do with what they had or could get and so as not to feel like they're missing out it was simply easier to trash what they couldn't have so that they could claim what they had was superior. As a grown up who can buy as many consoles and games as he wants it all seems so silly now but kids were very serious about the sides that they chose. It wasn't until high school when the focus shifted to fitting in and chasing after chicks that we all forgot about console wars.



theBluntKnight commented on Nintendo Breaks Out the Bubbly Following More ...:

well I'm happy for Nintendo and their recent court wins. However I'll still continue to pirate playstation games because paying for them and Nintendo games would stretch my budget too far but if I pay for Nintendo games and pirate playstation games then my wallet wont break. Also it feels nicer to not financially reward the bannermen who betrayed Nintnedo by taking their games to PS1 over N64 which allowed Sony to leverage what made the SNES successful and use it against Nintendo - as a lifelong Nintendo fan I feel these actions are justified even if they're not exactly legal.



theBluntKnight commented on Rumour: Leading Japanese Game Company Kidnappe...:

I'll bet it's Konami they've had their shady work practices revealed and they've seemed to have a pretty frosty relationship with Nintendo over the last few years. zero wii U games made by them and hardly any 3DS games. Capcom and Sega still have a warm enough relationship with NIntendo to release games on 3DS which has been a successful console.



theBluntKnight commented on Rumour: Leading Japanese Game Company Kidnappe...:

I'll bet it's Konami they've had their shady work practices revealed and they've seemed to have a pretty frosty relationship with Nintendo over the last few years. zero wii U games made by them and hardly any 3DS games. Capcom and Sega still have a warm enough relationship with NIntendo to release games on 3DS which has been a successful console.



theBluntKnight commented on Super Smash Bros. Fan Provides a Suprisingly D...:

I doubt Sakurai san would have read that and thought "holy smokes, I need to seriously consider each and every point written down here !!!" - He's just about done with Sm4sh bros, he's been working on that game since the wii U launched and any notion that he's going to direct the next installment of smash bros is far from guaranteed.

Never the less we can count out the modding scene to consider implementing some of these suggestions in a future fan mod of smash bros for wii U.



theBluntKnight commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Release Date Quirks in N...:

I've often wondered why Nintendo can't just do just one english release that covers US, UK and Aus/NZ? I understand that american english isn't the same as English english but who here would be terribly offended if they just used the american english version if it meant getting the game at the same time as the other english speaking regions? I know I wouldn't mind given that american english is so pervasive in pop culture anyway. I'm not saying give Nintendo's UK and Australian subsidiaries the axe but if they don't have to translate then they can focus their resources on marketing and distribution and leave the other translations to the other european branches that do actually speak languages other than english.

If NX turns out to be the portable console X home console all in wonder that many hope it will be then I hope that Nintendo will also extend that unified approach to things like putting an end to region locking, better social media integration into miiverse, and more cohesion between regional branches. It's not much use to have people in one territory hyping up a game to people in another territory when they're unable to play it.

It just seems strange to me how some high profile games get cohesive release dates like smash bros and Mario Kart 8 did. while lower profile games like Yoshi's woolly world and Kirby and the rainbow curse get these arbitrarily staggered release dates



theBluntKnight commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Endures Awful UK Launch ...:

It's gotten lukewarm reviews and I guess Nintendo don't see much potential in chibi robo for future games to give zip-lash the sort of backing that Splatoon got. It's sad but as much as I'd like to get the amiibo bundle I might just hold off in the hope I can get it cheap at an EB sale sometime soon.



theBluntKnight commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Share Details on ...:

I also wish the amiibo costumes gave some sort of attack when you press B. It just seems strange that there are all these characters that can be scanned in, many of which are already carrying a weapon just by virtue of their design and yet that weapon is just there for show as it can not be used to ward off the many enemies that people put into the courses they design. Seems like something that would be perfect to throw into the next update.



theBluntKnight commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

I don't mind them aging up the female characters a bit but making them cover up is completely unacceptable. The human form can be beautiful and NoA should trust their audience to be able to appreciate the human form without it being overly distracting. As for project zero they should have kept the wildly inappropriate, unlockable, sexy lingerie in the western release as well as the zero suit samus and zelda cosplay. We in the west demand titillation and equality !!!!



theBluntKnight commented on Rumour: Retro Is Working On A Game It Pitched ...:

haters often complain that Nintendo doesn't come up with enough new IP (they do come up with new IP each generation) so a new IP from Retro would seem well timed especially if it is planned for release on NX.

As an aside, that line in the article that Retro is one of Nintendo's priciest studios to maintain brought into clear focus for me that Retro has done a great job at filling the role that Rare used to play. In fact I would dare to say that Nintendo got the better end of the deal that saw Rare become a first party developer for microsoft. With the money they made selling off their stake in Rare Ninty has set up a great studio that has put out great games while MS spent hundreds of millions on the name Rare and it's IP. The talented people who made the games that gave Rare the clout that it once had have long since left, even the stamper bros who founded Rare have walked away.



theBluntKnight commented on This Is How Nintendo's First Smartphone Game M...:

Somehow I expected it to be something with heaps of micro transactions. Still seems kinda strange to offer an app where mii's created by people on their smart devices have conversations that reveal personal info that people might not talk about.

Although if it's free then at least there's not much to lose financially. And if it's an app that lets people get things off their chest without having to actually talk about it that could be kinda useful in some situations like if a mii that I created was able to say "hey Roni, I kinda feel bad that when I qualified for the champions league under your sister's banner I was inadequately prepared and had a shameful champions league campaign that was below my standards. And it was nearly enough to besmirch the stellar league campaign that got me in the champions league in the first place "



theBluntKnight commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

Im just glad that the coming together of home and portable console will be more than just a portable device that has an HDMI port - which would be a mess of compromises.

A separate portable console that is part of the NX platform that can work as a controller sounds pretty flippin cool. I'm starting to picture the NX portable as being something that can easily fit into a pocket like a smart phone except that I'm picturing it as having buttons and sticks set into the touchscreen as per the sharp free form screens. a sleek, slim, touch screen form factor would be cool as it could support silicone covers/cases that could all manner of prong handles to make it feel like a "normal controller".

I kinda agree with reviewtech ossan's assertion that NX home version if it is being spec'd in the PS4/xbone league of hardware specs would be better served by being released in 2016 rather than '17. They might as well not leave it too late in this current generation to launch hardware that directly takes aim at their rivals. All indications suggest microsony wont drag this generation out the way they did their seventh gen consoles thus if NIntendo waits too long it could be deja vu where they release similar spec hardware at a point when their rivals are hyping up their next generation hardware. Still way too early to accurately guess how this will all play out.



theBluntKnight commented on Nintendo Increases Investment in Niantic, Deve...:

well at the very least nobody can say that NIntendo's venture into mobile games is half assed. I mean they've entered into development partnerships with companies that have strong credentials in the mobile games market. Ninty have even bought a stake in these companies.



theBluntKnight commented on ​Super Nintendo Classic Chrono Trigger Gets ...:

Back in the early ninties it's debatable how well the super NES CD would have done given that the extra expense would have given CD quality audio and some FMV cutscenes. For load times that aren't horrendous it would have needed a 4 speed CD drive and some decent ram would have been needed but that would have been really pricey for a home console peripheral back in the nineties.

Having said all that better audio does make for a richer experience and I would love to see square enix do a rerelease that gives this sort of enhanced experience. No need to 3D up the graphics unless it would have the 2D pixel art on the bottom screen like DQ XI on 3DS.



theBluntKnight commented on Interview: Saber Rider Team On Making A Decade...:

If this game comes out on 3DS and it's good I'll definitely get it. I only learned about the show a couple of years ago thanks to YT but it's the kind of show I would have loved as a kid during the golden age of saturday morning cartoons.



theBluntKnight commented on Weirdness: The Bizarre Truth of Bowser Jr.'s M...:

Nah Miyamoto is just too polite to confirm that Peach gave birth to bowser Jr. I've read enough exotic comics to know how that song goes. I think the real question is, is peach also the mother of the koopalings?

I know it's kinda dark for something as light hearted as SMB but in the first SMB Bowser had Peach in his clutches long enough to be doing hentai things to her. For all we know she may have laid a clutch of eggs before Mario could save her. And assuming the first 3 mario games are in chronological order and are part of a continuous timeline then during the events of SM2 the koopalings could have been raised by Bowser taking time off to do the single dad thing and once he was happy with their tyranting skills he gave them castles to rule in different areas to keep Mario busy and to give him more quality time with Peach each time he kidnaps her.



theBluntKnight commented on Production Of Shovel Knight amiibo Is Being Ha...:

"He also goes on to state that the figure will be manufactured in the same factory that produces figures for Disney Infinity - a direct competitor of the amiibo range."

As if that concerns Nintendo. Nintendo just seem to care that quality is maintained to make sure their amiibo brand isn't tarnished by a substandard product. Yacht club have to pay the manufacturer so it's only fair that they select the manufacturer that suits their needs/budget.

All the same It's interesting that an Indie dev became the first to license amiibo tech. Perhaps if Nintendo's banner men hadn't betrayed them during the playstation era there would be amiibo based on square, capcom or konami franchises being the first third party amiibo. Ah well.



theBluntKnight commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

While senor Pranger may have broke the rules of his employment terminating his employment seems a little harsh given that he didn't leak anything about NX and the stuff that he shared on that podcast are things that fans would like to know.



theBluntKnight commented on Early NX Reveal Was To "Reinforce Commitment" ...:

It's amazing how some folks have over reacted to the NX "reveal". I use that term loosely because the only thing that was really revealed was the codename. And even before we knew it's official codename Nintendo had already mentioned that they were developing ideas for new hardware. In some ways it could prove to be a brilliant move because instead of people saying that Nintendo is giving up on the console market and "going mobile" now people are wondering what will NX be. Although so little is known about NX right now that most people are fearing that it will repeat the wii U's limitations but if Nintendo can get more positive rumblings from third parties that would likely bring about a turn around in people's negative expectations. That DQ XI quasi-announcement certainly got people talking. If Nintendo can get more of that happening and then for that to materialise into games and ongoing support then, hey sky's the limit.



theBluntKnight commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

OK there's what seems like a trillion comments here, I'm not gonna read em all so please forgive me if some of what I have to say has already been said.

This quasi announcement has generated a lot of rumblings amongst video game enthusiasts. If someone from Nintendo's upper management or marketing were to read the comments here they could easily see this working out as a hype marketing master stroke in the same league as Super Mario Bros. 3 reveal in the movie the Wizard.

And that 3DS version looks really cool. I want to see it localised as well but if we want that to happen the most we can do is lobby the western offices of square enix. Like what the developer from the Baten Kaitos games said where he urged fans who want more games in the series to contact the publisher and tell them that they would totally throw money at this. They'll probably be able to re use the translations from the PS4 port which seems overwhelmingly likely to get translated given the popularity of it in the west.

I think a western release is likely given that Square Enix needs to harness the global potential of the DQ series. It's always been a smash hit in it's native Japan but it's struggled abroad while the final fantasy series has been tremendously popular in the west since FFVII. Square Enix needs another huge bankable worldwide franchise, they have so much riding of FFXV but having a plan B makes sense as it could cover if plan A doesn't work out as hoped better yet if both succeed then they'll be so flush with cash they'd able to light up cuban cigars with hundred dollar bills should they they so desire.



theBluntKnight commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

It seems tech investors are rather bullish about Nintendo making games for Smart devices. I think the reason for this is that they anticipate that some or all of these smart device games will be free to start. The whole idea of these games is to give people who might not otherwise look into Nintendo games a taste to get them hooked and then for them to pay up to get access to more content. A game like Pokemon Shuffle is a good example of this even though it copies candy crush almost to the letter. I could picture Nintendo making a mobile version of Mario Kart where the player has the option to pay to unlock more courses/vehicles/characters or they could just get it on 3DS or wii U or NX (eventually). Many smart devices have tilt sensors so that coupled with Nintendo's experience of making games that utilize motion controls should stand them in good stead when making something like a racing game for devices that have so few buttons and which suffer from the use of touchscreen buttons.



theBluntKnight commented on Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treat...:

wow and to think people were saying Nintendo was doomed. Even Capcom didn't get this bad. It amuses me how some critics speak of Nintendo as if they are this great evil that is deserving of every piece of misfortune that comes their way while third parties are these angels who are beyond reproach. Surely stories like this demonstrate that even in Japan the immense and ever growing pressure to have every game that is published and released be a smash hit is taking it's toll on once great publishers and their employees.

I am not the least bit surprised that the rush to high definition and the spiraling costs of developing increasingly grand games to meet the ever increasing expectations and demands of players is having a negative effect on publishers. Perhaps this is why Nintendo didn't go HD in the seventh generation and perhaps this is why Nintendo isn't keen to play the game by microsoft and sony's rules.



theBluntKnight commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I wanted to splice this into my previous comment but couldn't so please forgive the double post.
One of the comments I read here was a lack of focus from Nintendo on the wii U. To an extent I kind of agree with this. the problems stemming from having two completely separate development environments for portable console and home console seems to have come back to bite Nintendo. Which is why I strongly believe that with NX they will merge home and portable console into a shared space. How else could they leverage the strengths of their portable console business into their home console business? When it comes to a big install base, third party support the 3DS trumps the wii U. If as some believe the NX is a unified platform capable of playing games on the go or on a big screen at home then in theory Nintendo would have more money to spend on hardware development and marketing as it would be two for the price of one and all of their game development resources could go toward one system rather than two. Of course this is assuming the talk of NX being a third pillar doesn't mean that there'd be a long period of overlap where they're supporting 3 systems simultaneously which I imagine would strain their internal development resources unless easy porting is possible between say NX to wii U.



theBluntKnight commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I consider myself one of the lucky ones who didn't buy a wii U at launch so I avoided all the disappointment that came from seeing how third parties flattered to deceive. I bought mine early last year amidst the media doom and gloom and "fusion" rumours because dang it that windwaker console bundle was irresistable. By that point I had seen the wii U at it's lowest ebb but could also see what was on the horizon and games like 3D world, MK8, SSB, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, etc had me more interested than what PS4 and Xbone had to offer. It didn't hurt that at that stage of the game a lot of those third party ports were being cleared out at knockdown prices so I was able to determine which ones were worth my time and which ones were complete garbage. So with them I was able to bulk up my wii U library cheaply and quickly as I waited for the real games to arrive. Even the sparseness of the release of big titles wasn't an issue for me because I work and don't have as much time to play games as I used to so it's not like I'm going to finish most games over the course of a weekend. In fact atm my biggest problem isn't enough games it's more a matter of having too many games and not enough time to finish them all lol.

And then there's the issue of collectability that this article hasn't even touched on. Because of it's small user base, niche appeal and under appreciation (from the broader community) during it's lifetime the wii U has a lot of collectable potential that may be fully realised in 10 to 20 years time. Which is why I personally think that it's worth getting as many limited editions of sought after titles now before they go up in price once they're out of print - particularly if the word Zelda is in it. That Wind Waker HD game bundle is a case in point It's only been out of print for a year or so and on the second hand market it's value has already doubled, one can only guess what the asking price for a mint copy will be in ten years time.

TL;dr For me the wii U has been a great investment, haters be damned.



theBluntKnight commented on Yo-Kai Watch Busters and 3DS Continue to Rule ...:

Back in 2001 the late Yamauchi-san is quoted as saying that microsoft for all their billions of dollars do not understand japanese tastes in video games and as such will never conquer the Japanese market. Those words still ring true to this day. In the previous console generation they even went to the extent of getting Hironobu Sakaguchi to make a JRPG exclusively for xbox 360 and still their xbox brand is still as good as mush in the minds of Japanese consumers.



theBluntKnight commented on Devil's Third is Being Published by Nintendo o...:

well if Nintendo helped to fund it's development and had the exclusive publishing rights then they may have agreed a deal with Valhalla that to give up that exclusivity Nintendo would receive a percentage from in game content sold on PC. Without Nintendo's intervention Devils Third would be the sort of cold case to be documented by unseen 64 so they do deserve some remuneration for that loss. Announcing the PC release after E3 may have been a condition of the deal. That might be why there was zero mention of the game at E3.



theBluntKnight commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

If the AMD APU rumor is true then it would be bad news for the fusion speculation. Because x86 can't compete with ARM for battery life in portable devices. Not unless AMD has enough technical wizardry to get maximum performance at minimal power usage that it could be feasible for a battery powered device. I suppose they could put solar panels on there so that energy from a light source compensates, which now that I think about it would be pretty cool.



theBluntKnight commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

While it is unfortunate if true that NoA has lost faith in this game all hope is not lost. Firstly NoA has a more independent remit when it comes to games published compared to NoE which NoJ has on a tighter leash. So unless it's cancelled completely then it should at least see a Japanese and (maybe) European/PAL territory release. And a publisher like XSEED games could publish it in yankeeland if there's enough demand. So to all the disgruntled american wii U owners my advice is to brace for the worst but remain calm. If it gets good reviews and positive word of mouth start a petition or multiple petitions and get organised and get vocal to let publishers know that there is money to be made. NoA is really risk averse when it comes to localising games for some reason. But if it does eventually get localised like Xenoblade Chronicles did on the wii then snap up a copy poste haste as the print run will likely be very limited. Play the game and then wait and watch as it's value due to being rare goes up.



theBluntKnight commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

@StarDust4Ever Amen to that. Sticking with cartridges helped to motivate once loyal third parties to switch allegiances to playstation paticularly Squaresoft with FFVII. However the flipside as you've noted are way faster load times and N64 games are more collectable than playstation games (overall). In fact Nintendo's games seem to be generally more collectable than playstation games across all generations. I believe this has something to do with Nintendo's efforts to thwart software pirates - just a theory.