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Thu 5th Jun 2014

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Hero-of-WiiU commented on Feature: Five Nintendo Games Perfect For Multi...:

I rented Mario party 10 and thought it was fine, the mini games were disappointing and not at all memorable. Boowser party and the amiibo integration was well done though. Game and Wario is really good and unique and Wii party U is probably one of the most underrated games on the system. (Fun and incredibly unique mini games and modes.)

I still need affordable space adventures.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Third...:

I'll just say first that Lego city and Resident Evil Revalations deserve honorable mentions.
Super Mario 3D world is probably my favorite, (much love put in the game and amazes me how Mario games aren't stale at this point. Pikmin 3 was my first pikmin game and I was amazed of how unique of a game it is, loved the campaign. Don't understand what people mean by it being short. Splatoon was probably the best thing for the console. Tropical freeze was awesome.

Wii u has been a great console for hardcore fans of Nintendo, although we're not getting Metroid is or F-Zero it was great.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

One thing I didn't like about the demo was the running felt stiff and there was no option to walk. I doubt that got adjusted in the final version but I am excited for this game, it looks fantastic.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Mario History: New Super Mario Bros. 2 & U - 2012:

NSMBU is definently the stronger of the two, (and the other two for that matter). NSMBU just had great level design, lovely backgrounds and I really like its main theme, just very catchy yet relaxing. NSMB2 however is just mediocre, but still enjoyable.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

This or SM64 is my favorite Mario game, It's just so good, soundtrack, levels, and the uniqueness of the game is what made me love it. I also like how they changed up the story in this game.

Never did beat the final level.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Review: Mario Golf (Wii U eShop / N64):

This and Mario Tennis got some really good scores then. I have this on the Wii and its pretty good, I'd give it a 7 myself but I can see how others differ, I have just always been bad at this game and the other golf games, especially the putting.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

I loved Pikmin 3 so I already can't wait for this sequel. If its on Wii U then please make better ground textures this time, other than that it's one of the best looking Wii U games.

I am also very welcome to it being a NX launch title. Hype!



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Nintendo Download: 10th September (Europe):

Wait so how much will SMM be in NA? 40$? Why was there people crying about it being 60$!? I too believe 40$ is more appropriate then paying 60$

Edit: Well unless the 60$ version of SMM comes with the 8-bit mario amiibo, I am not gonna buy it anymore as that is just more bad treatment to NA customers here lately. Overpriced level maker.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Mario History: Mario Kart Wii - 2008:

This is one of the best in the series, tieing MK8 but below the best, being MK64.

I loved the racing mechanics in this one, all though they feel broken and out of control compared to Mario Kart 8's, they were a lot of fun and using the Wii Wheel felt perfect. In Mario Kart 8 using the wheel feels weird so I just use the gamepad.

The online was fantastic, had some of the best online experiences with this game whether Racing or Battling in the series best Battle mode. I was constantly trying to raise my VR and it was really hard against those really good Japanese players.

The tracks were great too some of the best in the series like DK Summit, Cocunut Mall, Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, and series best Rainbow Road.

One of, if not my favorite Wii game.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Gallery: Mario - A History of Power-Ups, Fashi...:

Mario, Mario, Mario... what's with all the Mario here lately?

In all seriousness, some of my favorite power-ups are Fire Mario, Metal Mario, Cat Mario, Double Cherry, and the Squirrel Suit.

I always hated Winged Cap Mario because it really controlled poorly making some stars feel impossible.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Review: Wario: Master of Disguise (Wii U eShop...:

Just by reading the comments I can conclude that this wasn't a very good review and should just listen to the comment section.

Anyways are WarioLand games serious Platformers, are they worth my time? WarioLand is definently one of the most odd and unheard of Nintendo Franchises.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

I'm pretty sure this game will be considered quite underrated when all said in done. Not underrated like ZombiU or Lego City but I guarantee it will have it's cult following.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Mario History: Super Smash Bros. Melee - 2001:

I can definently say that this was one of the most memorable games ever made. It simply cant be remade. This and a whole lot of other great GameCube games like LM, and Double Dash will be waited for when they hit VC.

Also that first paragraph needs re-read because there's a typo or two in there.



Hero-of-WiiU commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

@erv I wouldn't worry about it not selling enough for an online community. Assassin Creed III and both Call of Duty game have small but still enough people to full up lobbies, and seeing as exclusives do better and are respected more on Nintendo consoles I feel this is no problem.