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Mon 2nd November, 2009

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Yrreiht commented on ​Famitsu Reveals Some Fresh Details on Fire ...:

Guess I'm gonna skip that one. I liked limited weapon usage, and separating the game like it's Pokemon is really a shame. What if I want to enjoy both sides but don't want to pay an absurd amount of money? I'm already skipping Splatoon because of the 70$ price tag.



Yrreiht commented on The New Fire Emblem For 3DS May Be Arriving So...:

What happened to SMTxFE? They just mentioned it at E3 (can't remember which one) and then nothing. I'm happy there is a new FE coming out for the 3DS but it would be fun to have something a bit different at some point. This looks just like Awakening.



Yrreiht commented on Win a Super Smash Bros. Trainer Jacket from Ni...:

@Gunit1099 That's not Nintendo's fault, it's Quebec's. For us to be able to enter a contest, Nintendo (or any other company) need to pay a fee and get the approval of the "Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux" for the contest. Soooo, yeah... this sucks.



Yrreiht commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

How about something a bit older? Like Mario Sunshine or DK64? Or how about making a new Metroid Prime instead of re-releasing them again? I have all three of them and the trilogy edition since I love these games so much but I don't need them a third time.