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Language student and gaming addict.

Male, 22, Canada

Language student at Laval University, learning Japanese and German. Already bilingual in English and French. I prefer Nintendo over other gaming consoles but I enjoy some PC gaming sometimes.

Mon 2nd November, 2009

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Yrreiht commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

50$ isn't too bad. Might pick it up anyway since I thought it would be 60$ at first and I never played it since it first came out. I don't really care if it's cheaper on other consoles, although I'll admit it's kinda odd.



Yrreiht commented on New Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Release Hinted ...:

YUSH!!! Favorite 3DS game by far. If this one has all the songs included in it, I hope it also has the characters the iOS version had that the 3DS didn't.

@Geonjaha A DQ version would be a very nice addition. Maybe they could do a Kingdom Hearts version too.



Yrreiht commented on Video: This Monster Hunter 4 Trailer May Be Th...:

@rmeyer Why would you rename a series that has existed since 2004?
Renaming it wont change anything except confuse the fans. If it was the second in the series and the first didn't sell, renaming could work, but MH3U sold really well on 3DS and Wii U.



Yrreiht commented on Ubisoft: The Wii U GamePad "Feels Like a Natur...:

I don't understand Nintendo fans. For once we have a third party multi platform game that isn't watered down and everyone is angry. I can understand that it's bad that offline co-op isn't there but everything else is: online multiplayer, DLC, good use of the gamepad. Sigh....