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Sat 10th May 2014

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Gravedigga13 commented on Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Are in a Genre o...:

now just imagine for a second that the wii u had the power of a ps 4---current nintendo games+3rd party games=overkill.
they could have been both cool AND nintendo. they chose the easy route, with old rusty specs and an expensive tablet.
im not in the position to judge nintendo, but i feel they are afraid to expand. as opposed to other companies, they do not have hundreds of people working on just one game, their teams are small. thats why we dont get enough games on the U. i have respect nin for their games, but other than that i think they are a bunch of greedy ppl, they are a company afterall



Gravedigga13 commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

Don't wanna be a troll or anything, but these question poles on Nintendo Life are a joke. Only people interested in Nintendo enter the site and take their time to check the articles and answer the questions, so all answers regarding feedback towards nintendo will be 90% positive. I own a wii u, but all my friends who previously owned a wii, got a bone or ponystation.
Everybody keeps saying Nintendo won E3, and while i agree that its presentation was top notch, i have to say I am really disappointed it didn't come up with third party support. There is nothing besides Smash that could sell consoles in 2014. I am worried for N.



Gravedigga13 commented on Final Fantasy Explorers Announced for 3DS:

reasons why the wii u will surely not have 3rd party rpgs, at least for now:
1. expensive to develop in comparison to the 3ds
2. not many wii us in home
3. in japan ppl prefer rpgs on a handheld
simple maths: why spend tons of money and sell a maximum of 2 mil copies when u can spend 1/4 of the money for a 3ds release and sell 4-5 mil copies at the cost of earning 5-8€ less per sale..



Gravedigga13 commented on Nintendo Japan Announces Plans for YouTube Aff...:

I bought my wii u BECAUSE of youtube users posting let's play videos!!! i chose their console because of those people's videos!!! i would have bought an xbone to play forza, but after watching videos of dktf and sm3dw or wwhd, i changed my mind! doesn't nintendo aknowledge that those types of videos are in fact free adds?! the difference between movies and games is that just by watching the let's play you dont get the full experience, you need to buy it, and play it for yourself. its not like nintendo is doing bad games, and these users have a negative effect on the potential costumers, on the contrary, they repeatedly say through out the lets play positive aspects about the game, thus encouraging people to buy the game!



Gravedigga13 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Sorry for this comment, I do not wish to insult any Americans, but "What the love is Casey Malone's problem?"( I googled his name and saw he was American).

Honestly, Americans are obsessed with racism. If a Nintendo game contains blacks, it is being racist, if it doesn't, it's also racist. Stop moaning and complaining! Nintendo is a JAPANESE company, they don't have black people there, and if they do, they are a minority. Want to bet, that if they implemented black characters, or any other stereotypes, they would have been yelled at?

I don't even imagine living a day in the US, with all this "OOOOH, you are a racist" bull.
Please watch the profanity, idk why you self-redacted the latter while leaving all the former, but this is unacceptable — TBD