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Tue 14th Jun 2011

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DreamDrop commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

Personally I haven't upgraded YET, however, as a current Wii Owner I'm planning to get the PS4. Not because of the CoDs, BFs etc but because of Kingdom Hearts 3 and future Final Fantasy titles. I got the PS3 last year and have finished quite alot of the significant games (except Uncharted, never got into it. Boring game).

  • Will I upgrade to a Wii U too? Certainly, but not until Zelda WiiU hits shelves and maybe a proper F-Zero game.
  • Do I think the Wii U will ever sell in excess numbers? Nope, it's not gonna flop or be a hit, it's a breakeven console.

To end, I was actually very pumped during E3. Splatoon looks like a hit.



DreamDrop commented on Nintendo Tested Two Other Zelda Titles in HD o...:

Umm...yeah, instead of tinkering with old titles, how about releasing something "new" Nintendo? As long as they're just experimenting I don't mind, HD remasters should not release this early into a console's life, whatever...this console was dead on production itself. I'll go back to gaming on my 3DS.



DreamDrop commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Sad to be you guys, I bought my 3DS when I was studying abroad in the US while my friend was in UK and got a PAL 3DS, now both of us are in the Middle-East and we get both PAL and NTSC games at the game retailers here. Apart from that I don't own consoles and Steam is my primary gaming platform. My work here is done flies away



DreamDrop commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

I got the Wii when it was in its 4th year and got over with it in 6-7 months. It's not surprising that third-parties aren't able to find a good use of the "WiiU GamePad" because nowadays they are just sitting on their lazy squids waiting for their engines to do most of the work whilst rehashing old files onto a supposed new title (CoD and AC big proof right there), due to this laziness they aren't bothered with "innovation" at all and thus can't find a use for the pad. The WiiU needs a price-cut, especially considering the PS4 is launching cheap (cheap in the sense of vs PS3 launch price).



DreamDrop commented on EA Will "Jump Back In" If Wii U Becomes A "Via...:

To be honest, it's completely fair to avoid the WiiU because it just doesn't sell at all. Coming to my thoughts, the only reason i haven't bought a WiiU is because of the crappy Mario titles that keep coming out.

Oh look another Mario game and only this time you can play as Peach too! BIG WHOOP! Mario Kart? Please I think Sonic & All-stars racing is far superior to Mario Kart now, no doubt at ALL.

As a Nintendo fan I yearn for titles like F-Zero, Metroid, Starfox etc but NO! Nintendo just wants to keep on releasing an italian plumber's games!

Moving onto the third-party games like Batman Arkham Origins, AC IV etc. I'd much rather play those on my desktop for full blown-out experience. That just leaves Bayonetta 2. Get a console for one game? I don't think so.

I may be an avid Nintendo fan but even a brain-dead Monkey can point out that the WiiU has nothing that supports it, I don't care what Sony or MS fans say about Nintendo but seriously, it's time to move into Gear 6 Nintendo especially considering how miserable the XBox One has been as per the announcements and reactions. That just opens a door for Nintendo to step up and fight their arch-rivals Sony for the coveted Number 1 spot.



DreamDrop commented on Ubisoft Scaling Back Support For Wii U, Expect...:

Sony and Nintendo merger. Make. It. Happen. It'll be the best company ever!

@hydeks - The problem is, devs nowadays are uber lazy they just want to re-hash FPS games each year and keep releasing them with new FPS IPs announced here and there. Oh did I mention FPS games?



DreamDrop commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

When you're buying a Nintendo platform you're looking at the amazing franchises of Pikmin, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Metroid etc. Not some war shooters (CoD, BF etc) that have little to no value a few months down the line.

Moving onto the third-party support, it has always been Nintendo's weakest point because you see there is Sony and Microsoft too. Consoles are not about fanboy wars but about the diversity in choices you have. There's no one stopping you from purchasing a PS3 (PS4 in the future) to enjoy titles that aren't on Nintendo platforms. This is 2013, not 1988 where a square box plugged to your TV is enough to play everything that releases. Look at the mobile market, hasn't it changed alot? What was there in 1990? A brick that dialed numbers - Nokia. Time changes everything and as a gamer you should learn to adapt to it or just enjoy "half" the offerings.



DreamDrop commented on Wii U UK Price Reaches New Low As HMV Slashes ...:

Guys it's ok to let out your true thoughts, I for one think Nintendo have completely lost it, when 3DS sold so weakly in the first few months even a brain-dead monkey could realize that the problem was the lack of first-party titles, if Nintendo learnt anything from that experience they would've delayed the WiiU until their major games were finished - Mario, Zelda etc. Nintendo's strong point has always been first party, so why the hell would you deprive your fans from it?

I'm sorry but it's hightime Nintendo realized that the WiiU is a flop. Dump it like the GameCube and bring out something unique in 2014 E3. I have the Wii and to be honest, the WiiU doesn't interest me at ALL neither does the garbage PS4 (especially that fugly controller DualShock 4)

Nintendo's best - N64
Sony's best - PS2



DreamDrop commented on Nintendo Loses 3D Patent Case Against Former S...:

This is soooooooooooo dumb, infact the whole world is getting messed up with all these patent rights, what's next? "Hey I had the idea of Strawberry Banana shake first but you stole my idea and made it first? Pay up".



DreamDrop commented on Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans:

What does the WiiU need? Not just games.....these games:-

  • Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel
  • Starfox
  • F-Zero
  • Viewtiful Joe (preferably VJ 3 but that's near to impossible)
  • Pokemon Champions (collab of all the regions from Kanto to Unova)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Kirby
  • Kid Icarus
    etc...why are the ones mentioned earlier being ignored for years? I know Conker's studio and stuff is no more etc but can't someone buy the IP?

Seriously just look at that list, it can give heart-attack to Sony and MS. Nintendo...just do it right....we love Mario and Zelda but it's time to bring back F-Zero, Starfox etc...



DreamDrop commented on Review: Heroes of Ruin (3DS):

1 month wait for US version!!! Damn, I can only weep at the reviews and videos for a month...I didn't expect the game to get 8! Well even if it got a 6, I would still get it because it's one of the games I've been closely following ever since its introduction. To those who aren't buying, are you forgetting there is DLC support on the 3DS? I bet my cards on new DLC 2-3 months down the line.



DreamDrop commented on New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Heads into Battle:

@BalrogtheMaster How is giving 12/20 a review?? They are randomly giving scores, what a dump site. Wait for legit reviews I say. P.S. - Those so-called "review scores" posted on GoNintendo are from a "Consoles+" magazine or something, never even heard of this name, probably attention seekers