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R-L-A-George commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

The thing about gamers, some of us do acknowledge there are issues and try to help if possible. Sometimes we need to get outside the house, see other people and take a sabbatical.

However anything is addictive. Like internet and TV. To be honest, I've found videogames better for my mental health. I have not had the greatest experienced of the internet. Sometimes it's like watching the news 24/7.



R-L-A-George commented on Atari's "Corporate Comeback Strategy" Includes...:

@Samwise7 Sadly with the crap people do. They literally in context say; "Please make us a demographic so we can be included."

When people give that message to companies and get what they asked for. They never owe up to it and are like; "We didn't ask for that! We wanted to be included."

The silent answer from the industry; "We did include you, you became a separate demographic like boy, girl, fan, etc."

It happens with a lot of groups.



R-L-A-George commented on Nintendo to Host Special Google Hangout on Tom...:

@outburst Bust-a-Move Universe, Tetris(Any), Pokemon Battle Trozei, Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move, Pushmo? All I can think of are puzzlers at the moment. Their all simple but increase in difficulty. She may be 7 but I bet she'll adapt well, puzzles are good for development.



R-L-A-George commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@HyperSonicEXE It's not what I was talking about necessarily. There is a MMO based on gods and goddesses from many cultures. The designs are or were based on historical designs and powers that match their folklore. Well people started complaining about it, what I meant by "used to". Now they just have a shallow stereotype version of the character people were complaining about.



R-L-A-George commented on Video: Musician Lindsey Stirling Dresses Up As...:

@CaviarMeths Ahem, maybe she likes dressing up. Why judge people because they like to share more than just the talent. Hey, at least she is not doing stuff for shock value like everyone else. She gives more drama when she moves, dresses to fit the song and even looks for perfect location near where she's going to be. If she just sat in a chair, she would not be herself.



R-L-A-George commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@HyperSonicEXE I hope it doesn't get in the way of Shantae either. I am a tad worried about artistic expression, why would they treat artistic expression like it was a sin to humanity or "woman kind". Like I say a lot; You cannot tell people how to express themselves but all you can do is make the art that you want. If you don't like a product or the colour marketed for your gender, you have a choice not to buy or choose the other colour selections in the men's. As consumers there is infinite possibilities. You can't go around telling people that there is something wrong with them because they like playing these games or playing a certain character. There is also the parents these days, it's up to them to do the parenting not up to the industry. Games like Senran Kagura have an appropriate cover because it kind of tells the content of the game besides the fighting. Don't know why people make such a big deal about retail covers when they are accurate.



R-L-A-George commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@Yorumi I wasn't making a justification. I was just saying that there are worse. We live in world of odd sexualism and fetishes. In anime, male characters more likely get beat up for even attempting what most female characters get away with.
There is a little female empowerment, in playing a character we like aesthetically and move set wise that people may find offensive, sexually objectified and just plain unrealistic. We all objectify and we'd be hypocrites to curse men to death just because they may objectify woman.



R-L-A-George commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@theblackdragon Amen! Also leaving room for social justice nuts and special snowflakes flaming looking for attention and them not taking responsibility for their trolling. Is an issue. When you block them they may go into playing the victim and martyr, calling on their army. They're like 4chan. D:

@boxmonkey Unless you're being sarcastic, bad idea. We live in a world where woman, are different shapes and sizes. The SG girls are not terribly unrealistic.

@Squiggle55 Yes the make games with sexualized men, they just don't go beyond shirtless and with underwear because with exceptions. Men are funny naked to both genders, as does unrealistically sized genitals. Woman have big breast, natural to fake and they appeal to both genders.

@bossbattles AMEN

Honestly, People that complain about this game have not seen Queen's Blade which has an episode where a character pretty much gets raped during a fight. QB is an anime about a woman only fighting tournament.

Despite being a bit kinky, SK is nothing. Although it is rather typical in harem genre of anime for there to be at least one female character that has the privilege to molest another female, whether it's accidental, playful or lust.