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Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii U Launch To Take Place In The Winter

Posted by Damien McFerran

Portable version hits retail first

It has been confirmed during today's Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct that the two versions of the game will be released at different times during this year.

The 3DS instalment is coming this Summer, while the Wii U edition will be hitting retail in the Winter. It was also confirmed that both versions will feature online play, and will launch on their respective eShops on release day.

Will this news impact your purchasing choice? Were you originally going to pick Wii U over 3DS? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

How do you feel about the 'Winter 2014' release date given for the Wii U version? (533 votes)

That's great, something for Christmas!


That's fine, I'm happy to wait!


It's OK, but would have been nice to be sooner


I'm disappointed, it really should have been sooner


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User Comments (388)



Chomposaur said:

Am i the only one who is disappointed by this ?

Why even release on WiiU at this point



CamWFC91 said:

It just feels like they're not arsed with the Wii U... Not meaning to sound too negative because that Direct was relentlessly good and I will buy both versions... But the Wii U version will sell badly and I think they know it



Nintendaholic said:

this is awesome!!!! we will get a good taste of the game before the real thing is released in winter!



rjejr said:

Winter 2014 was Jan, Feb and March that just past, next winter is winter 2015, unless they know for a fact it is coming out between Dec 22 and 31, in which case they should just say Dec.

Sorry pet peeve of mine.



CaptOlimar30 said:

I'm actually thrilled about this. I worried that I would naturally want to play the Wii U version more than the 3DS version and since I'm normally near my Wii U I would never play the 3DS one. I do however agree that winter is later than I expected and much later than I preferred since I would've like having a summer to play it against friends on the big screen. At least I'll get a head start at the new characters over the summer while I can play Mario Kart 8 with friends!



zeonox said:

Def picking this up on 3DS. Was originally planning on buying both, but now we'll have to see if I'm still playing it come winter.



ikki5 said:

the release time is really the only thing I was disappointed with. with the 3DS one coming summer, it makes me feel that they pulled the resources away from the Wii U version to get the 3DS one done. What worries me is people with both systems will get the 3DS one and then when the Wii U one comes, they will be less inclined to buy it because well... they already played it. I may get both, not quite sure. If I only get one, it will be the Wii U version.



GooRoo said:

Yup no bundle discount — something I was hoping for — and a real head-scratcher to push the Wii U version back that far when the system is struggling. Note that I say this based on the article and without having watched the direct — plan on checking it out tomorrow morning while I'm on the exercise bike.

I'll still get both.



XFsWorld said:

Lol and I thought it was dumb to release the 3DS version with the WiiU version BUT THIS IS EVEN WORST!! LMAO



GeekSquad1992 said:

Welp, I'm getting both. Wii U will be great for long play sessions and with friends. 3DS will be great for quick matches in between classes. It's a little troubling that the Wii U version is coming later, but what that later date comes with has yet to be seen. I'm expecting the Wii U version to just be a much better and more robust game. At the very least, the later date probably gives the Wii U version the time it needs to just be insanely polished and perfectly smooth.



Mewtwo21 said:

major disappointment. The Wii U version should have been released in summer and 3DS in winter. Does Nintendo even care about selling the Wii U anymore?!

Also my wallet is disappointed cause now i have to buy the 3DS version too.



Darknyht said:

Matters not to me as I only have the Wii U, but the late release date makes for a long year.



TruenoGT said:

It's disappointing, but smart. More people will buy both because it will be like a whole new game once the Wii U version comes out. Man, gonna be slim pickins this year on Wii U unless there's a lot of surprises in the pipe.



Kirby-life said:

I was only going to only buy the Wii U version but now I'll have to buy the 3DS version too so I can play it sooner.



User1988 said:

I can't help but feel like Ninty kicked the Wii U in the face with these release windows. No one will want to buy the Wii U version at the end of the year because they'll already be burnt out on the 3DS version. At least, that's probably how I'll be feeling!



antipop621 said:

I found this news a bit odd. I'm worried it will hurt sales of the Wii U version. I would have waited to release both during the holidays.



rjejr said:

Nintenjoe had the best comment during the livestream, to paraphrase:

R.I.P. Wii U.

I read it as he meant the Wii U version of SSB, not the console itself. It was during the Run segment AKA Subspace Emmissary mini that Wi iU won't get.



JubilifeRival said:

I was gonna get 3DS, then I was gonna buy a Wii U for the Wii U version. Disappointing, but the fact that GRENINJA IS A FIGHTER makes it better!



MegaAdam said:

Seriously, this is a terrible move to help the Wii U. If anything, the Wii U version should come out first.



Nintendude789 said:

Yes! Now I'm gonna go to Gamestop and preorder the 3DS version first!

Everyone seems disappointed about the Wii U release.

Look at the bright side, it gives the developers even more time to focus on the Wii U version than on both.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Sakurai packs his games with tons of stuff. I'm certain the Wii U version will have plenty, it makes sense to reveal more on the 3DS version since its not far from release. Gotta save stuff for the Wii U for announcements leading up towards its release.



brokenfang said:

100% behind the the staggered release. With Kart less than 60 days away, this makes sense.

AMAZING direct btw!



Yoshi said:

@BlueBlurIxM They could be following the meteorological season format, which is how a lot of companies do it. Meteorological winter begins December 1.



ArcanaXVI said:

Still getting them both, but this will definitely help to tide me through the game drought.



Cloud-San-VII said:

I can't believe that they're releasing separately! And how early the 3DS Version is coming!

It just sucks I'm going to need to go to 2 launches.... Oh well!



Yai said:

I'm probably getting both. I'm pretty saddened by the winter release window for Wii U though.



Dyltheman said:

yep the lot of you are idiots unlike Nintendo. think about what you're saying, they were thinking who (with a Wii u) is going to buy the 3ds version over the U version if they both release the same day?



User1988 said:

I guess it's possible that they will put so many new features in the Wii U version that when it's finally released it will feel like a whole new game. If that's the case I'd be much more likely to buy it!



TARDIS-Blue_Blur said:

Maybe they are confusing the meteorologic Winter.. Dunno. That would mean "December". But why not just saying "December"? There must be a mistake.. hmm. =/



epicdude12302 said:

When I saw that the Wii U version would come out after the 3DS version I knew the Wii U was doomed! I know that the Wii U version will take longer to develop, but by the time the Wii U version comes out, everyone will own the 3DS version and won't even want the Wii U version!



Skeet102 said:

Personally, I think they are waiting for more wii u sales. Starting withe MK8, this year seems to be filled with lots of good games on wii u. That, and the fact that the wii u version is probably harder to make. They might even be making an exclusive mode like the 3ds has.



enderboy221 said:

Although I still believe that this is a BIG mistake, it's still nice to get the game this summer.



ReigningSemtex said:

Not a bad idea from nintys point of view, Mario kart 8 next month and not a lot else on the horizon from Nintendo on wii u so they are releasing it in winter.

From a wii u owners point of view this is another low blow.

Personally I will probably end up getting both versions and Nintendo know most fans will probably do the same.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

WHY IS THIS A BAD THING?!?! The Wii U one will be higher quality compared to the portable version and it will have special connection with the 3DS one. I will get both and I am not disappointed with the decision to wait until Winter to announce the Wii U one Quality> Rushed product
I loved the Direct.



epicdude12302 said:

Wait, I get it now! They'll release it for the 3DS to satisfy fans until they can get the Wii U version out! The only flaw I see now is the Wii U version coming out between December 22-31!



sinalefa said:

No way this is skipping Black Friday. I hope this means Bayo 2 releases before.



Dpishere said:

Well this development has me considering getting the 3DS version instead of the Wii U one. Only thing is I am concerned with how rough this game will be on the 3DS' circle pad.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Just a bit surprised they never announced Shulk...

And while I'm a bit steamed about them not revealing Mewtwo and having Charizard and Greninja over him.. I'm sure I'll have fun playing as them.

I'll just need to get used to the veterans' new movesets...



mostro328 said:

Everyone shut the hell up PLZ

We will get MK8, Bayonetta 2, and Sonic Boom for sure before SMBU IDK but for me that is more then enough gaming

It is a good Idea the WiiU is struggling but its HD and who knows what modes they are packing in....the 3DS has a bigger install base and selling more on this console will help to hype the WiiU HD version with all new stages modes etc.



Kirk said:

Well that was actually a pretty decent Smash Bros Direct.

Winter is a long way off for the Wii U version though and even then I wouldn't stake my life on it that it will even make that date.

It's just a pity a few solid first party titles aren't going to make the Wii U a machine that the vast majority of people give a crap about and without sales it's still not going to get third party support and that in turn means most people simply won't give a crap about it...

The Wii U could be so much more, a handful of good first party games doesn't change the overall situation that much or that fact the machine just hasn't delivered on it's full potential, and Nintendo is still to blame for that.

Still, Smash Bros at least looks like another great entry for fans of that particular franchise.



Korudo13 said:

Uhh...when exactly in the Direct did they even talk about release dates? Because I didn't hear that at all.



rtr0GMR1 said:

Way to go Nintendo, cannibalize sales for a game that is supposed to move their struggling system off of store shelves.



Yomerodes said:

The poll makes it sound like everyone and their mothers have a Wii U...

Guess what, I am happy that I can get the 3DS version in summer, because that was the version I was going to get anyway. I don't care about the Wii U version at all. Where is my option in the poll?



Wonky_Kong said:

I think this was a good choice, splitting the releases gives nintendo a chance to perfect the wiiU version, also, if both were released simultaneously then people would only buy one, whereas now I know ill buy both. Also, winter is the best time to release blockbusters, Nintendo at least need one game at christmas to boost sales of the wiiU



Gamer83 said:

Disappointed the Wii U version isn't in the Summer but on the plus side at least now I can say for sure I'll get both versions. While I'm not a fan of putting the 3DS version out first because I think Mario Kart 8 followed by Smash just a few months later could be huge to get U sales rolling from a business perspective this still kind of makes sense. If Mario Kart 8 does not push U sales you're looking at selling to a still very small userbase in the dry months of summer. The 3DS constantly sells and this game will be a big seller on that system so it's almost no-brainer to put it out there first.

Unfortunately since Nintendo is so damn secretive all the time, we don't know other summer plans. If X is in fact a summer release maybe it doesn't want that game overshadowed? And the late 2014 release suggests that there might not be much in the way of a big holiday release (Mario came out last year and surely Zelda is a ways off) for Wii U, but there could be some big stuff for 3DS and so it wanted to get Smash out of the way sooner rather than later. We'll have to see at E3, depending on what's announced this will either seem like a decent move or an ill-advised decision.



Wolfgabe said:

@BlueBlurIxM For businesses especially video game companies Winter typically begins late November mainly to coincide with the start of the Christmas shopping season. By releasing the 3DS version first that basically frees up resources for the Wii U version. You basically are encouraged to buy both due to the different stages and content



InnerSpirit said:

Smash Bros. should be a console seller, but now people have half a year to buy a version of it on a console they're already likely to have. Some people (like myself) will buy both but this needed to be a shining moment for the Wii U and boost console sales. Nintendo have just given a pile of 3DS owners another reason not to buy a Wii U. Sad days.



Die2Distroy said:

Maybe Nintendo just want to release something for the 3DS in the Summer so it's library at that point isn't that empty. The Wii U is likely to be released in Winter because of more development work that is needs to be put into it, I don't think there is anything for the Wii U either during that period and by then, people would like to try the Wii U one out, it would likely have more side features.



JaxonH said:

Sakurai announced over a YEAR ago that both versions would not release simultaneously. Over a year ago people. Cannabalize Wii U sales? How bout PROMOTE Wii U sales. Releasing to 3DS and 45 million potential customers who see how fun the game is on 3DS, will certainly be THAT much more intersted in the Wii U version which, let's be honest here, puts the 3DS version to utter shame. I'd wager people woul sell their right arm to play this game on Wii U after getting a taste on the handheld.

Everyone thought both versions would release this holiday season. But luckily, we're getting the 3DS version this summer! We can actually play Smash Bros in just a few months! Sure, we have to wait for the Wii U version, but that's better than waiting for the Wii U AND the 3DS version.

All of a sudden, we get GOOD news that one of the versions is coming sooner than expected, and people start blasting the Wii U again? Really? Man, people will crap on that console over ANYTHING it seems.



Nik-Davies said:

This is brilliant.
If they had released at the same time I probably would've rarely played the 3DS version when I have the Wii U version and the same goes if the Wii U version was released first. Now I get to play the 3DS version for a few months.



ChuJelly said:

Christmas release will hopefully mean a ton of advertising hype, so I'm all for it. And it's well worth the wait if we get an even more polished console version



K-Gamer said:

Well now I know what I will buy in the Summer, they really sold me on the 3ds version. Smart move but Wii U version should be no later than November or that's just ridiculous.



kensredemption said:

Nintendo will get more money for selling the 3DS version now and it'll help them fine tune whatever kinks they need to work out for the Wii U version later on. The new match-making system is boss and I will definitely buy both versions. I expected better behavior from Nintendo fans. These claims of doom and gloom are nothing more than perpetually ignorant memes.



Doma said:

LOL at those desperate WiiU owners who prayed for a delayed 3DS release.




CrimsonTurtle8 said:

I am extremely excited about this. I only really care about the 3DS in the world of video games, so screw the Wii U Going to be a great year for portable gaming.



Superiorspider said:

@JaxonH Well, you see after Mario Kart 8 next month, there is going to be a MASSIVE drought between May and December if there are no Wii U games that are being announced. And by looking over the horizon, oh yes, I see it, there are NO Wii U games coming between now and then.



Gamer83 said:


I could see it going either way. It could definitely get some 3DS owners interested in the Wii U version but there is that crowd that may just be satisfied enough with the 3DS version (depending how good it is). Either way, I can't get too fussed about sales because it's not like Nintendo is in danger of going out of business and 3DS is my primary Nintendo platform anyway. I just wish GameStop would start taking pre-orders. I'm willing to fully pay it off now, guess it just doesn't like money.



Die2Distroy said:

@JaxonH Thank you, people really need to calm down and look at the situation instead of jumping to conclusions. 3DS is defiantly going to be a try out with the Wii U being where the best experience is, especially with the likely chance of being more features.
@Superiorspider Isn't Bayonetta 2 coming out in the summer, E3 is another 2 months away anyway.



rjejr said:

Wii U 2014 line-up -

Jan - nada
March - nada
April - multis Lego Hobbit and Cabelas hunting game #248 and Spiderman
May - MK8, but not Watch_Dogs
June - nada
July - y pues nada
August - y nada y pues nada
Sept - not Assassins Creed
Oct - not Batman
Nov -
Dec - Just Dance

Winter 2015
Jan, Feb, March - SSB

It was a very good ND, no boring apologies or Treehouse guy, and I'm very happy for all the 3DS owners, but Winter 2014 means nothing, it's just one of those Dec 31 placeholders retail uses. Why not say "holiday" if it would be out for Christmas, or Winter 2015 if after that. Winter 2014 is meaningless, all it says is, not this summer, not this fall, sometime after fall, but winter 2014 means nothing.



Mathieran said:

I'm thinking they're holding off on the Wii U release because they don't have anything else in mind to release around Christmas time.



TingLz said:

@Superiorspider Are you ignoring all the 2014 games? Keep in mind that no release dates are announced for the second half of the year for either system



gatorboi352 said:

I swear Nintendo better announce an MK8 wii u bundle and reveal like 8 brand new titles for the next 2 years on Wii U at this years E3 or else that system is done. Its almost as if they're riding out the days until they can finally move on from the platform onto the next thing.



Superiorspider said:

@Die2Distroy Bayonetta is coming in the Summer? Then that means Arkham knight is coming out for the Wii U too right? Where in the world did you get that Bayonetta is coming in the summer? And also we don't even know if Nintendo is going to be at E3 this year.



Mewtwo21 said:

@brokenfang A large majority of people will have already played the 3DS and wont even bother to buy the Wii U version. Now the game has to compete against a lot of other games that always comes out at the end of the year. Launching the game earlier would have given more of chance to get more attention from the general public.



Hy8ogen said:

The different release dates can only mean one thing - the Wii U version will be more superior compared to the 3DS version. Nintendo release the 3DS version first and earn some early profits. When the holiday season comes, the "Definitive" version comes to show. If this really is the case, smart move Nintendo.

HOWEVER, if both versions are exactly identical (apart from graphics obviously), then I have no words. Nintendo needs a slap in the face to wake up.



TingLz said:

@Hy8ogen: I'm also betting the Wii U just takes longer to develop for than the 3DS. Also, it's been confirmed that the versions will be different. As of now, the only thing they share are a few stages and all characters



Varoennauraa said:

The other smashers around here are going to rip their trousers, when they hear, that the 3ds version releases first. Fortunately only I...well, my daughter has a 3ds and I get half a year head start for practising.

But for Christ sake, announce the level editor in next direct tomorrow. I cannot stand the uncertainty.



Gamer83 said:


It's like the GameCube all over again. The GBA was Nintendo's bread and butter in those days, 3DS is Nintendo's money-maker now. The one good thing about Nintendo is it will ride things out for a while. It sucks that the Wii U isn't selling like hot cakes, it sucks that the lineup isn't as big or diverse as what 3DS has but it is what it is.



iphys said:

I pre-ordered for 3DS with no intention of getting the Wii U version, so I'm just fine with the Wii U version coming out later to help sell Wii U systems for x-mas. Of course, if everyone just buys it for 3DS, then maybe the Wii U version won't really be much of a system seller.



Dpullam said:

I am contemplating getting the Nintendo 3DS version since it will be released so much sooner. Also because I like levels on that version better, but that could just be bias since I've played most of those games.



unrandomsam said:

@rjejr Yeah but the 3DS has a worse lineup for 2014. (And at the point where they have started to realise its full potential). Nearly everything on it could have been loads better if it was made with what they now know.



Kuksenkov said:

@XFsWorld Just how I feel right now lol.

I'll get the Wii U version anyways, but i'm kind of disappointed with this. While the Wii U version will be the best (like if it was even a contest), can't help but cringe just to think that the 3DS version will have a 4-6 month advantage and might even get a bundle during the holidays, just making the Wii U edition "even more pointless" to buy for some gamers.



Hy8ogen said:

@Unca_Lz I'm wiling to bet all my Bells that the Wii U version will have more characters. Maybe when it launches it will have the same number as the 3ds version, but there will be some sort of DLC that will set these two apart.



brokenfang said:

@Mewtwo21 I disagree. I will most definitely be getting both. But i'm glad your crystal ball is working. Can you let know if my Sox will repeat this year as World Champs?



2Sang said:

Good move for me, bad move for nintendo. Now I won't need to buy a wii u for at least until November.



NintyMan said:

My brain is going to take a while to cool down from processing all this information, but I was shocked about the 3DS version releasing this summer. I thought the Wii U version would release first. I'm getting both, but I don't feel like debating whether this will hurt Smash Bros.' Wii U sales right now.



Mewtwo21 said:

@brokenfang thats just you ( and most likely most gamers that own both systems). The same can't be said about the average soccer mom that will buy this version for their kid and not for the Wii U since later on since they already have the game.



unrandomsam said:

The 3DS exclusive mode looks like the sort of pace and style I would like for just a normal platformer.

I am sold on it anyway I have just pre ordered it.



GooberHonker said:

I think people should calm down about this. The Wii U is not doomed, the enhanced graphics and better online play alone should be enough.



AkinaChan said:

I really hope there's some suprises in store at E3, as new games NEED to come out for the Wii U between now and then!! Mario Kart will be great and everything, but come on Nintendo! I invested in the Wii U day 1, and I barely use it I know the things capable of some great games... Like Smash Bros... Which won't be out for a while



Franklin said:

As someone who owns a 3DS and not a Wii U, this pleases me greatly.

If anything, it should be the other way round, to boost Wii U sales. A really bizarre decision.

And as they will have the same roster, I can't see what would entice you to get the other version, although Nintendo have the knack of surprising us.



turnmebackwards said:

Looked amazing never been a big Smash Bros. fan but this direct won me over. Annoyed the fact we never got a official release date. Can't see this game saving the Wii U now due to more people having a 3DS & would take a lot for them to buy a Wii U then buy Smash Bros. so doubt it will win many people over. This worries me though Mario Kart May for Wii U then what nothing until Christmas when maybe Smash Bros.?



Nico07 said:

@GooRoo you never know, they will most likely offer a discount on the digital Wii U version if you have a digital copy of the 3DS version.
Still I'm disappointed, but at the same time there are no big PS4 games on the near horizon. Its not like I wont buy both versions becauae of the delay. I just have to wait longer to enjoy them. Still looking forward to MK8 and news of Zelda at E3. Hopefully Nintendo has more tricks up their sleeve then.



Webby-sama said:

Think it's a genius move. Get the 3DS release out sooner, put all the focus into making the Wii U version as great as can be. People who were only going to get the Wii U version seem to be saying they might jump on the 3DS version as well now. I don't think "Winter 2014" means after 22 December, I think it just means during the holiday season. Even if it were the last week of the year, that can still sell holiday consoles in anticipation of the upcoming release. And really, people who were going to buy a Wii U for Smash Bros aren't changing their minds. Maybe a few cause people gotta hate, people gotta be stubborn, but most of them aren't changing their intent.

3DS version looks fantastic, by the way. Loved those stages.



Emblem said:

So many stupid short sighted comments I can't even be bothered to respond.

Great direct can't wait to play, have had both preordered since Amazon listed them.



Williaint said:

Where I live, Winter starts in October, and ends in May.
The only way that this would completely ruin the Wii U would be if it wasn't even HEADING to the Wii U. I wasn't going to get both, but now I probably will. The 3DS version may be great, but The Wii U version looks to be more enjoyable. The 3DS won't be that comfortable to play with.
As they mentioned, the games were still under development, and just because the 3DS version has one feature that the Wii U doesn't get, doesn't mean that the Wii U version won't get other features. I would suggest the two versions get completely different names; "Super Smash Bros. Fight" and "Super Smash Bros. Attack" (Stupid names, but the idea that you could differentiate the versions...)

They didn't even touch on the Wii U and 3DS connectivity (other than saying they'd touch on that later).

Nintendo will be at E3, but whether or not they skip a keynote again remains to be seen.

This ND gave us a more solid look at the game, and crushed some fears about the Online Modes.



Hy8ogen said:

@Unca_Lz Time will tell. I refuse to believe both version would share the same roster. I could be wrong, but my guts just feels it. This 6 month between the release date has to mean something.



XenoGamer said:

Lets see, I could get this game, Zelda U, or X, considering all of them are being released this year, hopefully!



Gamer83 said:


Well, the Wii U version will look superior could potentially have better controls and I'm sure some extra modes. I think it'll be worth it to have both versions if you own both consoles. But yeah, it may now not be the system-seller for Wii U that people wanted.



wober2 said:

The games look amazing. I am getting nervous about nintendo's lack of effort in attracting an audience for the wiiu.



JaxonH said:



Nintendo was at E3 last year. Not sure where you're getting your information? Not holding a 45 minute stage presentation is not the same thing as not being there. They had over 80 booths set up at E3 last year.



rjejr said:

@unrandomsam @Unca_Lz - "3DS has a worse lineup for 2014"

I did agree w/ that, an hour ago. Also 3DS has about 45mil sales, Wii U has about 6mil. I know 3DS will never catch DS, but having the first ever handheld SSB game on it, now guaranteed for the 2nd half of the year no matter how you divide the calender, I think 3DS is set for life. 50mil has to be considered a success for any console. And now that Nitnedo is going all pink and girly w/ the Disney tie-ins and cheap kiddie 2DS systems I'ld say 70mil is a possibility. Wii U is clinging to life.

Also, and I discussed this ad nausem a couple of weeks ago, 3DS is 3 years old, at some point a system just runs out of games b/c people start working on games for the next gen system. Hopefully everybody at Nintendo is either working on Wii U games or games for whatever comes after 3DS. Or the holy grail of 1 system for both handheld and home. And besides, 3DS games seem to pop up out of nowhere sometimes, I don't think they take nearly as long as Wii U games. 3DS could have 3 new holiday games announced at E3 and ready by Christmas.

If 3DS never had another game after SSB it will have lead along and happy life, Wii U is just learning to crawl, and it's taking forever.



brokenfang said:

@Mewtwo21 So if you were quarterbacking this thing, you go for a double whammy and release both this summer? (Kart and Smash) Ok. But you dont think Nintendo has thought this over carefully? Think about the big picture here. Soccer moms buy the Kart bundles this summer. Soccer moms buy the Smash bundles this winter.

Its a no brainer business move. lt would be be laughably stupid not to do this.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Now that I think about it... I really hope the American launch isn't between July 6 - July 21... that would seriously conflict with my trip to Japan...

I'd be happy if it releases in Japan during those 2 weeks, though.



Gamer83 said:


We don't know all Nintendo's plans yet. X is supposed to be this year so that could be a late-August/early-September release. Don't know much about Yarn Yoshi yet either. Maybe that's targeting summer? There has to be a reason Nintendo is doing this besides the simple fact the game was going to sell more on 3DS regardless of when that version was released because of the massive difference in userbase.



ericwithcheese2 said:

I think it's brilliant, releasing them this way. The games won't be competing with each other right out of the gate. And the Wii U, more than likely, gets the prime holiday spotlight.



Yoshis_VGM said:

This is actually pretty bad. Because now, after Mario Kart 8 on May 30, the only confirmed release window is December 2014 for Smash Bros. Wii U. Bayonetta 2, X, and Yarn Yoshi still don't have official dates. Not good. Not good. Unless they can make the Wii U one different enough, this won't do anything to help Wii U sales.



sinalefa said:

The more I think about this, the most sense it makes to me.

I always planned to get both versions, as I have both systems, but the 3DS version would have taken a backseat to the home console one, meaning I would have gotten it much later. Now I am getting the portable one day 1 to tide me over until we get the Wii U one.

And if Nintendo wants to move systems, what better time of year that during holidays? Sakurai could even get feedback from the 3DS version to improve the one on Wii U, making it, as some have said, the definitive version, making hardcore fans double dip.



LordFamicom said:

I'm quite happy the Wii U version is coming in the winter. I was going to get both versions anyway and the 3DS version will help tide me over until the Wii U version arrives. I don't want a rushed game. I want the team to put there time in both versions. I think it's easier and faster to make the 3DS version. I can't wait to play this amazing game!



Yoshi said:

@MadAdam81 Astronomically speaking, winter begins typically on December 22. Meteorologically speaking, it begins on December 1. Most people follow the meteorological standard because it's more apparent.



Gamer83 said:


I'd bet money all three of those games release this year, before Smash, they're not really system sellers though and that seems to be the issue people have here, they feel Smash could've been a system seller, now that is put a little bit into doubt. If I'm being 100% honest, I thought ever since it was known there would be a 3DS version, that hurt sales potential for the Wii U version so this doesn't phase me too much. The best strategy probably would've been to make two separate entries and stagger the releases like Nintendo has done with Mario Kart. Might not have had the resources though.



Senario said:

@TruenoGT I'll be honest, I am not sure anybody will buy the Wii U smash bros unless it is uniquely different than the 3ds version. Maybe some might get it for the better controller scheme but it just simply doesn't seem like they are doing much/enough to differentiate the Wii U version.



LetsGoRetro said:

"I was going to buy Smash Bros for Wii U but I'm already tiring of it after playing it nonstop theae past 4 months"

Literally every person in the world knew the Wii U version had to come first to give this flop of a system a fighting chance... except the people at Nintendo.

I've been unhappy since the release of the Wii U and Nintendo has just lost themselves a customer they've had for close to 30 years.

They really have become an unintelligent company. The Greatness of Miyamoto will keep them afloat as it always has but when he's gone, they're in trouble. They are just so out of touch with what excites people nowadays.

They're a company of rehashes that think 2d platformers are where its at in 2014, so much so that they honestly think announcing Cranky Kong is major announcement.

Nintendo thinks every one of it's customers is an 8 year old japanese youth giggling at the screen because there're flashing colors on it.



Emblem said:

@Superiorspider Yes they were, they just didn't have a stage show and instead had a pretty sweet play,info area set-up and gave their news via a direct type set up.



Grumblevolcano said:

Great Direct but really poor release date setup for Wii U unless they have some big E3 surprises. I guess we'll see how everything unfolds when MK8 is released May 30th and E3 a few weeks later.



Discostew said:

They gave out more details for the 3DS version because that is what is releasing first, and I believe Sakuri said some time ago the Wii U version would have more content. It's the appetizer before the main course.



Gamer83 said:


It's a shame that what excites people these days is crappy online multiplayer shooters. Nintendo isn't the problem, it's idiot consumers who buy broken trash like Battlefield 4 or drop $60 for an online only game like Titanfall. Now, I actually agree Nintendo has dropped the ball in a lot of ways with Wii U. With the exception of Virtual Boy, I've purchased every Nintendo system as soon as I possibly could, except Wii U. It took a sale at Target and finally some decent looking games on the horizon to get me to jump, and frankly if Xbox One wasn't $500, I probably would've got that system to sit alongside the PS4 first. But, not all of the Wii U's problems are Nintendo's own fault. The company is out of touch in some ways, in others, the problem is simply that 'gamers' are idiots.

By the way, not trying to be a Nintendo apologist here. I'm more of a PlayStation fan, but I feel like there's no middle ground when it comes to the way people react about Nintendo. You have the hardcore fans who just eat up whatever, then you have the people who act like the company is a complete disaster when that is also just as far from the truth. I'd love to see Nintendo branch out a bit, give Retro a stab at making a new IP, maybe snatch up some other Western studios to provide some WRPGs or whatever. Unfortunately that won't happen under Iwata. Of course, it's also difficult to say ousting him would be the right choice because the next guy could come in and appease the stock holders by going straight down the mobile route. That's the last thing the game industry needs.



Franklin said:

Of all the bad decisions Nintendo has made over the years, this one ranks somewhere in the middle...



Airola said:

Wii Fit U was delayed to Winter 2013.
It was then released first in November as a digital eShop version (both EU and NA) and as a retail version in December (EU).

Winter 2014 does NOT mean it has to be released only after the 22th of December.

Also, there were rumours and fears that both of these versions were going to be delayed to 2015. Now it's not happening, and even better, one of the versions is going to be released in Summer! Yet people find all kinds of things to complain about.

We don't even know yet the full details of the games. I'm sure they'll tell more at the next E3. They will tell us about the ways both versions are connected to each other, and I assume they will announce some Wii U exclusive modes too.



smikey said:

I said when the direct got announced the wii u version would hit the stores around black friday & it will.
Nintendo's version of the seasons & others versions are vastly different winter doesn't mean the last week of december.

The wii u version will lauch probably as part of a wii u console special edition, almost certainly as a game only special edition (with figurine or keyrings ect) & will sell well at xmas regardless of how well the 3ds version does.

lets face it if they'd said wii u version lauches july & the 3ds version on black friday on here would have been full of moaning comments about wanting the 3ds game or moaning because after mario kart they can't afford smash in july.

Between mario kart & smash you'll almost certainly see the releases of x, bayonetta 2, yarn yoshi & probably hyrule warriors + a possible e3 surprise or two.

just because everything doesn't have a date doesn't mean it's not this year.
zelda is at best xmas 2015 so if smash wasnt xmas 2014 what do people actually expect them to put out there to sell consoles at xmas? of course whatever it was people would moan it wasn't a system seller.



boynerdrambling said:

My god, look at all these arm chair analysts. "Wahhhhh I know how Nintendo should release and plan their product more then Nintendo do. Wahhhh. How dare you not tell us when every single game you're working!on is coming on. Wahhhh." If you all really think their will be no games between kart im may and smash in nov/dec there is no helping you



Emblem said:

1. Smash has never been a console seller, by itself it cant save anything
2. You assume everyone already has a 3DS and will only buy that version
3. You assume people would have opted for the Wii U version instead of the 3DS version on joint release
4. You assume people will want the portable experience over the established home version
5. You assume that Smash is the only game influencing people to pick up a Wii U
6. You assume the games won't be distinct enough experiences or include some feature to encourage gamers to buy both

People need to stop thinking the future of the Wii U hinges on every 1st party release, the same silly stuff has been said about every major release so far, its getting old.

Also the 3DS version was obviously easier to make so would be completed first, your asking them to pull a Rayman legends even though they own both consoles just on the off chance a few thousand more Wii U's might be sold? That's ridiculous.

This isn't 100% accurate but look at the past Smash bros sales, then look at the consoles sold and their attachment rate.

That's 11million sold on an 100million install base. Even if the Wii U version was exclusive and sold 5 million more Wii U's that would be a drop in the ocean. 3DS hardware and software is more profitable than the Wii U due to hardware and manufacturing costs so Nintendo will make way more money this way and thus channel said money back into there games and systems.

Trust me people smarter than all you arm chair analysts go over this stuff with fine combs before we even hear about it.



MorriganIsHot said:

Disappointed the new kirby game was all I was gonna get for summer and had no plans for a SSB 3DS version but looks like I'll be getting that first sadly. Wait-U should've been the name of the console.



retro_player_22 said:

The Wii U version better have some super exclusive offerings for being that late otherwise I probably will stick with only the 3DS version.



Heiki said:

I really thought SSB could be a system seller for the Wii U, but not anymore.
Most people here, myself included, are Nintendo fans and own both a 3DS and a Wii U. But people who own only a 3DS won't bother getting a new home console to play the same game they got 4 months earlier.



OGGamer said:

I'm okay with this . Now bayonetta won't have to compete with smash . This is win win as far as I'm concerned .



Aran said:

I'm getting both of then for sure, but I don't get why they will release Wii U version until "winter", Wii U is the one who is struggling, it needs, WE need more games. But Wii U needs to sell more. At this rate, Wii U will never launch it's sales. I hope there is something really good planned for E3, and something to launch after Mario Kart 8. It will be a long time between Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. Wii U.



TomJ said:

Half of you people have nothing better to do than to complain, and don't even know how to say thank you. FOR SHAME, people X(.



Henmii said:

I voted "I am dissapointed", simply because both versions should be released at the same time or the Wii u version BEFORE the 3DS version! As it stands now the 3DS version will TOTALLY canibalize the Wii u version! It's as if Nintendo really doesn't want to turn the Wii u into a succes!

Of course the Wii u version will be the best, but not many people will buy it!!



Action51 said:


Also, that direct was okay...I'm not a huge Smash fan...more excited for Monolithsoft X.



GamerZack87 said:

"I'm disappointed, it really should of been sooner"

@Damo I think it's supposed to be:
"I'm disappointed, it really should have been sooner"

Just trying to help.



Psyclone said:

& another thing, before the direct people begged for at least a release date and now that we have a release window people still complain lmao



Aceboss100 said:

I am not entirely sure on why they pushed the Wii U Version back but it seems to me that the game is a little more time consuming when you give it HD touch up. Of course the 3ds would come out first. It is a little less tedious to work with (not saying that the 3ds graphics aren't beautiful because they are).Overall I will be picking up both versions for when I leave the house and return to the big screen.
P.S. Mega Charizard is BADASS!!!



MrGuinea said:

I'm guessing that it will take more work for the Wii U version than the 3ds. And if the 3ds version is ready, why delay that one til winter too? Kind of stinks but we'll see how it plays out.



jos said:

so after MK8 gets released they no WiiU games till October ish

I dont see any of these getting released before that
Shin Megami X Fire Emblem
Bayonetta 2
Hyrule Warriors
Yarn Yoshi

with some of them being 2015 releases



tman1997 said:

So...... what about Captain Falcon it seems like everyone forgot about him hopefully he's an unlockable character. really liked the direct btw so much 2 get hyped about



Action51 said:

@Psyclone Normally I don't go for the whole created expectations and then disappointment thing that goes with any Nintendo announcement, this was a game specific direct...they should have given release dates. It's not the end of the world, but it was kind of a missed opportunity.



Emaan said:

I'll probably end up getting both games. Definitely more excited for the Wii U version though. I'm fine with this being a great Christmas game for me

We all know the Wii U version is the one to get, but I feel like releasing the 3DS version first will take away from the impact of the Wii U release.

I do appreciate the fact that they are putting extra time into the Wii U version since it's a completely different matter dealing with the technical aspects of everything and we want everything to be polished and up to standard.

At the very least, it would have made more sense to release the 3DS version either simultaneously with the Wii U version when the Wii U version was ready; or release it shortly thereafter. That way the hype and excitement surrounding the new Smash Bros. game would be focused on the Wii U version and Nintendo could see a likely major success with the release based a lot around consumer excitement.

Though this is all hypothetical. I think both versions will sell well regardless, and the Wii U will definitely be capturing more interest with the release of this game and Mario Kart 8 this year. I just think they might have taken away from their successes slightly with this decision. Who knows how everything will turn out though, only time will tell.

I realize there's something very smart about this decision to have the 3DS version release first after all. Most of us who were more interested in the Wii U version are probably much more tempted to get both now so we can play the 3DS version while we wait on the Wii U version. Crafty Nintendo.



kereke12 said:

I'm super excited for Smash bros. but Its very disappointing that 3DS is getting it first before Wii U. It should of been the other way around. Wii U in Summer, and 3DS Winter. Or both at the same time. I also think its stupid that you can't play online with both Wii U & 3DS. I think Nintendo AKA IWATA doesn't want the Wii U to succeed at all.



Henmii said:

I'll probably get both version, but only when the Wii u version is released! Because I still think the 3DS version looks very weak, I first want to experience the real deal!



allav866 said:

You'd think the best source for negativity toward Nintendo would be Sony or M$ fanboys, but instead it's Nintendo's own "fan"base.



Rafie said:

Please understand....that this is frickin' AWESOME!! I honestly don't know why some of you are upset. Between the end of May through the summer, most of us will be playing Mario Kart 8. I'll still be online even when Smash U comes. Mario Kart is just that dang on fun.

Also as some folks pointed out, it's a great business strategy to separate the 2. The 3DS is going to move huge software. Oh and of course the Wii U will have exclusive modes that wouldn't be possible on the 3DS. Fans please rejoice. This is a good thing. I'll have both copies.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'm fine with waiting for the Wii U version; it should make for some good Christmas time gaming sessions. I don't think it would be realistic for the Wii U version to release first, seeing as it's in HD. I think there's at least a decent chance that the 3DS version will get people geared up for playing a similar game in HD later in the year. And I also think it's important to remember that the stages will be completely different between versions. That may not matter to the super competitive 'No items, Final Destination, Fox only" players, but it should matter to the less competitive players.
Also, I think there will be a fair number of "hardcore" gamers, the ones who practically live and breathe off of competitive multiplayer games, who will buy the Wii U version simply because it's in HD. But that's just my speculation.



QuickSilver88 said:

Amazed at the nearly 200 comments.....Looks 3DS is rocking and Nintedo needs to feed that beast, We get Kirby and Mario Golf in May and now SSB in summer. Look we all know that Nintendo will not rush their primary IPs..the truth may be 3DS is ready and WiiU not. To those saying WiiU is lost this year I think that is a bit premature. A major release every other month seems to be the pace. Pikman, W101, Zelda WW, Mario3D, and then DKTF, and MK8. That really is not a bad pace and with B2, X ,SSB and Hyrule likely 2014 that would be 6 major titles. Also last year Nintendo threw in a few lesser games like Wario, Luigi, WiiFit, WiiParty, Wiisports. Expect the same this year. Last year the WiiU got help with some good games from Ubi and Warner and Activision brought games as well. That support is all but gone but if Ubi brings only Child of Light and WD that is still something. Still Nintendo may have a few aces to play as we know somewhere is SmTxFE and Yarn Yoshi. Sonic Lw was mixed but Boom could be good. I think Nintendos good relations with mosy Japanese devs will produce some exclusives or colavorations. Lastly eShop lineup looks awesome and that will give us some gems to hold us over. 3DS is Nintendos cash cow and Smash is probably going to sell better than MK7 or Pokemon. I expect it will be the best portable fighter ever......and there is the key...portable fighter....word. SSB has always been a darling of the hardcore fighter crowd. WiiU will blow the 3DS away is grafx and controlls. Any serious fighing fan will want it on WiIU and maybe the mass sales on 3DS will create a larger audience for it on WiiU. Time will tell.



Superiorspider said:

Hey at least we will get Arkham Knight for the Wii U before we get Smash for the Wii U in December right? Right?



Captain_Toad said:

Welp, that major chance of the WiiU version scoring big may have sailed.......may have......

Though this direct has more than reignited my interest for this game. I'm getting both versions.



Marioman64 said:

my vote isn't there, "Heck YES! Earlier 1 game, and it'll tide me over well into the second release"



Leonn said:

Idk, but they must be planning something pretty extraordinary for the wiiu exclusively, there would be no other reason for the seasons apart gap. They're working on something, something big,................. I hope



Marioman64 said:

as a side note, was anyone NOT going to get both? they have different stuff, and both have their perks (portable for one, couch multiplayer HD on the other)



Senario said:

@QuickSilver88 Well...Melee was great for the hardcore fighting game community. Brawl...sadly not so much.

I'll wait and see if I should just wait for the Wii U version. But the "For Glory" mode makes the competitive melee player inside of me cry. The point wasn't final destination no items. There are far more things that made Smash competitive for melee including varying stages with platforms and characters other than fox(overwhelmingly more people who don't play fox). So difficult to get some non-competitive players on board with allowing the hardcore fighting game community a chance to play how they want.



Vrael said:

I'm kinda disappointed, but I understand. If the 3ds and wii u versions were to come out at the same time they would take sales from each other. And it ensures that smash bros wii u will sell well. If they release a super smash bros bundle this holiday season they will KILL it. And if I had the choice of getting 3ds in the winter and the summer, I choose winter.



Memeboy3 said:

Gotta Love how People think SSB4 And MK8 Are the Only 2014 the Wii U Has....
I guess Sonic, Bayonetta, Indie and Virtual Console Games are Now nonexistent....LOL!



ddd116 said:

I don't know about this decision. Look I am happy to get the 3DS version this summer...that's awesome! However, the Wii U is the system that needs it the most and they should have focused all their resources on getting that one out first...also, after playing the 3DS version for months what is going to be the incentive for those who don't have a lot of cash to throw around to get the Wii U one?

I mean I will...but I'm just looking at this from a numbers standpoint.



audiobrainiac said:

Not crazy about waiting, but i'll play the crap out of the 3DS version until winter. But Nintendo, i'm gonna need u to fill in these long waits with MORE games. So far this is only one of 3 games announced this year that I actually want. Well, 4 if u count Project Cars. STEP IT UP!



ChessboardMan said:

While the end of the year feels a bit late, I have to admit that I'm glad to have a while before its release. If either was Spring, I'd be worried about being able to afford them. As it is, I'll be buying both for sure.



FilmerNgameR said:

You people are so negative just wait obviously masterpeices don't take a day or two to make. Sakurai must be hiding something special for Smash U so he needs to take as much time as he needs to get it right.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Chomposaur I'm saddened by the release date but I have a good feeling there's a reason for it. I'm pretty sure it's due to the much larger amount of content the Wii U version of the game has over the 3DS version. Case in point, when Sakurai talked about the music options between the 2 versions.

You don't simply rush that much content, and frankly Sakurai is probably similar to Miyamoto when it comes to getting something done "well" over getting something done "okay".

It just means Nintendo (and not Sakurai) will need to find some way to fill up the gap themselves. Then again there's still E3 and a number of games that don't have solid release dates (or haven't been heard from in awhile).



TwilightOniAngel said:

i really dont care but nintendo better have some games for the wiiu to help wiiu owners wait until it releases .Either way im getting both versions of the game.



SanderEvers said:

Nintendolife! I'm very, very, disappointed in you guys. This really feels like all you guys can do is complain, complain and complain.

This actually is good news, why?
1. Releasing the Wii U version later improves both games. Why? Nintendo will be able to patch the 3DS version with stuff they'll come with between the two releases. (And even after).
2. The Wii U version will get more polish.
3. The Wii U version will improve Wii U's Holiday Sales.
4. Depending on Wii U / 3DS connectivity, the Wii U version will improve saes of the 3DS version.
5. People who wanted to buy both versions can do this without hurting their wallets.
6. I will get both versions day one. I wouldn't have done this if they'd be released on the same day.



TwilightOniAngel said:

I been reading the comments about these and why are people complaining about this the wiiu version will have the best features and its going to sell great on it.Stop being so negative that the wiiu is doomed cause its a home console game and dont you want a fighting game to play with your friends on the couch come on people.



Trikeboy said:

Here's something to think about. With the 3DS version out, and since both have the same roster, all the extra development time will be going into tightening the game up. Maybe they will even add new game modes. Smash Run is, after all, exclusive to 3DS. I know they aren't doing a Subspace Emissary mode but something needs to be added for single player mode.



Trikeboy said:

@SanderEvers Totally agree with everything you said. That's not to say I'm a bit disappointed I can't play it on my massive TV but it is coming. And, while I wait, I can play Smash Bros on my 3DS.



RickyNGmr said:

Dont know who said this already (if so) but, didnt you guys heard Sakurai talking about "i will tell about this feature on later dates". Ther will be connectivity between both versions. Although they remarked BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME ROSTER AND SOME "RETRO" STAGES AMONG. However 60fps even on 3d for the 3ds and smash run exclusive... that makes me think that the longer window for the U version have to be related to some characteristics that will apply ONLY ON WiiU and some sort technical detail and GamePad features which should be announce "in later dates". I really feel ok with the whole releasing window, more if that implies X, or Hyrule Warriors or Bayo 2 might come sooner ;^)



thesilverbrick said:

@Doma You're a fool if you honestly believe the 3DS version is an adequate substitute for the Wii U version. Graphics aside, Smash Bros. is best played in multiplayer and unless you're willing to buy multiple 3DS systems or put up with the laggy online mode (which Sakurai himself lamented in the direct) you'll be stuck playing single player Smash on your 3DS. And let's hope the 3DS's circle pad holds up after a few hundred hours of frantic gameplay...



RickyNGmr said:

Dont know who said this already (if so) but, didnt you guys heard Sakurai talking about "i will tell about this feature on later dates". Ther will be connectivity between both versions. Although they remarked BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME ROSTER AND SOME "RETRO" STAGES AMONG. However 60fps even on 3d for the 3ds and smash run exclusive... that makes me think that the longer window for the U version have to be related to some characteristics that will apply ONLY ON WiiU and some sort technical detail and GamePad features which should be announce "in later dates". I really feel ok with the whole releasing window, more if that implies X, or Hyrule Warriors or Bayo 2 might come sooner ;^)



RickyNGmr said:

Dont know who said this already (if so) but, didnt you guys heard Sakurai talking about "i will tell about this feature on later dates". Ther will be connectivity between both versions. Although they remarked BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME ROSTER AND SOME "RETRO" STAGES AMONG. However 60fps even on 3d for the 3ds and smash run exclusive... that makes me think that the longer window for the U version have to be related to some characteristics that will apply ONLY ON WiiU and some sort technical detail and GamePad features which should be announce "in later dates". I really feel ok with the whole releasing window, more if that implies X, or Hyrule Warriors or Bayo 2 might come sooner ;^)



RickyNGmr said:

Dont know who said this already (if so) but, didnt you guys heard Sakurai talking about "i will tell about this feature on later dates". Ther will be connectivity between both versions. Although they remarked BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME ROSTER AND SOME "RETRO" STAGES AMONG. However 60fps even on 3d for the 3ds and smash run exclusive... that makes me think that the longer window for the U version have to be related to some characteristics that will apply ONLY ON WiiU and some sort technical detail and GamePad features which should be announce "in later dates". I really feel ok with the whole releasing window, more if that implies X, or Hyrule Warriors or Bayo 2 might come sooner ;^)



RickyNGmr said:

Dont know who said this already (if so) but, didnt you guys heard Sakurai talking about "i will tell about this feature on later dates". Ther will be connectivity between both versions. Although they remarked BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME ROSTER AND SOME "RETRO" STAGES AMONG. However 60fps even on 3d for the 3ds and smash run exclusive... that makes me think that the longer window for the U version have to be related to some characteristics that will apply ONLY ON WiiU and some sort technical detail and GamePad features which should be announce "in later dates". I really feel ok with the whole releasing window, more if that implies X, or Hyrule Warriors or Bayo 2 might come sooner ;^)



RickyNGmr said:

Dont know who said this already (if so) but, didnt you guys heard Sakurai talking about "i will tell about this feature on later dates". Ther will be connectivity between both versions. Although they remarked BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME ROSTER AND SOME "RETRO" STAGES AMONG. However 60fps even on 3d for the 3ds and smash run exclusive... that makes me think that the longer window for the U version have to be related to some characteristics that will apply ONLY ON WiiU and some sort technical detail and GamePad features which should be announce "in later dates". I really feel ok with the whole releasing window, more if that implies X, or Hyrule Warriors or Bayo 2 might come sooner ;^)



Gridatttack said:

Of course, people dont get it. 3Ds version is ready. Wii U one is still missing stuff. Having the 3DS version to help ease a bit is nice. People are whining since the start because they already want the game and they are impatient
Now heres the 3DS version as the main entree before the wii U version



TeeJay said:

I don't have a Wii U and probably won't be getting one anytime soon so this was a real pleasant surprise for me! This is waaaay sooner than I thought!



SanderEvers said:

Also, I was always expecting this to be a Winter release for both versions. It's great that I can play the 3DS version sooner



RedYoshi999 said:

Wait, people actually use the winter solstice as the date winter begins when it comes to these types of things? lol no they obviously mean December 1st.

Will be buying both versions, but it does suck that I have to wait so long for the Wii U version, since the 3DS version looks meh in comparison.



SecondServing said:

Honestly I stopped giving a damn about Nintendo's success with the Wii U. As long as I continue to get amazing games(which I am) then I really don't care. Bring on Smash baby! I'm buying both versions!!!!



yoshi5852 said:

Sakurai I could kiss you not actually but you know what I mean XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW PLAYING OUTSIDE I'M GOING TO DO WHAT I DID LAST YEAR!!!!!!



shinesprite said:

Personally, I am most looking forward to the Wii U edition.

I would have preferred that they both released at the same time (even if that meant that the 3DS version was delayed).

As it stands, I'll probably wind up getting both.



Turbo857 said:

So many downers on this forum. Look, I don't care if the 3DS comes out in the summer. No Smash fan is going to not pick up this first HD console Smash Bros. game. It's ludicrous to think that the 3DS version will impact the Wii U version's sales. Not gonna happen. Wii U will provide a more stable online infrastructure, HD graphics, and different stages and music. And Christmas is a perfect time to release it actually. Most likely getting both.



Trikeboy said:

Question, if you had both on the same day, which would you play more? Wii U in glorious HD graphics on your HDTV or the little 3DS one. Nintendo have actually played this one quite well. They know we are desperate for a new Smash game so they are giving us one, then a few months down the line release the "special edition", as it were.



Dauntless said:

We now know what Nintendo expects to save them at Christmas time. It'll be very disappointing if they don't have much else for this Christmas or the rest of the year for that matter.



Genesaur said:

Please, please stop writing "should of."

I guess I can kinda see where they're going with this. I was only planning on getting the Wii U version while under the assumption that they were releasing at the same time. Now, I am considering the 3DS version, as well.



chess227 said:

So let me get this straight... Now Nintendo is delaying games to their own console? I give up on you, Nintendo.



StephenYap3 said:

Yeah, I'm fine waiting for the Wii U version. It won't help the Wii U, but we'll see what Mario Kart 8 has to say about that

And if I remembered correctly, long before work on this game even started, Sakurai wanted to release the 3DS version first so that players can familiarize themselves with customizable features of some sort for a while before they can move on to the Wii U version so they can "show their moves".



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Trikeboy well they showed her imp form there is nothing about her true form maybe she still might be a character thats what i think. But yeah im sort of disappointed and i think i knew this was going to happen cause of skull kid turning into an assist trophy.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Not the best decision they could make. As it stands, this will (once again) give the WiiU worse reputation than it deserves. And if it doesn't allow you to use the same save data for both games (like Monster Hunter does), most 3DS owners won't bother to begin with.

Also, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 are the only potential system sellers for WiiU this year, so delaying Smash Bros. until winter isn't helpful at all.

To be honest, in my opinion I think they should've taken some folks from the 3DS team and added them to the WiiU team. That way, they would've been able to release both versions on early winter, making the christmas deals their great success.



Scon said:

Super Smash Bros.: Ground Zeroes (3DS)
Super Smash Bros.: The Phantom Pain (Wii U)



whodatninja said:

I feel stupid for having bought a Wii U now. It's obvious Nintendo only care about the 3DS now, the Wii U is merely an afterthought.

Screw you Nintendo! I am THIS close to being done with you.



LtAldoRaine said:

Well,sucks for the Wii U. I'll buy both versions, but if the Wii U version came before,it would definitely sell a substantial amound of systems. So, yeah, go Mario Kart 8. It's on you. Unless something magical happens at E3.

I just hope there are enough features to justify that later launch. I'm hopeful for that, Sakurai always crams his games full of content.



Brother_Jolteon said:

Well, lucky for me, I'm a 3DS owner so i don't have to worry about waiting for the Wii U. But if the 3DS version was the one releasing in winter, I'd probably flip out...



Luffymcduck said:

Well it's kinda weird, I thought they wanted to sell Wii U´s instead of bringing it first to 3DS.



Marshi said:

I think the staggered release makes sound business sense. Think of this as nintendo's metal gear solid ground zeroes. A taster for the full smash experience. Plus with updated graphics and more content for the wiiu version it will be very tempting to fans. Which after purchasing the 3ds version either you will be!



Sam_Loser2 said:

I think now I will definitely be getting both versions. With the extra time to scrounge up extra funds, I will freshly hyped for each release. Darn you Nintendo!! You figured how to get my wallet again!!



skulkap said:

people who dont want the wii u- just here the hate- been had one loved it since i got it......nuff said



xevious said:

It was a really bad call from Nintendo to delay the Wii U version. I mean, I was going to buy it, but why would I wait for it, when everyone is playing the 3DS version this summer? Why would I buy the same game with better graphics later on?

A lot of people could consider buying a Wii U when MK8 launches, if there'd be other cool titles up ahead in the same launch window, but what is there in between MK8 and SSB winter launch??? Yet again a half a year of waiting???



Webby-sama said:

Are you sure that's enough said, skulkap? You said it was enough earlier but then you said more. I'm only asking because I don't want to wait for more to be said if nothing is coming.



skulkap said:

did you here the man it takes time to put this together-go watch scarface-he put this $%^& together thats who-him thats who...., just want them games
that they make for everybody.then port be original like nintendo......



Senario said:

@skulkap That is quite a lot said beyond "nuff said"...I'll probably find it in my budget to get both sometime but I have to see what they change in the Wii U version. Hopefully it is good, I want it to feel worth the money I spend on it. Being able to play on a better controller might not be enough.



AlexOlney said:

I think that Nintendo have been clever with this one - I get the feeling that many people (myself included) will now be buying both versions, because apart from the 3DS version being more limited in its entirety, the gap is long enough that the Wii U version will feel like a new game in comparison. It also raises questions about what features are going to be unique to the Wii u version, perhaps something more in depth than Smash Run?



JaxonH said:

Better controller for sure, but also the smooth, HD graphics on a big screen. Game looks so good on Wii U. Another thing to consider is if they're putting Smash Run in the 3DS version only, that means the Wii U version will likewise be getting features/modes exclusive to the home console version. Smash Run looks really fun, but it only gets me excited thinking about how awesome the Wii U version will be- cause you already know they're going all out on the Wii U release- just look at how good the game looks. And I've been crackin' up reading Skullkid's comments



JimLad said:

Wow ok...
Now I'm even more certain they've given up on this console.
Don't get me wrong this decision won't stop me getting the Wii U version, but if you think it will help The Wii U in any way you're a fool.
By the time that version releases no retailer will even be stocking the hardware anymore.



KeeperBvK said:

Astronomically Winter begins on December, 22.
But meteorologically Winter begins on December, 1.
So there's more than just about a week to Winter in 2014.



FineLerv said:

Prediction #1: They'll do a Smash Bros Wii U bundle for the Christmas season.

Prediction #2: Nintendo actually knows more about business than some random commenter on the Internet.



Robottiimu2000 said:

I have to say that this feels quite the opposite for what I would've done to even try to save the wiiU, with one of the titles claimed to be a system seller.. o.0



Sensei_Sendai said:

I'm sort of happy this has happened.

It negates my fear that one of the two was going to be half-arsed. They'll release the 3DS Version then work on polishing and making the Wii U version a true next gen game within that dev time. At least that's what I'm getting from this buisiness decision.

Honestly though,
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Zelda 2015
Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U
Codename X

These are the only games I'm looking to purchase for my Wii U over the next year. I can't see the Wii U living much longer after the release of X and Zelda 2014.



JaxonH said:


Just so you know, the Xbox One is selling on par with Wii U in many regions.
Just so you know, the Vita is selling on par with Wii U everywhere but Japan.
Just so you know, the PS4 has almost dropped to Wii U levels in Japan.

Retailers aren't going to stop carrying the hardware, unless they plan on dropping all the above in the regions they're not selling well too. Stop being dramatic. You obviously don't know how retail works- it's consignment based- retailers lose nothing by keeping a few units on store shelves. And Wii U IS selling, over 2 million last holiday season alone, lest you forget. It's just not selling THAT WELL. Retailers stock things that sell much less than Wii U and don't think twice about it.

Furthermore, who cares if it hurts or helps Wii U sales? Why is "sales" all anyone ever talks about or cares about anymore? What happened to "Im a gamer, and I'm excited to play this game when it releases. Who cares if the rest of the world buys it, all I know is I'm buying it". Why is everyone's satisfaction contingent upon the Wii U's commercial success?

And really? Given up on the console? So, the fact they can't say abra cadabra and magically make the Wii U version appear on store shelves means they've given up on the console? You do understand it takes years to develop a game, don't you? You do understand that the HD hardware of the Wii U requires exponentially more development time and resources than the meager 3DS hardware, right? You do remember Sakurai stating last year that both versions would NOT release simultaneously, don't you?



TheAdza said:

Stupid stupid move Nintendo. Wow. Anyone that might have been waiting for this game to pick up a Wii U will now simply get the 3DS version instead. And to the core fans, who will buy the 3DS version first, what incentive is their to buy the Wii U version. My neck is sore from shaking my head so much.



JaxonH said:


Thank you for your divine market insight. If only Nintendo had the sense of commenter #267, maybe Smash Bros would stand a fighting chance.



Spanjard said:

I'm pleased they are taking their time with the Wii U version. Unlike the 3ds version, the wii u version really has to be ultra awesome. I'm actually surprised it's out in winter already.



TheAdza said:

At this point in time, a think a box of hammers could make better decisions than Nintendo.



The-Chosen-one said:

People are complaining, but many thought it would make a 2015 release lol, so yes enjoy the 3ds version. and in the Winter i will buy the Wii U version take your time to make it the best smash ever.



crazycrazydave said:

The stupidest decision ever. Why, why, WHY is the 3DS version being released first? Are Nintendo trying to pummel the Wii U into the grave? This will pretty much guarantee that nobody in Japan will buy Smash Bros on Wii U. And possibly everywhere else as well!

Unless the Wii U version is going to be the ultimate edition with double the content of the 3DS, I really can't see it selling as well as it should. Christmas time could change things though.



Boxmonkey said:

Nintendo have two system selling games this year mario kart and smash, smash should have been released earlier by the time it comes out the wii u will be on its last legs. To little to late from nintendo to save the wii u now.



Webby-sama said:

I love watching the doom and gloom. I kept this page open all day just to watch the new comments come in. DOOOOOM AAAAND GLOOOOOOM.



andreoni79 said:

We had Viewtiful Joe on both GC and DS, but they have their reasons. I just can't understand this... What are the main differences between the two versions? Giving 3ds and WiiU their exclusive mode which isn't build on consoles peculiarities sounds weird...



darthstuey said:

I was seriously defending the WiiU when I got one at Christmas and was looking forward to the list of games this year. However- two months ago was Donkey Kong and then nothing! Mario Kart at the end of this month but how on Earth can they expect people to buy a system which they simply do not support? I do not understand their business model at all. Coupled with the fact that they also do not seem to be doing anything about their ridiculous eShop policies of locking games purchased to a system.

I recently purchased a Vita and was able to transfer a tonne of PS3 games that I had purchased in the past as well as getting Vita versions of purchased PS 3 games for free. That and PS plus is ensuring that I have a steady flow of games throughout the year.

Don't get me wrong- I love the Wii U system but I seriously didn't buy it to play GBA games! I couldn't recommend it to anyone at the moment as a viable purchase.



Mario-Man-Child said:

This is plan B with Nintendo. Wii U is not selling, it will get games but not as many.

Talking about system sellers, we have Bayonetta 2 to look forward to not buying



3MonthBeef said:

@Sensei_Sendai There's no way Zelda will be out by this year, especially with Smash slated for Winter release. Monolith's X doesn't even have a launch window either.

You're looking at Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart and maybe Smash Bros. (assuming Nintendo's definition of winter doesn't mean Jan-Feb of next like they did with DK) for this year and that's it.



darthstuey said:

@JaxonH In the UK the three big supermarket chains don't share your view. Tesco have dropped it and Sainsburys and Asda aren't far behind.



3MonthBeef said:

@rjejr Bayonetta 2 I thought would be end of summer (Sept) time frame same as W101. WatchDogs probably the same. But all in all, yeah.... Wii U is shaping up to be a bargain bin console in the future.

But by then you know, if Nintendo adds backward compatibility to their latest console anyway it renders owning the Wii U hardware utterly meaningless.



Miss_Dark said:

@ crazycrazydave

it's actually a very smart move
1. released during holidays
2. more people will buy both versions because of the 6 month time span between the games
3. they will probably come up with extra contents if you already own the 3DS version + he said they were gonna connect the two.

It's a smart move, I expected this.



JaxonH said:

I heard about that. However, that's isolated incidents from non-gaming specific retailers. Sure, a retailer here and there might drop it for space if it's not selling well, but I can guarantee you the big retailers that people go to for consoles won't drop it. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Gamestop, etc. I live in NA, so I'm not familiar enough with UK retailers to know what any of those places are. But the point I'm making is that Wii U will remain available on the high market. Sure, a place like Sams Club (it's a "membership only buy-in-bulk" retailer) has put Wii U on clearance, but that's because no one goes to Sams Club to buy consoles.



JaxonH said:


Let's reserve judgement until E3. All this speculation about when what games are coming is pointless, because until Nintendo reveals the 2014 release schedule, none of us know anything, and we're just debating things none of us can prove one way or the other.



Shworange said:

There's about a 4% chance the game gets released this year on WiiU. No farking way we see it in 2014.



andreoni79 said:

@Miss_Dark At least here in Europe, I can assure you that no one will spend € 100 ($ 140) for double dipping SSB. Nintendo shouldn't forget that most of its past success was due to parents buying their kids a 3ds (and a flashcard to illegally download games...) or a Wii (and a lot of cheap shovelware...)



memoryman3 said:

@Skeet102 Hyrule Warriors?!?!

In other words, this is a new trend we all have to get used to, DELAYED WII U VERSIONS!

First Watch_Dogs, then LEGO HOBBIT, then Batman, now Smash....

Nintendo should learn from Microsoft by enforcing release and content parity rules for their next console.



Jazzer94 said:

I think the only region where this will really have an effect is Japan no one there is going to buy Smash on a homeconsole 6 months after the handheld unless they play competitive Smash. I think its probably the smarter option for the west as the 3DS version may be able to get people interested in the Wi U version.



Action51 said:

I went over to one of the bigger, all platform video game sites to see what sort of insane whining, trolling, hating, and general cries of Nintendoom would be found on their Smash Direct threads...

To my utter amazement and shock, I found pretty much nothing but excitement and positive comments from people who were psyched up and talking about their favorite announcements. Even the negative comments sounded more constructive and were often accompanied by a positive or two.

I'm not a huge Smash fan myself, so i thought the direct was pretty cool, but it seems the greater video game community and Smash fanbase at least here in the USA is pretty excited.



Action51 said:

As a side note, it seems that there really is a difference in how to market and appeal to US and UK gamers...The reaction on this thread is pure Nintendoom and apathetic criticism.



crazycrazydave said:

@Miss_Dark Why not do it the other way round? Have the Wii U version in Summer and get some momentum for the Wii U. Get a special bundle in for both consoles for Christmas. Plus, a lot of people don't double dip on two versions of a game unless they have very different content from each other (which this game seems to have), myself included.

Never the less, I am excited about the game, just disappointed in the fact that less priority is given to the Wii U when it absolutely needs it.



DualWielding said:

Ubisoft decides to delay Watch Dogs on Wii U and release firs the versions that are ready and fanboys call them the Devil..... Nintendo does the same thign and everyone defends the decision even if it hurts the Wii U much more than the Watch Dog delays



MysticX said:

This is pretty weak of Nintendo, the two games that are supposed "System sellers", spaced this far apart for a system that (let's be honest here) badly needs games to shift consoles, ok, SSB for the Wii U will be utterly completely and even fully polished by the time it comes out, but by that time, will there be anybody left who cares?



boynerdrambling said:

@Action51 for a nintendo "fan site," NL and its user base love any oppertunity to take a dump on any peice of news thats comes from the big n and spin it into the latest peice of doom and gloom that they can sit in their arm chairs and analyse to the cows come home.



AyeHaley said:

With Smash Wii U delayed...what games do we have to play till then? we need at least 1 summer release...We need X and Bayo.

I'm glad I can play 1 version this summer but I would've liked to play it first on my TV...Though smash in 3D + 60fps sounds pretty great.

Greninja and CharChar <3 I don't care about my beloved Mewtwo anymore (well not that much now we have greNINJA.



DiSTANToblivion said:

Hmm now I remember why I stopped reading comments here. Overly negative reactions to absolutely anything... facepalm



whodatninja said:

People saying "Ugh, it's okay because they get time to polish the Wii U version"

Does that mean that the 3DS version will be half assed? Are they rushing it out the door just so they can get to work on the Wii U version?
Why are they even doing a handheld version? It's not different iterations as they both will have the same characters and largely the same features. So why? As an experiment? The Wii U DESPERATELY needs more games and attention. Giving all the hype away to the already successful 3DS is STUPID. Unless they market the WiI U version as an entirely new game (think 3D Land vs 3D World) fewer people are gonna care six months later. Sure, the Wii U version will probably be pretty successful, but not as much as it could've been. If they didn't make the 3DS version, we would've had the Wii U Smash Bros out earlier and a much larger fanfare around it.

Nintendo, i love you, but for god's sake - Please stop taking the stupid-pills and face reality!



Emblem said:

@Action51 The comments section here has the worse response to Nintendo news of all the sites I visit, have no idea why.



8bitforever said:

@mostro328 Look, people are upset because this is a huge mistake in a long line of mistakes that Nintendo is making with the WiiU. My kids and I watched the direct last night and even they were wondering why the 3DS version is coming out first. Most people will only buy one version. I will be buying two copies of the 3DS game and don't plan on dipping $60 to get another version later. I had planned on buying one copy of each version but Nintendo's plan forced my hand. This will end up being the final mistake Nintendo can make with the WiiU if that version doesn't sell like gangbusters, and depending on when this actually gets released it might not. I think Nintendo just needs to focus on handhelds and admit they cannot handle the console market. They have been doing a terrible job since Nintendo 64.



8bitforever said:

@whodatninja I have a theory that the 3DS really didn't have great games planned this year either so maybe this version was made to fill the gap there too. I agree with you though as it will keep attention and buyers away from the WiiU version. I have said previously and I think should just focus on handhelds and get out of the console business.



whodatninja said:

@8bitforever Yeah, handhelds are obviously where they heart lies.

Makes me wonder if this is revenge after the Wii U owners (imo pointlessly) got GBA games instead of the 3DS owners. It's all backwards at Nintendo these days...



Parasky said:

Ugh I swear some people go out of their way to moan about things. I just happy it's being released this year.



Action51 said:

@Emblem - tell me about, even the sites known for being Sony fanboy click-bait heavens had a far better reaction to this direct.

@boynerdrambling - yeah, I think it's because the forums here are smaller and you can get more "bang for your buck" with viral marketing posters and the general self-appointed "Nintendo Nemesis" who really think they are on some holy crusade to destroy Nintendo. You know the sort, lol.



ZeroxGT said:

I like how everyone here is complaining because f their own decisions.. be GRATEFUL the games are even being released rather than saying all these negative comments about the system being doomed or jokes about their choices... seriously they prolly did this becuase they are further iproving the wii-U version due to the features in the 3DS version.. I seriously dont get these so called "fans" of nintendo anymore... ive been a long time fan of the company and you know.. none of this surprises me at all. this kind of thing happenns all the time and ya know, it works out.. everyone will be happy with what they are doing or the games.. so rather than be a bunch of jerks and babies.. just be patient. also the Wii-U will pull it together soon.. stop being such downers. And yes if there was someting wrong id get on Nintendo's case too but this is something that is worth the wait and a console for imo...



AJ_Lethal said:

Goomba-stomping, the comments section is way too over filled with negativity for a Nintendo fan site.

If anything, this could pay off because Christmas and stuff.



SneakyStyle said:

I was looking forward to getting this ASAP, i'm so disappointed now, why the hell is nintendo not putting 100% effort behind it latest console... I understand the 3DS is where they will get more money at the moment but at this rate the WiiU will turn into a rejected console that nobody will want nor give a flying crap about.

I love nintendo but seriously i'm starting to regret buying a WiiU. I thought hell if enough of us buy it early maybe Nintendo will get off their asses and put some effort into it and it would turn out to be as great as can be, clearly I was wrong.



heyzeus002 said:

I actually think the release timing of both is shrewd from nintendo.its more likely that the perceived superiority of the wii u version would have hurt 3ds sales rather than the other way around so releasing 3ds first seems sensible.personally I think the whole 'saving the wii u' angle is very misguided...



heyzeus002 said:

Because lest we forget the n64 and gcn had all these franchises and more besides yet were swallowed up by competition. Ultimately nintendo will make the u profitable ive no doubt about that and while the world and their dogs worry about sales ill be enjoying the u for the games



heyzeus002 said:

On topic I was actually more excited about the 3ds version. Something about playing smash on handheld just speaks to me probably due to it being the 1st portable version maybe.getting both most likely even though im not really a smash fan.the world cup and smash? Good times ahead in summer



Grumblevolcano said:

@ZeroxGT I disagree, I say it's more to do with extremely high expectations. The only way the Wii U news recently can be seen in a positive way is if you're someone who tries to fully complete every game you get (by that I mean everything unlocked like having all stamps in SM3DW or all images in DKCTF).

I am that kind of person but my Wii U game library wouldn't be able to withstand another 6 month drought especially as I'm not interested in XB1 and PS4 at all right now.



TreesenHauser said:

@Chomposaur Yes, let's completely ditch a game that's getting nearer and nearer to completion because some people aren't happy with the delay in release. That makes so much sense! end sarcasm

@SneakyStyle Well do you think that maybe--just, maybe--the developers are putting 110% into the console release of Smash Bros., hence the longer wait? I can see why everyone's bummed about the wait, but come on. It's not like they're pushing it back into late 2015 or anything like that. They could release it in the summer along with the 3DS version, but then you'd all complain about it having the same problems as Brawl had. It'll be worth the wait, the lot of you need to quit whining.



TreesenHauser said:

@AJ_Lethal That's what I've been saying! I think this is gonna be a good strategy for Nintendo. Releasing Smash Bros. for Wii U in time for Christmas will not only allow for more polish and all that good stuff, but it'll give Nintendo a solid advantage for the Holiday season. Nearly every so-called "hardcore" gamer I know keeps saying they're waiting until this is out to get a Wii U. Assuming there are many more like them, Nintendo's gonna sell Wii U consoles like hotcakes this winter. Maybe not in Wii-like proportions, but nonetheless.

I think so many people are complaining because as always, any time there's a Nintendo Direct the hardcore Nintendo fan will raise his or her expectations too high and wind up disappointed. I saw this release coming, in fact I was pleasantly surprised to hear the 3DS version was coming sooner. I can't wait for it now!



DarthMan said:

I'm disappointed it's getting released so late in the year but understand why. Super Smash Bros. is a system seller. People will be more inclined to buy a Wii U during the Christmas season as opposed to during Summer.



rjejr said:

@KeeperBvK - Is there any part of "Winter 2014" that ISN'T in December? Well besides Jan, Feb that already passed? Why not just say "December 2014" unless they were worried about it slipping into next year. And why not just say "Winter 2014-15"?

I hoesnlty think they do'nt know when it is coming out. The website has said "Planned 2014" - planned, not expected - for at least 6 month snow, and now they say "Winter 2014", 2/3 of which have already past, leaving Dec 2014, but they dind't say Dec 2014 they said Winter 2014. They should have just said "Holiday 2014". Or they should just say - "We don't know", b/c I think it's obvious they don't know. And SSB Brawl being delayed not once but twice doesn't inspire any confidence.



3MonthBeef said:

@JaxonH Dude, they said it themselves Bayonetta will be out in Japan in this summer. The westerners have to wait longer though. With WatchDogs I'm padding a release to about 4 months after it launches on other consoles in May, which is again about Sept.



triforcepower73 said:

I really hope they know what they're doing with this. As soon as they announced the game would be released on both consoles I was pretty disappointed anyway. But now I'm more so. Seems like they desperately want the wii u version to fail.



ozgood said:

Translation: Nintendo does not have a rich enough line up for the Wii U to release Smash when it should be. It is therefore being held as THE holiday game to purchase and hopefully, a system seller. Maybe, if the game were a new Metroid, A truly new Zelda, Pokemon, or something like Starfox, Mega Man, Final Fantasy or a surprise from Miswalker, but Smash is too niche. If it would have been possible to switch up Smash and Mario Kart 8, that probably would have been the better Christmas system seller. It just seems like bad strategy... yet again! The only consoling thought for Wii U is keeping in mind how difficult the transition was for Playstation and Microsoft to the HD era and hoping that eventually, Nintendo will hit its stride. PS and Microsoft had 3rd party propping them up though,and while Indy is the fad for now, I see that fad waning not to distantly in the future.



3MonthBeef said:

@MysticX At this point I don't think its about system sellers. Now its about selling software; and that means stretching the same software title on both handheld on console.



dkxcalibur said:

I'm disappointed. I own a Wii U so I want the system to succeed. I have no regrets as I'm happy with the titles I already own and plan to buy making the system worth the price. I was hoping for Mario Kart 8 in May, Smash around July, and the next unannounced A++ Nintendo title in around November. The pacing of a A++ 1st party Nintendo Wii U game every 3-4 months and other games in between is okay for me. To be honest, I almost fell asleep watching the Nintendo Direct last night. I thought there would have been a lot more details about the game and a firm release date. I would have rather them do a normal Nintendo Direct then a Smash filled one.



rjejr said:

@3MonthBeef - "Bayonetta 2 I thought would be end of summer (Sept)"

I thought B2 would be Sept, but last year. Then I thought it would be Feb - Mar. So now I'm guessing summer. Then in summer I'll guess autumn. One day one of these guesses will be right

"if Nintendo adds backward compatibility"

I actually hope no BC b/c I'm counting on 1 OS for both the handheld and home console so they can play the same games, if not be the same system. People will be able to buy the Wii U for $99 - see the red Wii mini boxes everywhere - for a few more years after that to play MK8, SSB, Pikmin 3 and Zelda. Nobody wants to play Nintendo Land.



AlexSora89 said:

I'm really glad the 3DS version will come this soon, my only fear is that it'll be rushed as long as Ninty can push it "out of the way".
I hope I'll be proven wrong and Nintendo will acknowledge how long overdue a portable Smash Bros. truly is.



SilentHunter382 said:

Disappointed that the Wii U version is not out till winter. I was hoping on picking up both versions at the same time. I am worried now that if I get the 3ds version that I may not be bother when the Wii U version hits later in the year.

I think its a bad move as many people will buy a Wii U for the game if it was released on the same day as the 3DS version but now that its being released later most of them will just get the 3ds version and by the time the Wii U version is released most of those people will be finished with the game.



Captain_Toad said:

....and yet the WiiU people are dissapointed because their big money maker (Smash bros) the big title to make the Wiiu relevant again just got moved to winter and the 3ds one is releasing 2 seasons earlier making any thoughts of the wiiu version of lesser relevance. THE WIIU IS DOOMED!

.....or so you think?



Marioman64 said:

@chess227 what do you mean delaying? there was never a set release date, how can they delay it? they're still making it in case you didn't know



Azooooz said:

After a lot of thinking, I'm actually ok with Smash Bros. Wii U being released in Winter this year, because I know Nintendo will improve it. Days go as quick as a lightning, and the winter comes before you know it.



bezerker99 said:

by winter maybe another dozen wii u's will be sold so i can see them delaying it that long lol



Chris720 said:

Maybe they're hoping those who buy the 3DS version will want to buy the Wii U version? I don't really understand this, wouldn't it be better to release both at the same time? What advantage does this give to the Wii U, because I see no advantage to this...



NintyMan said:

Why aren't there more people happy about playing any new Smash Bros. this summer at all? I didn't expect either version to release this summer.

If the two versions had released simultaneously, the 3DS version would have sold better, because more people have more 3DSs than Wii Us. By having a gap between releases and with the differences between the two, Nintendo will entice Smash Bros. 3DS owners to get the Wii U version just at the thought of getting a bigger, better Smash later in the year. That's not to say that the 3DS version will be half-baked. That's absurd. The 3DS version looks fantastic as well, but this allows Nintendo to both get Smash released early and still have a good game out for Christmas time, covering both windows. And I expect the Wii U version genuinely does have some things that still need worked on, and it will be the bigger of the two, so I expect there are going to be some nice goodies packed into it as well. I'm just tired of all the whining around here.



Spanjard said:

I can see why it's nice to have both versions, I think a lot of us do, different content/modes etc. But will the general public see this as well? Or will they see it as just a better looking "same game".



Senario said:

@JaxonH main concern has always been if the game will have legitimate competitive elements or if Sakurai will just make brawl 2.0. He doesn't exactly seem to understand the competitive smash community because of his "For Glory" mode that doesn't have any other stages other than final destination. That and I am also concerned how different the Wii U version has to be in order for it to be worth it. It costs more and it is releasing later so it better have a lot of new content.

I'll probably play the game but I really hope it has competitive elements so that I can play the game for a long time and not drop it in a month like Brawl.



gatorboi352 said:

@Action51 I think it's just more to the fact that people here are pretty much fed up with the Wii U situation in general. The SSB "Winter" release date announcement was just the tipping point.

I have owned every Nintendo home console all the way back to the original NES when I was 6 years old. I cannot recall a time where a product from Nintendo was so half donkeyed and not supported. Purchasers of Wii U feel jaded; as if their console of choice might have actually been the wrong choice for once. Nintendo continues to give next to no reason to own or support the Wii U.

Unless they have megaton announcement after megaton announcement planned at E3 this year, all hope and faith is lost.

EDIT: nothing of what I said above applies to @JaxonH however. I am convinced he's a Nintendo PR rep moonlighting as a Nintendo fan in various internet forums.




I'm really starting to despise handhelds. It's a similar hatred PC gamers have of consoles, holding back gaming.

Smash U should be a next gen version of Smash Brothers, not a freaking HD version of a handheld game. Such a disappointment.




@DestinyMan The simple fix to ensure the Wii U sells better is to release the 3DS version after the Wii U version, and differentiate it by making it a watered down handheld version.



AlternateButtons said:

I think it's an overall smart move. The 3DS would cannibalize the Wii U sales if released simultaneously. Releasing the Wii U version later near Christmas puts it in a great spot. It gives parents a reason to buy their kids a Wii U for Christmas. Perfect. And to be honest Nintendo COULDN'T release the Wii U version first if they wanted to. If Rosalina's legs glitching out of her dress when she jumped was any indication, the Wii U version still needs more work and requires more resources to make. They need more time for the Wii U version and by releasing the 3DS version first, it will get consumers hyped for the console version which is obviously superior in every respect; graphics, sound, game modes, control and all. The only downside to this is that by having the two games have the same character roster, the Wii U version will lack any surprises for players which is unfortunate. However, where the game will lack in character surprises will make up for in game modes and better gameplay. So overall, this was the best and most realistic decision Nintendo could have possibly made. I look forward to picking up both versions at their respective launch dates.



SphericalCrusher said:

I was hoping for a late Summer release for both, but oh well. I was planning on buying both the 3DS and WiiU copies anyway, so I'll just be playing the 3DS one even sooner. I am still waiting on Nintendo to announce Chrom as a playable character though!



whodatninja said:

@LUIGITORNADO Or just not do a handheld version at all? That said, Nintendo seems to actually know their audience well since the majority here is perfectly fine with buying a game twice. (Well i'm not - even if i did own a 3DS)



GoshDangTravino said:

I think it's a wise choice. The 3DS version will be out, just in time for summer vacation for a lot of people. A ton of people are going to lay it and love it, and it's gonna lay down some serious hype for the WiiU version. Now, for me, I've been a Nintendo fanboy all my life, and the WiiU is the first system of Nintendo's I haven't been in a rush to buy, and I think that goes for a lot of people. They're waiting for a good reason to buy the WiiU, outside of a remake of a game of console past. Not only is a winter release date going to allow for more work to be done on the game to fix minor graphic errors and bugs, but it's going to set WiiU to sell a lot of consoles for Christmas. I've seen a lot of complaint about 'Winter' being late December, early January, which is fairly untrue. I'm betting a late-November to early-December release.

I've been waiting for a reason to buy the WiiU, and now I have one. And who knows? Maybe they've got an unannounced holiday bundle in the works? All I know is, I'm getting a WiiU this holiday season, if only just for Smash.



MoonKnight7 said:


I understand where you are coming from, but I'm going to have to disagree. I feel that having the 3DS version first is not a wise decision. Sure, you and I know the difference between the two versions, but the average person does not. Yes, it has the benefit of the Holiday bump, and yes, it has the benefit of HD graphics. But I'm worried that parents will walk up to the Wii U version and say, "Why should I buy a Wii U console for a game my kid has on the 3DS." Parents aren't going to drop $360 so easily (or $300 if you're right about a bundle), when they see the same game for $40 on 3DS.

Please note, my example is based on these people owning a 3DS, and not a Wii U console. Which I think, is a fair example.



gaby_gabito said:

The release date is fine as long as they make it the best they can! I think it would be smarter to release on Black Friday or perhaps a little earlier to take advantage of the high consumer sales though.



somari said:

here in the comment section are over reacting over the lauch date. 8 is coming to wii u next month which is amazing and i think better than ssb4 and will do good for sales. 2. they need to make sure the game is perfect and not rushed. look at sonic 06 how it was rushed for christmas 2006. also watch dogs was dealyed so it can be perfict. 3. wii u owners will have mk8 while 3ds owners will have ssb4. sales will come for both wii u and 3ds and would be good for nintendo in a way and will have ssb4 for wiiu at the biggest time around christmas when everyone is buying. people need to look at the bright side and try and stop begin angry over something not worth while.



MrArcade said:

I was always going to get the 3DS version first since i don't have a Wii U. I will probably download this from the e-shop on release day.



MoonKnight7 said:


The average person isn't going to buy both, so obviously the bulk of the sales are going to go to the 3DS version. My reasoning for this is in my comment above. Yes, you're right, Mario Kart is the biggest flagship they have, but you cannot argue that having Mario Kart and SSB closer together would have made more of an impact for sales than just Mario Kart alone. It makes me worry that there isn't anything else for the Wii U if this got bumped to be the "Holiday Game."

Also, don't buy into Ubisoft's excuse to "make watch_dogs as perfect as possible." It was clearly a marketing move because there was too much competition and they thought it would get lost in the mix. Marketing runs everything, perfection is usually an excuse.



AJWolfTill said:

The 3ds version is much sooner than I expected, I was however thinking they should have released the 3ds version AFTER the Wii U in order to draw in the semi-casual nintendo fans.



DarkKirby said:

I know this strategy is to try and get people to by both versions but I can't help but think Nintendo is shooting the Wii U in the foot with this. As someone who already owns both systems I'm getting both but I think many people who own a 3DS and don't own a Wii U will satisfy themselves on the 3DS version and pass on buying a Wii U for Smash Wii U when it's released in the Winter.



LoveSugoi said:

This works just fine for me actually. Only thing that sucks is I will probably have to skip on Triple Deluxe though, can only afford one major release for the time being. Unless it comes out in August, then I can probably get someone to gift it to me for my bday.



JaxonH said:


Imo, if a person's gaming appetite for Smash Bros is satiated by the 3DS version alone, they weren't really hungry to begin with.



JaxonH said:


There is not just one Final Destination stage in For Glory. Sakurai stated that every single level in the entire game has a Final Destination variation. That tells me he's listening, and he's catering to the competitive crowd. Not just that, but the mere fact he's separating casual play in the For Fun mode tells me he has competitive gaming in mind for this one. The Global Smash Power ranking is perfect, and I love that they're going to have a system that discourages dropped matches and other online abuses.

As for being different, we know that Wii U has different stages, and considering the 3DS has Smash Run, we can expect similar exclusive modes for Wii U. With that said, I don't need anything different between the two versions. The HD graphics alone are enough to sell me on it. Don't take me wrong- I'm buying the 3DS version, and I'ma love playing the 3DS version, but it ain't got nothin on Wii U visuals, and as shallow as this may sound, I NEED dem Wii U visuals. I enjoy many games on 3DS despite the modest hardware, but when given an option between 3DS and Wii U, I gotta have it on Wii U. MH3U is a perfect example of what a difference it makes, and that was merely upres'ed with new textures.



NintyMan said:

Again, why aren't more people excited about playing Smash Bros. this summer? This is summer, folks. It's not like both versions have been pushed to Winter. So many wanted to play a new Smash this summer, and there will be, and they still gripe. And before someone tries to tell me again that Nintendo is rushing Smash Bros. 3DS, we're talking about Masahiro Sakurai here. He is the absolute last person in Nintendo who would rush a game.



Tritonus said:

Guess I have to buy a 3DS now...

I think this is a really weird move by Nintendo. They should do all they can to boost Wii U sales, and this ain't helping. I already have a Wii U, but considering this is a game that might convince people to buy the Wii U, I think the fact that the 3DS version comes out first will seriously undermine the Wii U sales...



Monkeh said:

I feel the Wii-U version should have been the first one released, if not just because for the sheer fact the 3DS is doing so well, while the Wii-U is struggling..

So yeah, mostly disappointed that the Wii-U will have to suffer even more, even though for me personally it won't matter much, since I was going to buy both versions anyway.

EDIT: Also @DestinyMan I think most people would've been fine if it was the 3DS version releasing in the Winter and the Wii-U version in the Summer.



IceClimbers said:

To be perfectly honest, the 3DS version of the game was gonna cannibalize the Wii U version's sales either way. Smash was NEVER going to be a major system seller for Wii U.

Let's think people. Smash Bros 3DS is nearly done. Smash Bros Wii U is not. Most of you are suggesting that Nintendo should have withheld the 3DS version until the Wii U version is out. Why on earth would Nintendo withhold a COMPLETED game for over 6 months?

That wouldn't entice 3DS owners to get a Wii U to play Smash. It would royally piss off over 42 million people. They wouldn't get either version at that point out of anger.

Plus, the 3DS doesn't exactly have a good lineup for the second half of the year. Smash Bros sometime in summer, then a good 2-3 month drought until Sonic Boom and Persona Q. Then what? A major drought until MH4U hits in Spring? Assuming Persona Q and Sonic Boom hit in October and MH4U hits in March, that is a massive 5 month drought for the 3DS.

Quit looking at the 3DS with rose-colored glasses people.



3MonthBeef said:

@rjejr I totally agree with this.
" I'm counting on 1 OS for both the handheld and home console so they can play the same games, if not be the same system"

Its what I expect Nintendo to do for their next-gen outing."



3MonthBeef said:

@Tritonus Its really their only move.

Now there will be a segment of gamers who are going to wait till winter before deciding which version to get,, but they are in the minority. Most people will almost instinctively go for the low hanging fruit and game on the 3DS.

The smaller still patient gamers will wait for the Wii U version. This might still boost some console sales but its really an additional software selling access point two for one style. Meaning selling one game on two platforms.



TheAdza said:

I've changed my mind on this issue a bit. I recognise that Nintendo are in a damned if they do/don't situation. Releasing together would cannibalise sales of each other. Releasing the Wii U version first and the 3DS later seems like the best option to sell more Wii U consoles, but would anger 3DS only players. Doing it like they are, they are pleasing 3DS and Smash Bros players, and any most of the core Nintendo fans who will end up getting both versions, but ultimately lose any new Wii U customers that a simultaneous or earlier release would bring. There is a downside to all of the options, but the one they are doing is probably has probably the best outcome financially for them, even though it has angered myself and other gamers alike.

It still feels like a slap in the face when even Nintendo don't prioritise their Wii U games over the more popular 3DS. It's one thing to get shafted by 3rd parties for more popular and better selling consoles, it's in a whole different league when Nintendo do it to us.

If Nintendos next system isn't a handheld hybrid home console, all of this BS could be avoided. Plus we could have more games than we could shake a stick at if Nintendo don't have to divide their resources between two totally different systems. Instead of teams working on Mario Kart 7 and then Mario Kart 8 in the space of a couple of years, and the same for NSMB2 and then NSMBU only a short while later, and I guess the same for SM3DLand and World were pretty close as well. One game per series, leaving the teams free to make different and newer games. Plus who here wouldn't like to be playing Zelda one month, then Pokemon the next, and then Mario the next, then Fire Emblem the next, and so on, all on the one hybrid console that plays on your TV and be portable? That's the dream.



Senario said:

@JaxonH Well there is the problem. The new stage skins for final destination are just that...skins. They don't have any meaningful effect on gameplay like platforms do. And that means zoning and characters with ranged weapons will be the go to characters. Platforms allowed a depth to the game where it was more than who was better on a flat stage. At the very least, battlefield was a great stage.

I have zero problems with the global smash power or whatever ranking system they use. My main concern has always been that if this game is lacking in competitive elements, people will simply stop/slow down on playing the game within 1 month.



MoonKnight7 said:


Oh trust me, I think we're all thrilled about having a SSB to play in the summer. I'm just very concerned about the Wii U. Mario Kart and SSB was supposed to be the Wii U revival. Having the 3DS game first diminishes this idea to some degree.



NintyMan said:

The Wii U version is clearly not ready yet because it's going to have the most content. To use music as an example, 3DS stages will only have two tracks per stage while Wii U stages will have several tracks per stage. The console version will obviously be the biggest and best of the two, and that will take time to make. It's silly to assume Smash Bros. Wii U could have released this summer like Smash Bros. 3DS. It's just not possible without Sakurai severely rushing it, and Sakurai does not rush games. He is the anti-rusher.



The_Ninja said:

@Monkeh I don't actually. I mean most people have a 3DS instead of a Wii U, so actually it would've pissed more people off.



MoonKnight7 said:


The average person does not realize that the 3DS and Wii U versions are going to have different content. I can foresee kids saying to their parents during the holidays, "I want a Wii U for Smash Bros!" and their parents say, "but you already have it for 3DS."

Nintendo is probably the most genuine company when it says they need time to perfect a game, but marketing has the final say in everything. Remember when they moved DK? That was to pad out the schedule until Mario Kart. Since SSB (Wii U) is pegged to be a winter release, that tells me nothing major is coming this year for Wii U other than Mario Kart. I'm absolutely thrilled we get a SSB by summer, but I'm just taking a step back to try and look at the bigger picture. I'm very worried about the Wii U now.



ShadyKnights said:

Wow... I've known this for some time, but... Hm gamers sure do think highly of themselves, but lowly of the average poor souls. Guys, come on, remember when we were kids, just getting into gaming? What did we all have? That one kid who got into gaming a little before us who told us about the valid reasons to get the awesome super mega editions of games, or who got them without telling us, inspiring us to be more up to date on this stuff lest we miss out too. Or we were that up to date kid.

To assume the average person would be so blind as to not see the value of getting both games is nonsensical. To say the average "Soccer Mom" (if those still exist in the capacity of which the term is used) is dumb. People, what did we do when we were kids and wanted our parents to get the game/console of our choice? We effing told them which one we wanted. Heck now a days, it's not uncommon for parents to be in the know with their kids as far as gaming is concerned.

All this negativity is quite unfounded and I'm not talking about being upset for the Wii U release needing more time, which is the case. It wasn't delayed, that word wasn't even used in the Smash Bros Direct. That's a word other people interjected just because the games were being developed at the same time, but one is being released earlier (i.e. at the time of its completion) while the other will be released later at the time of its completion. After 30ish years, I'd think it was common knowledge that Nintendo is a group of perfectionists so, they take more time to make sure both games are worth it. I'm willing to bet once the basics for the Wii U game are up to home console snuff, they will be stuffing the game with features that makes the second purchase worth it.

Also, I am another person here who likely was only going to get one version. But as soon as I saw in the beginning of the direct that I would have time to get money to get both, I genuinely rejoiced with my friend and said I could get both rather than just getting the Wii U version. Heck I talked to an older friend the day before the direct and he said he was getting both when we all thought they were being released the same day and I'm willing to believe a fair number of Wii U owners and future owners and 3DS current/future owners can appreciate the idea of having both as well.

I'm not going to hyperbolize like so many others and state why it is practical to release whichever version first or hold off on one to make sure they're released at the same time, cause I don't run a company and I am crazy enough to believe that the SSB4U/3DS devs felt confident enough about both games to release either at whatever time they chose. I'm weird like that.

I'm happy they're released with the SD Smash Bros first then the HD later, can't wait to play them in that order, everyone complaining really has no idea what they're talking about considering E3 is when we really get the big game announcements and to cannibalize Gamer Christmas would be very stupid. Shut up and enjoy the ride to E3.



MoonKnight7 said:


Never believe anything a company says. They're sneaky like that. There's always an underlining to anything that's said. Saying they need to perfect the game is just another way of saying, we need to space out our release schedule. I'm not saying the two versions should release together, but I'd argue that the 3DS and Wii U release dates should be switched. If the Wii U version needs more time, that's fine, but we can all agree that the Wii U needs help. Therefore, it should have the first chance. This was to be the Wii U's fresh start, and having the one two punch of Mario Kart and SSB would have certainly helped the console's fortunes. Having the 3DS first weakens the importance of the Wii U version.

If it does need more time, I will say this: I can see why they are doing it, but I certainly cannot agree that it will do the Wii U (both the game, and the console) any favors, even with the Holiday bump.



ShadyKnights said:


I don't believe a company, I believe what Sakurai said. Even if it is spin talk mumbo jumbo, the fact is, he's working on the game and we're not. We're the audience and even Leonardo annoyed his customers some times with how long it'd take him to finish a painting. But they paid for it and generally like what they got. Artists making up excuses and eventually delivering is an age old practice and comparative it, they've gotten better at their release dates. Your argument for the Wii U comes from you and others attempting to be business minded gamers when most gamers kinda suck at that. Being business minded means thinking beyond the hear and now. Beyond Smash Bros, and also it means having insight on what is to come between it. Again, this is what E3 is for. To let those not in the business in the know about what's coming out.

Being who I am, I can appreciate cynicism, as it keeps one from getting their hopes up too high, but to just deny everything just cause you feel you know when really you're just speculating is nonsense. Not trying to pick a fight or anything and I am sorry if I am coming off as rude, but what do you know more about this game and the dev cycle than any one of us? What do any of us know more than Sakurai? There are times when the smart thing to do is to just take their word, but keep a close eye on what they do.

I'm not saying we should all trust and believe everything, but Nintendo's history shows they are perfectionists. Their history shows that 9/10 times they hit a home run when they deliver a game fans want. And generally that tenth time is Super Mario Sunshine or Wind Waker, games that were hated at first then praise for their inventiveness.

Also, while I would like to see more attention to my Wii U from other devs, if Nintendo is still going to support the system and we keep getting better and better indie games, honestly, I'm cool with that. The "triple A" industry has gone downhill in a big way last gen and with the Exception of Watchdogs, I wasn't looking for anything from them in particular this gen from last years E3. Maybe they'll change my mind this June, but till then, meh.



MoonKnight7 said:


I do enjoy the debate, and you have some great arguments. And please, I don't take any offense to anything you're saying. Don't take any offense to what I'm saying either, that's what debates are for!

I don't mean to come off as "I NEED IT NOW!" I am a creative artist as well (not in video games, but please hear me out), and every place I've worked at always has been business first, perfection second. Even in the more respectable business world of Japan, I can't see that it is much different over there. Perhaps I've just gotten burned too many times by business moves, which could be the reason for my negativity.

I believe Sakurai as well, but I also believe Nintendo can make him say anything, as they are signing his paychecks. The Wii U version is most likely the definitive version so shouldn't it make the debut first? It just seems too fishy to me.

Will we ever know what's really going on, of course not. It is all speculation. Regardless, we can both agree on one thing, which is both Sakurai and his team are doing a fantastic job. That should be celebrated. I thoroughly hate when business moves get in the way of that.



Hortencio said:

Everyone calm down! To all the detractors, have you ever heard of XBone or P4!! Quit acting like you're concerned with Nintendo's profits and long-term business, lamenting that you are finally "done with Nintendo" or that you've "been tricked for the last time!" There are other options! But you knew that...just like I know if you're on this website, if you watched the Direct (or are even aware they exist), you're buying one or both of these games; period! So hate on me now (later release, boo!), praise me later (GOY 2014, yay!). And these are the same die-hards that honestly believe Nintendo owes them something; babies! I got a wacky idea, play one of the thousand games in your collection a second time if May-December looks so bleak, or buy another console if Nintendo is too stupid, or read a book (to name three things of one billion). @JaxonH works for Nintendo?!? That has to be it; no one in their right mind would astutely defend Nintendo and all the wrong moves they've done since N64 (again, these are people who own/have/will buy Nintendo merch!), right? RIGHT?
As many have quoted, "be happy that the game is coming out this year!" I don't need sales numbers, or business models, or Nintendo's history of delay (Brawl was pretty brutal, in all honesty) to know this game's gonna rule! Satisfaction comes from within. All the gloom dooming won't derail this hype train. If this really is Nintendo's last home console (which it ain't), then I'll be satisfied that I got the very best version of HD. Sure, I won't be one of the millions of people who will or can say: "see, before Smash came out, I was on that one forum expounding on all the Box of Hammers moves Nintendo did, and I was right! If only they would've listened to me, look I'm #147, #242, #261, #267, #272, #278, #286, #308, #317, or #etc.; see, there I am! Why didn't they read my comments, they'd still be making consoles?!" But I'll probably live longer...
Hortencio - VP of Wii U Sales and Continued Prominence



ShadyKnights said:


Oh good, I didn't want to sound offensive or overly abrasive.

I understand what you mean as my brother is always barking at me about me getting work done while I am all about trying to do it right once rather than doing it twice cause something got messed up. And I completely understand the burnt out attitude with business decisions taking precedent, but I guess that's why I kinda respect Nintendo and why I very very begrudgingly gave up on Sony for this gen. I feel telling the customer that "Yeah... um heh.. sorry guys look there aren't as many games coming out as we anticipated, but we will not abandon you... we just need time." shows a nice balance of business ass covering and respect to the customer. Admitting one's errors or faults goes a nice little way with me. Where as Sony said you could share your games on the PS4 on a big venue where everyone could see, then quietly say "Oh well we just meant on our first party games. We'll allow the third parties to do what they want ^_^" is the kind of disgusting business move that I hate cause it's a lie guised as a half truth. Stupid as I believe almost the entirety of the XBOne is, at least they were upfront about their stance before they made the business decision to change that stance due to consumers taking their wallets and going home.

But I can understand what you mean. This can easily come off as a big business decision, but at the same time, after having made a VERY simple FPS for class a year or so back, and failing to get a simple search and destroy game completely in one week, I can't fathom how difficult it must be to actually do a fully fleshed out fighting game, trying to maintain balance, with all the characters we have seen and those we haven't just yet.

The big business decision in all that is the smart one (to me) is saying Summer and Winter rather than throwing hard dates as that has burned them before and I for one do no feel like hearing another "THEY MISSED THE DATE!!!!! THEY LIED!!!!!!!!! OMG U SUX NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!ONE!" (cringe) If the higher ups are anything remotely like me, they started using vague date to shut them up more so than because it looks less embarrassing when you miss your dates. But that's just me, lol.

And because Nintendo is paying his check, and we theirs, I think we should be positive, but let them also know that this trust doesn't come easy or cheap and that we expect more games and Smash itself to be well worth the second purchase, or just waiting longer than those with a 3/2DS. Believe me, I am all for kicking companies in the butt with the boot of Justice whenever they cross me, I've just personally not had much reason to do so with Nintendo. Again, they apologized and asked for patience with the Wii U and as I said, an apology and an admittance of failure goes a long way with me and at the time, I thought the 20 something titles with the Wii U launch wasn't that bad. Not all I got, but I thought someone would like some of them. I mean I held off on getting Arkham City for my PS3 the moment I heard the Wii U was getting it. And I was just waiting for Lego CIty and was already used to delayed games thanks to Square conditioning me with KH3 and FF versus XIII. Hell late as it was at least Skyward Sword made it to the console it was made for. And unlike FFXV and KH3, SSB43DS was worked on in tandem with SSB4U and only opened the option for Smash to more people rather than demanding they get a new console for either if they have one or the other.

And yeah I think we both can agree on the job their doing. My god that Smash Direct. My friend kept telling me to breath through it as I'm quite certain my voice went up way more octaves than nature intended for nearly every new thing and I nearly lost it when I thought Greninja was Mewtwo...sigh He looks like a cool character, but I was really hoping they'd give me the two of Mew back... unless it's unannounced, but since they haven't removed then re-replaced a character before, I'll just consign myself to believe he's gone so if he does come back I can run around screaming and flailing my arms like Kermit.



JaxonH said:


Did I miss the memo? When did we all of a sudden have summer expectations for Smash Bros Wii U? From what I recall, people were complaining about it probably being a 2015 release. But now all of a sudden people are disappointed it's not a summer release with Mario Kart 8? That doesn't make sense. People were not expecting this in summer. In fact, they complained about it on a daily basis that the game wouldn't even be out this year.



MoonKnight7 said:


No no, you misunderstand. My apologies if I was confusing. I simply mean the roles should be switched between the 3DS and Wii U versions. That did not mean the Wii U version should be out by summer, but I do feel it needs to be out of the gate before the 3DS version to help Wii U console sales.



ShadyKnights said:

Thank you it was nice to have my first back and forth here be a positive one as I've seen them devolve into quite the mess on the interwebs. As a fellow Knight I salute your honor.

Wii U: Dr.Sevarius

Not sure bout the 3DS code as I don't have it on me at the moment, but the accounts are linked so you should be able to tell me by my Mii



Gameday said:

Seriously that is like a year and a day wait for the wii u while its on 3ds..

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