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Wed 23rd Dec 2009

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Gameday commented on Talking Point: Splatoon Began With an Early Ac...:

They took a huge chance here. I was honestly disappointed in the approach they took. They could of had more than one mode....atleast. Dont call it "free" updates when the game isn't finish period and you basically owe use these modes etc for a 60 dollar game. That wasn't smart and im sure alot of peeps sold this game and sent it back day one/week one, just too repetitive out the gate. Exciting but definitely repetitive, and no one wants to wait to play on teams with their friends, no one wants to wait for more maps when you start out with 2...



Gameday commented on Splatoon Update Improves Matchmaking, Tinkers ...:

Tower Control and Rainmaker are the only two modes i really like. Turf War is kind of boring, Splat zones is okay but feels too campy and similar to turf war. Maybe if they didnt just have the one mode in the very beginning it would be more tolerable on my end.



Gameday commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

Wow... why do people even care ? If you looked at what your really trying to defend its really a question to what the **** are you really into ? To each their own but yes its a game but sometimes certain things have no real reason to be in there at all. This is one of those games where every time i look around im seeing or hearing negative things about. Who are they trying to appeal too ? If its an T rated game then this stuff makes sense to be censored. If its a M rated game then enough said..

Dont get me wrong though if this stuff was intended for adults and they edit our copy over here in the states than thats straight bs. We want the same version as the original. Dont decide for us like we're all kids. There should be a button/lock on the game to lock out mature content. Parents do your job so Nintendo doesnt have too.



Gameday commented on Video: See Splatoon's Shiny New H-3 Nozzlenose...:

Nice, they do keep rehashing older weapons more so in these updates. I think the last new weapons were the slosher & mini gatling guns, fair to say ? I think if we had more of that it would be awesome. I still feel like the game is missing something. Granted we got the modes modes that were intended for this game at launch later on. I'd say if we got one or two more distinctive modes this game would feel ever so complete, any thoughts ?

  • Private Matches / Check
  • Play With Friends On Same Team / Check (Wish Splatfest Allowed This)
  • 4 Modes Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rain Maker / Check
  • New Stages Since Launch / Check (Though On Launch It Was Truly Painful With The Limited Stages Available)

What id like to see:

  • Actual Voice Chat, At Least When Playing With Friends..
  • Option To Preload Equipment / Load Outs, Save Slots For Quicker Access.
  • Change Equipment Option In Game Lobby
  • Maybe Add Another Way To Get More Sea Shells, In-between The Splatfest Events.


Gameday commented on Feature: The Making Of Eternal Darkness: Sanit...:

One of the best overlooked Gamecube games ever !
I played this back in the hay day and loved it, truly spooked me. If they would allow more horror games on the Wii U. If they ever made gamecube games adaptable on the Wii U or future systems it would be the first game id ask for, that and Skies of Arcadia !



Gameday commented on The Latest Patch For Splatoon Is Now Available...:

I use rollers for turf war, the only roller i despise is the dyno. Alot of peeps rely on that weapon solely. So i completely understand the hate but i wont talk since i use them in certain situations. To each their own though love hate relationship but hey we are all still playing in the end !



Gameday commented on Apparent Confirmation Emerges of Shovel Knight...:

I didn't understand why shovel knight was getting an amiibo anyhow unless he was going to be an official character in Smash. I have Shovel Knight game for along time now and haven't even touched it once. I'm sure its an epic game but why are characters that are on their freshmen year getting into smash ? Same with Shante if she makes in there too. I know it due to the ballot but damn lets get some classic long deserved characters off the bench and into the fray !



Gameday commented on The YouTube Wii U App Has Another Update:

Hmm i dont agree with the use the web version on the wii u statement at all since the last big update. I felt the update was great and i love the autoplay and auto HD.

Now in the beginning that was something way different and annoying to use. They've been fixed that issue and i think i watch more youtube on my wii u than on my actual pc good stuff in my opinion. Anyone else agree or ?



Gameday commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final is an All-New Ent...:

Only Persona i played and beat was Persona 4 on PS2 and that was a year or so ago. Took about 6 months off and on but game was truly amazing and was sad to see it end. The anime was pretty darn as well. Looks like i need to play catch up asap.