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Wed 23rd December, 2009

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Gameday commented on Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U:

This seems so random to me, i mean i have no real interest in Minecraft nor do i own the original. On the other hand i love telltale games series such as TWD, WAU, and GOTH. I even have back to the future which i havent even touched yet but this series idk yet.

Im glad they are putting this on the wii u though is it exclusive ? Just like many have said above baby steps and heres hoping for more series from telltale. I mean come on its the perfect platform you got the tablet to do extra stuff on and ive seen the games on tablets so this isnt a stretch right ?



Gameday commented on Mario History: Mario Party - 1998:

I didnt ever care about my battle scars haha. I wore my blisters with pride ! Still my favorite Mario Party out of the first 3 on 64. The later ones on the cube were pretty fun too. They started losing me once they put it on the wii and wii u... Those games arent fun or anything like the past. The boards alone need help though i can say on wii the levels were way more fun than their latest attempt.

They should just make an all star party where they take all the things liked from the previous entries and just make them HD & Online with chat, atleast for friends. Man id have a field day there, probably couldnt pull me off that game if you tired !



Gameday commented on The Bridge:

Reminds me of And Yet It Moves a bit how about you guys ?



Gameday commented on Super Smash Bros. Version 1.1.0 Update is Now ...:

@Gridatttack I think its just the last match played not all the matches over all. Either way this is what im talking about mostly. The Mario guy Seems to know the Rosa player. Notice how he does minimum damage or has limited contact with him the whole round.

Then on top of that another match again with two obvious friends playing as Jig.

14:07 Mario and Rosa / 21:12 The Two Jigs

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Gameday commented on Super Smash Bros. Version 1.1.0 Update is Now ...:

Wow already getting into stupid lobbies where kids are trying to double team me and its a ffa, i can see people are gonna be cheating in the privately started tourneys. I wish you could see the matches that you didnt take place in, then i promise youll end up seeing some bs take place.



Gameday commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

Man i only have the basic Wii but i a HDD 1TB but if the update is too big it may force me to put on hdd and then i wont be able to use gamecube controller adapter without taking out weird connection.... I dont play games like so with wireless connections but i really dont wanna go back to cc pro controller i really dont. I hope its not over a gig update.



Gameday commented on Splatoon's Big Update Will Also Include New Mu...:

Nice bout time, need more music period change up the menu and lobby music too while your at it. New designs would be nice. I also think it would be cool to look at the players in the lobbies outfits and perks. Im down for this, ready to lay some peeps out with that piano riff !



Gameday commented on PewDiePie Fans May Recognise "Coolest Puzzle G...:

Ha i always find it funny when people hate on this guy, but when you look at his sub count o_O some of you guys arent be truthful, im thinking how many of you are actually subbed to him but like to front so hard and start hating on him at the same time like it was just something to do.. Be original ~



Gameday commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

Been playing single player since NES & Sega Genesis days. My older brother would only play certain games so id end up mostly playing single player games alone. When wifi systems came out and the ability to play with friends across the globe i loved it. Nintendo though they really didn't jump on the multiplayer online wagon..

Single player games are great and much fun but i think when you can run through a game with someone else it a much better experience of course only for certain games. There are tons of games that just scream out MULTIPLAYER but never got the feature. I like that Nintendo is trying but can we focus on new Titles and preferably for Wii U home console ?



Gameday commented on Splatoon Has Inked 1 Million In Sales Since It...:

Im sry as is this game is lacking hard. I was truly disappointed with only one mode. Then they released ranked and you cant play with friends in a mode that demands teamwork. Then you have no way to really communicate ~ 60 Dollars out the gate for one mode and a few maps now your really pushing it and i pre ordered this playing it non stop basically for the first week it was out. Honestly got bored rather quickly. I think the 2 level swap out every 3-4 hours was a horrible idea... I just cant let this one go, yeah they have dlc coming that fixes a few things and what not but overall its not flying over here, not this time.

Glad that the game is doing so well but im salty on different levels. I remember seeing tons of negative jabs at the game before it was even out and that it would flop etc etc. I believe in the game and its definitely a fresh take on the shooter genre. It deserves it's hype, but they should of had more to offer day one. Just keeping it real ~



Gameday commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

I really just want a game, new galaxy but this will do if they do it right. I also really want a multiplayer online, you can have clans or fleets. Build/draw your own icons/logos. Give us a create a character from the previous character models etc. This game could be epic if they just grew with the times abit more.